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now hunger Allahu Allah Stein who wanna study he wanna stove euro

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kusina Mensa Melina Maja de la, la la, la la la la, la la la la la la la sharika wash. Sharona Mohammed Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad. While he was talking to me he was certainly Miller who metta Sleeman kathira ameba. Oh praise Do you to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment, I bear witness at a loss The only one worthy of worship, and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is last and final messenger Mundi brothers and sisters.

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Today I would like to speak to you about one of these phrases that we use, and they sound good. And he definitely carry a lot of meanings, which we agree upon. Or sometimes we think it is true, but also it can be loaded with another

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false ideas and men to promote an ideology that it is not correct, from a common sense perspective, and from the perspective of us as Muslims as people who believe in Allah and His Messenger, sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So one of the things that is interesting, the people always cite ideology or ideas should be countered with ideas,

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which is obviously something correct. We all agree that ideas should be countered with ideas, you know, when somebody has an idea, we counter that by another idea. And there is no doubt there is truth to that. But sometimes that statement can be used to justify things, which is not true and which is not correct. And obviously, it is not. Some people use that to say no to the culture of No. So they said, There is no such thing it's called No, you know, if you just want to oppose something, don't say no to it, don't prevent it from happening, just countered with another idea. And that should be enough to counter that idea or to solve this problem. So if somebody has a wrong ideology,

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or somebody has the wrong practice or wrong behavior, something wrong in society, it's enough for you just to counter with offering what is right and what's correct and should be, you know, it. Obviously this is only in the world.

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of dreams, but the world of reality, that's not how it works. Because in reality, just countering a good idea or bad idea of the good idea, or you know, countering evil ideologies with just good pure ideology is not enough just to make society protected or to make life work. You know, that's why a Shetty recognize the importance of countering ideology with ideologies is *ty I understand that we must have that dialogue, that reasoning that alternative. Yes, absolutely, it is one steps to solve any wrong ideas wrong understanding wrong behavior is to offer what is correct. But in the same time, it is not teach us on a common sense also teach us that also in the same time, why are we

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doing that there must be a preventions, there must be knows there is must be laws, there is must be, you know, you're not allowed to that, and there is a consequences for your actions. And also there is a punishments for these quests for these action that if it's taken, take stripping that away completely, from the mindset of people leads to nothing but in my opinion, a disaster. in society, in homes, and in

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countries at large. Yes, a shehryar. For example, we know that his people have no respect for a woman. So we came and tell them, you have to have respect for a woman. And we talked about the importance of culture of respect from the opposite gender, and all this. But still, we have rules to cite, and that is a sexual harassment, there is a punishment for it. It's not enough just to say, Hey, be a nice guy and being gentlemen. You have to say, You know what? No, it means no, you know, there is a *ty game that disarm raping or accusing a chested woman with adultery. And so all these things that has rules, and that is punishments for it in the shinier, so it's not just the

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idea, you know, what, show? It's your idea and my idea, and that said, we just live like that. Yes, that's part of it. But that's not it. That's not enough.

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You know, this idea is a very interesting actually. And I found that people only really use it when it comes to the deen. When it comes to halal and haram. They don't use that in their daily life activity. They don't apply it in their catch societies, which is a secular society. But when you have a society that wants to adopt sha Allah Subhana Allah and follow the Sharia, that when these things comes up, hey, inside, a lot of, you know, these extreme liberal Muslim world, keep saying to people, hey, don't make regulations and rules telling people don't drink, don't just make rules and regulation, tell people not to do that. And not, which is all the things that the *ty app for

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example, said no to it, or prevented, you know, just talk to him about how bad drinking is. And that's it.

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It's interesting, I asked, we talked to we should talk to you about how bad drinking is. But also we make laws you cannot drink. If it's like for Muslims, as Muslim, we believe that's not allowed to be done. And public, this not be something that you can drink and go outside or drive or be out drinking openly, and it does harm and if that is a prescribed punishment for it, in our society, and in America, we don't adhere to Sharia, but we have laws, you cannot drink and drive, for example. So there are certain rules and regulations, it's not enough to talk to people about, hey, by the way, driving while you're drinking is something bad.

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And you can take that, as much as you far as you want. That ideology manifested itself in many different ways. It's not enough, just tell terrorist, you know, and people who have evil ideologies that believe in violence, you know, let's counter that with the culture of tolerance. And we don't have any laws to prevent such activity. You know, it's nice to be good to your family. But it doesn't mean that we should not have very clear rules and regulation to say, you know what, domestic violence is something you will be punished for it, and it's illegal. And you know, abusing your children or abusing your wife will lead to 123.

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And many thing and you know, it's nice to be honest, but it doesn't mean that you know what, the people who cheat can go away with cheating. We don't do that in many ways in our life. So why when it comes to the halal and haram, we just want to teach our kids you know, don't tell your kids No, don't say to kids, you cannot do that. That just give them the other alternative. Yes.

