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The speaker discusses the boundaries of Islam, where individuals are the ones who accept the boundaries, but the boundaries are specific to their culture. They stress the importance of learning from history and the potential for freedom, while also acknowledging the negative impact of the media on people's lives. The speakers emphasize the importance of understanding boundaries and boundaries in order to achieve happiness. They also discuss the use of alcohol and gambling in religion, as well as the importance of submission to Islam and the need for a "will" in religion.

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amigos, salatu salam ala

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Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Steven Catherine from Nevada, my brothers and sisters.

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The as I have said many times before, Islam is the name of a practice. And Islam came as a way of life. Islam is not the name of a bunch of rituals associated with worship. Islam is not something which

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really relates only to one aspect of life, our relationship with Allah subhanho, wa Taala, or anything else, Islam is something that covers all aspects of life. So Islam has to do with how we worship Allah, it has to do with how we treat each other. It has to do with how we deal with each other, it has to do with how we buy and sell. It has to do with how we do, how we set up businesses, it has to do with how we run countries. It has to do with how we eat, how we dress,

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what we promote, what we don't promote what we afford, what we reject, it has to do with every single aspect of life. And this is the beauty and the comprehensive nature of Islam.

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Now in all of this, Islam therefore, prescribes boundaries, but who do now the boundaries of Islam are the boundaries that Allah subhanaw taala set for us as Muslims, and set for all of humanity. Muslims are the ones who accept those boundaries that follow the boundaries. But unless Martin has set the boundaries

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for all of humanity.

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why the boundaries, because it's something that at some times,

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it is something that that rankles some people, you know, they, they feel they want to be free and do live their lives any way they like.

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But think about this.

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If we look, what is the difference, for example, between Western countries, and within courts, you know, our country's meaning texture, I mean, I'm Indian, so limited by my country, what is the difference between America and India, the difference between America and India is that actually in India, we are freer than we are in America.

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For example, it is common to see people urinating in public, right standing against a wall or something and urinating traffic is going up or down and so on and so forth. Nothing worse.

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We have people in India who have cows, and goats and you know, domestic animals. When that cow goes dry, when it is no longer milking, the owner of the cow doesn't take care of the cow. He just leaves it loose, to go and fend for itself. So the cow is, you know, eating from garbage heaps and eating, you know, wherever they can eat in other people's gardens and whatnot. And then the cows, they just lie down in the road and they sleep in the middle of the road. And this causes accidents and all kinds of things people lose their lives.

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The issue is that nothing happens to anybody as a result of this. So people are free to leave their animals loose. People are free to urinate and defecate on the roads, right? People are free to eat bar and spit on any wall that might be there. I worked for many years in many, many months I for almost a year. And I just couldn't take it anymore. I work for a year in Delhi. And my daily my morning began as I entered the office building, seeing pan spirit on the wards. It's disgusting. It's absolutely so ugly that I cannot I cannot I cannot do any. You know, say I'm saying it. I'm happy to saying all of this because it's my country is my culture. Nobody can accuse me of saying

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something and then you can go and see it. I mean, it's a disgusting thing. But you can see now therefore, who is more who is more free. Because if you do any of that stuff in the United States, if you do any of that stuff in Germany, if you if you do any of that stuff in Australia, right, then you are looking at a big fine, are you looking at a prison sentence.

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So who's more who's more free. The point is, which is a happier society, which is which is a society that people like to live in. And again, I'm going to use some I'm going to mention you know very harsh things.

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How many Americans do you see standing in line outside the Indian Embassy in Washington DC, applying for immigration to India? And how many Indians Do you see standing outside the American Embassy in New Delhi, applying for immigration to America.

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So, also Australia, New Zealand. So also you know Canada. Now, what does it tell you?

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It tells you that societies which are technically less free, and the reason they are less free is because they are more responsible

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are happier societies are better societies to live in, then societies which are so free, that that freedom translates into anarchy.

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I can do what I want anywhere I want however, I want. This is not freedom, this anarchy and this is what Islam came to teach us. Islam came to teach us that there is a difference between freedom and anokhi.

