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Conveying Islam to the World

How can we convey Islam to people if we aren’t capable of teaching or preaching to others? What were the six points that Abu Sufyaan gave Heraclius to explain the message of Islam? Did Heraclius ask more questions about the Messenger (ﷺ), or the message? In this session, we discuss five important points about conveying Islam, the Prophet’s (ﷺ) letter to Heraclius, and the lessons we can take from Heraclius’ reaction.

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The importance of explaining the message of Islam to others is emphasized, as it is not just applicable to everyone. Pr circuit writing skills and respect for Islam are also emphasized. Visitors are encouraged to practice their religion in order to receive the benefits of Islam. The importance of being respectful and humble is emphasized, as it is crucial for one's success in society and their kingdom. Visitors are encouraged to practice their religion in order to receive the benefits of Islam.

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l'amour, alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh My dear brothers and sisters, we will continue in sha Allah talking about the life of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taking segments from his beautiful beautiful life. May Allah allow us to see him in the afterlife. I mean, I mean, so we stopped last time about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sending the message of Islam to as many people as possible, the wars with Christ have settled? Yes, there are some battles and scrimmages here and there outside of that, but to the most part, the biggest enemy towards them. kurush things have settled at hamdulillah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there's no

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avenue to tell people about God to tell people about the truth to tell people that which is good to warn people of that which is bad, except that the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam have taken and now he will send a message all the way to the Roman Empire. Yes, that grand Empire of the Romans, he will send a note there and to the Persian Empire, and to the king of Abyssinia. And brother, the king of Abba senior, is he not Muslim? That is correct. But after some time, when our last move back, the Muslims came back and Nigella she has passed away. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam prayed for an Apache. And now there is another Najafi and that's the title of the leaders

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of Amazonia. So a new king comes they're also sending him a note and everyone could Jabba beat it out of all the leaders around the world. The processor whoever is able to send a letter to he sends them and this is something about the profit sort of loss and about Islam. Allah says would you be lagging she's not rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim one out of seven NACA in Ramadan, Lil al Ameen. We have not sent you or Mohammed except mercy to all beings, not just the Arab, not just this No, to all beings will love his mercy even to the animals His mercy to even to the trees, may Allah grant us all mercy from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And another thing to show you about Islam, brothers and

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sisters, Islam is not just applicable to Arabs in Arabia, he is sending it to people of different culture, people of different ethnicity, people have different education, different language, that's all fine. Islam can coexist with all of this, and whatever is negative, then you are to adjust it according to Islam. This is something to truly appreciate Islam is applicable to every place and every time. So with that being said, brothers and sisters, this is a suggestion. This is a lesson to take from the prophet SAW Selim is to convey the message of Islam. Number one, I'll show you five points. Number one, because it's not just the job of the prophets, it's your job and my job within

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our capacity. How is it my job? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, believable I knew when I tell people about me, tell people, Islam, tell people about the truth, even if all what you know was one verse, even if what you know is one sentence, go and share it with others. This is what the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam is teaching us, you share it, assuming you know what it means, you know, when it's to be applied, and so on and so forth. And don't say Please don't say, as long as I'm practicing, as long as I pray to Allah, that's what matters, not what other people do. Listen, this sentence can be correct after you try to convey the message to others. At that point, then as

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long as you know for shadow, then bear witness, we're Muslim, then that's where you can tend to have that. But until you convey to others, that's where you do all the job that you can possibly do. Look at this, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sallallahu wasallam he gives the example of two groups group one people who worship Allah, another rulings and the other group of people who do not worship Allah subhanho wa Taala or fulfill their duties and obligations. He says these two groups they enter into a ship, a boat, the ones who follow a laws, commands and rulings. They are in the upper level they know Islam they know the signs all that stuff, they are aware the upper level to

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them there's no ceiling to them, they can see the ocean they can see the sky. The ones who do not know about the religion about the truth, they took the lower level. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam says the ones in the lower level when they wanted to water they said to one another, let us not disturb the ones in the upper floor. So let's just dig a hole into our boat and we can get the water from it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that people in the upper level, do not give a helping hand. Do not make sure that this stops, they all will drown. You see that

