Mufti Menk – Lessons from the Post Hijrah Era in Madinah

Seerah Conference 2018, Doha Qatar, Day 2

As there were many lessons learnt from the pre Hijri period, there are now just as many if not more to be taken from the post hijrah period.

Sheikh Menk makes it easy for us to glean those lessons by dissecting the incidents of this time. Lessons of social etiquette, of government policies, lessons of a closer more personal nature too.

Much is to be learnt from the battles that were fought, from the diplomatic ties that were established during the post hijrah period. When to stand and fight for eg in BAdr and Ahzab; when to leave as during Uhud and the cancelled Pilgrimage at Hudaibiyah.

When to focus on the small things like showing mercy to babes and the kuffar and when to focus on the larger picture as during the Hudaibiyah Agreement.

Find the time to listen to the venerable Sheikh expanding on all these and more lessons to be taken from the post hijrah period of our great history.