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This topic is for those who wish to take their relationship with Allah to the next level. May Allah give me and you the ability to perform it.


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The speakers discuss the benefits of fasting, including a chance to earn money and avoiding harms. They emphasize the importance of showing one's true intentions to avoid harms and offer prize for those who do. The segment also touches on the benefits of fasting for personal growth and health, including avoiding alcohol and drinking. The speakers stress the importance of avoiding burning oneself and not overestimating one's success.

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Bismillah salatu salam ala rasulillah wala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam arbitrarily suddenly wasted the embryo. Hello, Melissa Neff Coco. I'm about if you notice the email that was sent about halaqa tonight didn't have a topic mentioned. They just said magic Mahmoud is coming after amount of praise to deliver a talk. Now with all honesty, the title of this video the title of this lecture, one of the main reasons I did not mention it, because had someone read it they will not be interested into coming most likely had people read it and said, this is the topic of tonight. What's the point of coming? You know what, brother, you're talking about this topic at the wrong time. But what lies not

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the wrong time? for light? Absolutely not. Perhaps there may be one of the best times ever talk about it. But before I move forward, we need to be patient and we'll let you never know maybe this talk will have an influence on your life in a way that you've never imagined will lay some people after hearing some of the heartbeat and yet from hear their life their habit towards food drink, the way they live. The whole week is completely different after this specific topic, something that when I searched online for it, I hardly ever found anything that is basically focused towards what I'm trying to refer to there was a little basically topics similar to an Arabic by hardly ever found in

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English. So bissman let's let's start by a quick story. That from it, even though I mentioned the story, you perhaps may not be able even though it's so clear, the topic is so clear from that story, but still for how far you you think that time is not something popular. You may have noticed it's Mrs. Go and Sharla and pay attention

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in Amara de la hora and one of the great Sahaba he went with a group of his friends outside the city of Medina as a trip so as they were traveling outside the city of Medina they said Okinawa it's time to eat let's basically start preparing the food. The grab the sheet, put it on the on the ground, then they start preparing the food and you're about to eat what happened a shepherd who was grazing some goats passed by and greeted abunimah and the Sahaba or the people around them even amongst the Dalai Lama salah and he said, Come forward, eat with us. That mentor that shepherd. He said, No, I can Sorry, I am fasting. If an AMA told them you're fasting during the such severe heart whether

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you're fasting when you're going at the pace of the goats, we will take you is such a long time to reach your destination. Your fasting when the wind is so hot. So Pamela in the desert around the mountains, he said he will lie in your bed your AML hollier Yes, by Allah for I'm trying to put value into my life for it to be valuable in the hereafter in the afterlife, a bit more wanted to test them to the second level. And he asked them Can I take one of these goats? He said no, I can't because my master this Shepherd was a slave to a master. He said no, because my master is not here and he did not approve of this. He said okay, simply give me a goat from amongst yours. And when the

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master asks you Where did the goats leave? Tell them the wolf ate that man that Shepherd simple man. He looked up he raised his finger. He said for eigenen law for a Nala and he kept walking away then what is a law whereas a lot of them my master cannot see me than Allah can see me. Then he left in the law and was so touched by this. When he went back to Medina. He wrote a letter with money to the master of that Shepherd to buy him when he bought him he freed him and he bought all the goat from that master and gave it as a gift to that shepherd. So Pamela did Can you now guess what the topic of tonight?

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Yes, Allah is watching you.

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No, get no give it a shot. Honestly, sincerity is a beautiful your clothes actually.

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But sincerity isn't a common public. Right?

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taqwa beautiful

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generosity, great.

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Okay, the topic of tonight is about fasting.

