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celerra mannerheim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala t then I want to you know Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ryan. Firstly salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. To all my brothers and sisters, today we're going to discuss about finding peace through liquor. Now, if you look at the way that Allah has made this whole religion told us to do things, whether it's reading the Quran, whether it's doing Salah, whether it's doing, whether they do some kind of spear, on the fingers, or with beads, and so on, or whether it's to do with hardware ombre, whether it's to do with,

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making do our Salah, whatever it is, every one of these things has one thing common through them, every single one of them has something in common, which is the remembrance of Alaska, it's the is the vicar of Allah now, they can look Vicar is something which is we just remember they could literally means to remember, we do say do the curl as a short thing, meaning do the cool lot. So the Kula are doing the remembrance of Allah is very different from just doing normal physical, say everyone constantly is is in liquor, everyone, at every moment of the time when they're awake, they're in some kind of liquor. Some people are doing Vicar of money some people are doing they

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have, you know, some hobbies, some games that that they can, they're remembering that, okay, using the mind to connect with something is and making money, one connect with

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the world that is the color of the world, there's people who are doing zero food, for example, the thinking of eating the singular doing the kind of work, they could have projects, these are vehicles, these are remembrances now the one remembrance that is something which is

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praiseworthy in our religion, and it which is also something that has a massive

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it has a he has a process, there's a long that there's a there's a deep process that happens through the seeker of Allah that maybe that's the one and only secret that we've got, which is equilibrium realization, there's a massive process that is happening. What is that process that processes

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the, the sirven remembers Allah, okay. And Allah azza wa jal in return, remembers, remembers the Sabbath. So this is the process. When you when we remember Allah light remembering us. Allah said in the Holy Quran falguni at Coco, you remember me I will remember you, meaning that you remember Allah specifically, Allah will turn his specific attention towards you now, unless attention is everywhere. So what do we mean by Allah's attention is specifically towards me, it means that Allah now will increase it, he increases his guidance, His mercy, his forgiveness, giving me you know, giving me something very special, let me explain the process. So, if a seven is to remember Lazarus,

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Allah room is that person, which means what? Which means that Allah gives the Baraka, Allah gives.

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He gives, he gives blessings, he'll, he'll show His mercy, he will remove troubles, automatically troubles that we might not be aware of, he will specifically remove darkness. What is this darkness now, we in this world, when we are not learning a lot of judgment, we are putting ourselves towards some form of darkness, whether that's darkness of the heart, whether that's darkness of the mind, whether there's darkness of not feeling that, you know, you know, like there's something missing. There's something missing something that I can't feel my heart with, which I really need. That's when people people actually start to go crazy to try and fill this one emptiness in their heart. I

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wonder what do people end up doing?

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People look for it everywhere. People look for it in laughter. And they don't, they don't feel that part of themselves up. There's one part in us that can get never filled. It can never be filled, except through the zip code of Allah. Except through the rumors. Hola. That's that's the one part you can't feel no matter what you do. So people people have this thing that they want to do something to make themselves feel better, but they just don't know what to do. So what do they end up doing it and spending time with friends and then often they have loads of laughter the counselor, they travel, they can't figure out they some money or get into some kind of you know, habit of

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earning a lot of you know a lot of goodies for themselves and it doesn't get filled, they go shopping, it doesn't get filled, they they eat out or they eat love, you know lovely

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Trudy doesn't get filled, then they might tend to sin. So they might turn to

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music or let's say they'll turn into all sorts of sort of, you know, sort of music or they'll turn into, they'll tend towards, let's say

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that they'll tend towards gambling, right? All kind of a habit that the God is like alcohol. So what does alcohol do? Alcohol they take it in. And what it does is it numbs the feelings, it makes a person forget about their problems, but it doesn't really give them it doesn't, it doesn't give them the satisfaction that they really want. But it certainly doesn't feel that hold in there. People get into games and they get into and you can play, you can play as many games as you want. What's going to happen is it just starts to release certain stimuli in your brain. And you feel quite excited that you managed to get from this level to that level to that level. That's about it.

