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The importance of knowing the people who need to be called and the need to be mindful of others' actions in delivering a message. The segment emphasizes the need to be mindful of others' actions and not to give too much information. The segment also discusses the behavior of the new president, Mr. Biden, who has used his social media accounts to promote his political platform. The segment ends with a news reporter's interview with a man who accepted Islam and talked about his experiences with alcoholism.

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I'd like to share with you five things that we need to know regarding Dawa, regarding calling people to the truth and warning people against that which is evil. Number one, you have to realize that this is our job and not just the job of prophets. That's number one. It's our job and not just the job of prophets call an abuse of Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he says, believe me when I convey my teachings, tell the people about me about Islam about Allah about the deen even if all what you know and understand was one Hadith that you have full comprehension of, and you're able to deliver in one way or another believe one new Allah and I that you see your understanding. You see your brother,

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for example making sense. And you've seen him for days and weeks making sense that and his elbow and full arm touching the ground. And you know very well you know, the Hadith and understanding that this is not the right set. It has to be lifted above a little bit further. And he never said that law, the law is something you should say, how would you feel as eligible? How do you feel if you were doing the wrong and someone knew it's wrong and they never corrected you? How do you feel about that? When you see someone making will do in a very incorrect way or reading the fattier in a very inappropriate degree. And you know what's wrong? And you know what's right and you know, yet you

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never said anything about it. It is not just the job of the Imam of the Mufti or the island, it's your job. If you understand within this capacity, believe one

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number to realize that when you help others you benefit and when you do not, you are harmed. Realize that one more time, when you help someone when you educate someone you're helping yourself and when you refuse not to, doesn't stay neutral. It gets worse for all of you. Colloidal Silver lice Allahu alayhi wa sallam method, we'll call him Isla de la vuelta, if we have the example of the people who fulfill the commands of Allah.

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Mancha command good forbid evil and the ones that do not here is the example. Like people who are boarding a ship Safina and festhalle Morales are they pulling you're drawing lots who goes top upper level lower level so they separate into two groups. A group goes to the upper level, they have the sea view ocean view, and people go to the lower level they don't see much because pretty much like a basement blocked. So the people in the bottom whenever they want to water they go to the upper level, and then they drop a bucket, grab some water, but eventually some of them in the lower level said we don't want to know the nurse. We don't want to harm the people up there. We keep going

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upstairs disturbing them. So let's not do that. Let's just drill a hole in our lower level drill a hole and just grab the water from their call and maybe some Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says if the people do not stop them from drilling the hole, they will all drown

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I'll call yallock

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and if they stop them felco liangzhu then they all survive. You have to always think and this is our Dean hammelmann fill our hammock Memphis Mr. You have mercy on the people allow Have mercy on you see the connection. When you have mercy on someone at a time if

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you don't think you have a favor upon them, you actually done you a favor in the way because now you gain Allah Rama is Viru young Villa hula condo Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, forgive Allah forgives you. Shephard Allah is the connection. Allah says Rasul Allah, Sam says, conceal your brother and sister Allah will conceal conceal you, Australia hook la la, see the connection. So whenever you do the downward you command, good and so on, and you forbid the evil admin famous not just for the one who receives it, but also to you as the one speaking, or somehow sending that naziha and always keep that in mind. And also, of course, the reward also lights Allah and he was

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saying, what does he say? Hello, Heidi caffarelli when you tell someone to do that, which is good, and they end up doing it, your banking has an a double lifespan of a human being. It's not just your life for 2030 years. Now you got 60 because of the people that you help, and so on and so forth. There was a German boxer that was many years ago, who went to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to get a prize for some of his accomplishments is not a Muslim at that time. During the ceremony in Riyadh, a sister she comes and she gives him a German translated Quran, who tells us a story who ends up sharing this obviously the boxer himself. He says after I retired 20 years later, she said, I was

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cleaning up my bookshelf in a new phase in my life after retirement. And as I was going through the books I saw this German translated Quran which that lady gave to me. Then he says so I, out of curiosity, I opened the Quran the translation, this first page here the Fatiha hamdu lillahi, Rabbil aalameen. He was impressed by it. He looked at the other side of it below Allah had, he says, you know

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What slam kinda hit me a little bit and I was it's this really interesting, the words really hit me hard hamdulillah so he went to the Islamic center back in that sitting. So then he asked him, How do I accept Islam? Long story short, he accepted Islam. What did he do right after that? Right after that? He asked for pamphlets, booklets, books, and so on This is why he said to talk about Islam in your first day, first day accept Islam I think I have a job to do I have a duty upon me to take Allah and right then that he brought the pamphlets the books and so on and instead of the table in the public in Germany, and he says and the people start to come Oh can have an autograph? Can I take

