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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim two very important questions before we get right to the topic. One question you may know the answer to easily but the second question, maybe not many people know of it. What's the first question? brothers and sisters? Why did Allah subhanho wa Taala create us what is the goal of our creation? I know some of you know this. Allah says in the Quran, women opportune Gina well in Illa, Leah bourdon, I have not created the jinn or the human beings except to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. Excellent. Allah created us to worship him. But question number two, what is the goal of worshiping Allah? Excuse me? What is the goal of all goals lie to lie yet? What is

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it? It is nothing but to achieve taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The goal of every act of worship the goal of every Riba is to attain taqwa brothers and sisters. That's the goal of all goals. Brother, give us a proof. Alright, so yeah, you're fasting right by Allah says in the Quran, you have levina M and O you who believe fasting has been made an obligation upon you. And upon those before you why Allah we have to do this a bad luck on that duck on so you may attain taqwa. And that's the goal of all goals. Allah says yeah, yohannes the first call in the Quran Surah Baqarah. Oh people yeah, you have nurse or a Buddha or bakuman lady Hello, come worship Allah, the One who

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created you and created those before you why Allah worship La La comme tatacoa Allahu Akbar. So that's the ultimate goal brothers and sisters. And yes, I think you got to know now what's our third group? They are a king and queen. They are of the blessed groups that Allah says that he loves them brothers and sisters. And Allah says that he loves and will clean three times in the Quran. But before we go to the verses, I want your undivided attention please Why? Because we have to define what the stuck what I mean. Be patient with me is very important. What the stuck why mean? Are you guys ready? Yeah. Bismillah

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taqwa comes from the word we call ya which is protection dakwah comes from the word we call ya which is protection. So when I say it, Ducky it means protect yourself. It Ducky so we say it Ducky al korona you know have Taqwa of Corona. So what do you do? For example, you wear a mask right? So when we say it tequila means put between you and a loss anger it tequila put between you and Allah's wrath and punishment barrier. A JAL de naka de nada belay we acquire. In the example we mentioned about the virus and the Corona, what's that barrier? It's this mask, right? It's this mask, that's your barrier. Like what's the barrier between you and Allah punishment? What can protect you from

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that? Fear luta it watch Tina, Kumasi it is the obey obedience to Allah in doing what you told you to do, and staying away from the things that Allah told you to stay away from. So this means the more you do what Allah told you to do, and the more you are far away from what Allah told you to stay away, the bigger the barrier, the more takua protection you have. Right? So what Allah says in the Quran, Allah haka, Ducati. Be conscious of Allah, and be fearful of Allah punishment as much as it deserves. So as much stuff well all in all the way possible. May Allah increase your taqwa and my taqwa I mean herbal alanine. Alright, so it says doing the obligations and staying away from the

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prohibitions Give me a second place.

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So when I say taqwa and the aspect of prohibitions, and so on DACA is a big circle. There's a lot of things we have to do. There's a lot of things for example, being good tell her parents is one of them. Praying is one of them. This is all part of tequila. Okay, what else paying my zeca it's part of tequila. So tequila is a big circle all this stuff, one. What you will notice and please pay attention. Out of all the things that we have to do part of taqwa all three ayat that talks about Allah loves and what clean focuses on one specific Amell soil. Good Deed

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Wow, before I tell you what it is, this good deed Allah is focusing on as part of taqwa has to be a serious big deal. Yes. Anybody here watching us knows what is it? What's that obligation that we have to do that Allah honored so much in all three ayat Allah says I love and with the pain, I love and within those who do this work, what is it young people of the Quran What is it? It is brothers and sisters, may Allah protect us all the metal but I mean it is the fulfilling of contracts and wafaa Bella, being faithful to your promise faithfulness if you want to choose one word, Elva beloved brother, give me an idea. Give me something. One of the three is Allah says, Bella, men, our

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bi d he, the one who fulfills the contract is faithful to His promises, what call and was mindful of Allah, that in Allah you have more pain than Allah loves those who have Taqwa Allahu Akbar. You see that brothers and sisters? How are you with your promises? With all honesty? How was your fulfilling of promises? How was your fulfillment of your covenants and your contracts? So you know what Allah teaching you and I, the more faithful you are, the higher your taqwa is. I think this is very clear now. The more faithful you are, the higher your duck is. And the lower it is the lower the duck is no, no, no, it gets worse. The lower your wife, your level of faithfulness, Bill water bill will