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will drown. It's not because Oh, you are in the top you have access to water. You know what I know that religion that's what matters know, if you do not advise those below, all of you will drown. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and they're the ones in the top, they help the ones in the bottom of them will be saved. So May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow me a new to be among people who save others. And the other thing about the five points is to convey within your capabilities. We're not calling for all people to be scholars or people start to be speakers, to be lecturers to be preachers. No, that's not the call. What's your capacity at this point? What can you provide? You

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are a physician that has your own, have your own practice? What do you see magazines of fashion and cars? Why not put some stuff about Islam? That's your capacity. At this point, maybe other things you can do? What about someone who's younger, who is very good at writing? We need your writing skills to help us. Someone is great at videotaping and hamdulillah that's a capacity great I cannot do it without a lot and then the wonderful brother and the team that helped put this together and the ones who the ICD and the massage and and all you people may Allah grant you all gender, this teamwork. What's your capacity? I'm really good at marketing Miss Midler. We need it so badly. Each

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one has the capacity, and we're lying. If all what you can do, if all what you can do is to practice your religion in terms of character and behavior, that in itself is that one that in itself is the conveying of the messages of Islam. Look at this wonderful reflection from the life of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. One time the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he sent a group of the companions to the east side of Arabia to end to go like a spy because remember, it's like a war zone. There's still some battles and scrimmages outside of Medina. And they captured the leader who was known as Soma

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Soma when he was captured, the companions the passer Let me ask them to tie some ama where where do I tie him? In one of the pillars in the masjid? You see that in one of the pillars in the masjid when they tied him? The prophet SAW said and came to her mama. He said, Man, Nikita Mama. So what's nuthin Allah What you got? changed your mind? You admit on the Prophet of Allah, you admit this is the truth. You agree what you're doing, for example is wrong. So the Prophet asked him man that what's what's new with you? Anything changed. So Samantha says three things. He says, This is why I have to tell you, number one, in tuck to talk to them, if you wish to kill me, then know that my

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blood is expensive. I got people will come after you. If you release me, then I'm a grateful person, and I will thank you for that. And number three, if all what you want this money, as however money you want, and I will give it to you.

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So the price I left him and he walked away. Secondly, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he asked the mama manda can anything changed? By the way I want you to keep some keep keep in mind something. So mama is seeing the Muslims in the masjid. So mama is hearing the Quran re citation of the prophets I seldom imagine hearing the citation of the Prophet of Allah alayhi salatu salam. So mama is seeing the cheerful face of the prophets are seldom. So ma'am and seeing the companions dealing with one another. So mama is seeing how the women are being respected and honored. So am I seeing the overall community and society and what lectures are being given and what advice is given

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to one another? So Ma'am, are perhaps seeing marriages being the contract being written in the massage that

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second day? Remember what you got anything new? Any change of mind? He says, I give you the same exact options. If you kill me, my blood is expensive. If you free me, I'm very grateful. I will never forget the good you've done to me. And if what you want is money, ask me how much do you want? And I'll give it all for you. So mama is a big, big shot. They are a major wheat distributors to the Arabian Peninsula.

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The person leaves them third day, auto mama anything? No. And so mama gives the exact same answer all three. Then the prophets I said What is he saying? Kill him.

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What is he saying? He says to the companions article, Salama released him.

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You're good to go. You're free. On title man got up and he left. Check this out. So remember when he left brothers and sisters that's the masjid he went outside the area a little bit. And he there wasn't water area where he was able to take a shower, took a shower washed up looked fresh. And then what did he go back to the message

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Prophet sallallahu wasallam people are shocked, obviously, what brought you back? He came back and he saw the prophet SAW Selim, and look what he said. Yeah, Mohammed, a Chateau La ilaha illAllah who I said, you know, Mohammad Rasool Allah. Allahu Akbar. Look what he says. He says three things. Number one, he says, Yeah, Mohammed, there's no face. I hated no human being I hated more than you. And today, you are the most beloved human being to me. He says, Yeah, Mohammed. There's no religion that I hated and looked down upon more than Islam. And today, Islam is the most beloved religion to me. He said, Dr. Mohammed, there's no land in the world that I hated more than this land, which I'm