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Let's say someone's listening to music, what's happening to him, what's happened to that person, that person is going into a certain zone for that moment, they're relating their thoughts to a certain thing. So let's say they're sad. And they're listening to something, and it relates to their sadness, all they're doing is visiting the memories, and they're trying to try to feel slightly better. But for that moment, only,

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if they have lost someone, or they've got a love, and they listen to something of love, then it kind of resonates in their mind. And they kind of feel that something is making sense to them. Right? Something is sort of reflecting what their thoughts are. But that's about it. Once that music is finished, they're where they are, right? Most of these things that people go out to adventure or to find something to fill that thing up. Some people look that they didn't even go to PS their bodies and go to, you know, try and make themselves look attractive and try and get, you know, more followers on social media, whatever it is fame, you know, some kind of attraction that they might

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get the people but end of the day.

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Most of these people, even people who have had huge amounts of fame and money and other things, what happens is they still find there's a place inside them that is void that is empty, that they still need to find something to fill. And what Allah says in the Holy Quran is he says, Allah be decree law heat up my

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Allah says remember that only through the remembrance of Allah will hearts and minds find true peace now talk to my email is something where

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what is what is what is so cool which is you find that you're settled. But you don't you know with with being settled you might still have your ups and downs are one of the things Allah says in the Holy Quran about sukoon is he says about the night he says second he says what was your I'm gonna lay the second we made the night something peaceful or something which can settle you that's that's more of a meaning of settling. Allah has said you know when we get married is later school later when you find a spouse and you get into married life. Allah says later scudo la has so that you can find that you're settled that okay. And Allah has said what your Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah is the one who has made for you. Wilton is made for you houses, and Allah uses the word second are there as well houses that you find settlement. Now, these are things where you find that you settled, but it doesn't mean that you find long term peace and happiness, that long term peace and happiness with avoid his field that can only be done through the vigor of Allah. So what is the system that is happening right now? So you remember Allah, Allah remembers you the darkness that a person had with this void or whatever, Allah starts to slowly remove that darkness that remove darkness, you have to bring in light. Okay, and the Quran has said that the Quran has

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even come the top region NASA Amina Hulu, Matalan so that you can take the humans out of the many layers of darkness into light. The Zulu mat is many layers of darkness, and nor is light now. Darkness can be of many kinds. So when Allah

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explained in Surah know about the person who's in, let's say, his who's in the ocean in darkness. Okay, so last is Luma to babble about. So one is that the person is in the dark ocean. Okay, another one

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that eats the person is also surrounded by dark clouds. And the third thing is that the person is surrounded by a dark night. And that is Luma. to bow to her for about that darkness is over darkness. And sometimes people through the light what they find is that they've ended up in many darknesses This is darknesses because you've been absent from the rooms of Allah, you've been absent from your Salah or you you've neglected your devotion in Salah. Or you've you've just been indulging in in the world and chasing the world. Whatever it is, this creates darkness over darkness is the darkness of the heart. The darkness of the mind is the darkness of the environment, the darkness of

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sins and all that engulfs the person to remove all of that we need light and the only source of light we need is the light that Allah provides. Allah says Allah who Moodle summer worth he will out. Allah is the giver of light in the heavens and the earth. Method Luna de communicating VMs Allah says that the example of his light is like you might find an alcove and in that alcove you find a lantern Elisa Hafiz widjaja The lanton is be the last as we just had to cut now coming to the new how to measure mobile

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or via the the

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that it's in a glass and the glass is very very clear. As if it's a shining star

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and the and the lamp is lit from oil that is from the blessing tree neither from the east nor the West.

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You care to say to how you're doing what our lamps are now the lamp will almost like it will like without even having to touch that oil. Hey, this vlog deep significance in this ayah Surah number 24 is number 35 where Allah describes what is happening for you know when he enlightened something when he when he gives light to something. Now, what happened? What this hole is talking about is talking about the chest of the believer. So the alcove is the chest. Okay, we have this bar in that there is a mat and the lantern is our hearts. It's our hearts. Okay, so imagine your chest is like an alcove you know like what an alcove is. Some of you might have seen in a wall, there's that there's a

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there's a little sort of arch that's done within the wall. So it's called within though. That's an alcove. So imagine that my chest. And on that what we have is we've got

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a land, that's my heart. And Allah says, He says that, that heart or that luncheon is called glass. And that glass is something which is very clear. And usually, when a person has not surrounded themselves with darkness and sin, and they haven't got sin on their heart, then it's their heart is very receptive to the heart to the truth. Usually those hearts when they engage in Quran, Vicar, or they engage in Salah or the gauging anything to do with Allah. It's just electrifying. That's when the heart is clean. Now, let me take you to a Hadith of the the person who often tells us that when a person sins, there is a black dot that is thrown onto the heart. And then when if sins again, or