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contract and so on. It's a sign of nofap Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. Yes, the worst category of human beings ever on earth? Are the moon if you clean them the hypocrites May Allah protect your life from them. So why do you say the ones who are unfaithful because that's how big of a deal it is in Islam. Brother give me a proof. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says Salallahu Salam it was an excellent, he says I had to monotherapy tell us the signs of that munafo clean the hypocrites are three one of them either what are the whenever they make a promise, they break the promise. anytime they make a promise is they have a hard time fulfilling it. May Allah protect us, you know,

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but I mean, I'm not saying because something happened. No, it's from within themselves whether laziness, carelessness, you name it. And another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says about the sign of the monastic life either I had that ladder and whenever they have a contract, they make a promise. They have a covenant they breach it. They are treacherous. They are unfaithful May Allah protect us brothers and sisters. mean you know Bella alameen here Allah subhanho wa Taala when he says about yes those who are faithful let me give you an example from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ready check this beautiful beautiful amazing story Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi

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wasallam What did he say? The Corrado and min Benny is a there was a man from the children of Israel in this man he wanted 1000 dinar a large amount of money as a loan sell about Benny is about eight and use LIFO alpha dinar okay. He was asking around Can you have 1000 1000 dinar and not many people were actually able to support until he found that one guy when he found this one guy. He says give me the 1000s as I will but he asked for two things. Number one seller Shane call it TV show had a oshi home. So the man who has 1000 dinar wants to give it to the brother who is asking for the loan. I will give it to you but I want some witnesses to be with us. So then that man said Kaffir belay

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shahida, the man who wants the money said Allah is enough of a witness. Okay, so then the man who is about to give the 1000 the notices. Okay, So question number 213 he will Kafeel give me someone who will back you up. In case you cannot pay the $1,000 the $1,000 give me someone can back you up someone that you can entrust with this. So that man says kafa biLlahi cuffie Allah, Allah is sufficient for me, Allah will back me up in sha Allah. Karla sadhak so the man honored that he has Allah subhanaw taala is enough of a witness and Allah is enough to fulfill the trust and being able to back you up for the 1000 dinar for the Elijah Muhammad then they had this word brothers and

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sisters, they had this contract fantastic. When they had this contract, they had a due date. So the 1000 dinar, you have to pay it back to me. I'll give you an example in six months, for example, or whatever that time may be. So then, that man who took the 1000 dinar, hora Jeffries bow he traveled cross the sea.

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For cada hijikata he went did his job maybe he opened up a business so he's overseas if you wish to say okay, he traveled did this thing everything is well and now time has passed time has passed. What budget and agile the due date has come. This man came to the seashore waiting for a boat to ride on to go back to that brother and give him the 1000 dinar so far so good at hamdulillah thermal temsa merkaba near kubwa waiting and waiting there are no boats. You have to do more Allah Hill engine I want to pay my debt. No boat is available Not a single boat. So this man got nervous. What should I do? What should I do? He's looking around what should I do? So then he found a piece of

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wood Tasha okay.

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Fair enough. Ah, he drilled a hole into that piece of wood for at the high Luffy high alpha dinar he put into that hole in that piece of wood 1000 dinar that's a large amount of money. Was he Fatone? Or was he for me? No EDA sahibi. And he wrote a letter and put it inside that piece of wood. Perhaps he wrote you know, my name is Shawn. So I'm paying off the 1000 I was trying to look for a boat. I couldn't find one. So he wrote a note that I'm paying this 1000 back to you by sama Raja Raja Raja I'm sorry, that JJ mo dia then he locked that hole sealed that very well. He got like super glue and all that stuff. You might think okay, what is he trying to do? I'm coming in Sharla some watier or