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Like fasting what we just finished Ramadan really talking about? Yes, fasting. The problem that we face is that many of us limit our fasting capabilities. limit our understanding of fasting only Ramadan, and we don't go beyond that. You might ask me Okay, what's the concern? Okay, this is why the problem. We know why for two reasons. Fasting itself. There's two things I want to focus on throughout the talk. Number one, trusting the voluntary fasting the excess opportunities that Allah blessed us with beyond Ramadan has so much reward

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That is a jaw dropping unbelievable of a reward that will grant you happiness in this life and the afterlife. And number two, what is amazing about fasting is a loss of parent immediate as a source of protection for you from the fitten of Jehovah, from the fitting of desires lust, etc, for protection from the trials and tribulations, especially in our time and date, very needed fasting, and shall as I go through by my focus of this talk, simply to influence you to motivate you to start fasting more days beyond the month of Ramadan. And I will show you right now the first few points about four points, showing you the value and the reward of fasting in a set of Allah subhanho wa

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Taala Did you know number one, that fasting is the second best worship you can ever do to Allah subhanho wa Taala the second best, even some, some element said it's the best act of worship. Why Allah Subhana Allah says in the authentic he said calamity Adam, Allah every act of fortune that what you do is for you in a cm except for passing a song for a nollie it is for me as Zb and I judge that person for it. Now, does that mean that everything else we do is not for a lot? Of course it is. But Allah elevated the status of fasting. Now that I might have said the one that is above it, the first act of worship is what? Salah, excellent Sonic Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam and don't ever forget sallallahu wasallam you heard the beautiful name, he said. And the higher our medical side the best actually is Salah, on the other hand, it also lays a lot of men came to me that he had also like give me advice and some, some advice, an act of worship that Allah loves. He said, I advise you to fast. There's nothing similar to it. So they might use this, but this is about the Salah. So fasting is the second best act of worship. Now I want to go deeper into this. Why did Allah specify fasting out of all the extra worship? Why is it so special to Allah that He said, this one, I will personally judge that person for it. They looked into a lot of reasons I

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mentioned to for you, number one, because you cannot show off when fasting.

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You might have opportunity to show off for example, and not being sincere. For example, when you're fasting and tell the person by the way, I'm fasting etc. You will say it verbally but eventually when you go home would you ever actually eat some people if they break their fast, then there are lies they're not really fasting. But some some people even though they might show up but when they go home, no one is around. No one is seeing them. No, we'll make fun of them or accuse them of whatever they may be and they will still will not eat and they will still not drink showing sincerity to Allah subhana wa Tada. Similar Matt said the other reason which I really love to share

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with all you guys, is that because fasting encompasses all kinds of patients. There are three kinds of patients number one, patience towards that which is good patience towards or away from that which is bad. Number three patients do whatever Allah has decreed. So cm encompasses all three How is that when you fast you're being patient towards doing that which is good when you're fasting your patient towards abstaining from that which is not allowed eating and drinking. What about the other one is that Allah has decreed that whenever you fast what happens your stomach bubbles and all that kind of stuff, and then you become hungry and you're patient and whatever Allah has decreed upon you. So

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because of how patients all encompassed into this act of worship, Allah will reward you in a way that you've never imagined. That's what a law does not tell you what's the reward, and that is why connect the dots together. Allah says in the Quran, Allah rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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Don't be sad. Allah will continuously as you know in that dimension continuously excites you, by nothing, give the reward. If your father would tell you I got an amazing prize for you. If your boss at work does something amazing for you, you're like okay, what is it? What are they excited? Allah is the best example. He says I got something amazing for you and I will judge you for it. Look at the other Hadith which also lays out and teaches us showing you that fasting Allah promises that he will make you happy. Allah promised you fast I'll make you happy a promise from Allah Subhana Allah because promises never will men does not commit a life ILA. No one is more truthful than what's my

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proof. So in light of the law, it was seldom said they saw me for her time, the one who fast will witness two moments of joy of happiness. The first one is the moment they break their fast, being happy that Allah assisted them with fasting and being happy with all the food in front of you. How excited are you? When Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar and the children and the elders and all ages are active

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Ready to go and jump in eating and happy, except those who are in a fundraising dinner, and they are the ones who are serving they get so irritated when the event comes. It's a joke. But definitely, overall, we're so excited and happy that event came about to eat. What's the other moment of joy? A lot lighter last time said, while father Hatton and Delica when the moment you see your Lord, Allah will make you happy due to your fasting. The What is it? Don't worry about it. Don't tell me Don't worry about it. I promise I'll make you happy. I got an awesome reward for you. Unbelievable. Allah continues to use this behavior towards us that the word reward of fasting is something that your

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mind will not comprehend. Many times that a buy that is apparent like the amount of percentage right? There's a lot of for example, there's a lot that you say when you go to the mall.