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she sins against another black dot from the heart and they sin again, another black dog from the heart and because I'm in Kaiser, Kaiser, Kaiser, Kaiser and Kaiser until the heart is completely black, and then it becomes hard and it becomes something which is which is closed, okay? The opposite is also mentioned in the Hadith. When a person does a good deed, then allows john he his angel will throw a white dot onto the heart and the person does another good deed another white.on to the heart and that person does another good live another white dot white until the heart becomes completely white. Now this is all metaphorical. You can't operate in a person's body and find a

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black heart or a white This is all metaphorical, but we understand what it means is that the receptive element of the person accepting the hug accepting the truth being something like what Allah says hello Pamela, tuck shy woman who do do Latina Shona. Allah says that he has revealed the poor and I wonder when when the people whose hearts are receptive, they engage in the Quran, Allah says they get goosebumps, they get goosebumps, Allah says

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in Surah unfound Allah talks about how when either Juliet Allah him is when the verses of a law are being read, and they're being recited. Then Allah says they have, they have tears that shed from the from the eyes, this these are from people who whose hearts are clean and receptive because because of that cleanliness,

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Because the darkness hasn't hasn't taken over their hearts. Now come back to that if Allah says you know the lantern which is the heart and then the clearness which is that which is the plus, Allah says

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it's from the you know, the oil that this lamp is lit from come from a tree which is blessing needed from the east on the west. Now he's talking about these a tree, which is a tree that is an which tree which they don't realize he is talking about. He's talking about the one in philosophy. The one Allah said last year at whenever we are, this is right in the middle from the placid land, that oil olive oil is the most purest. What does Allah mean by by all of this, what Allah means is that the heart will find connection with Allah through an understanding of the Quran, which is neither extreme to the right nor extreme to the left, you get many understanding of the poor and people have

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come to this court and and they have understood it in various ways, but you're going to find a middle path of those who have understood it. And those are the ones that understanding is a clear understanding when that understanding gets into the heart. Allah says, you know, because this is the understanding of the Quran and the Sunnah. So when a person understand that properly and takes it in Allah said it occurred to say to her, you agree, it's almost like, they don't need to touch it, without even touching it, the hearts are lit. What does that mean? That means that look, the Quran is something that look, we might have a physical product, but you know, the real Quran is not the

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physical product. All these questions we have in the whole of the world. They're not the real for the real product, is what Allah said. These are his words, which were which were which emanated from Allah azza wa jal which are eternal. These things that thing is the real crap. Allah says, without you having to even without live and having to touch you physically, your heart can can be illuminated with normal glasses light over light. Now this is where the where the whole thing can weather orlimar say that look, light over light, what is it? One thing we need is the true understanding of the pyramids. That's all your olive tree oil and you know that that connect with

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the heart because you need to know your your religion properly. And the second thing is that when a person now connects with Allah, with the way Allah told him the crunchiness how has Allah told us to connect with him in the in the look, a lot of people are written for and but they don't know that the why the reading plan Allah says the plan has come to you now look into the current so that you may reflect Allah La la la la to the forthcoming so that you may think Allah says La La contact upon so that you may be God Oh, you might have got awareness.

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There are so many Muslims who are just reading the Quran Rino Quran and Allah.

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Allah says in the Gita they are giving you in that are giving you things that will give you a lesson. Allah says, for helping me with that good Is there anyone to take that lesson?

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Allah says aflatoxin also that you can use your intellect you can use your thinking capacity and and use the Quran To do what? To change your lives. So that you may become successful. Allah says, I follow you to the middle and don't they ponder over the Quran. Look, what Allah asked us to do is to connect our mind with the poor and to reflect to think about omega. Elon mentioned that. What am I doing in my life? Am I practicing that that was the main message I put out. This is Victor. This is Victor. This is real Victrola. Because you're using Allah's words, you're using his remembrance, you're using those words to reflect you're using as a mirror onto your own soul. You're saying that,

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look, this is what Allah said, am I there? Am I not there? Why am I not there? What do I need to do to change myself to this? Right? Why am I like these people when Allah doesn't like these people? Oh, I am like these people whom Allah said something good about the pat on the back. Okay, so this is where you This is how you change. This is how this is how the process of that heart that that heart changes, darkness gets uplifted, and light is now entering the heart. And a person is transforming. That's transformation. When a person does they can look you know, I know there are people who engage in thinking and the magnetosphere, whether it's with the beads without the beads,