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here at right now. I hated it. And today, this is the most beloved land to me, Allah. What did he say? What Dawa? What did he receive? He saw the interaction of Muslims convey the message of Islam within your capability and capacity. May Allah allow us to practice Islam will lie one of the strongest way to give Dawa, what comes to mind is a panel law. I was flying and sometimes we fail, as I said before, but we'll share with you stories that perhaps May Allah accept from us. I was traveling, and I saw a guy wearing gloves, wearing a mask face mask. And sitting in the airplane, I was a bit worried, like, maybe he is he is sick, and so on. So I looked at him, said hi greeted him.

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And I said, everything was good. He's like, yeah, listen, I'm not sick. I'm actually scared of being sick. So you know, a couple common sentences, we had good times, very brief. And then there was our cart being pushed to has food on it. And it was a long flight about five hours. So then they were selling the food, it was not for free. And the guy asked how much is it and it was a decent price. Nothing, ridiculous, expensive. It was in the middle. So he was hesitant to buy. And right away, I said, Let's use this opportunity. And I told the flight attendant, you know what, give me the sandwich, if you don't mind, please. And also I want to take care of his sandwich. So he's like, Oh,

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you don't have to know it's fine. So we got the sandwich passed on to him, and it got my sandwich. And we start now we broke that bread together. We start eating. So where are you going? Where are you traveling? Yeah, I'm going to this place Why? I'm going to teach a class about Islamic code of ethics. So he says, Oh, that's pretty cool. Look what he said a lot of a witness. He said, You know what? This whole thing about Muslims on the news is not true. So panel over a sandwich, right? May Allah guide them to that which is truth. I mean, not just over a sandwich in that way and I'm not degrading now the guy May Allah honor Him and guide him to that which is true, but just to see the

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suffering of the heart, that sentence, this heart softening has changed. He said, you know what you Muslims are good people, all of that upon Allah. May Allah accept from all of us, brothers and sisters, the point being is that the practice of Islam, doing things like that, what did the Prophet teach us? Remember, remember what we said the Hadith, the first thing the Prophet gave when he came to Medina, the first lecture he gave in Medina, what did he say? out to feed the people? There's something about feeding people right? It's upon Allah. May Allah make you and I practice Islam as much as possible. And May Allah forgive us because we lie sometimes. We make sure Islam not in a

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good way I pray to Allah to forgive us on these days. Don't be the one who puts a bumper sticker on your car. Islam you know is the truth and then you Dr. Horrible. Right? Some people they say a loved one and they cut red lights, cut stop signs, what kind of religion is this? So watch out how you convey that that what May Allah grant us wisdom, you know? So number one convey because it's not just the job of the prophets best our job number to convey within your capacity, what to also share with you. When you convey the message of Islam be as respectful and humble as possibly as you can. Respect. Don't look down upon people. People have a chance, have a double o'clock Look what Allah

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says. Allah says all the belemnite chitosan rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim odo either sabini or beaker bin Hekmati while Mount Eva teen has Anna YG deal whom billet ii acen Allah says call people to the touch of Allah how with wisdom, know what to say? When to say it how to say it while you're saying it and all these things play factor. May Allah grant us wisdom. Then Allah says with good luck one more I thought it has enough. And if you ever have to argue or debate or have a discussion, billet II acid with good character Allahu Akbar. And look what Adam said this is a warning, especially those who are very excited with the Dawa, inviting people to Islam, even the smaller

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things as in. That's right. That's bad, the way you say it, your family, your friends.