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Adobe Elba he came to the ocean. And he did this for cod and he started speaking so he has this piece of food with him. And now he's making dua to Allah Reddy is Allah in Nakata, Alamo and nikulin to test a left to falana Alpha dinar, Oh Allah, you know that I took 1000 dinar from that brother. And he asked me if I said Eleni Kafeel, he asked me who will be the one who can back you up. And I said, it's your Allah. And he was pleased with that for the Arabic. Then he asked me for a witness and I told him Yeah, Allah, you are enough for witness. And he was pleased with that. We're in the jahad to an editor mercabarna Allah, I was struggling to find a boat to be able to pay that loan

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back to the brother. Yeah, Allah. We're in the esto De Luca, and yet Allah I entrust you with this money, and that you will help return it to the man from bfl. But he grabbed a piece of food and he threw it all the way into the ocean, while object fee until then, so far away from on sort of the nice men left.

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Like so you might be asking, so what is this brother thinking like the piece of food will cross the entire sea and reach the guy Mashallah and he will find it But see, someone sort of wahama feed that and I want you to not forget this following point, this man who threw the piece of wood to pay back the loan on the due date. He doesn't want to be late. I gave a promise. I want to be faithful and beloved, right a sign of taqwa and sha Allah. While he threw that piece of wood, he was still waiting for a boat. He see that taking the means that less bad. Wolfie delicate tennis shoe merkaba Yahoo de la bella de to wait until he traveled to the other country. He's not gonna throw the word

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that just wait and say I just sent it through the piece of wood. He's waiting for the boat. The other guy in the other country or land, he left his house. And he's waiting for the guy to come back to pay him his money back. Young Mark Mark Cuban a jabby. Man, maybe he gave it to someone to deliver the money. No one came. No one is showing up for either bill hush or Betty latifi. Hell, man. All of a sudden that man who has owes the money or owns the money sorry, he saw that piece of wood across. So he went down or so and he picked up that piece of wood. Why did he pick it up? He wants to use it the alley hopper as you know to use it for firing a note to cook some food. Maybe a

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warm up in the fireplace, whatever the necessity behind it. So then he grabbed a piece of wood. So my natural honey start to cut the piece of wood while he's cutting it. What did he see in it? The money and what else? The money and yes, the letter the money and the letter was the heater. So you start reading the letter. You know, I'm so and so or whatever was written on it to detail what happened. Then brothers and sisters he took this money after some time, guess what happened? The man who was waiting for the boat to ride on and come and deliver 1000 dinar. He finally found a boat. He does not know what happened. He got on the boat and he's traveling overseas to meet the brother who

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them the 1000 dinar after he met him, he says, Here is your 1000 dinar will law he mesial to jaha I swear I struggled so much. I'm sorry for being late but I struggled so much to find a boat, and I finally found one to give you this money. And I didn't find any boats till now. It's not like you know, I missed two three boats. No, that was the only boat I found since the due date. So then the man when he heard that, he says, How can Tabatha lamb say, Did you ever send something to me?

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So the man says, oh, Kaberuka. I'm telling you I could did not find any boat besides this. I just came on the first boat available. So the man says in Allah danka lady basta.

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Allah has fulfilled what you have sent to me and you put in that piece of wood. I got the money and I got your letter from Sardis Ville elfi de nada Rashida. So you told them that 1000 the extra 1000 that you came all the way with to here. Take it back with you. May you stay guided and be on the right path. Allah Akbar Rasul Allah Allah is telling us this authentic hadith So hey, to appreciate how fulfilling we should be and faithful to our promises brothers and sisters. How was your Amana? How is your faithfulness? How was your water bill? There's a lot that can be said brothers and sisters. And one of the fruits when for what it was thermadata taqwa, which is what Allah said, you

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see what happened to the brother. We know we perhaps all know the ayah or most of us were many.