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whether it's on the finger only, whether it's just remembering a lot lubos The main purpose of that the main purpose isn't to get 1000 of this done, and 10,000 of this done and 124,000 of that done. Okay, fine. People are putting numbers I'm not gonna say all these numbers are benign. It depends how you look at it. If you're doing it because you want to try and commit yourself to a target. It's completely fine. Look, I don't get people people say oh, that's without us. But I know when people go to the gym, people say I'm gonna do 10 Press ups or they say I'm going to do

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40 pushups. Why? 40? Why 10? Why 50 stretches? Why? Why? Why seven? Why? 10? Why 14 why shift why number because it's a target. It's a target trying to get to it just just a mental target, okay? Because if you do without target, you might just do a few and then you stop. You don't know how you're done. There's no target, if it's a target, and he was okay, I've done 50 pushups yesterday, I'm gonna try and get to 55 Today it's a target. So if people say with a spear that I want to do this managed to analyze this last line and blah blah, but it's a target. Okay, guys, cut out we don't have this bigger thing, a bigger thing. Okay, so so you're going to talk when people go for

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those targets, what often can happen is they can just be focused on the target and lose the focus of why they're doing that spear also hanging out there in the first place.

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Why has a lot asked us to say Sudan, Allah Alhamdulillah Allah and Allah Allah, what do you really know? So bottom line is this look, this is the process. So behind Allah is Look, a lot of you are so sublime. You are so glorified, you're so pure, so majestic, so high. And I

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You are so sublime, but I am the one

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that I've got has got none of those qualities. I feel I feel that the field inside me I feel that that I've got a god defects, I feel that I've got problems I feel that I need. I need to fix myself up. But you got nothing to fix. You fix others, you know, these are Subhanallah means that you're the one who's sober, so pure, nothing wrong with you, but everything is wrong with me. That's a reflection. What that does is Allah sends His mercy, his his blessings to that person. He says no to that person to purify them, because they're thinking of a lot so high. That's what's supposed to happen. So hamdulillah Allah, All praise belongs to you. Nothing, I'm nothing, I own nothing, I have

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nothing. Everything us and oppresses us. And that that changes a person because the person being humble, a person is breaking themselves in front of Allah breaking their own ego in front of Allah. That's real change. Light, Allah also say that Hola, you're the one who has the true power. You're the only one and only God, there's no doubt no other gods. So you have all power. As you have all power. I have no power. just acknowledging that law law. There's no one, no data with any power whatsoever with any quality whatsoever with any of the attributes of God whatsoever in lulla, except for Allah. And when you say that if you feel so humbled that who power belongs to Allah, no power

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belongs to me. That's the whole thing. Look, look at this process. The mind is engaging with Allah, that's the vicar and in return a love and desire okay? you've you've given you've actually remembered me in this way, okay, I'm going to do something specific for you. That's when Allah specific attention comes to the to the person, that's when you start to realize that when Allah gives that attention to a person, then the person feels you know what person starts to feel peace. And not only peaceful, short, wow, this lasts guys. I'm going to tell you, you need to experience this. When you engage in a deep level lie in multiple ways, let's say Salah for a man and we'll do a

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session on his show inshallah, one of these days. But when a person just has a lot of good, I'm lovable. I'm not 100 running with a negative value. And I'm you know what, this is just that, and all they're doing is just just just getting this, this whole action done. It's like, yeah, I've got to just get this done over and done with it's a job for something out the way a person has engaged their mind. You know what, you don't want to feel that void inside. The sins don't get that wiped away. The darkness doesn't get uplifted. A person has the same habits a person is the same person, even after 5060 years of their habits haven't changed. They're not staying away from sins. They're

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not they don't feel inclined towards the lions messenger. Why? Because the mind hasn't connected. That's That's why if you look again, at any of the vehicles, Allah, Allah, you are the greatest. I'm nothing. When you humble yourself in the manner in front of Allah, when you're using that liquid to make a cell feel small in front of Allah, Allah, Okay, I'm gonna now Bless you. If you think I wanna get on with my life, as if you're something, Allah says, okay, you're on your own. You're on your own. That's why we don't feel that you have another Dark Void inside. You don't feel that void inside because of the fact that you're not engaging in the right way. Any of the bad but even though

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her lupus people might go out to make the drug over and over again, the same guy, then they get into a habit of just being a robotic thing.