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was good Allah Luca, the prophet said, this is a warning, this is a warning. He said, we're in the SU, alcoholic, bad character. You see the ML ruins the deed the same way vinegar ruins the honey. So you might do great work, you know, you already spending the time you know, preparing the way to speak and the content and all that stuff. You have an event setting up the tables, the chairs, putting all these great things and putting the work to tell people Islam, you can advise your friend, your mom, dad, sister, brother, but the way you're doing it is not good. In a horrible character, horrible behavior, all that effort, gone to waste. That's what the person said. So a lot

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of bad character can ruin the deed. May Allah protect us. You come with respect. Don't look down upon people. Keep in mind your capacity. share that with you the story. One of the machines, one of our teachers, he tells us there was a German boxer who came to rehab

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to be awarded in a ceremony.

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There was a Muslim sister in Saudi Arabia, when she saw this opportunity to deliver Dawa. She came with respect, didn't look down upon the person humbleness. She came and gave him a Koran translated into German who tells us a story by the way. That German boxer himself he says that and that's how we got the story. Then he goes back to Germany. 20 years later, 2018 Santa, he says I was cleaning my library. And I came across this book. I hope I saw it or I can translate that into German language. He opened it and he remembered it was that lady that sister wore modest clothing she came gave it to me. He read the Quran. And he said Aslan entered my heart, Allahu Akbar, and she and he

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accepted Islam. He went an Islamic Center in Germany,

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declared his Islam and look what do you think he did? What do you think what comes to mind about one of the first things he did? within the first week or so no one was best he asked. And he pamphlets Do you have any booklets, any brochures, anything I can have like our material to tell people Islam so I can learn and teach. I can learn and teach. They said sure. And they gave him so this brother he goes to the city center downtown in his in his area, he sets up a table a booth. And he has all that material content about Islam on the table. People men and woman they start coming to NY to take pictures to take autographs because he is famous. He's known in this area, people looked up them. So

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the people that come over and have a picture autograph, he comes he said Yeah, sure. And then he says, By the way, please take this pamphlet, like Please take this book

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allows my witness in one year, more than 100 people accepted Islam. So panela all that reward is whose scale inshallah and that brother scale but who as well, that sister who gave the Quran, and the reward or the brother God and that sister got an all of us are getting is in whose scale the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah grant us wisdom. The fourth point as well we learn from the past alum is when you convey the message of Islam. Keep in mind the reward we need motivation, right we the motivation, the reward that we get, how about I share with you two things. Number one, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said,

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Whoever tells people about that which is good, or warns people of that which is bad. And they actually end up listening to your advice.

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You get the reward of what they do.

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So for example, someone is reading Quran, making a mistake. So I go and correct her brother. You know what, that's not how you read it, just, that's how you pronounce it. And they fix the citation. anytime they read Quran, if Allah accepts, he gets the reward, and I get the reward for every time he reads that Subhanallah and this motivation. You know what at work, I remember when I first got my first job, they told us now that you're hired, if you help us get another engineer, we give you $1,000 as a referral bonus, right? Because you're bringing someone and we are motivated. We tell you please buy this book using this link, because you'll get this discount or get this coupon back. This

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is an wordly donia stuff. Imagine an athlete and the afterlife. Brothers and sisters the other reward, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam makes the

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makes the art What does he say? Not that Allahu Emma, Emma and May Allah beautify the face of the person. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless the face of that person who is that person? You are

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So Allah Who is the praying for the one who hears something about this Deen about this religion and then conveys it to people yeah Allah and maybe you If Allah May Allah grant sincerity. You hear something this lecture, you go forward it to others. This is your Hillel makeup tutorial, right? This girl conveyed the message of Islam and Allah will beautify your face, you will be someone who is appealing to people may Allah granted to you granted to me and granted to all of us. I mean, I mean, this is the daughter of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Last but not least, when you convey the message, and there's a lot more points to say, but just to summarize, when you conveyed

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the message, I want to share a lot and I remind myself, focus on the effort, focus on the effort and leave the results on Allah subhanho wa Taala the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what does he say? Say Salaam I said. He says if one of you was holding our small plant for sila small plant, and the day of judgment was taking place. Imagine the skies being split, the oceans turning into fire, the moon and the sun, their lights are basically going off and hitting one another and everything going out of control. This is taking place. What do I do with a plant? Drop it and trade no plant, that small plant? Who's going to implement? How long will it take to grow? Who will benefit see now

