The People Who Purify Themselves ٱلمطهرين & ٱلمتطهرين – Group 06 & 07

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In this session we will talk about the cleansing of the body, the cleaning of the body from the minor impurities and the major impurities and I'll explain inshallah, we will talk about cleaning from when using the toilet, to cleaning in terms of whistle and having a shower. According to the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Some may wonder, like what in the world does this have to do with the 10 groups that Allah says he loves him in the Quran? Yes, in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about he loves at Tel webbing those who repent those will purify their hearts from sin. But he also said that he loves those who purify their bodies. The external part is

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not just the internal brothers and sisters, we need to take care of ourselves inside and out. And there's nothing to be shy about brothers and sisters nothing to be embarrassed. One time a man from the disbelievers and mushrikeen he went to sell man a fantasy about the Allahu anhu and he says in NA Sahiba como la Lima compatible, Hirata, he says, Does your companion IE Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he teaches you even how to use the toilet. Allah agent he said yes, Sandman was not shy. He wasn't embarrassed that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam taught to the oma men and women how to clean themselves when they use the bathroom and so on. He says nom, he was proud there

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was of dignity, nothing wrong with that. Then he gave him three Adam and etiquettes of using the bathroom which we'll touch on in sha Allah. So we are proud of that. And there's nothing to be shy about. Now what makes this session different than all 10 Sessions is that in this one we will talk about two groups, not one we spoke about I looked at the Justin fair, we spoke about a motor pain that religious people the pious, we spoke about a tower being those who repent but here I'll speak about two groups both come from the same word. What are they? Yeah, let us meet already in two ayat, number one, Allah subhanho wa Taala says well law who you are hibel and Mata hearing, Allah who

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hibel mata hearing, which is the Allah loves those who purify themselves. And in the other area. Allah says why you hibou l Mota hearing the sound very similar. So these are two different groups, but they both unfold under the same word of purity of bahara. Now, I know it's a bit technical, but we have to appreciate this a loss of panatela saying I love these people. And I pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala that this session, genuinely speaking, that next time we go to do husen we clean ourselves and so on. We don't just do it because it's a prerequisite for my Salah to be accepted and so on. But no, I want to be able to do it knowing that Allah will love me. If I clean myself

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properly, Allah will love me, if I do the etiquettes that are also la sala la vie alayhi wa sallam was taught to me by Al Mohler, Al Motta hain and Al mutata. Hearing just something interesting, I found because some may wonder what's made possibly the difference between them. Some have said that I'll move to hearing the one without the tap and matahari and the shutter on the PA see the hearing. I know Sarah three times has more emphasis and more occurrence of motor hearing. As for L Mota hearing is more of specified times and is in regards to certain acts of worship, such as sila, making tawaf which is through will do oversold shower so there's something that is associated to an

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act of worship night. But with this being said, brothers and sisters, I want to make something very clear. Yes, some of you may say, brother I read this is before and tafsir that Allah He loves and macba hearing and mutata hearing, and some scholars, they said it's not just the cleaning of the body, but also the spiritual side and the inside of our hearts. That's true, but it also includes the external and Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best. And by the way throughout the Quran, when you go through the word for her purity, it can mean multiple meanings. And one of them to share with you is purifying ourselves from our sins Nam Apollo to Mizzou. Allah says in the Quran hosemann umwhile

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him take from their money sadaqa charity why Allah take money from us? Why? To dahiru home to dahiru home to purify them, purify them from their sins and shortcomings and so on as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam What did he say? That charity extinguishes sins? The way water extinguishes fire, right. And Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he used to visit someone who is sick or had money

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nav Salama SME that Allah Allah Moravian er ODU en la bas for hurun insha Allah, no worries you know hopefully this will be elevated from you the hurun May you be this means of purification of what of sins because we know from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam any hardship we go through pain no matter how small no matter how big it purifies us us from our sins May Allah purify us all and mean Bellamy. Now, for the context of our session, these two groups I'll move to hearing and l mutata. Hearing, we will talk about two things taharah purity from a head death and the minor impurity, which is for example, the human excrements right from urine, feces and so on, and there's nothing to