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llamado logical landlord will call him up.

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And you say that through a laser law it was said that the one who says that in the model, they will get alpha alpha hasna which equal to

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1 million Hashanah. Fasting is more than that woman has is something unbelievable. Subhan Allah and Allah, the third Hadith and the third proof tier also lays a lot he tells us that engender there's a gate called that border. Right? Yeah, excellent. And again, if you want to literally translate it, the quencher into quench your thirst. It's called the clincher for the pain that you went through. It will quench whatever desire you have and much, much more. A young pursue a lifestyle of lies and said laya Illa saw him when no one enters except those who fast then you call a caller will call out loud, a Nephi moon where were those that used to fast and a group of people stand up and that gate

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is open for them. And then they enter the demo room the last person that enters what will happen to the gate shut and no one is allowed to enter afterwards. What's in there? Don't worry about it. Come on. Isn't it amazing? There's a prize for you. For those that fast. If I were to ask you by Allah, be honest with yourself, please. If I were to tell you a king, one of the richest actually the richest person on the face of the earth tells you I have a gift for you. We know for a fact when a king gives you a gift it is equivalent to the king's generosity, wealth and power. Correct. When that King of all kings are lots of panatela have a gift for you. They know that the gift is

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equivalent to Allah, generosity, power and wealth. What do you expect something that would get you goosebumps, something that your eyes have never seen your ears I've never heard in your mind I've never ever thought about before. Fasting such a precious thing that Allah blesses us with. Take opportunity use this opportunity of fasting, fourth and last a lot of promise that your goals will become true a lot promise that whatever request that you want a low blood for you when you fast what's my proof also lays a low it was Adam said in that assignment in

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that hour too two lateral, the one was fast in the moment, they're about to break their fast, just a moment what happens, whatever do either but to make a law will never reject it. Allahu Akbar, Allah Allah promises, it gets dealt almost promise, but you have to go with a confidence that Allah will accept

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whatever data you want health, wealth, gender, whatever it may be, righteous child, righteous spouse, whatever it may be, make dua and you know that Allah Cotta will accept as we mentioned, when Allah accept your da, one of three things happen because remember, right, number one, Allah will give it to you whatever you ask for is exactly or number two, Allah will not give what you asked for Rather, he will elevate or move away a hardship that was about to fall upon you. Or last and third is Allah Subhana. Allah will not give it to you and will perhaps not move a hardship from you, but he will see the reward on Yokoyama on that day with the most desperate thing that we need, and the

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only currency exchange is that imagine you go to a pm and the scale

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is has an X is lighter than the say x. And you show desperate and all of a sudden a huge amount of hassle and smashes the scale and the good deeds outweigh the bad deeds and so excited happy you are know what were these deeds that just came out of nowhere. These were the two I did not accept and dunya like oh, Allah Subhan Allah so that's when you die is made to Allah subhanho wa Taala so this shows you how beautiful fasting is. Allah subhanho wa Taala he shows his love towards the end tells you this is the one thing I will judge. Number two a lot of promises that you make will make you happy. Number three, Allah Subhana Allah promises that these people will be amongst the people of

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gender the eight gates of gender right one of them is a young number four whatever you want to ask for when you pick your fast Allah will accept Pamela, you move forward and Allah subhana wa Tada. Now beyond this dunya and beyond that there's Yama, piano, and Allah promise that you're fasting beautiful Hadith, yet the Quran was sia, pay attention

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Fasting will come tangible that we cannot touch them. Allah will make them into like a person or into figure. They will speak on your behalf. Yes, authentic hadith. They will come Yes, finally, they will come. Let's see what mistakes shortcomings in your life sins, whatever you made done, and you need to be punished or filtered for it because then not only sin free people enter it. So you're about to get punished. Then your cm will come to Yama, Yama, don't punish him. Don't punish your why, in the manner to