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you're talking about results. Leave the results on loss of panel data and you focus on the what the effort that's something to keep in mind. May Allah protect us middle by any means. So we do everything and we rely on Allah subhana wa Tada. All of that we learn from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So out of all the letters, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he sent to other so many leaders, I would like to talk about one specific scenario, one specific story and letter, which was sent to him iraklis, hierarchal, the leader of the Roman Empire, directly his brothers and sisters of Huracan was a very, very educated person about religion. He was a scholar of

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his own in terms of religion. So the prophets I said when he sent the hail Kelby, he was one of the companions with this letter to go all the way and to make sure it's delivered to heraclius. So he gives it to one of the leaders and eventually it comes to her miraculous hands. Directly his look what he says. He asked the question, he said, Is there anyone in this area now we're talking about a sham where the Roman Empire was at that time? He said, Is there anyone in the area who knows Mohammed on a personal level? They said, yes, there is in this area. Yes, there is how there is a man named Abu sufian. And if you remember, it was a fear. There was a big, big enemy to Islam at

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that time. He is actually a sham, doing some, some business and trade. So he came with a group of his friends and businessmen. So he said, Bring him on, show the messenger of heraclius Ghostbuster. Fan, he tells them, there's an invitation we need you to come to heraclius to go he wants to ask you some questions. Can you imagine you having an invite to meet the leader of the Roman Empire? Suppose if Ian goes, and then the heraclius individual or the Huracan, he tells his translator, go ask. Now the team is here, who amongst them is the closest subwoofer and says I am the closest? Look what iraklis does ready? He says that we should young, come forward. few steps forward, the rest stay

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behind. So all of them are from Mecca, or businessmen, Bible Sufi, and I want you to be the only one that comes forward. heraclius tells the other people I will ask Abu Sufyan certain questions, if he lies on any of the questions if he lies on anything. Give me a sign.

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Any gesture so I know he's a liar. So Pamela Abu Sufyan says this authentic narration, he says if it wasn't, that they may show a sign that I'm lying, I would have lied on every single question to ruin the image of Muhammad and Islam promises Allah. They said, I don't want to be called a liar.

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If a disbeliever at that time, was worried about being called a liar. Then what about you and I who says let you like Lola, should we not be worried about what Allah will say about us? May Allah make you and I among those who say nothing but the truth say I mean, I mean,

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suppose Sofia decides Okay, I will not lie. And look what happens ready. iraklis will ask about Sophia, nine questions. All the nine What is it about or what are they about? all nine questions are about the messenger, not the message yet. He asked a number one, he said How is the lineage of them?

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Man who claims to be a prophet, how is his lineage? Like? Suppose if he answers honestly, he comes from a very, very respected family, you know, from Korea from that very noble family respected all that good stuff. Question number two, has there been a king, a king? Among his ancestors? Like, does he come from a king or so on and so forth? He says, No, there's no kings in his lineage. Number three, did you ever accuse Muhammad of the one who claims to be a prophet? Did you ever accuse him to be a liar? Before he said, I'm a prophet. Now remember something with me? How old was the prophet SAW Solomon? He says, I received revelation from God, how old was he? He wasn't 15. He wasn't 25. He

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wasn't 35. He was 40 years old. 40 years old. So I wish he had said before he said he was a prophet, ie before age 40. From birth to 40. Did he ever lie? Do you ever accuse him of lying, obviously and said, No. Now the fourth Question heraclius asks about Sophia.

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Who are his followers? Are they more of the upper class elite rich or more of the lower humble class? Abu Sufyan says they are more of the lower humble class. Yes, they were the elite, but the majority, the lower humble class. So question number five. are his followers increasing in numbers? Or are they decreasing in numbers? With a few answers? They are increasing in numbers. Okay. Question number six. The ones who embrace Islam, and they accept Islam. So that these numbers, do they eventually when they accept they just leave? After some time they apostate and let go the religion they're not happy with it?