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be embarrassed about our religion as we just saw from sales magnify this year on the Allahu annual then you have a hadith about the major impurity which is from what for example menstruation, an intimate relation between the spouses and so on by Bismillah what I will address first that I yet that touches on the minor impurity as an example already inshallah, once I'm done with that, I will go to the other area that addresses that major impurities May Allah grant us success Ameen Yara Bellamy, Allah smilla Allah says in the Quran, I would be lovely she thought Rajim Latta comfy bed, le MSG, Dawn or CSR that mean when a young woman Haku and telco MFI Allah says O Muhammad Sallallahu

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wasallam sallallahu alayhi wa sallam excellent, he says oh Mohammed, don't ever pray in that Masjid. So there is a Masjid that was built Masjid yes msgid but it was built by the munafo came the hypocrites, and it was near Masjid. colback measured Koba, which we know in Medina right or around the the limits of the city of Medina. Then Allah tells Prophet Mohammed Salim, certainly a Masjid founded on taqwa righteousness from the first day What message is that Masjid Koba May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to pray in this beautiful Masjid. Alright, there's a special reward for that. So whoever prays in the masjid that was established from the first day from the get go upon

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righteousness is more worthy for you to pray on. Are you ready for the coming part? He Reja alone you have Boone and near takaharu in that message that goers to this message there are men who will love to be purified. When law who you will hate bull Mota hearing. And Allah loves Allah will honor Allah will elevate Allah will support those who purify themselves. Alright, we need to understand what does it mean that these people that go to the masjid used to purify themselves? We have a hadith from Abu hurayrah Allah I know to make us understand this is your lover's mela. He says and in the de Salalah alayhi wa sallam call nezzer let had his eye fi and Koba this ayah was revealed

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for the people that go to Masjid Koba theory, Jelani buena and Yata Hello. Then he says, I can yes 10 June I've been mad. They used to clean themselves after you know that human extremists as we mentioned, from urine, feces and so on. They used to wash themselves with water. And Allah loved that from them. Because brothers and sisters you have to realize something, the use of water especially at that time,

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it's it's not something you just open a tap water, it's readily available. It requires work, there's not much water, and these people were able to afford some to be able to clean themselves with it. I mean, Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah you and I to be able to benefit from the blessings that we have. I mean, yeah, Rob Bell, Allah mean. So here Allah praise them for the usage of water while cleaning themselves. Now here, people will say isn't that big of a deal? Oh, you bet it's too big of a deal. Check about this. Check this out. Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam look what he says. While he was passing by two graves people are dead people I guess with me they're dead through COBOL then

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he says Mr. inaho man lay on the band one you are the band. If you can hear the two people in these two graves are being punished for something that is not major as in what as in they did not think it was a big deal. But it's a big deal. It's a major thing. So panela for someone people ask how do I know something is a major sin or a minor sin. If the punishment goes from dunya to grave to Allah, that's a sign it's a major sin.

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Rasul Allah what's the story of these two graves? What was the sin that they did? And how to whom if I can am she been Amina? One of them used to walk or no around people intermingle with others gossiping. May Allah protect us from gossip. In another narration believe by backbiting you see all disasters that is, we want to enjoy our gathering for one two minutes, but we pay the fee for that. May Allah protect us And forgive us and will lie. There's no joy in that. Well, I'm Mel. As for the second grave, okay, that can lay a steady room in Bali. That man that woman used to be careless, careless towards when they use the bathroom? Yes, he was shocked in terms of careless who sees them.

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The doors wide open, doesn't matter. Who cares? We're all guys. What are you talking about? Right? Let's get started. Then the also from the concept of cleanliness, as in when they urinate or they use the bathroom. They don't take care of the fact that making sure it doesn't come under clothes, doesn't come on the rest of their body. They were not watchful, and if it does happen and come on their body and so on and their clothes, they don't care towards cleaning them. So not cleaning oneself properly after using the bathroom, caused that individual to be punished in the grave rather than sisters. And we have to realize something we cannot knowingly know that when I go pray, I have

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no jassa on me. Because that filth because that would cause me not to have my father accepted May Allah protect us and grant us wisdom me noble Allah mean, then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also say another Hadith. Just to show you I'm showing you just how serious this case is. But I don't want you to be paranoid, or anything or be extreme. No, I'm just trying to make sure that it's a serious case. It's worth it. Take a whole session and talk about these two groups. It makes you be aware of why a lot and I love this these people I love them. Do you know what the prophet SAW Selim said? xS xiahou meenal bowl beware of smearing yourself when you know urinating. Watch out why you're so

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locked in.