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I have prevented your slave from eating, drinking and committing sexual health relationship. Allah don't punish him. Allah the Most Generous accepts this intercession the shofar is fine and you won't be punished due to fasting which you've made a lot of. So benefit and dunia benefit in buzza Yama, Kim and Aquila and Jen lawmakers Alex Epstein. This is the reward and of course is much much much more intimate. There are probably volumes of books about it, but just a glimpse of it. Look at the other side. Remember how we said their benefits there was a reward, jaw dropping reward that we don't even know the actual amount. The other thing is, it will protect you in this dunya from the

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fittest from the trials and tribulations. But through a laser lo Ali with him said as cmo Juna towards fasting his protection, Allahu Akbar, and another hadrosaur lies on the lies and he gives us the advice of ultimate protection that is tangible. What is it?

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The best protection for our brothers and sisters?

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Come on.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Minister file. felucca which marriage is one of the best protection can ever ever do was to lace ourselves at the end? No, it was it wasn't for us. It will help you lower your gaze and protect your charity and your private private Oniisan for health purposes. When you get married, then what about us some people they can afford marriage some sometimes families make it almost impossible. Now the cost of things and that we know that stuff is almost impossible. What What shall we do prefer lays a lot he was in the second advice he gives. Second one, I advise all brothers and sisters to use this advice of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam for

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everyone that complains all the fitna of the dounia. What should I do? I'm gonna invent something for you. I'm going to give you what also lays a lot of them told us because it fits every time, day and location. He said for those that can afford marriage, they shall fast

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as those who've done it and asked for the results. And I challenge any one of you to see someone who actually committed to fasting while they were single. during times of fitna trial and tribulation did not benefit and will I will tell you a true story has not been set in public by the Imam Mohamed probably not set it in the youth conference back in May you know Mohammed he was asked about the fitness of Shabbat and he was telling us this story I just thought of encouragement not to show off or boasting. He swears by alone. He came from Libya to Canada. He fasted the whole entire year except for two days. What were they

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that's it. So panela Mashallah, look at his capability of memorizing for an unbelievable well life, he would tell you what pages is on and Allah won't give this blessing to this random people. We ask God to make him sincere and steadfast. We're not praising him on behalf of Allah. But it's something that we see externally and you see the benefits and the fruits of it happening right now. He's married with two children. So fasting, a lot of benefit. Some I know to be honest, I used to do a school and university this had the perhaps not apply as much and might sound a little funny. I used to have onion smell in my hand.

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Actually onion smell. So when an attractive person of the opposite gender would walk by

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because in the bad smell kicks in, you're not as attracted to that person. This is some psychology and it worked really, really well. But there was nothing better than fasting. It's apparently you know what you want to use this bro? It works. No, it's like funny, but it really works about the smelling part, but the best of the best. Don't worry about the stuff. Follow the signal for so later on. Start fasting as much as you can type. With this being said any other group that protects us, of course a lot.

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Remember the shepherd, he was fasting? Definitely fasting. Meet him. remember Allah subhanaw taala definitely.

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Allah protected him from the fitna of desires this money his desire, right? He was about to give him the goat and probably the number would be him for it. He avoided this and he was kinds of Allah subhana wa Tada. Perhaps

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was the element trusting brothers and sisters will light it's a key to happiness and dunion. And also in terms of in addition to the benefit of the health benefits that you will face, with water kind of fasting, etc, you can do yourself some research on the benefits of fasting in terms of health, but I'm here to talk about the religious side a little bit. Now, if you look more into it will lie just unbelievable. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his his behavior towards fasting, and this has some sugar into it. So maybe a little dry, but it's also a benefit at some prerequisites to understanding of Sam. Question, do we have to have the intention of fasting the day

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before we fast?

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dilemma? First of all, they said you have to differentiate between the voluntary days of fasting and the obligatory days of fasting. So now, let's move the volunteer days of fasting to discuss about this one. I had different opinions. Some of them I would tell, you know, you have to have an intention before the day you want to fast. I found that opinion, which is the other one is that you can have the intention during the day had you not eaten anything from when? federal time excellent. What's the proof of all lies a lot? It's an authentic hadith. Once he went to his wife's house, and actually once it was a common thing can either hallelujah through Ladies and gentlemen, one of the

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days he will ask, can you guys have any food? Had they say no. And I can't pass by this? Can you imagine the prophets house doesn't have any food can be I guess, actually realizing what I'm just saying. The best men walk in the face of this earth. The one who was making the most the richest person in the face of this earth. He didn't have food in his house. I'm not saying all what he had was leftovers. He had nothing.

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If his wife said there's nothing then he says he then in the sun or in the sun, then I'm gonna fast somehow then I'm fasting. So this shows you that throughout the day, let's see at some meetings, you're at school, you're busy, and it's 12 2pm You didn't eat anything. You're like, You know what? I was about four or five hours. I didn't even not even hungry. I'm okay. I think I can handle you continue with fasting and May Allah reward you for it. Beautiful. So there's something to comprehend. Now three issues number one was the intention. Number two is what about if we're fasting? My mom comes to me some have some halfway through the day. She says you know what, if you

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don't make it fast, I'll be angry at you.

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Make mama haram to make my class What's your opinion? Can I pick my fast? Whatever was Ramadan? not obligatory? Allah, Allah comes first. And he gently talk to your mom, I can't you know look very nicely and sweetly and merciful to your mom, the water avantree fast. The administrator the opinion that I found that yes, you can break your fast

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and you don't have to perhaps make it up. So yes, you can break it fast. What's the proper full length of Elias? One time he went to one two is one of his wives. For daddy sobbing fish at the salmonella. He drinks the drink like water. Then he gave the drink and his wife for her to drink. Then she drank when she told the prophets awesome, but I was fasting. I was fasting so now I broke my fast. So late last time set aside, Emily Matata will Amina never say the one who fast the voluntary fasting is their own trustee if they wish to fast it's up to them. If they wish to be there fast. It's up to them. Is it clear? So there's no harm in breaking your fast but of course

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don't make it as a habit. The third and last point in terms of the third thing is that dilemma tells us that it's not recommended to only fast on a Friday. And not only fast on a Saturday. So what's the proof? About Friday?

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How do Komiyama Giamatti Illa Yeoman Kabila who don't fast Friday just by itself, rather combine that by a day before or a day after? I'm saying that generally, if the day photographer comes Friday, then yes, you can first find the only rate but just have voluntary fasting it was Friday and a day before or a day after. Okay, what about Saturday? Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, let's assume we don't fast on the Saturday just by itself. In the FEMA follow Valley except if it was Ramadan came on a Saturday, except if it was an obligatory thing, then of course, yes, you can fast on Saturday. So these are some points that I had to touch upon. Now let's look at the

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opportunities of fasting and I hope whatever height I told you about the encouragement I hope I had touched you and to tell you how much of protection that you will gain. Let's look at the opportunities of fasting now I want your help and tell me the days of voluntary opportunities where we can fast I have seven points of possible voluntary fasting so let's see inshallah what you can help me with

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voluntary fasting.

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Go ahead.

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Oh, happy Okay. I'll help you with one. I have seven. So I'll mention one of them is fasting the six days from chawan preferred lays a lot of them said man some of Ramadan, some activator who sit down and say well can I consume it? They're the one who

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festival band then follows up with six days it's as if the fans are the entire year type ancestor. No any other voluntary fasting, do you know any other voluntary fasting?

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Okay, so the day of alpha, beautiful right the day followed by is one of the volunteers as you can do. It also relies on a lot incentive said Don't forget to last and then he says had it and they went to pay attention. He said whoever fasted do follow. Allah will forgive, let's say right now in 2013 philosophy alone forgive the year before 2012 and the year after 2014. Two years of sins are forgiven, just professing one day. And by the way, it's coming up very very soon. So number one was 16th of Sha one and the de facto What else? Ashura beautiful

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manifesto so let's go to actually we'll come back to Ashura beautiful soon lights a lot isms and who ever fast the day of Ashura what will happen to their sin ALLAH forgive the sins of the entire year. Now Ashura comes in which month of Islamic calendar and inshallah Allah right the first month with this talk, I also encourage you to be what paying more attention to the Islamic calendar. Harlem is in the first month out of is when in a 12 month so we said the one who first out of turn 13 Allah forgives 2012

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and Allah forgiven and 14 prasun Lisa sunset whoever fast the day fashola now you're in when you're in 2014 if you first I should allow forgive the last year since

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so now you forgive what 2013 so 12 1314 nonsense for you. Because the first two days you see how valuable fasting is. It's unbelievable. Oh no, I asked myself how can someone go to gender? Like how bad do you have to be tickle gender, Allah, Allah gives you opportunities and we shall not let go of them and you should not forsake them. The brothers are Luxembourg the NSE said that fasting Mondays and Thursdays, fasting Mondays and Thursdays it also lays Latin authentic hadith is mentioned Can I get the handle he was so excited he cannot wait to fast Mondays and Thursdays. He says that our men our actions are raised to a lot to be marked to be graded on Mondays and Thursdays and Allah and the

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prophets Allah, He loves his actions are raised while he is fasting. We say we would love to go to the interview. We would love to propose for this wife or wife proposal, husband, prospect and their best attire, right and the best date or look the best of the best. And tell him he wants to go to a lover the best of the best. And Allah loves fasting, but does not smell good. You look weak, no shoelaces. And the last point that I said, for your breath when you're fasting is more beloved to Allah than mosque.

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That's the job interview the uniform that you will wear whatever you wear to Allah, the best thing you can do is come to when you're fasting. Allah loves it. And Allah says your breath is more beautiful than escolas pantalla as we mentioned that you're more motivated to fast these beautiful days. What else Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he advises us to fast three days of every month, the Howdy. Our Sonic holiday Villa was habit said my hunting My beloved friend, and please pay attention and please follow this advice. Please please the Prophet advise us and he's saying my beloved friend advised me Who was it also La La, la,

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la La Hoon adult own data. I will never stop following this advice until I die. Three things number one, some serenity I am in Croatia fasting three days of the month. It can be one in the beginning one in the middle one at the end. It can be three in a row, sometimes 789 it can be 2324 25, whatever you want. Is there something recommended or three days Yes, there is four so laser loss is awesome. The shaman is sharp. If you want a faster three days, then fast 13th 14th and 15th you can fast any time if you want to go into more specific one for 13 1415 so the first advice he gave him is to fast three days of every month was a lot to do and to pray to Him.

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after sunrise by 20 minutes before the hour by roughly 20 minutes 20 minutes after sunrise and 20 minutes before door time this range you can pray to you go by twos you can pay as little as 200 he paid number three We're known Allah with that I shall never sleep until I pray with with it can be only one worker will lie loving it will not take him 150 seconds doing a properly

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three advisor ticket with Linda Santa Paula you can do it. Don't give excuses you just facet that the toughest Ramadan ever

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You guys know that that we went through the toughest Ramadan and next year will be as tough the toughest Ramadan ever you just went through it 30 days or 29 days and Hamza we were able to do it three days is nothing

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convince yourself my body was able shaitaan will whisper to you he can do all your homework all your exams or your wife or your husband etc etc no but you can of course the for the wise we have to take permission if the husband doesn't want you to fast then he don't have to fast correct and Allah knows best that perhaps to get reward just for the intention itself right. So the voluntary fasting challenged the collaborative when the husband and wife but the point is yes, you can do it while other fasting

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is very important.

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We're close I think actually, this is the last one actually two more because the dimension guys ready Sharma ready. Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam tells us this and please take this advice because it's only few days away.

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We mentioned the Father. For so lies in the law it was it was manipulated can an abuse of the law. It was a limp. Man, he said flimsy first about the value of Mammon as a lamelo. Such a lineman has been a young Elijah, there are no days there are no days in which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these 10 days which 10 days, the first 10 days of the 12 month of the Muslim calendar, which is then hedger, which is most likely be an ally this coming Sunday. this coming Sunday will perhaps be the first day What's so special since it's the best days of the whole year, shifted seven min Tamia says the best 10 days are those 10 days and the best 10 nights of the last 10 nights of

00:31:44--> 00:31:54

Ramadan. karasuma Teach me since Allah loves druggies needs the most during these 10 days, what should I do teach me also lice Eliza takayasu Allah

00:31:55--> 00:32:10

Georgina bcls lm the wives, they said authentic hadith cannot sudo ln sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, your Sumo decided he would fast all nine days of the hijab all nine days Oh, was that 90 days what

00:32:11--> 00:32:14

they've added? Right? And the 10th day is

00:32:16--> 00:32:41

too fast all nine days can you do your best and Sharla do your best if you can't, in fact, the Monday and a Thursday of that week, she can get double two birds in one stone that your actions are raised while you're fasting you fulfilled that sort of fasting Monday and Thursday and before the sun are fasting some days of the first 10 days of that. But we if we're not in hajj, of course, and those whether they're hatched or not enhanced, we don't fast the day off.

00:32:43--> 00:32:48

Right We don't pass the test only nine days and the 10th Day is a play. What is the best of fasting

00:32:50--> 00:32:51

the best kind of fasting?

00:32:53--> 00:32:55

Maybe we think

00:32:56--> 00:32:57

give it a shot.

00:32:59--> 00:33:45

Excellent Mashallah give him a high five. Give him give him hi fi. Nice. It's actually the cm of the Dalai Lama. So lasal Allahu alayhi wa sallam. He says, In habit cm Ella, the best fasting that Allah loves is CMD How did these two fast he used to fast a day and break fast the other day? Fast one day Don't fast the other day, one day fasting one day not one day fasting one day enough Allahu Akbar Charlene maybe our business potential maybe maybe one day we'll achieve this inshallah the best of fasting and there's some opportunities that you can basically seek Look how many days Allah offered us to fast development I think about the strength and imagined sincerity and fasting to me. As I

00:33:45--> 00:34:09

told you this topic would have been strange if we emailed you read the article about fasting mcweeny talking about what you see how valuable it is. Just quick, some motivational points and then we're going to recap and follow the Taco Bell. So life's a lot SLM teaches us that Yokoyama, there's only one currency exchange. That's it. It's not the dollars, not the euros today and none of that stuff is just your deeds. That's it.

00:34:55--> 00:35:00

When you go to your grave, three things go towards the right and only

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

One that remains with you. What were the three things

00:35:03--> 00:35:07

your family, your wealth, and your

00:35:08--> 00:35:12

your wealth stays that even follow to the funeral. Maybe it's your car they were driving,

00:35:13--> 00:35:15

then your family will go all the way up to the grave.

00:35:17--> 00:35:31

And only actions go in will lie No matter how much your son or daughter or your sibling or your father or your mother loves, you will love him. No matter how much they love, you will lie they are not willing to spend one night within the grave will lie they will not burn you with them destroy will lie, they won't do it.

00:35:33--> 00:36:02

That will benefit you. It's not your family. It's not your money. It's whatever you've done, life is short, they short, seize the opportunity. Allah blesses with these fasting days. Don't let go of it. The layout you'll see happiness and dunya and akhira. Allah Allah is our witness, be very ambitious, will lie there was a brother who used to be not Muslim at one point of his time. 15 years old, a guy from the UK, he watched one of the YouTube videos that perhaps one of you shared on Facebook, I have no idea how he got this video. It was a video about

00:36:03--> 00:36:09

I think was fasting Ramadan? I don't know. I'm not sure you know, it was about sorry, it was about little Cogito.

00:36:10--> 00:36:50

And in some sister or somebody that shared the video, I have no idea what was it and that meant in the UK watch that video. And with other videos in addition to it, he called me on Facebook. And he says about Islam. I had a phone call with him and he became Muslim on the phone over the phone 15 years old, beautiful shadow a shadow was very much I loved it that was roughly at about 11:17am 12:10pm you know what he emailed me you know what he asked for? He said teach me what are the things that gets me to the highest level in 1015 two minutes 53 minutes of being after being a Muslim he asked me what are the things that takes me to the highest level engender unbelievable you

00:36:50--> 00:37:30

know, his behavior was this there was a focus of this behavior 15 year old convert had that same behavior. Yes. So it lays on the law and he was set up by the way for us being listened for our lives. Should we have this ambition what's wrong with this mediocre average worship Allah? May Allah accept we're not degrading anyone I was a bit like you have may not permit but I'm thinking that whenever opportunities come to you seize the moment, we're still the youngest 100 law firms as much as you can defer the law and when he heard that are eight gates to gender? He asked the Prophet can someone be called from all a gates? Like our some people's concern is like, Okay, can I get to like

00:37:30--> 00:37:59

one of the gates like how can I get to see him? How long can someone get called of all these gates? He says, Yes, it's possible. And we are lucky one of them is ambitious. Unbelievable, even though he's known to be the second best person ever walked the face of this earth after through lasers, even though the private children that you're amongst attend promised paradise with all that promises, you know what happened? The Prophet sallallahu wasallam. One time after Salah he asked us to have authentic hadith, he said, Who amongst you witnessed a funeral of

00:38:00--> 00:38:34

some other Sahaba perhaps isn't okay who amongst you donated? raise his hand. Some others did not raise for this one, and would mix and match. Third one who amongst you visited a sick person. So it was a six person fault followed a funeral paid donation. And the last thing I knew amongst you is fasting. A book is different all four, he raised his hand in the best possible light and a lot is and said, there's no human being who has all four traits being implemented in one day, except what you entered a period.

00:38:36--> 00:39:13

You have offered one day Bismillah, your intergender, business mentor, apprentice Ross pantalla, and also laser lasala. Now in conclusion, obviously, the action item is very simple. And I'm sorry, if I bored you with this lecture, I really apologize if I wasted your time. And we apologize if it was not of interest to you. And then it might be a little advanced. But I really believe that this talk might influence many of you. I asked a lot. Megan, first of all of you that fasting will no longer be only Ramadan. But you will go to the next level, let me know but I need some action items, obviously first, but how to assist you with it. Get a calendar that has Islamic dates on it. And

00:39:13--> 00:39:31

mark on the calendar mark on the calendar. Okay. The 13th 14th and 15th will be for example on the 26th 25th and 24th of December, because it will not be equivalent, right? So you mark them in the calendar. You mark the day if you're not in the first nine days of the heads, you mark Ashura

00:39:32--> 00:39:59

and you mark my day before actually a day after because so late a lot of them said that had I been living to the next year. I would fast one day before I showed up. Because they are who the Jews used to fast one day because they said that's what saved us. Right? So the prophet to be different from the hood. He said, I'll add one more day of fasting. So marketing, the calendar, whatever it takes, you always be conscious. There is for example, a Twitter account called three white days followed

00:40:00--> 00:40:37

They'll send you reminders. Look, these are the things you should follow on Twitter and Facebook and like etc, not some horrible things right? And or whatever it may helps you remember, go with it. And I don't know anything that helps influence you too fast, more than the influence of what the people around you. So if you're able to have a group of people that are willing to fast, this is the best of the best, the best of the best, you want to check the influence of friends, I give the halaqa exactly one month ago, and I put it on YouTube, I recommend all of you to watch it about the influence of friends of yours. Remember, if you watched it, then share it with others share with

00:40:37--> 00:41:13

others hundreds of by now, that's about two three days ago, and there are almost 2000 views 111. So a lot of benefits me. So the point is the influence of people around you will definitely help you if you're willing to fast like Oh, you're crazy, or whatever they may call you. Just be patient, do it on your own fast and ask a lot to assist you and enjoy fasting. And don't forget when we say fasting is not the fasting of just food and drink, but the fasting from lying, fasting from cursing, fasting from power language, because when you're fasting, you won't feel comfortable really sinning, because you're fasting as well to make among this category of people does that Kamala Harris, we are

00:41:13--> 00:41:31

lawmakers among society minakami and all of us would gather and we be called by name all of us. And as Sarah said, all of us come here because you were amongst the people that used to fast, consistent May Allah make us here this announcement from all eight gates. I mean,

00:41:32--> 00:41:34

Santa Monica rahmatullah wa barakato.