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a picture known boxer in that area and they took the pictures and he's signed the autograph until at the end he says but please before you leave take this book before you leave take this pamphlet in one year 104 people accepted Islam yeah what about you go this is this is the only one he will have he didn't know how to do and that's your third point here. You deliver based on your capacity that's your third tip. You might say You know what? I'm not really if I give hope Allah will shake I there's no way I can do this. Who said that was limited to Ababa to lecturing and preaching and someone know that what is it is within your capacity? That's third tip is what the sister did. All

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the Hasina The 104 is in Milan who would scale that Sister 20 years ago in Riyadh. And that's how you should look at it. What's my capacity? For example, my capacity imagine I deliver and then someone else is good at video editing. He edits the video he can't speak well, but he can edit well, excellent. Someone else can write amazing guitar but to jameelah so you're right. Couldn't have it all based on your capacity. That's why I couldn't do my own when we're together Allahu Akbar unstoppable will lie this Allah and you will Hayden Allah. May Allah unite us upon the truth and will lie once we were united we're unstoppable Neela greatest strength me hon. I mean, what you're a

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physician, you have a medical area now. Why don't you put people put magazines, GQ shots, all these things, put up pencil about Islam put something utilize this moment. You're a mechanic you're this and that there's ways to utilize that gifts Allah has given you to call people to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Tip number four. As you are delivering the message in any way, shape, or form. Make sure you do it with adapt with respect. Good manners were hikma and wisdom. Allah subhanho wa Taala he clearly says Audra Isla Sabina Rob Baker bill Hekmati, while more often hasn't called people with wisdom and understanding what Jay did when he asked anyone once you weren't going to debate maintain

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your love and mannerism. And you see it also a lie sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he perfected this. And he also warned you Even if you say the heart and the truth, but if you say it in a bad way, in Kali baddeck, it goes against you. What's the Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says we're in a bad character ruins the deed you've seen on camera you've seen on Sunday lesson. You're doing a great job Masha Allah you For example, read the headache you understand that the context the content phenomenal. You want to go talk to your mom and dad. You go very rough and harsh as if they're kuffaar and Muna 15 and mortar Dean and you're in the battlefield. If you don't do this

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Father, you don't wanna you can pray in the masjid and look to what you do to mom. And that's not how you talk. What you what your point is correct, but your method of delivery is miserable. So instead of you being rewarded, not it backfires. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one time he sent a group of people to the area of Niger. And there they captured one of the leaders from Belo hanifa. His name was to mama. When they captured him, this DOMA guy, he killed some of the Muslims and hamdulillah they were able to capture him alive. So it also lays on Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he commands the Sahaba to tie for mama into one of the poles admitted to the masjid and he left them

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there. So mama gets to see the Muslims how they talk, how they interact, how they pray, how they have adapted, Rasul Allah, he sees the conversations there's no rebound on the Mima it's very impressive how they dealt with them food drink something quality not misery and torture. So it also applies some Allahu Allah said when it comes to to mama, he says matter in the case of mom, so Mama, what's in your mind what you have to say about this? Any thoughts? any reflections, any changes in mind? He says, Yeah, Mohammed, my life. What I have is nothing but good. Three things in touch, we'll talk to them. If you want to kill me, then I realize I killed one of your people. And what

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you're doing is not something to be criticized for it. Number two, winter food. If you forgive me, then I am shackled. I'm very grateful. I will never forget this favor that you forgive me and you released me with a little man and if what you want is money, too.

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Release me then ask how much money you want and I have the money that you need to pay for it for ourselves so the product seldom left him. He didn't say option two or three just left and taco. Fujiyama standing next day and they want you to realize to man missing the Muslims at double o'clock even with the prisoner who killed one of the Muslims.

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Second day man that is a mama so mama What's new? I need any changes any reflections any things you want to tell me? This is my lamps what I told you yesterday, I tell you today three options one, two or three. You want to kill me I killed one of your people. You want to forgive me? I'm very grateful. You want money I'll pay whatever you want to release me. He left them.

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Third day, man the key for mama what I told you day one what I told you day two I tell you the three.

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Atletico release them. But which option did you choose? You're also Allah, none of the three. With Rico releasing for taco. What's up samama he leaves the message in netherwing goes quite a distance near a palm tree. He took a shower. He enters the masjid Caesar sewer line he says a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa shadow Ana Mohammed rasulillah top line is a shock to those who have the leader of the Catherine who killed one of us from Bengal hanifa to Mamma Mia. Osan accepted Islam Allahu Akbar. Then Osama tells Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Yeah, Mohammed Quinta Buju he like you were the most hated person to me. polyoma and I have bamboo Healy Allah. Today, I don't love anyone

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more than I love you. Before. There's no religion I hated more than your religion. But today your religion is the most beloved religion to me. There was no city I hated more than your city, but today your city is the most beloved to me. Then he says he had also Allah I was actually wanting to do ombre. So he says go fulfill your Umbra. So mama that leader from benu hanifa. He enters Mecca. So they heard the news that to mama, the leader of Bengal Hanif accepted Islam. They said, A Saba Have you went astray the Christ the kuffaar Oh, you've lost your way. He says level La La Land. No way Allah accepted Islam. Well la he

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had a amobee Allah, Allah He I will not give you a green. He was a green producer in Arabia, a major producer and a dealer of it and he says I will not give you a single one until the province approves of it the transaction Allah

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but what changed him? It was not a holocaust. It was not a specific hook. But he mentioned it's just the attitude, the law, the character moved him. That was his. That was the method of Dawa. Remember number four at the Hikmah wisdom. So Pamela New Orleans now in this country. a news reporter comes to the masjid to the to do an interview about our modern very simple or the New Orleans and then when he came to do the interview was doing a thought so one of the leaders in the community he says Would you mind us eating first join us and then after the breakfast after you interview and ask whatever question that you want, he said sure. Shaking he ate too long. Allah is my witness

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this man at the end of the day he accepted Islam

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the why what happened but I'm showing right summarizing the story for you one of the highlights of his that he mentioned to the people he said the way you guys were treating one another though you went from different backgrounds that's what hit him and appealed well as to where the Pakistani was Sudan you will hear many one for the stain you will muscle It was so diverse. And you're like bro, you know the one more you take it and the way you guys were serving one another. He was clean. It was pure. Nothing has been Matthew Walton he is either there's no way that nationalism that puts pushes you away from other people and he's a news reporter and he's seen wonders and he accepted

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Islam and ended up with a very critical and will lie I'm not exaggerating when I tell you most of the time insha Allah when you tell people the truth most of the time, the minimum is that they may not do it, but rarely are they disrespectful towards you rarely, I went to a restaurant here not too far from this Masjid. I went along with my my daughters. And the restaurant was playing very vulgar language music alone if you kill him at soccer didn't F word and this and that and so on and so forth. So you go I went nicely. I said you know what? The music being played has vulgar language. My kids are here if you don't mind please Yanni change it, change it to like news to turn it off. But

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that language is unacceptable even legally you have to know your rights. Because there's parents or

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legal actions in terms of people who sell you songs when you're under age by the way, they cannot sell you the land explicit explicit language to people under 18

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Very nice respectful she said no problem she turned it off. We bought the food make sure you tip just to kind of make the image to kind of balance the sadness deputy probably went through everything went to all the hamdulillah it happens it happens but you do as much as you can I'm not telling it always always works. When I later in little Bella that's the last one.

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Your job is to convey and Natasha olala results is Allah subhanaw taala you try you were nice you're this you're that you do your best. Back in the day was a legendary restaurant back in the day. And then a guy was walking into the restaurant and he was smoking was a Sunday. And as I was walking behind him, he got the cigarette and he flicked it off like that. And then he entered into the restaurant. He opened the door and I was like this is so wrong. We had a mistake on Okay, that's it Sarah moloko smile at the awkward smile. That's okay. Salaam Alaikum Sabah, have a good morning, okay, have a cigarette on the hermetic thing. He looked at me He's like, man, he went, grabbed the

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cigarette threw and threw it away. She will sleep but something's very simple. It's not a mission, but it's difficult. I will not like I was shivering Allah. It's not easy, and I will not always do it. But sometimes you got to do it. And then he learns and then we all benefit, it becomes environment that is clean, and May Allah protect us all. And remember, as I mentioned, the last one results is Allah, you do the effort also Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says, if your multi ama takes place, what you mean shamsur will cover the moon and the sun, they're about to clash and the earth is erupting, and the sky is being ripped apart. And you have a plant, we had sila.

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planted, I mean, hire crews and eat from it. But that's not your job. The How long will it take to grow, that's not your job. you plant the seed and let Allah take care of the results. So remember that you don't get disappointed when people respond negatively. So think of the reward from Allah, not from the people. If they tell you thank you take it as a bonus