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Either bill Cobra Minho the majority of the punishment in the grave is because people not caring how they utilize the bathroom. The majority of the punishment in the grave This is authentic narration in Sohail jammer. So this is a matter that we have to take seriously. And we emphasize with all honesty and respect, we emphasize very much in the society because here you clearly can see people and happens around the world I understand. But and the fact of carelessness as you know what they use the bathroom and they had the right out. Many don't even wash their hands don't even clean themselves properly and so on because of their culture. They don't see it's a big deal, whatever.

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But in Islam, it's a serious deal. We go from Allah loving us to going from we being punished, punished all the way to the grave. Right? Let's go to say man and fantasy to teach us some etiquettes from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sallallahu alayhi wa sallam cinnamon faricy when he was being marked by the disbelievers or Islam, your prophet teaches you everything even how to clean yourself when you use the bathroom. He says a jednom and looked what he said. Now Hannah and stuck below Qibla to be open about the sun the etiquette when we use the bathroom is we don't use the bathroom while facing the direction of where we pray. They go at a different angle when they

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want to use the bathroom and so on that Brother What if What if the way my house is built the toilet faces exactly the Qibla and you do your best on time is not within your hands and Allah will not hold you accountable. May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Allah and not be directly facing the Qibla number two Sal man teaches us and the kuffaar at that time, oh nextenergy ba man Nina. And when we want to, when we want when we want to clean our bodies, we don't use our right hand. Okay, we do not use our right hand we use our left hand when we clean ourselves that's the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam by what's the third one? Oh nectar via

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the owl can mean Salah 30 a jar and to not wipe ourselves with less than three stones or rocks at that time. That was the tools that the the rocks are the stones to clean themselves. But the main thing here is the number three not to have less than three wipes when we clean ourselves. This is our Deen we're proud May Allah make a strong Lexile manufacture of the Allah one and you know, question may come. Okay brother. I'm gonna do my best to start using my left hand and insha Allah, I'll make sure I clean myself pretty well. But I have a question for you. Okay, what's the question? Why? If I'm using the bathroom and some of that urine or so comes on my clothes, okay.

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It kind of smears a little bit on my clothes. What should I do? Should I wash my entire clothes and so on. We learn from our machine and scholars that if it touches a certain part of your clothing, you just wash that area. You don't have to wash the entire cloth if you wish to change your clothing, put it in the laundry and wash it all up. No problem shala but it is fine if you just wash that area where that you're in fell. May Allah protect us and purify us inside and out me hon me and once again. The point of this session is not to make us very extreme things happen right? Someone uses the bathroom he urinates or she urinates and then what they clean themselves well, but then

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afterwards, it's natural as a human body, a drop or two may fall into our underclothing that is fine and Allah subhanaw taala knows best May Allah protect us and Europe Aladdin and for example if someone did not know they had an adjuster before salah and they entered into salah and they prayed then they found out that there is an adjuster that should be fine sha Allah they don't have to repeat the salah and the example that was utilized is what also Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam took off his shoes when he was notified by Judy dallisa lab that there was no data in it jabril Allison did not tell the process I love to repeat the Salah entirely. And Allah so panel with Allah

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knows best. So this is for all ages, youngsters and elders. We take a series in sha Allah to be able to clean ourselves May Allah grant us wisdom me hon. I didn't mean this was the minor impurity. I've had that the one area that we spoke about el mapa hearing. Now let's move to the second item. What's the second is the one about an mutata hearing, which kind of refers to the major impurities, alright. Bismillah Allah says in the Quran was a Luna candle in my head. They asked you prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about menstruation, the woman's cycle and based on the reason of Revelation, as I mentioned in a previous session, the reason of this revelation is what happened

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with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the companions about this matter, so Rasul Allah Solomon, he was asked about approaching the spouse while she was in that situation, ministration he taught us What do everything towards the spouse, everything is fine to eat together, be in the same room, same house, even the prophets, Allah, He put his head on the lap of Aisha while she was in that cycle, and he even read Quran Everything is fine, but he said Do not be intimate do not have intimacy. So Allah says call whoever that ministration is a harm. It's a test of hardship. That tells you to nissa F in my hand, so avoid approaching the spouse and intimacy during that time,