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Who Maharajah whoever has taqwa of Allah is mindful of Allah is trying to protect himself from Allah punishment. Allah will always find an exit for you brothers and sisters. Not just that. Why are zopo hoomin hate hula? Yeah, that's it. And Allah will provide you with means in a way that you've never imagined. Just fulfill the Amana fulfill the contract be faithful to Allah subhanho wa Taala and especially your promises to people because I have to warn you now I have to warn you. I gave you hope I showed you how Allah can take care of you. But I have to give you a hadith here. Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Men are harder whoever to take, take what a while and nursey you

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the law and whoever takes money from the people, you take a loan, you take money, it can take a pen, you can take something all right. And you have the intention, you make the intention and you work hard towards it to pay off the debt. Allah will help you pay off the debt is a promise from Russell Assalam on behalf of Allah subhanho wa Taala, Allah will make it easy for you to pay it off. And if you happen to die, before paying it off, and you tried, Allah will take care of you. And the one who owes the one who owns that money, the one who that money belongs to Allah will take care of both of you, Allah Akbar, thank you. Where's the fear factor? The next half. Woman, hahaha, you read it

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laugh at lefur hula, and whoever took the wealth of people, you took a loan, and you already made up your mind and will lie there are people like that, the more I grow. And the older I get, the more I realize there's such human beings on earth like that. They already made up their mind, they asked you brother, and you have $1,000. And they already made up their mind, I'm not paying it back. Then Allah says, if you did that, I will ruin you, I will destroy you, you will not find any benefit in that money in that dunya. In addition to the punishment in the alpha, I remember subpanel this one brother, I was telling him I was trying to be come between two people to solve a matter. So one

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brother loaned another brother some money. So when that brother took the money, the one who gave it said, I want it back. So the other brother says, No, I'm not giving it back. So then the first brother who gave that money, called me says can you please talk to him? And he said, One, two and three and stuff like that. Got witnesses and so on. So then I call the other brother. I said, This man gave you money. That's correct. He said eventually he said yes, he was argument eventually said yes. I took it take the money. I said that brother wants the money back. You know what this guy said? Well, I is a loser. And Allah knows best but that statement is a loser statement. This man

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said to me, why does he need that money for example? $1,000 he's, he's a multimillionaire so rich. Why does he want the money for an interview already? You already had a plan that you know, it's only 1000 he's a multimillionaire, so I will have to give it back. No, Allah will ruin you. Allah Rooney if that's your intention, as also a licensed lm has taught us. So be aware brothers and sisters, may Allah protect us and mineral Bellamy, may Allah protect us and make sure you know what's the problem with that brother.

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He didn't have to call me. But that brother did not have a contract. So make sure like even if it was your sibling, no matter who it is, have a contract when you go to be able to be faithful to it because the panel Satan comes and the evil in ourselves comes and says, Oh, I didn't take it or I don't know what happened or I forgot law have a contract as a last minute it teaches us in the longest ayah in the Quran, chapter two verse 282, iodate, right. May Allah make us faithful, I mean Robben Island, and you will see the two other ayat, the two other Ayat of three, about Allah loving them with the cane has to do with being faithful to the contracts. Like man, this is serious. Yes, I

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didn't know some younger people may be watching us, and they feel like you know, I don't have that many contracts. No, you do have a contract right? For sure with Allah subhanho wa Taala when he said Laila Illa Allah you signed a contract right? verbally, may Allah allow us to fulfill that but also when it comes to people around you, when you went to school, right? You perhaps signed something which indicates you will follow the rules of the school you will not cheat in your exams, people who work as engineers and doctors there's contract you fulfill that this is part of our Deen because the next two is at a loss talking to us or to Mohammed Salim and the believers as a harbor to fulfill

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the contract towards some of the most evil people on earth. Now, Allah says in lulla Dena had to middle mushrikeen thermocellum young Shia while welcome you VA Hebrew Allah hada Fatima la Hema, the homie lamb with deti him in Allah hi hibel mata pain. Allah says as for the policy is the machinery can do not they are not these people don't love Allah so Allah don't love Allah subhanho wa Taala but Allah says as long as they did not go ahead and try to fight you and they breach the contract then fulfilled the contract towards them. By the way this was being revealed Rasul Allah overall was getting stronger and stronger. So he has the upper hand. Yes, you probably are remembering the

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second group and looks at him. That's part of the as well but being faithful to the contract brothers and sisters. You know, what the some of the people have many that are ill they used to say and it's sort of early embrun. They used to say, you know what, the data which is the Bedouins at that time, that they're not worthy to give the money back to them. So pound Allah. So Allah Subhana Allah is shows that this is very disrespectful what understanding like some people May Allah forgive us. Yes, they have to be honest Some people say yeah, the Catholic this guy is a disbeliever this guy talks bad about Allah pound dollar. I will not pay I'll not fulfill the contract who said that