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I was a fan says no. Whoever accepts Islam, for the most part, they just stay as Muslims. Number seven. Have you ever been at war with him? Did you ever fight him in a battle? Abu sufian says yes. So hello, rocket gives a follow up in this one. He says How were the results like? So I was iffy and said there were battles where we won, we beat them, such as 100. And there were battles where they beat us such as better. So then Question number eight? Has he been the man who claims to be a prophet? Has he ever from now from birth all the way beyond profited? How's the profit? Now? The person roughly speaking roughly, is perhaps 60 years old, approximate 5960. And Allah knows best. So

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all these years, 60 years, did he ever since you're the closest person to him, right. So you dealt with them on many bases? Did he ever break one promise? Did he ever breach any covenant? I was a fan said not a single time. No. Abu Sufyan said however, however herakles However, there's a treaty going on. Remember what treaty that is? The one we spoke about previous session, her debut. He said we have a treaty going on right now. I don't know what he will do. And this one, Abu sufian says afterwards, this was the only thing I can input to kind of throw shade at Muslims are silent as in make a reckless that maybe there's a chance of him breaching the covenant is that's the only thing I

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could have said. The last question number nine. He said, Did anyone is it a trend with you in kurush? in Mecca in your area? Is it a thing that people come up pop up? I'm a prophet or I'm a prophet. No, no, I'm the Prophet. Is that a trend that people go through in your area?

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Which if you answered No, it's not a common thing.

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heraclius now, and May Allah bless you for your patience, he radically is now will give nine responses to the questions he asked as in why he asked him. Number one, he directly said, I asked you about his lineage. And you said he comes from a noble respected lineage. And that is a fact about all prophets. Every single prophet comes from a noble lineage. Number two, I asked you, if any of his ancestors was a king? You said no. If you said yes, I would have thought maybe Mohammed is claiming that wanting to get the kingdom back and he wants to be a king. But that's not the case, according to what you said. Number three, I asked you whether his flower followers are more of the

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upper elite or more of the lower and humble and he said no lower and humble. And that's the thing about prophets. The majority of their followers are on the poor side, the lower status and humble in that society. Number four, I asked you, did you ever accuse him of being a liar before he said he was a prophet? Did you ever accuse him? You said no. And I said to myself, he never lied about the people. Oh, his life. never lied about people. Now he will lie about God.

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Number five, I asked

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If any of the people that follow him ended up renouncing the faith and the end up letting go of the faith, you said, No, they stick to their faith. And that too is a sign of the truth because the truth gains more followers. I asked you this question is What? Number seven? I asked you whether you had been at war with him? And you said, yes, sometimes you won. And sometimes he won. And that too, is a sign of prophethood. How? Because prophets, sometimes they win. And God also test them with difficulty when they lose Allahu Akbar. Number eight, I asked you whether he ever broke a promise whether he ever violated a covenant and you said no. And that's the trade a character about profits,

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they never end their life break one promise that Allah, Allah, may Allah make us like that and follow the footsteps of the prophets. I mean, number nine, I asked you, has anyone ever claimed to be a prophet of God? in your area? And you said, No. If you said yes, people pop up, you know, I'm a prophet, I'm a prophet, I would have said, maybe it's a fashion, it's a fad in your area. And it's a common thing. But you said no, look, what erectalis does know. He has nine questions about what about the messenger? Now he asked one question only about what the message itself. He says, What does he teach? What are the teachings of his religion? And I will, Sophia shares six things in this

00:31:30--> 00:32:15

one authentic narration. He says, He tells us to worship none but Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and not to associate anyone besides God. Like don't associate anyone with Gods so don't worship idols don't do any of these type of rituals that associate others with God. Number two, he tells us to pray, you know those prayers to Allah subhana wa to Allah, may Allah make you and I steadfast upon the five minute prayer, say I mean, number three, he tells us to zeca, which is to give charity to the less fortunate and other the correct categories in which the obligatory charity is to be given to. And he tells us to always say the truth and never lie. And he teaches us

00:32:15--> 00:32:55

Alaska modesty and chastity, to be respectful and modest in your speech, in your clothing in your work and your behavior. And he teaches us of Silla, what Silla to have strong family ties, to be good to our families, so on and so forth. You see what Islam is, may Allah allow you and I, that when we tell people about the truth, and Islam, we are as clear as possible, like the Prophet said, and look how the enemy knows about Islam as great as it looks like Subhan Allah at that time, then brother and sisters heraclius will give his conclusion ready. That's his conclusion. He said, If what you said is the truth. And remember, not a single one in the back made a sign that Abu sufian

00:32:55--> 00:32:59

is lying, not one. He said, If what you said is the truth.