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No Martin Bashir on the alarm who reported he said that I heard Rasul Allah is Allah salah and he when he said I heard, he pointed to his ears like he said, I heard him say

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what is lawful is clear. What is unlawful is clear.

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And in between them are doubtful things which many people do not know about.

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As soon as the resumption in Valhalla begun, we're in Hama Bay, whereby you know, ma Gustave ha, la Yamanaka, serum bananas.

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Right. And then he said he will guard against doubtful things, keeps his religion an honor, blameless. And he who indulges in doubtful things, indulges, in fact, in unlawful things, just as a shepherd, who grazes his animals around the preserve of the king will soon graze them inside the preserve, be where every king has a preserve, which is called a Hema. And Allah Hema are those things that he has made her

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be where in the body that is a piece of flesh, if it is on the whole body is our if it is corrupt, the whole body is corrupt. And indeed, that is the heart. So as I

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mentioned this, and this is in Sahih Muslim.

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So now in this hammies, if you if you reflect on this, what is also does Russell teaching us? Now he's saying that he's teaching us two things. First and foremost, no, he says that I'm saying that what is permissible and what is impermissible are both clear. What is halal is Allah what is Hamza, for example, we know that water clean water is harder, and we know that alcohol is haram. Right? This is good. Then is there between these two things are things which are doubtful. So you might have now a drink, which has unknown ingredients.

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You don't know one of those ingredients, which is unknown, because it has some formula which is a proprietary formula, which the manufacturer refuses to disclose to the public. For all you know, one of those ingredients, maybe something which is Hmm, it might be alcohol and maybe some other kind of thing.

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Question is, you will not drink alcohol Of course we know that because it is haram, you are clear about that. But when you drink that other drink, which has something in it, which is secret, will you as a Muslim, drink something which has in it something? some ingredients, which you don't know, because you don't know. What does it fall into? It falls into the vortex Rosaura xlsm said the sign of taqwa the sign of true belief is to leave that which is doubtful for that which is not helpful.

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Because what is openly haram? Of course, we will leave

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but what is doubtful what I do not really know clearly. What do I do with that? That is what determines

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my piety. That is what determines my carefulness and my care with which I treat what Allah subhanaw taala has

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made her now my point is

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see the beautiful example that was so good. He said take the example of a shepherd, the shepherd is grazing his flock of sheep.

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Now, he grazes them too close to the boundary of the key, a grazing his sheep inside the king's boundary obviously is limited.

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The shepherd

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doesn't want to get a job because his sheep are far grazing in the boundary of the kingdom.

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But he takes risk,

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and he graze them too close to the barn. So the chances are that one or more of those sheep are going to go across the boundary into the boundary of the king, and the shepherd will be in trouble. Now, if the shepherd is a sensible person, if the shepherd respects that boundary of the king, what is he going to do, he is going to ensure that his sheep do not go anywhere close the barn, he is not going to take chances to say, you know, he's not going to play this

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this game of brinkmanship, where he is grazing the sheep too close to the boundary. And then last minute, if he has some way of calling the sheep back, he's not gonna do that, he knows it won't happen, he knows that the chances are the sheep is going to go off into the boundary and then the sheep will not interact with the shepherd. So therefore, it is very, very important for us to observe unless of outer boundaries, what are the boundaries and set boundaries, what are the boundaries, whatever Allah has made.

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Now the basic fundamental principle in Islam is that whatever is haram, everything associated with it is also her. So for example, alcohol is Hara. So alcohol

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First of all, when alcohol is up all kinds of alcohol, meaning all kinds of consumer will help is not I'm not talking about ethically or you know, jet fuel, I'm talking about alcohol which is which is consumed which which is drinkable, right? So all brands have, you know, Scotch whisky is

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genius or old monkeys.

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You know, Smirnoff vodka is right, all kinds of beer is all forms of wine, red wine, white wine, everything is around champagne is IRA all forms of alcohol. First and foremost that is the second thing is that anything to do with that is meaning buying that alcohol manufacturing that or storing that alcohol or transporting their alcohol or selling that alcohol, all of this is also a third thing is that if it is around alcohol, then it is haram irrespective of the quantity.