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while duck Rabu Natalia told him do not come close in terms of intimacy until the purified now here it is for either tapa harness and once they become purified, okay. To Windham in hate to America mala then approach them the way Allah specified the way it has Highlander, then look at this beautiful ending. In Allah you have both been, Allah loves those who repent. We spoke about in the previous session, we gave the example of those who made the sin of approaching the spouse while they were in that cycle that was hard on short, but still you can make Toba to Allah subhanho wa Taala. But what we did not speak in detail was the second part where you have both el Matata hearing and

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Allah loves those who are purify themselves, one of the machete he says that very nicely. He said, Allah said in this ayah two groups, he loves those who repent, those who purify themselves internally. And then Allah loves those who purify themselves externally their body and that is our Deen that we are proud of we want to be clean inside and out May Allah purify us all mean your bill alanine now what does it mean? Allah loves Elmo Tata hearing, all right, when it comes here the matter of ocean, which is the shower, which is a requirement from a Hadith, Al Akbar, such as we said, intimacy, of menstruation, and so on, alright, also Allah is Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he

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was asked by a sister, how one should perform also from demonstration and from the Geneva and the after the intimacy. And I saw the other hand, she says something very interesting and powerful. She said near manisa Oh, nice set on site. Yeah, and you were a great woman or the woman of the ansara, the residents of Medina, the ones who gave the support to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and those who emigrated from Mecca to Medina lemmya conium. Now when they'll hire Oh, and yet a factor within their shyness and modesty was never a barrier for them to educate themselves towards the dean. So we have to

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make it very clear here. It is not an acceptable excuse in the sight of Allah. Someone to say I was shy to ask about this, knowing this thing is a prerequisite for your Salah to be accepted. This thing is a major part of our Deen. So if we don't know what to ask, we know the details and this is what the sister have said. But let me before I share with you the steps and so on something very powerful about this is some of the alumni they said Allah said what you hibou l mutata. Hearing Allah loves those will purify themselves. So some of them said Alhamdulillah Allah did not say why you hate bill Matata, he writes, Allah loves the woman who purify themselves, because then the men

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would have not been honored to be in that group that are loved by Allah for purifying themselves. So there we are grateful that Allah says what you hate mutata hearing not specifying a gender, but in a way it's general but hamdulillah both men and women to benefit from this. Alright. Now, as I as I mentioned in earlier this session, it's a somewhat technical somewhat tricky aspect, but in our jurisprudence of our Deen but this is part of our Deen you know, not everything has to be like you leave the session like spiritually So hi, yes, we have to do that handle 100% but we have to also know our Deen from the other aspects like the one that we're talking about me Allah bless you and

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educate us beneficial knowledge amenable alanine bye when it comes to water, showering, there is the bare minimum. Okay, there is the bare minimum. And there is the sooner way Okay, what do you mean like the bare minimum? Not so no, it's so nice as in like, yes, it's permissible. It you you fulfilled the whistle. Yes, the bare minimum. But there's other steps that are voluntary. We learn from the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. Alright, what happened here? Rasool Allah Azza wa salam salam wa sallam, he was asked by this wonderful sister Her name is as smart as not open to shackling, as some scholars have said, and hosted in my head and how to purify one from the

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menstruation. And here in sha Allah, I want to first tell you not the details of this hadith. I want to go and tell you in sha Allah the bare minimum first what's the bare minimum

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for both ministration Jenna but also in general sustain to have the intention Okay, you're going to go and shallow wash yourself you have the intention, this is the version from that major impurity that is that took place then run the water over the entire body head to toe. Okay, so number one, the intention number two run the water across the entire body. And there's something many people forget which is rinsing the mouth and nose that is taken as part of the external so don't forget these to me Allah bless you rinsing the mouth and the nose No brother that's internal to the body that's not exterior. Now remember when you make

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when you make will do it does the water go into your mouth? Yes. by you. We know a food or drink enters the body okay the mind that the stomach that's when you kind of lose your your fasting? Correct. So you have to make sure that remember the mouth. No, you're still out there a part of the body when you show yourself head to toe. And very important emphasis by the processor is that water should reach the scope. Okay? The scope the water has to reach the roots of the hair is very important. We don't want to do the whistle. We just get some water and wipe over our hair. No, the water needs to reach the roots. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us guidance mean era. baloney. Okay,

