Marriage Gems #01

Maryam Lemu


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The speaker discusses the importance of communication in their relationship, including when they are going out and when they come home. They emphasize the need for caution and attention when discussing specific topics, such as feed your spouse's spirit and mix your house spouse's spirit. The importance of timing and communication is emphasized.

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Why would my spouse cheat on me, you need to do your own introspect to make sure you didn't give them an excuse. There's no excuse for cheating. Don't get me wrong, but don't be the one that pushes them with a word we slide into the word cheating. Yeah, infidelity, excuse for infidelity is whether, especially add the word adultery is what we're talking about, because we're talking about spouses. And yeah, I just wanted to add, like, let me give you some examples of the culture we've developed in the relationship in addition to the code of conduct, when I'm talking about feed your spouse's spirit, when my spouse is going out, I'll see him to the door. And when he comes back, I

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meet him at the door. Over time, I found it so wonderful that when I'm coming, when I come home, he meets me at the door. And there's nothing more refreshing than having that and when I'm going, he escorts me to the door. It's these little things that makes your house a home, mix your house spouse, look forward to coming home to you. I used to wait when he's coming. I'm angry, I'm holding on waiting for him to come. And as he comes papapapa I shoot all the frustrations and download them yet I don't know whether he had a bad day. I have not even given him a chance to relax and unwind. And then I bombard him. So one has to be so sensitive and careful. That's why communication is not

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another pillar of our relationship and timing and communication is very critical. Know when to talk when to raise issues. pick your battles and fight with dignity and honor make sure you never be little your spouse.