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So the whole bottle of vodka is one teaspoon or cassara one single drop of what is also equally hot. So you can say well, you know I just had one shot of champagne because we were all celebrating and everybody was proposing or toast so somebody gave me this one shot of champagne so I just drank one shot No, what is Hara is irrespective of the quantity pork is her. So eating the whole pizza, eating one pork chop is her eating one ration of Baker's her eating one sausage is her eating one pepperoni pizza is one slice of that pizza

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pigskin handbags are Hannah pigskin shoes and parents are raising pictures.

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transporting pictures owning a slaughterhouse of pigs are having shares in a company which is dealing and pork and pork products is hot. Even though you have not touched any of that you have not touched the port you've not asked the pigs you've not eaten them. You're only a shareholder in a company which is in the business of manufacturing

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products from pigs.

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Whether it is flesh, whether all of it is or even though the Quran says the hammer frenzy it says the flesh of pigs the basic principle is everything to her and in irrespective of quantity, Allah subhanaw taala privated interest the base dealings 1% is Hara 100% is

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right. Irrespective of quantity, you can say well, you know, it is usury and this is one of the crimes that have been committed. May Allah forgive those translators who have worked translated Riba as usury. Rima is interest because the basic fundamental principle is Islam is not privated high rates of interest. Islam has privated interest.

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For those of us for those who still want to argue, let me

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You are an example I apologize to all the others, because this example is a bit harsh, but some people understand only one language. Now,

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fornication is hard.

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Right? extra marital sex is hard to have sex with somebody, you are not married to his Hara. So tell me if you are a man, would you accept that your wife says I have? I had sex, you know, last night with somebody else? Just one time, you know? Yeah, I'm not gonna do that every time. Just one time. I did that last night. Will you accept that? If you are a woman and your husband just that you that till yesterday, I found this woman and I had sex with her just one time, you know, I'm not gonna do that again. Will you accept it?

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That is how bad it is. to go against the boundaries of Allah subhana wa Tada, this is our bodies, and this will hit you.

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But when I say a low rate of interest is as bad as a high rate of interest. It doesn't need to, because even though borrowing money lending money on interest during that transaction bearing witness to the transaction, facilitating that transaction anyway, calls upon you, though, declaration of war from Allah.

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Allah has not declared war on anyone else for any other reason. But for this one, Allah declared war. So this one is a worse crime than fornication there are then you know, cigarette smoking, then eating pork, then everything else. Worse is this yet. We have legalized it in our society. And so we don't feel any shame with that. And that's why that's why I mentioned this, I gave you the example of fornication because this is what we have done to ourselves, we have chosen we have taken some things from the Quran and Sunnah, which we like to do and we have said, This is good. And we have taken some other things which any case we don't like to do, and we said it's bad when Allah subhanaw

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taala did not differentiate between these things. For example, we have legalized gambling, right? We like to play cards, we say it's okay. We like to bet on horses we say it's okay. So we run stables where we go we have risk clubs, we go and sit there we take great pride in being members of the of the of the box and members of the of the committees of these race clubs and we are we are gambling unless

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you want one Tsavo, labo radio show me about a tiny, tiny bow

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we believe

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and I say these things right now which is alcohol which is which is gambling, which is dividing arrows you know, all this astrology and all of that stuff. And all of this unless it is, are these are the worst of the things of shaker lid Sumit ammunition, worst of the worst of the actual chapter, not just bad thing. They are the worst of the actions of shatta Flesch Danny Boyle said stay far away. Don't go near the Barbary don't transgress the boundaries stay far away from the mound.

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And then you have people who are who ask you this question, Where does it say that alcohol is haram? Where is the word hand mentioned?

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You will understand that when you start before also continue to drink no problem right? Continue to drink. You want to play games with the Kitab of Allah. You want to play games with with water sooner solemn order.

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Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this tendency with some people unless America doesn't have to be new Robbie Bobby kitabi una be bad.