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Give them the other answer. That's true. But it's not enough. Also, there was no I know, it means no. And how I'm it means Hold on. And this is something should be built in the hearts and the minds of people. And she should not be something that we ashamed of, or we think twice about it works or doesn't work.

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There is a lot of things, you know, that we take that steps. And it's interesting enough in our society today, have you heard this whole entire discussion about the culture of canceling? You know, this whole debate that the country going in today? are we are we supposed to allow people for example, social media to promote, and to do things, which is, and and seeing the word are carefully crafted for PR purpose, the culture of canceling that make you feel so wrong about it. But if you want to immediately worded the culture of prevention, because we know that prevention, better than cures, and an ounce of prevention is better than a, you know, a ton of cures, if you want to say

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even so that's absolutely something that we all know about. The What about the concept of prevention? Yes, I'm not, by the way, going to enter into don't put my hope button one of the two sides of the debate now, but the concept of Yes, we have a responsibility towards the side to say no, and to make prevention and to stop people who promoting, you know, evil in society, or can lead people to do what is wrong? Yes, that's absolutely something that our Dean tell us. And our common sense tells us

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it is hard for people who don't have the guidance of Allah, the guidance of Quran, the guidance of Mohammed salam, to see their ways, or to draw the line in such matters, because they're always going to be based on common sense. But as hamdulillah one of the good things also in our country here, which is something we saw blessed to have, that we have a lot of good common sense. A lot of people have good common sense. And also we have a lot of people who still have shaman Buddhism, the Buddha Dhamma Deen, that has a lot of culture of faith and religiosity and, and the Judeo Christian z, you know, foundations of this culture of this culture is still bring a good, you know, elements, but as

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we knew it's by the day, vanishing by the day, there is a war against these two. So you can feel today, it's not common common sense or not common anymore, especially in our politicians today, among our politicians today.

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another manifestation for this people telling you No, no, no, no. Don't say no. Don't say no to your kids and to children to people, because couldn't remember no matter hope.

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Everything you say no to it, people will be even more excited about it. You know, people wanted more anything, you said, No touch people will be more interested in it. You know, I'm not gonna argue that this can be the case in certain areas in certain times. But I will argue that this is just a general rule. That's not true. Not everything you said no to it. I'm interested in, you know, we're not anxiously at every little traffic light way to to break the law, and to just go into break the red light and not allowed to go out redline. You're not everything that doesn't make us we want to break the law. When it doesn't make us you know, anxiously want necessarily to do the thing that we

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know it is bad or wrong. I agree that everything you said no to it, if you don't explain the reason behind it, the evil of it, the consequences of it, it will be maybe people interested, the Curiosity will lead them to do

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but to make the general rules. That's not the reality. That's not how human beings are.

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And by the way, it does not increase the countries who take a strict laws to prevent smoking, the smoking rate dropped tremendously in America.

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It did not make people more interested in smoking. Because it was a very intelligent campaign to educate people about it, why and what's the dangers of it?

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And many examples like that.

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Otherwise, when we say a volume, injustice, and stealing and killing, harangue that increase are wrong or don't do it that increase the number of people who want to practice such things? The answer is absolutely no.

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I'm always uni. I don't know what it is. But why was so picky when it comes to the rules of Allah subhanaw taala I came in LA

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and when we put all these, you know

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Big statements and question mark and questioning them. But when it comes to the rule of the countries and laws and, and manmade things, or we take it for granted, we don't raise these kind of shewhart

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in regard to it,

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as if human beings, who are human beings, laws and human beings ideas are much better and higher than the ideas and the laws of Allah subhana wa Tada. He is the Most Merciful, he is the most knowledgeable, he is the most experts.

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Also, in this discussion, that is something I can't just leave without mentioning it.

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People come and say, Hey, Chef, or Hey, especially in the Muslim world, and you see this argument also about the country who tried to follow Islamic laws and guidance and stuff like that. People will come and tell you hate those who live in urban society more religious than those who live in society controlled by rules, you know, and know that your kids if you give them the absolute freedom, they may be going to be more religious than the people who their father or mother telling them

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and rules and stuff like that. Look at the Muslims in America, we are much better than the Muslims overseas.

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Let me tell you kidding yourself and you deceiving yourself by saying that.

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Sorry, to head it in our face. That's not true.

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We're good

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minds and some of us may be much better than so many people overseas.

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But have it be done look at the two 3% who come to the mustard from the Muslim community.

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The people that you see in Juma Andre that's 5% of the community

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there's no doubt

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that snap match has strengthened its route. It will be always in the in the in the in the village in Islam.

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There's no doubt that this individual here much better.

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But the amount of ignorance about the deen it's unmatched the weakness the things that you see. And that's not true. Tell me about it as an Imam, I can tell you how many father and mother

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in a in a large quantity of people who their parents, their children completely lost. I mean, left Islam you know completely left the religion. It's because they never cared. There's no rules.

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You know, what's the worst you might say chef but also the most religious people made their children can go astray as can be captured. But you know, what's the difference?