00:33:00--> 00:33:43

And by the way, if that's the case, he is certainly a prophet de la Lama. If what he said is true, he Mohammed is certainly a prophet, and if I can, but the thing about me is that I never knew that he will come and appear from amongst you. We knew our scholars, we knew that funnel profit is coming. But we never knew who will be amongst you. I eat that up. Then he said if I'm able to reach to him, what Irakli is the Roman Empire, the leader wants to go to Mohammed Salah, not just go listen to this. He said, If I get the chance to go all the way to him and have the honor of meeting him, I would go as far as washing his feet, the feet of the Prophet Allahu Akbar. Then he tells

00:33:43--> 00:34:30

about Sofia and his dominion, the dominion of Mohammed, asylum and his and his rulership and leadership, and Islam will spread as far as taking my spot right here. Islam will go all the way to take over the Roman Empire. Yes. Then heraclius commands the letter to be brought the letter Yes, the letter is brought. And then it's read ready? The letter is somewhat short, relatively speaking, shorter than our lectures and our our right to the point. And surely, the prophet SAW Selim Allah knows best I will not say Surely, but last quarter knows best. How heraclius is known amongst the out of the he is also very agitated religiously. So the prophet SAW Selim says Bismillah R Rahman r

00:34:30--> 00:34:35

Rahim, In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Beneficent. Ramana, right.

00:34:36--> 00:34:51

Look what he says from Mohammed, this letter is from who from Mohammed, the Messenger of God shows humbleness, the Messenger of God, to so the letter is from the prophet to whom, What will he say? To the deviant?

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

To the disbeliever to the corrupted leader, what do you say that stuff he says?

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

Huracan Avi Maroon perspective. He says to heraclius, that grand emperor of the Roman Empire, respect the status. Look how you deal with people, someone of such status you appreciate that imagine you go to someone who is a big leadership and you go right away, just cussed at them, disrespect their position, no mentioning of titles, depending on the situation. May Allah grant us wisdom, to heraclius, the emperor of the Roman Empire. He says, As salam, O Allah, May, Allah that peace be upon him will follow His guidance and follow the truth. I'm about after this, with this introduction being said, I extend to you the invitation to accept Islam, submission to Allah, the

00:35:41--> 00:36:26

Creator of the heavens and the earth. Then he says, embrace Islam, and you will be safe. May Allah grant you safety. I'm telling that door to the front says, embrace Islam, and you'll be safe. What does it mean safety in this life and in Sharla safety in the afterlife. Then he says, accept Islam, and God will give you a double the reward, why double the reward the scholars teach us because heraclius truly believed in Jesus as a prophet of Allah. So you having this belief, you get rewarded for it. And now that you live to see the Prophet Mohammed, I mean, seeing it as an witnessing his narration and his existence, you believe in that you get another award, so double the reward. So

00:36:26--> 00:37:10

that's hope right? Now fear, then the prophets of Allah, Allah Sam says, some Allah Allah said, Peace be upon, if you turn away and you do not accept Islam, then you will be holding held accountable for the sins not just of yours, the sins of your subjects of your citizens. Why is that? Just an FYI, because Iraq is the leader. And that's a tradition. When the leader makes a move, many followers move with them, they go right, he or if he turns, right, they turn right, if he turns left, they turn left. So the Prophet says if you reject, you are responsible, not just of your own, but you're also responsible at the influence which you will cause towards the people under you. Then