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fear Allah subhanho wa Taala and mushrikeen Allah spoke about to you gotta fulfill it. You know what? Forget the example of a doctor engineer. Let me go back to Mohammed Salah Salah is one of the most amazing well loving moments of faithfulness I've ever came across. What also wasallam check this out? How they fat data to nilima a great Sahabi Okay, along with his father, What's the story? by man man, Annie. The only reason I did not fight in the Battle of better Battle of better you all have to know something. Battle of better is the most elite battle who ever participated in the Battle of beddit are the grandest Best of the Best of Sahaba the Allahu anhu That's it. The people

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that had a bad dream this guy showed up to battle of better the first major battle Okay, so it's a big deal. Okay, what happened? He says I did not go and participate for one reason only. Why

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me and my father when we were trying to go to Medina and The Great Escape we want to go from Mecca travel all the way up to Medina. Okay, what happened? The Havana kuffaar will crush the disbelievers from crush they took us as like hostages hollow inner country don't matter you guys are trying to go and be with Mohammed. Isn't that right? For conda mandritto manually to Elon Medina we're not looking to go participate with Mohammed and fight you guys know we just want to go to Medina. We want to immigrate to the other city for our hadoo Mina de la he Juanita so we made a contract a promise. What's the promise? The non Saudi Finn either in Medina Well, no hottie Nah, I never Salah

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so they said we made a contract that we will go to Medina and we will not fight in this battle of better with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam Can you imagine this? So far so good. You're like yeah, bro, just you know, say I promise and then go and support Muhammad I'll send them 13 rasulillah. Then we saw the prophets I send them and they want to go participate in the Battle of better. I have to give you one more detail about the Battle of better the numbers. The numbers, go for Croatia 1000. The Muslims were about 300

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15 approximately or so 300 plus that's it. So any additional person is very important, every additional person because it's like one to three ratio. So then are they found his father or the Allah? I know my they came to the prophet SAW Salem to join, but they told him of the story. You know, we just got we got away with it. gopher hole he took us and he said, You guys will let go of you go to Medina But promise you don't fight with Mohammed salam, right. So the price that he heard that he said in sorry for

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what he told them, they leave the army do not participate. Not also this is the life is on the line. This is like there's the life and death situation. faithfulness brothers and sisters. I mean, in terms of battle life and death situation. Some people say oh, that's an extreme example. Besides that one, it's a battle in Saudi fog go away. It's okay. nathie let him be him. m we will fulfill the promise we will be faithful. When it's there in Allah, Allah him and we will seek Allah's assistance against them, brothers and sisters, that have better and Allah knows best. This was one of the means of the victory of Mohammed salah and the Sahaba and they beat the 1000 of the

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disbelievers walk if I believe Akilah Walker, fabulous shahida Akbar, you see that your faithful Allah will never turn you down brothers and sisters. Do you know brothers and sisters? Do you know an example of the problem about faithfulness to the contract? Even when we for example, buy and sell? What do you mean by Ansel? Yes When we go buy and sell a house brother you jump from a battle all the way to real estate? Yes, because the contract is a contract. Yeah, let's go buy a new house. You guys ready? Sharla I hope you like this house somewhere in Arizona because these thing called shingles right? They have a special way of being designed anyhow. So this house What's up with this

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faithfulness. It also aligns awesome tells us an amazing story. Well let the stories about what that and the duck when the faithless aspect fulfilling the contract is amazing. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say Salalah alayhi wa sallam. He says there were two groups of people. Okay, what's happening? One guy was selling his house. So a buyer comes checks the house he likes the house and he says you know what? I want to go ahead and buy the house. Okay, fantastic. So far, so good. So he buys the house and he moves in with his family. When he moved inside the house, guess what he found in it? He found gela he had like a bowl full of gold. Imagine gold not like a piece not a whole pot

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of gold. Then this man, honestly can ask a question. Feel free to comment if you wish any. If you bought a house, okay, and you found a pot full of gold in it. What will he do?