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You know what the difference if avala forbid one of my children became like that I can go to bed resting and from one perspective that I did my part and I tell them what's halal haram

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I don't want to be responsible. But you would not if you never told them what's right and what's correct what's wrong. And by the way, I'm talking about you put rules you know what in my rules no drinking alcohol in my house. You want to drink drink outside you're an adult but in my room that's haram there's not a lot

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you know, you still minor I'm I signed for you I'm responsible. So you know what, watching these kind of TVs is not allowed.

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putting your foot down and saying that it's not weakness, that sort of stuff responsibilities.

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And it doesn't make the people hypocrites. You guys building hypocrisy, because you know what your daughter put your job in front of you, but behind your back, she took off her job.

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I understand hypocrisy, it means you show something behind. But just let us recognize what's the definition of hypocrisy, the definition of hypocrisy in *ty Islam, not according to my culture and your culture, in your understanding, hypocrisy is to show Islam and to have in your heart, Kufa any disbelief. And I can tell you 99% of the people who behave this way from sisters and brothers who might pray in front of you, but you don't pray when they're around you. They don't have inside the hardcover.

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They just lazy.

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So to call that hypocrisy is not even the right definition. But all this assuming that the only thing we should do is no no no on rules. And no, that's part of it. But also a big part is to tell them why is to make them love it is to make them understand the reason behind it, you know, as to connect their hearts were the last panel what

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I prefer to encourage my son to pray 20 times 20% of the time, then just leave him and he prayed how

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wasn't nothing

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I prefer my daughter to know the hijab. And I don't make her hate it but I encouraged her inspire her. But if she became an adult by the way you their choice become.

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And we have to understand that

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in the end,

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I just want to say that this is a fine line that you need to walk and you need to balance yourself and a little bit a Kim to tell it to the other side. Because I believe we have too much talking about No, just be nice. Just explain. Just explain. Just explain to say that's too much of that. But we don't have people talk also sometimes and we we take to the other side, which is you know, what rules are rules. In Western culture, it became there is no rules especially when it comes to Allah. That's why the 10 commandments of God I needed every Jewish and Christian believer, I suggest they should change it to 10 recommendation.

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No, because nobody treated us commandment.

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It took away from it that that so should not ever allowed to have an outer login.

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I hope we look into this and more nuanced and why and more open mind. And there is a lot of these points can be used because we are live in America, but also used to this I was taught and raise doubt about applying Sharia in society or rules of Islamic Muslim site in Muslim countries. They accused them by being hypocrite hypocrites being this being this and then the reality it's not the reality is we all adhere to certain rules at one

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one form or another malice Pantheon as a young family Dino salon and Vienna Mohammed Al

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala Nabi

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I want to end up with two points. And if these are the only two points you can remember from my hope, but today I'm happy.

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We have always to remind ourselves our children or family, that we are servants of Allah, Allah.

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We like it or we don't.

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We want it we don't the reality is and in meta Khun Abd methodic Olga hadik. Allah created you.

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You are a servant of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And that means that we submit ourselves to Allah azza wa jal and to follow His commands and rules. Why? For two reasons, remember them? Reason number one, because whatever Allah legislate, whatever Allah order, whatever Allah Subhana, Allah revealed, it is in it, our success, our happiness, our rest in the dunya. And there is nothing in the Sharia nothing in the rules of philosophy are ever against our best interest. It is in your best interest. There is nothing in Sharia that Allah said, no matter how hard looks like to you, it is in the best for you in this life and the next and don't ever forget about the next

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in this life and the next

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while you read Allahu de como loose, you read Allahu Akbar Fang kumaoni in San Jose, if you read along will be como news Ravana Yuri Dubey como los one man who

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the man

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stop being ashamed upon

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one long way, I

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all these verses talking about Allah wants nothing for us but the best. Forgiveness, guidance, happiness any, all good.

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Number two,

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if you are not,

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if you don't submit yourself to Allah, you will submit yourself to someone else. If you're not a servant of Allah, you're a slave of someone else.

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And that what else it could be your desires. And we know how society will be how live will be we'll just follow those desires or to the shape on or to some other human beings, who you will be slave to.

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It is your choice. You choose either Allah or other than Allah.

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And you just think about it this way. simple as this. That's why we worship Allah. That's why we submit to the world.

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Have Allah

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for these two reasons, we can make more, but I think to get enough, I hope that concept will be embedded in our children's in our mind. While we always hear what Allah said and what Mohammed Salim said, and our Deen May Allah subhanaw taala to guide all of us met last month Allah protect all of us now Lost Planet Allah make us live in happiness and goodness, and our live and goodness. Now last panel with the ANA

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put his mercy and forgiveness on all those who passed away. We have our friends and family and community members who passed away last night and today will be buried.

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We pray to Lost Planet Anna for the forgiveness of all of the of her and of all of those who passed away from our family member and to protect all of us from all kinds of diseases along overland Alhamdulillah life and if I knew I could use it, an alarm went off and I'm not alarm it off at all Hamner, often awful I know some of you know Mohammed Omar