00:37:10--> 00:37:40

the prophets are selling ends the letter with a verse from the Quran, where Allah subhana wa Taala says, Yeah, well kita or people of the book, respect people of the book, the Jews and the Christians, to Allah, Allah Kelly matienzo. In bhaineann, ouabain accom Let's come to common terms, what are the common terms and learn about the law? Whether you should be shy, that we worship no one but Allah, and don't associate anyone with Allah subhanho wa Taala whether you

00:37:42--> 00:38:25

are bad admin do Nila and what else that we don't take another as Lords instead of Allah. And then the end of the verse and the future No way. For shadow What? For horror? Sorry for kulu shadow be unknown, then we are Muslim who submit to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Look at this reaction was the reaction of the people around the shocked sound chaos yelling What's going on? I was offended, understand what's going on the language. So then the command comes home. I was a fan and the people okay thank you leave, leave, leave. And they shut the doors. Abu Sufyan is shocked. He said, look at this Mohammed guy. Look at this Mohammed guy having this impact and influence even the heraclius the

00:38:25--> 00:39:14

Roman Empire leader is scared of him. Brothers and sisters iraklis look what he says to the people ready? He said, or people pay attention to what he says. It says all people invited everybody everybody is assembled. What's going on? Do you wish for permanent not temporary permanent success and guidance that your kingdom should remain with you you want safety, security civilization, the greatest of this life and inshallah the afterlife? Basically, when he said that, what does that mean? They got the point, the people in the assembly, they got the point. That means that iraklis has believed and accepted Mohammed as a prophet. So they ran towards the doors, opening the doors,

00:39:14--> 00:39:55

guess what, the doors were locked, the doors were locked. So iraklis called all of them to come back, come back. He said, great. I'm very proud of you. I just wanted to test you test us. Yes, to test you to see the strength of your faith and adherence to religion. And then he became very pleased with them. And what a sad moment that is, well, what a sad moment. He iraklis recognized that. And he told I was a fan. If that what you said is the truth. Yet he chose this life over the afterlife. And many times you and I will go through this. You have opportunities to do that which is good, but you're nervous. You're worried about what people will say and so on and so forth. They're

00:39:55--> 00:40:00

like grant us wisdom and grant of strength. How many people say you know what, I cannot

00:40:00--> 00:40:36

stop selling alcohol in my store. Why can you not stop because it's the moneymaker. That's how I make my money. Why, but you know what's wrong? Trust Allah subhanho wa Taala a law protects you alone preserve you, you have to think of that to motivate you. Someone is concerned about what people think, should be concerned about what people think. Yes, try to please the people sure, but never at the expense of displeasing Allah, the way he iraklis is dead right here. May Allah forgive us and protect us brothers and sisters and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sent letters across the globe to whoever he can access and have this letter sent to. He did the Allahu salaatu wa

00:40:36--> 00:41:20

Salaam. And he adjusted his invitation in a way that whatever works within the guidelines, I'll give you an example, the profits of the last alum when he was having the letter set and someone writing it for him. He wanted to share it with other leaders. But guess what he was told, he was told the leaders of such caliber in such places do not read a letter unless it is CEO that there has to be a seal on the letter that the Prophet I send them was able to be flexible with that. was he able to be easygoing with that and adopt a seal and so on? Yes, he was. Because if this will promote the message of Islam to be sent properly, correctly, not at the expense of displeasing Allah, then so be

00:41:20--> 00:42:01

it, go for it inshallah be flexible when it when possible, but once again, never at the expense of what displeasing Allah. He got a ring made from silver on it is Mohammed rasulillah. And then he sealed the letters with such seal, and he spread it all across our job, your job, the job of the believers, the job of those who know what's good, or know what's good, and conveying the message and warning that which is wrong. Your job is to convey and not to convert, converting to Islam, that's a blessing Alhamdulillah we want the best for everybody in the world. But our job is to convey with respect and so on. Brothers and sisters, there's danger happening, danger why

00:42:03--> 00:42:27

that treaty is at risk or davia. Something went wrong, something is about to take place that is so risky about to ruin that treaty. What is that thing will tell you in sha Allah in the next session? Once again, I truly thank you for your patience the zachman lochia May Allah bless you and reward you and most talk to you inshallah, in the next session was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.