Abdullah Oduro – Hadith #20 The Four Factors in Marriage, Finding a Righteous Partner

Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The importance of finding a woman for her religion and family status is emphasized, as well as the need for guidance on how to marry a woman for her deen status. The speaker advises against couples who are too busy with work or social media and emphasizes the deity of manhood, which is the woman who makes the man feel like a woman. Consciously praying and considering factors like wealth, family, and religion is essential in achieving success in marriage.
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It was Narrated by Abu Huraira Radi Allahu Anhu that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to her or to the Audubon, the Maliha. Well, he has to be happy with what your mighty have what he Dini have fought with that he didn't tell you but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the Prophet, a woman is married for four things for her wealth, her family, her status, her beauty and her religion. So you should marry the religious woman, otherwise you will be of the losers.

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The Prophet SAW Selim this hadith is authenticated on Behati Inshallah, tada. The first point is, it's very clear guidance on how to choose a woman.

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This hadith is Hubbard, it is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying, These are the four things that men marry women for these four things primarily, there may be other reasons, but these are the primarily four things that men marry women for. So it's kind of like a guideline.

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Basically saying, Look, men usually do this and get married for these reasons. So look at which reason that you're marrying the woman for, it may be for one of these reasons. It may be for all four. But make no mistake, it should coincide with the purpose of life. That this is the second point that the ultimate reason that one should marry a woman is for her deen is for her religion.

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Not just because she wears hijab, and I have to mention this point, you know, we've reached the appointment to where a sister wear hijab, she has cakes of makeup on bro. And she's wearing a hijab, she's wearing tight clothes at the bottom. You know, this system needs guidance, you know, sister needs guidance, just as right now, you're watching this, all of us need guidance. But you have to ask yourself, Do I want to marry a woman at this point to where she's dressed like that? Or she's putting kicks of makeup on? Right to where she's beautifying herself in front of other men? Is that what you want? It may not be that she may not even know that she's doing that because she's

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following somebody, which is a characteristic that you may not want. Right? So you got to think about that. As a man. The Prophet saw someone said, Follow the follow up, be that to Dean Teddy Bucha deck be successful with the one that has the dean, having the Dean meaning that she fulfills the five pillars of Islam, you're looking to get married to a woman that is going to be the first teacher of your children when they're growing at their growing stages. When they're young. When they're 5678. You're able to listen, understand and even articulate, you want them to understand firstly, what lawsuit behind what data is. And the one that's going to be around them the most

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hopefully, is the mother is your wife. So she needs to be someone that when they see her, they see Islam, simple as that. And from Islam, primarily, they see her mentioning the name of Allah. They see her acting in a way that's conducive to being to conduce to being a Muslim woman, from them is praying, praying five times a day that they see her praying in and out throughout the day. They see you praying, obviously, but they see prayer as a part of life. They don't know what prayer would be, be like with they don't know what life would be like without prayer. So that's the deen honesty. When she's sitting at the table on the phone with her friends. She's not backbiting she's not on the

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phone a lot. She's not backbiting other people. She's not speaking badly about other people. When she hears a disaster, she's like, subhanAllah the name of Allah is common. When your wife is speaking. That's what you want. That's the deen that we're talking about. She's concerned about her religion. The month of Ramadan comes around. It's a different time in the house.

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Right? That's what we're talking about the deen she marries a man because she's concerned with his Dean. She's concerned with his religious that state. That's what the process some said you'll be the most successful at that. Why? Because that's the purpose of life. Everything is subservient to what makes Allah happy.

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The third point is when you marry a woman you have entered into her family, make no mistake brothers.

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When you marry a woman, if you try to if you're gonna marry a woman from another nationality, you need to know the culture.

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I highly advise you, if you're marrying a woman from another nationality, and you have no idea about that culture, you need to learn about the culture, primarily, primarily how the men treat the women in their culture. What is a common sign of respect in their culture? What's a sign of disrespect in their culture? What is something that is common within their culture? But in Islam, it's not permitted. Right? You may find in some cultures, men and women mix heavily. Greeting between men and women is hugging and kissing on the cheek. Wearing

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tight clothing is something that is very common for women.

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So when she becomes a Muslim, you know, you're going to go to the gatherings of her family, and that's what's going to be around. Right? Her cousins may want to come to you and hug you and kiss you, you know, you're going to encounter these things, you got to be ready for that. If you're willing to marry her not to say you don't marry because of that. But know that marrying to her family marrying her is marrying into her family, that can be a decision that you, you know, a factor that may cause you to halt on your decision. And that can depend on the righteousness of the sister, you have to ask yourself the question, Is she worth it? Is she worth it? Is this worth it? Looking

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down the line, when you have grandkids, you got to consider those things. I'm not saying immediately make that the determining factor, but you have to consider it. Because that can have a secondary effect on your relationship with your wife, and your family being your future children. So we will also point out to make you brothers that choose wisely. Choose wisely. When you choose a woman choose a woman that you're going to see this year the qualities that I would want in my children, number one, and number two, does she have the qualities of being a good mother of my children of our children? Number two, right? So look at these factors. This hadith is all the same for you as a man

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obviously I mean we see how it is obviously a beautiful Hadith and looking at these four things are her wealth, her family, her status, her beauty,

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excuse me,

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her wealth, her family, her beauty and her religion. May Allah subhanaw taala make you have those that look at these factors and allow these factors to be a guiding light for you. For really the newer The Guiding Light is what we always seek for his pleasure center on why they come to LA he or better cattle

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