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And let's say are you going to take some things from the book and and deny some other things

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a lot smarter than say the jaza and this is the word Java is used sarcastically

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just how many

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people who do this what is the reward for them?

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unless it is June field higher

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and now will constrict their lives Allah we give them pain and suffering in this dunya Christian Phil had

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beyond the acidity, Europe Dona Isla de la sir on the Day of Judgment they will be returned to the worst of punishment.

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Why? Because they are displaying arrogance. Because they are saying to Allah subhanho wa Taala you made for things you made alcohol and gambling and divining arrows you know these these astrology and telling the stars and download cards and you know palm reading and all this stuff. Well that's what I did I made all of this era unlimited fornication Allah, Allah bit interest based dealings Hara So you are saying to Allah

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You know, you made all these, but hold on a minute, I'm not going to stop. I will do out of all these things for get on, I will not touch pork. Anyway, in any case, I don't like to transport for an occasion. Well, you know, okay, so I won't do that. But interspace dealings. I mean, you know, God, give me a break. This is business, right? This is the 21st century. What am I getting? I'm just having some fun. I mean, I go to the races, I bet some money on some horses.

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What to do, right?

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This is what we're doing. And if you are doing that, what are we doing? We are being arrogant with regard to Allah.

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And Allah said, you play those games with me, I am going to make your life worse. I'm going to make your life so tough in this world, that you will pick. And if you don't change, and if you don't repent, and if you don't seek forgiveness, then on the Day of Judgment, you are going to be in so much trouble.

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And you can't even imagine, lesson you will learn towards the worst of punishments. I said that

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right. And so to better video,

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rather than just us. That's why I said the one who stays away from the borders of Allah keeps his religion and keeps his honor blameless.

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But he who indulges in doubtful things actually indulges in Haha, because the dog food has been privated

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do not indulge in that which is

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when you're doing that you're going against the intention of Amazon.

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And then I was wanting to give the example of the,

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of the, of the of the shepherd grazing sheep. And then he said there is a piece of flesh in the body, that is sound the body is that is corrupted, the whole body is corrupted. Now that is the heart and as far as the heel can now think about the

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the word passion in Islam in Islamic understanding, the Quran is the seed of the emotion and the intellect. So when a piece of flesh will not have it doesn't just mean the physical material flesh. Right everybody's got a got a heart and heart diseases you know cardiac diseases of various kinds. Let me show some here it means the intellect and the emotion which is the seat off and also as a result of saying that purify the heart, because of that is corrupted, that the whole body is corrupted, your actions will be corrupted, everything is corrupt. So physically also the art is corrupt obviously the body is corrupted. If you have heart disease, you know you are

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you cannot function properly. But here the heart also means the carpet the actual Arabic word used to sculpt the car is the seed of the emotion and intellect. And that is the reason why this is such an important thing. This is such an important thing that we have to bring this art and make the art obedient

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sisters, Islam means submission. People like to say Islam means peace, peace is the result of submission Islam actually means submission to be submissive kronospan allows around better ceremony grammar etc. We've got a number of boo Aslam Khan Aslam.

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He said is Rob said to him, Allah, Allah said, we submit, and he said, I have submitted no argument. He didn't say I will submit tomorrow he did say I will submit when I understand he said no, no first that it made logical sense to me. In my logic, then I will submit I have to be convinced No. All the kind of stuff that we say even when it's run, unless it's a slim, he said,

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I love that Submit. He said I have submitted and this is the difference. There's no comparison between the parameters around us. But I'm just saying that to think about this and say here is a man who Allah subhanaw taala showed us as an example to follow. They also are Hassan of Ibrahim a seller and what was it Oh suasana was complete and total submission and his whole life his life. We chose submission.

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And what is the result of that Holly law.

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He is

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to enable us to be completely and totally submit ourselves to Him and to Islam and tomorrow Salah because in that there is honor and there is blessing and there is glory and there is there is beauty and there is Baraka and this afia for us in this dunya but if you ask Allah for this was a la la hora de Karim Allah Allah He was a bit right