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abdominal abdominal ah sacani right. This is from Allah subhanho wa Taala this is this is this is a sign that Allah loves me. This is the Baraka what would you do? Listen to what also Assalam says about the story. This guy bought the house he moved in. He found a whole pot full of gold. Okay, full of gold. So then this man went to the seller to the original or the previous owner. He says hey, I found a pot of gold that I believe that's yours. What would you do if you were the seller? Oh jazza cola. Hi, Ron. I actually forgot about this right jack Hello favorite. And nothing is right or wrong by the way. Both people are in sha Allah right in sha Allah okay, but he's talking about what

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do you do? So the previous owner said oh, this pot of gold. It's now yours. Why? Because I sold you the house and basically whatever is in it I sold you the house as is so you found this What's yours? doesn't belong to me anymore. Is it? No, this is your gold? No, it's not my it's yours. No, it's not the fighting. They are fighting as in who will pass down the gold to the other way something like if it was not a Hadeeth Okay, that is authentic. I would have not sure that with you. I'm like this is like Europe. But how is that possible? Are people like that? Yes, there are. May Allah protect us. May Allah forgive us. May Allah increase our taqwa and our faithfulness Yara and watabe. Hood, we're

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all familiar with right? So then the fighting until they went to court La hawla wala quwata illa Billah. Yet Hakka mu for Java, Julia qubino, to judge between them. So they were fighting. No, it belongs to him. No, it belongs to him. He said, Listen,

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any of you has a young man who wants to get married, available for marriage. So one of the two families says yes, I have a son. He says any of you have a girl who is wanting to get married at the age of marriage and is available. So what the other family said I have a girl so one has a boy the other has a girl. So this man God

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Besides fighting, use this gold to get your son married to your daughter. And whatever for example, remainder so what the car and perhaps give it to charity and so on. So they got the people married. So brothers and sisters, you see the Baraka of welfare. They died maybe 1000s years ago on Long Island, but their story lives and will continue to live. May Allah allow us to see wonderful people like that in general mirabell al amin, brothers and sisters, I want to ask you a question. We spoke about house for sale. We spoke about the battle. What's the grand dest the grandest, most important contract humans have to fulfill

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amongst us amongst us, you have contracts I got contract with my company that I work for my engineering company, not mine, I own it. I work for I have a contract, right? I teach with an institution I have a contract. What's the most valuable contract? Which is what what is your let us be law please speak within among yourselves or by yourself thing? What's the most important contract between human beings? The most important contract it is? What is it? What is it? It is the marriage contract? The number one most important contract between human beings is zenwatch. Allah Let's hear the words of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying, some Allah who Allah he was, he says, a

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hopper show roti. And do what for be the most worthy conditions from among all the conditions out there. The one that the greatest ones you have to fulfill Mr. Hillel to be helpful rouge is the marriage contract. How are we with that? When we got married? May Allah make all those who are single have a righteous spouse? I mean, when we got married, we agreed that we will treat one another according to what is pleasing to Allah according to the Quran, and the Sunnah of Rosa Salem? How are we doing brothers and sisters? How is it How is our contract relationship? How is the dowry? Do we fulfill it? Are we still struggling? May Allah forgive us and protect us? Whereas the promise

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that you gave to her father when you got married or he said I'll take care of her on a promise inshallah will not hurt her. I will not oppressor Where's that? Where's that contract? Where What will we do in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala that's why brothers and sisters was so awesome was very, very tough. Especially on the men. Yes, this contract this hadith applies for men and woman. Yeah, the man has duties over his wife. I got to spend on you. I got to make sure you get a place to stay at. I have to make sure I educate you. Yes, I gotta make sure I have had to pay for tuition or anything like that. Yes. Allah says boo and fusa como la que nada, educate, protect your family.