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But they're not engaging. When you don't do that. That process is not happening. If the process happens, and what happens is when the darkness gets lifted your ears look, our ears have got some blockage there because of the sins that become due. But I'm talking about

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Our eyes have got veils, there are many different levels of veils a person can have. And the Quran talks about this

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you know, he talks about the the veils that are there. If the person is engaged in victory a person gets close to Allah, Allah. He lifts those veils, he unblocks the ears, these are metaphorical, yes, but he makes it easy for the person to accept the truth. We all hear the truth. But truth, truth is solid into a just but the person who hears the truth, they have different let me give you an example look.

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When you when you can see very clearly you got 2020 eyesight. You can see very clearly you can see on a clear day you can see miles away

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when it's foggy.

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Or you have a problem with your eyesight. You're like 10, out of 20 or whatever, you know, you're not 2020 you haven't got that eyesight, then you can't see as clear. The same way. There's a metaphorical hearing that we've got to the truth, a metaphorical seeing to the truth, whether we're some people they see the truth they hear the truth straightaway infects them and other people, it doesn't affect them. Why? Because of these darknesses that we have on our hearts that this is not this is not just because of sins, darkness is also because we've stayed away from the decree of Allah. When you stay away from the vicar of Allah, it's called overflow. It's called being in a

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state of being absent minded from the vicar of Allah. And when that happens, there's a very, it's like, let me explain this one is to have

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one is to have some kind of rust. Okay, rust on metal. One is to have some kind of real bad grind that is really hardened on let's say your cuckoo or something. So it's going to take you a long time to scrape that up. Those are sins but another one is dust. Dust is like hafla when you're not remembering a lot that is natural dust at a certain dust is also something that covers something okay, it's not as bad as having a hard surface that is that that has you know, not allowing something to get through. But it still needs to be wiped away. And that's why we need to do the degree of allowed through all these bad again and again so that we can we can feel free. We have we

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have peace. We feel even though the problems around you know what the hot pills are solid piece when you're with a decree of Allah, Allah azza wa jal give us that that that you know that sweetness of liquid when we engage in our Quran, not in our in our spear in our drawers and so on so forth. Honorable element. I'm going to say guys, before I make the

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weave, we've launched this butter 313 in memory of the Sahaba Viola on mat nine in Ramadan, who went out and fought with the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, there were 313 of them, that wouldn't be the proper laws and they fought and they gave everything for the sake of Allah. They risked everything for the sake of Allah in memory of them with launches but the 313 campaign which is women 313 people to raise 313 pounds each, it's a very small amount, all you have to do is send it to a few people. And just literally, if just 20 people engaged in this give you like, you know, 20 pounds, or let's say even 15 pounds in, you'll be reaching your target anyway. If you can dispense 20 seconds only to

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for your own self for a loved one, someone will probably pass away to Southern Nigeria, the monies are going to go towards helping you today. A charity that I overlook. And that chart is helping people out there who are not asking for help. They need the money. They're not asking for help. These are people that you get extra reward for helping because that's where most people are not really wanting to look and they're not wanting to help. As I'm doing this. Right now I can see that the views are almost 313 Subhanallah lousy. But anyway, if you can just register just click the link below register the team already there they will it won't take you 26 register. They will within a

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day they will have set for you that the form and the campaigning that you need and all you need to do is for the to 10 to 15 people 20 people Max and it will be plugged in. I've worked out a dozen people with 26 pounds each come back 313 has been raised already some people have already met the target. Okay hamdulillah there are those of you who have a lot who can do this target very easily. The ones who have signed up were asking you before Sunday come which is the 17th of Ramadan when the actual Bhadra bonobo took place before that please try and raise the raise the amount by the sending it by folding it we've got the bank holiday weekend as well just send it to people let people we're

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100 why the other use Are you ready we're selling our love we ask you to give us all the things that the messenger sallallaahu team has asked for sales from all those things that is in us protecting from Allah we ask you to grant us the best life we can have in this world and a much better life in the next world for all our loved ones were passed away or luggage moved in for those, keep them the highest abode of our lien and let them not have a day of grief or a day of fear in the next time. I'm in Yoruba alameen wa sallahu wa Taala Allah, Mohammed guada Adams

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zafran ahead and Allah bless all the army