Ayah Series #04 – Fear a Day When You Will Return to Allah – Mubarak Mohammed Arabi

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AI: Summary © The speaker, identified as either a pastor or a sermon, discusses the importance of reciting the Quran in Islam, particularly for non- Islam reasons. They stress the significance of the title of Islam, which is the medium for religion, and the significance of the title of Islam for non- Islam reasons. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of remembering the title of Islam for non- Islam reasons.
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Okay Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim o salat wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad, wa salam.

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I'm going to introduce myself. My goodness, my name is Mubarak word Muhammad Ali Ibrahim. So he everything my grandfather was.

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He's always go to the masjid. He's just, you know, taking me with him when I was like, five, six years old. So from that day, I have never left the mosque with

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Allah subhanaw taala is our Creator. Okay. And he's our Sustainer sees, you know, there's a lot of things that

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we should know about Allah subhanaw taala. So we need to comfortable to worship Him. If you don't know him, how can you worship? Though this is really important. Islam is

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the religion of I can say dinner was, was it is the medium, you know, we don't have the extreme left or extreme right? We are in the middle. So everything in court in Islam is kind of try to not right avoid extremist, even left or right. So that's really important about Islam. So for your question,

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actually, I graduate for college called that alone in Cairo, Egypt. So this college is mainly for

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Islamic Studies and Arabic language. So I started to study Quran, that college and then I realized that it's a really good chance to help people, especially kids, to learn Quran. So this is goes back to I think 2010 When we have tattoo school, in Egypt,

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that's when they when they started,

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I can say the Quran is not easy to recite or to read.

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I'm gonna recommend for that for them just to be patient, and also for the teachers to be patient with the kids. Because Quran is really hard, and there is a lot of similarity in each eye, no. So the patient is really more important for anyone to learn and for the teacher. The Quran is, as I said, this book for life, as our Prophet said, yet to the Amish mafia.

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So that means the Quran will help you in the hereafter to protect you from hellfire. So that's why we are really important to recite it and to read it every day, every night, just to help us, you know, to succeed in the hereafter. So here's the thing for the non Muslims, most of the most of them are when they start to read the Quran, they already pre set up their minds. And, and for that reason, they don't get the most about the Quran. But I encourage them just to when you read the Quran is come like plan, okay, and read the Quran with an open heart, then you're gonna get a lot of benefit and you're gonna see the light from them. But if you get him out,

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this is a book that written by Muhammad and so on. So, you will not get anything of out of Quran. But if you can, you know, your your your, your mind is clear. And you just want to know the truth that that time can find a lot of truth.

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And you see the light, the favorite verse, okay? For me, the whole plan is really varied, but

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if I can say, one i is going to choose either cozy.

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So adequacy is really more interesting. It is heart of the Quran. Also our prophets, Allah Salam said, there is some Allahu Allah, this this verse is content of smaller and so it's more like Adam is the Greatest Name of Allah subhanaw taala. Whoever asked with this name, he will

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accept his prayer. So that's really important.

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That is one way it is with TacoMan to the owner feel Allah.

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So if you just really try to think about this is really important, because try to tell us a guy's feel today that we're going to return to Allah. So it's really important. We know that we're gonna go

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when they sit in front of Allah subhanaw taala. And we're going to hold accountable for our deed. So it is really important to memorize or remember, remember, this is the cool Yeoman to feed a day that you're gonna within Allah. And that's what I'm going to say about it.