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That's your job as a husband, and the job for the wife. You know, you work together. For example, the husband says I don't want such and such individual to come to our house. You would try to work out your honor their request, right? So then you try your best you let's say he says I please add my request is that you don't leave until just give me a heads up, give me a call. You work things out. You do your own contract in a way that is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala. Don't put conditions that are Haram. Because brothers and sisters, especially as men meal of protection, forgive us if we don't fulfill that major contract that faithfulness towards the spouse, the wife, the one who will

00:33:29--> 00:34:13

stand against us. yomo piano next to our spouse, our wife defending her, who is it? It will be Mohammed Salah Allah so he says in a hurry do I like them Huckleberry Finn, I warn you, I threaten your daddy to our aid to the ones who oppress the woman and he says, Well, your team, the orphan, may Allah protect us And forgive us brothers and sisters. So be aware of that. Be aware of that, be aware of that. And to come to an end brothers and sisters on this very important topic. inshallah we end with very important points as well. Allah subhanho wa Taala I'm gonna go revolve around dacquoise Well, he says, Yeah, you have levina and this is mean Edmund somata Taka one of the most

00:34:13--> 00:34:55

beautiful things of taqwa, brother. You speak about dakhla then you speak about faithfulness. No. They come hand in hand. They're not Don't be confused. taqwa and faithfulness come hand in hand. Yeah, you are letting me know intertap Allah, Allah says, if you are God, conscious, mindful of Allah. Allah come for Karna Allah will make things clear for you. You say brother, there's a lot of fitness. Fitness chahat I don't know what, what to do. Should I do this? Should I do that? yet? You're looking for Karna Allah will make things clear for you Allah Kabbalah. Well, you can feel uncom sciatica and will forgive your sins while ferula calm and Allah subhana wa Santa will not

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

punish you Yamato Yama for it one load will fugly album and Allah has

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

So much further than blessings I Minami Allah granted to all of us, me hon. alameen is a locum for economy, Allah, Allah, you all have clarity say I mean, brothers and sisters. Now we go to your piano. And there's a scene racetam says, which is very tough, very tough scene, I now will not be shy to say it. The higher effort in this hadith is very, very explicit. And I will say it as also of light sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and there's nothing funny about it, just to make sure that we are all aware of that. Well, so unless asylum says we could leave harder and harder who actually? treachery, unfaithfulness for every unfaithful human being man or woman? The cooloola didn't liwa yo

00:35:42--> 00:36:37

melki Amma, the one who is unfaithful will carry a banner a flag on the Day of Judgment. Your Fowler who will cadre ready the size of the pole or the flag Hudgens? Allah Allah. Okay, I had milawa Alhaji Malhotra as big as the treachery. Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah didn't mean anything. I'm a medium. The worst of all is when there is a leader, a king, a prince president, a manager, someone who is managing over people that they these people have the worst of pools, okay, that is resembling their treachery by him. Where is that pool? Na na na na na de la Halle mc cobia. De where is this poll that that flag will he be holding it like that banner? Russell awesome says luckily

00:36:37--> 00:37:29

Roger liwa on end is de yarmulke Yama. The prophets I said him said the banner that flag will be placed in the Botox of that individual Hadith of the Prophet Solomon authentic narration and absolute embarrassment. May Allah protect us and grant us the ability to fulfill our promises fulfill our contracts I mean that are below me and I will remind you of the advice of the US element and with this naziha Rasul Allah told one of Sahaba What do you tell him? He told on us Harbor, a tequila hyphema couldn't be conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala wherever you may be, wherever you may go, you will travel from Detroit to Chicago. No one knows you in Chicago, right? But fear Allah

00:37:29--> 00:37:38

Allah is watching you. Be faithful to the spouse that you left behind. Be faithful to your children be faithful to Allah, Allah Allah Allah. It tequila, hey,

00:37:39--> 00:38:19

why today say he has entered the temple. And whenever you commit a sin, be sure to commit a good deed. Why to erase the bad sin will highlight a nasty Hello confession and treat people with good manners. Brothers and sisters, this was the advice of the process. I tried to end with with all of you remember, Allah subhanho wa Taala be conscious of Allah, fulfill your promises Yella Bismillah, you broke previous promises, fix it now. Some contracts you breached seek forgiveness, try to make up for it. You owe someone money, please pay it back on the due date in sha Allah. May Allah bless you all. May Allah make you all of

00:38:20--> 00:38:28

the ones whom Allah loves mean Yara bill alanine, which is akmola halen was set out monokuma Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh