Sajid Ahmed Umar – Replenish Ramadan #03 – Front Row Warriors

Sajid Ahmed Umar
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the commonalities between tools used in the culture of the world, including jackets, bags, and slippers. They also mention the importance of praying in congregation and the significance of the day after eating becoming vacations. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not forgetting that the culture of the world is not just a 30-day checkpoint to revitalize oneself and continue good deeds, but rather a checkpoint to revitalize oneself and continue the good deeds.
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coats, bags, bronze, water bottles, and even upside down slippers. What do all these things have in common? They are all tools to hold your front row spot in Ramadan. Now Joking aside, it is always a fruitful sight mashallah Tabata kala when you see the masjid full, when you see brothers so eager to pray in the masjid and in the front line, because they know of the rewards of praying in congregation, but sadly brothers and sisters, the day after eat, that spot just becomes another spotting domestic, it becomes vacant. What we often forget is that the hola of Ramadan is the very same Allah of every month of the entire year. There was no super soldier serum that you took to pray

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in congregation, no radioactive spider bite crew forced you to do so. That was all you so do not see Ramadan as a 30 day detox but rather a 30 day checkpoint to revitalize yourself and continue the good deeds because we do not want to be from amongst the people whom the self said How unfortunate are those who only know Allah during the month of Ramadan Allah? Find out more at Mr. UK

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