The Signs Of The Hour

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A Warning Or A Form Of Entertainment

An Excerpt from the Lecture, ‘Islam, Iman & Iḥsan: The Ḥadith of Jibril Part 4/4’ – Delivered by Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq on 11th March 2016 at Al Kawthar Academy, Leicester (UK)

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people love talking about the signs of the

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true SAP saber.

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People love to listen to and to discuss and to talk about some want speakers to talk about the john and Maddie. And yeah, dude, Matt jooge, the garden, the makeup and the beast

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and the signs of the hour.

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And this seems to be a thriller that almost like a form of entertainment.

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I don't say that dismissively. Our saints have experience.

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over many, many years, I've often been approached by people

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repeatedly want to discuss just these things. In fact, as I've mentioned that forget speaking about the signs of Eman metody, I've actually met a few melodies myself, I really have.

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Meaning that I've been approached by a number of people, and others who've tried to approach me, but Alhamdulillah they never managed to get through to me. It's true. I mean,

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there have been a number of occasions where people have come looking for me, not in the bad way. But

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two young lads

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approached some of my students and said we're looking for and they mentioned my name, rounded up.

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Why they looked suspicious. So they said why. So the two young lads, one of them said, Well, he is the melody and we need someone to endorse him and no one better than share.

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And there was another one was written a few books, and he's been corresponding with others. And again, he's been sending me messages, but I've never replied, where

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he wants to announce that he has a melody.

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And but

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he has to be endorsed, and he's looking for my endorsement.

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So I've met and on one occasion, someone approached in another country, I went to my mother Uppsala, I prayed Muslim. And as I was leaving the mustard for marketing, after marketing, someone approached me.

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Young Man solomani.

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And we're lucky this is the whole conversation

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took place in a foreign language, but this was a whole conversation.

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No more. And it may sound bizarre to you, but we're so accustomed to it by them.

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Why they can

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share it. Can I ask you a question? I said, Yes. This was at the doors of the machine, leaving aftermarket Upsala

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I think Hi, I'm Mr. MADI.

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So I said, that's a satanic thought.

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Since the desert

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and I said yes, it is.

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And that's the whole conversation.

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So in the masjid, out of the masjid, in various locations, I've met a woman who

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was one young man who came up to me said I am a water, what's the Holy Spirit. And he went into a lengthy discussion about how the commentators have the water and they refer to the Holy Spirit's in the Koran, or Rahul amine and Woods as being gibreel alayhis salam, and some say it's beside the millennium, it was saddam, and some say it's the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So he actually went into a very theological discussion. And it's remarkable because he doesn't, he's not a hater. He's not known to actually speak that language properly. And yet, he went to a theological discussion with me in the message after us of Salah about how a rural hoods could not be received in

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a medium. And I'm sitting there wondering how in a last name does this young man know about the theater and about on TV and about Butler we, and these commentators have the arm and where is he pulling all this from? Now I was just sitting there marveling at his knowledge about the commentators of the Koran. And he's saying a robot. So some people say it's a piece of no medium, but these that would say it's a simpler medium, but these are my arguments as to why he said the medium is not the Holy Spirit. Some say it's the messengers and the lahardee who send them and these are my arguments as to why not

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I just sat there listening to him, he gave three names and he said the and some sage gibreel. This is the most famous opinion of the commentators. And even I dismissed that view that it's not even gibreel and these are my arguments against it.

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Then as Then he said to me, so do you know who are robots really is?

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It's not Djibouti? It's not It's of no medium. And it's not the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Acid who then and it's a me.

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So I've met a rural what's the Holy Spirit's, I've met a few melodies.

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And one of them. He was doing we'll do right next to me in a Masjid. And he was speaking to me before as well.

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And he said to me, when the water falls from the tap, he said, I have certain thoughts. And I said, What are they? He said, The thoughts are, I am the job.

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So I've met the job Have you let these woods

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so I speak from experience. For some people, this is a thrill and entertainment, the signs of the hour. The signs of the hour that the messengers of Allah it has some dimensions in this Hadeeth are not the apocalyptic ones, rather they are about the corruption of character. This is what should concern us. This is more applicable, more direct, more relevant. This concerns us directly. And this is what we should be concerned about.