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Abu Bakr Zoud
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extra level. humbler salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He or psyche as you may have said, I want a coal miner to lie about a candle, my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, and humbly learned that a lot of Xhosa has given us one more opportunity in our life to experience that witness the best days on Earth a year more villager the first 10 days of the Asia and the result of Mahara. He said no, he said about these these off bolo a year with dunya, a year will assure that the best 10 days of this world, the best 10 days of the other 10 days of Malaysia, the first 10 days of them, what does it mean that they are the best days of the week? What does it mean? before we answer this

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question, you need to ask a question to yourself and reflect over your own self. If I was to ask you, what is the best day in your life and what was the best day that you ever experienced in your life? Perhaps you might say the day that you got married, it was a life changing experience for you. And it turned it to the better. Maybe it was the day where you became a father or you became a mother that the way you held your child. And it was a life changer for you. Maybe the best day in your life was the day where you earn your job. And you began to work and it was a life changing decision for you. Maybe the best day in your life was the day that you own the car or your own your

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house. Finally, these are the best days in your life. And we saw Obama he was selling them he says of bottle a year madonia a year Marcia, the best days of this world are the 10 days. In other words, these 10 days of the Asia and the worship in them are supposed to be the best days in your life. They're supposed to be much better than the day you got married. And they're supposed to be much better than the day you held your first child and became a father or mother. They are supposed to be better and the best days in your life more than anything you've ever experienced of happiness and joy. Why? Because these 10 days, there is an opportunity that they change your life altogether to

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the better in terms of becoming closer to Allah subhanaw taala and ultimately becoming closer to the final destination which is the paradise these are the best days so do not waste them on yourself. My brothers and sisters in Islam, these 10 days a lot of Zoysia loves they are the most beloved these to a loss of Hannah dad. You can imagine that a lot. So he himself has chosen these from the in which he believes for Panama Why does a lot of Zoysia love these 10 days

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mahoma love He said a lot of Zoysia loves these days, because these are the days in which so many millions and millions around the world are headed to one direction are headed to one point they are headed towards muckety muck of Rama. They are headed towards the house of Allah subhanaw taala to perform the pilgrimage to perform and harsh and these are the 10 days in which most of Babylon most of the believers strive and struggle as best as they can and sacrifice as much as they can of effort and time for Allah subhanho wa Taala as a result Allah Zoysia love these days because there is so much sacrifice and effort from the believers during these days to the worship of Allah subhanho wa

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Taala and my brothers and sisters in Islam. Let me finally conclude by sharing with you What is the reward of these 10 days and for the one who worships them? So Pamela incredible to ahaadeeth I share with you in Sahih Muslim and the vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam was once in a Masjid and the companions they came to him and they asked him he also Allah do Lennar Allah harmony. New idealogy had the feasibility letter they sent to a Middle School of Law teach us of a deed that if we do, its reward is equal to the reward of the Buddha hit visa v de la familia de la mata usnm. He said to them last to stop, Your Honor. Impossible. There is no deed I can tell you if anything, you won't be

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able to do it. And they said they also loved the letter and a teachers and directors to it. Let us know what it is. He said to them. Let us know your honor. Impossible. You're not you won't be able to do it. It's out of your proportion. You cannot do it. It's impossible. For once again they said dilemna ani directors and for the third time and W sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he answers them and he says to them, methanol mouza hedp servire la gamma filiale or immunocal Anita saw in the last layer if tolonen cm in wanna Sana hackday Oceania Hitoshi serie de la la la la la la la la la silla me said that the reward of a Mujahid a deed that if you and I were to do with equal to the reward of

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the Mujahid is for one to remain in sonet all night and he does not get lazy and lose his balance. It is solid and you're supposed to fast the entire days during the day until them and not not and not break your

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Fast until I hit 370 lakh returns, that is the only deed that is equal to his deed. So in other words, there is a lot of money your seller is telling us that if it went out for one year, and you wanted to earn us reward, then from the moment he leaves his house, you're supposed to engage in fasting every single day. And so that every single night until he returns, that he's the only deed that is equal to him along walkabout now imagine this hubby and companions are sitting around both muscle Allahu Allahu wa Salaam one day and he says to them, man in a year when Allah will salia have he hidden how Boyd Allah Mina Yamanashi, he says to them, there are no days in which the righteous

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actions that are done during these days are more beloved to Allah subhanaw taala than the 10 days of Malaysia. So they said the one of jihad officer de la, not even as you had that same deed that you told us if one was to earn his reward, he's supposed to pray all nights and fast all days. Not even that he said to them, well, he had to be civilian. They're not even angiography Sevilla, illa

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nfcu MLA, and amelogenin Delica we shake, except for a man who left his house with his wife and his buddy, and he never came back. In other words, he was martyred very severely left. For my brothers and sisters in Islam. If you put these two hobbies together, you find somehow the law, something incredible of huge and spectacular and tremendous reward for the one who worships Alonzo church during these 10 days. And that is that if you put these two hobbies together, you find that you and I, every single day of the EA are struggling to earn the reward and the rank and the level of the Mujahid fees are very low. But during the 10 days of Malaysia, and Indonesia, he

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is the one who's striving and struggling to earn your reward and to earn your level. So Panama make the most of these 10 days fast these 10 days, a Sahaba was set off why mama used to foster an Abbess lovely a loved one who said Sierra Leonean minted Asia Yeah, PwC me center one day fasting of these days is equal to one year first thing yet if you fasted nine days, it is equal to nine years of fasting feasterville Allah subhana wa Abbess lovely, a loved one who said, and how Santa's yummy to barafu in a sabay Mia at birth, one has an is multiplied by 700 times. So how long Yeah, and your solar is multiplied by 700 times. And the one page of the Orion you read is equal to 700 pages of

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the plan you read on every one page of the Quran you read, it's as though you have read the entire Quran and a bit more for so have Allah Let's not waste the opportunity. And the most and the best of the deeds that one is supposed to be engaged in during these 10 days is the coal law. So Panama when hombre de la, la la la la,

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la la la la, la la, inshallah tada tomorrow. In the next video, I will share with you the secrets behind these words and why they are the best of the deeds to be performed during these 10 days, or LA Harlem or some level of cinemavilla kind of you know Mohammed why that led or sappy as my wishes on level

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