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so that was the bare minimum. Okay. And just to make it clear, as well this is educational, is that when we do the whistle, be sure that you cover when the water runs through your body that areas that may not easily have the water come to especially that many of us when we shower, okay? It doesn't right away the water comes under our armpits, right? So you may have to scrub over your your arm here. And if someone for example, you know, overweight or so and their stomach and you know it's education, as I mentioned, has like layers and so on. Make sure that the water goes through your body as much as you basically possibly can from head to toe as mentioned by your brother. Tell me

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the sooner tell me the extra steps. The way you're also allies SLM said in one of the Hadith, and how he perhaps explained that even to that sister and other narrations as well. You go and have the intention just like the bare minimum, you have the intention to have the abortion.

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And then you say Bismillah

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and then we wash our hands three times.

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Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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And we know from the authentic hadith he would then wash his private part with his left hand. Okay? After he does that Allah His Salatu was Salam. He has his hands cleaned before continuing. So remember, intention Bismillah washing the hands right said that right washing the hands three times, then washing the private part with a left hand. After that he washes his hands again out cleans his hands to be specific. I know I've mentioned the Hadeeth for you Just for reference, well theory why and some modelica yet the whole bill our bill have he used to put his hands on some sand to kind of wipe out whatever might have came from while cleaning the private part. Our machine actually teach

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us you know, we don't need to use the sand or the wall for example, you know, you have ceramics and so on. You're able to use the soap to clean and wash your hands because now you're about to continue. You're awesome. Then Rasul Allah, Allah teaches to make a full Voodoo, just like how one does for Salah afterwards brings water onto his body starting with the head and you go thoroughly through the hair, make sure as I said, the scope and the roots. This is even with the bare minimum. Okay, but he starts with the head and then he goes through the rest of the body. The Sunnah, as I mentioned, is to wrap over his body so that there's a part if there's no water reached it you make

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sure under arm, you know what the layers of the stomach and so on, everything is clean. May Allah grant us wisdom and ability to fulfill the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and once he was done Aileen Salatu was Salam. Then they would do the vicar after that aspect. And one of the Asgard that we were taught from our Messiah is even the vicar for example of Kufa to investors. So panna Colombia hammock shadow Allah, Allah, Allah and Estelle felica were to be late as one of them. This was the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and just one technical side of things. Some sisters may ask, if I had braids, right, do I untie it or do I keep it

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according to what we learn if it was the Genova as the major impurity after for example, intimacy and so on, then there's no need to undo the braids by make sure once again, I know it's emphasized because there are so Allah emphasized that the water comes to the roots. But after menstruation, the recommendation is to undo the braids for that type of major impurity. And Allah knows best and definitely there might be differences of opinion with these matters. And Allah Subhana Allah, may Allah grant us wisdom, and before I end inshallah and conclude in this session, brothers, sisters, I want to be the law. When you go to the bathroom, you want to have a bushel, you wanna clean

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yourself. Remember what Allah said, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, He says that he loves those who purify themselves. And when Allah says that Allah knows it's difficult sometimes Yes, it's difficult. Some people have to do it early in the morning because they had a dream, a wet dream, and then they have no take a shower. It's difficult. And then you remember the reward of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah your head, Allah will love those who purify themselves. So approach in that angle, don't just approach as it's a prerequisite for me to make will do for me to make the performance Allah knows don't see just as a burden, but see it as an opportunity to gain the reward of Allah

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subhanaw taala especially with our youngsters that might be watching right? The rush to the bathroom, okay, you want to rush to the bathroom, but don't rush in the bathroom. You want to rush to the bathroom, that's one thing, but don't rush in the bathroom. Just make sure you do things right. The Allah Allah grant us wisdom and if you ever do a mistake, don't be shy to clean it yourself or talk to mom and dad to help you clean it. This is part of our Deen and I guarantee you in sha Allah inshallah your mom and dad will be very proud with you that in the light of Hannah, what Allah lastly brothers and sisters, just remember as Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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up to hooroo chartreux. Eman purity, which includes widow in it is half of our faith. That's how important it is to be clean. To be pure. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us wisdom I mean your balcony. So with that being said, I am done with the session. jazak mahalo halen