Majed Mahmoud – Risalah Series #1

Majed Mahmoud
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Bismillah the name of Allah will start. In the sixth century in the Arabian Peninsula in the city of Medina, there was a man of religiosity, who believed in a creator believed in profits. But he was a super duper minority. everyone around him in Medina and much of Arabia, they worshiped idols rocks. So one day he leaves his house this man, and he tells a tribe called Benny Abdullah shall a tribe Arabian tribe. He tells them, you know what, guys, there will be life after death, there will be resurrection, there will be judgment. If you do good, you'll be rewarded with paradise. If you do bad, you will be punished with the Hellfire, that people are like,

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Oh, come on, man. You really believe we will come back to life after we were very seriously believing that nonsense? He said, I surely believe in it. And I would rather I would rather be placed in the hottest oven in the world, but not be punished in the hellfire. Oh, okay. Okay, so you really believe there's reward and punishment? Okay, Mister, what is your greatest proof that you can provide to us for the tallest claim that you're making the death resurrection? What is your greatest proof? So this man stands, he looks at them. He said, My greatest proof will come from a man. And this man will come from this area. And he pointed down south. He pointed down south it can mean

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Mecca. It can mean Yemen. But he pointed down south. So one of the people said Okay, Mr. So this man, whoever he is, whenever he comes out, He better be bringing some breakings amazing, wonderful, impeccable proofs of that you guys agree? So they asked, and when is this minister coming? When will he show up? So this man of religious setting, he looked at the whole out of tribe from Benny Abdullah shell. And he looked at them that he saw the youngest child. And he said, I believe that this child when he grows older, he will witness demand coming. So that's very, very soon. Brothers and sisters, the Arabian Peninsula this man was pointing towards was full of Adam, but who are the

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Arab? As I speak about the other brothers and sisters, in general, I will go deeper into talking about a tribe from data. then number three, I will talk about one couple from the tribe of data. So in order so I will zoom out, then zoom in and zoom further in. So the out in general, I will share with you six very significant traits they were famous of reading. Number one, they used to be obsessed with worshipping idols. What in the world? Do you mean idols? idols made of rocks? Seriously, yes, made of rocks, and they believe these idols, this is plastic by just an example. They believe that this rock that they worship brings benefits and protects them from harm. And on

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what basis? Do you believe in that for two reasons? Ready? Number one, and they want you to as I'm speaking about that six traits I have prepared for you the six things here, I want you to relate if we have anything today similar to that, fair enough.

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They believe because mom and dad used to do it.

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Man what you did not

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mom and dad didn't try doing it doesn't make sense. I don't know mom and dad did it. And you know, our culture. If I tried to be in this tough guy who thinks outside the box, I will be ended up in the box.

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Alright, so I'm gonna stick with mom and dad said all right. And you know that we're obsessed about status? Even if it doesn't make sense, On what basis it may be. Okay, why did your parents do that or what's going on the other reason to share with you they're more but the other one to share with you. She'll find out when they're in the law. They believe these idols were the middle person between them and the Creator.

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So they do not go directly to the Creator of the heavens and the earth. They go to the middleman or the middle idol or the rock. They say can you please talk to the creator You know, I'm sick, you know, they want to cure me please do me a favor. And then Oh, you know what? I'm struggling. I'm not having children. Can you do something about this? Or I don't have an income Please help me. That's how they believe and they were obsessed about it. And what's crazy is that when they saw another rock another

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Walk that is bigger, nicer, maybe even colorful, they dump it. And they go to another trend, whatever is trending, right. And I'll follow that. And the worship that was unbelievable. Brothers and sisters, are we any similar to that today? How is done? I'm just going to ask questions. I'm not going to necessarily assume things or explicitly say things. But just something to think of. First of all, what does that mean with worship? I'm going to make the term simple. Okay. What is it to know what you worship to an extent you want to know what you worship can extend you want to Honestly? What is it that you are willing to sacrifice everything in the world for?

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Everything? I asked myself that question. So I said, I would live for my children, I would take a bullet for my children.

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When my children are around, I'm happy when they're away. I'm sad. When I give up everything, yeah, but then I realized maybe from my end, according to my beliefs, if it comes down to pleasing the Creator, or pleasing the creation of opposites, opposites.

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I will choose the creator over my children. So if I was truthful, then who do I worship? The Creator? Some people do not agree with me they worship money. Agreed, literally. What do you mean? They will be willing to give up their own families for income? Yes or No, Your mom is suffering, you're the only one who can help her out. But you chose another location for 2000 extra dollars, or whatever your situation may be. But I'm being a bit generic here, I guess with me willing to give up your spouse and your children just for a little bit of more money? Or they're not people like that. And for reasons that are not justifiable. I'm watching my words here. Are they're not people that

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say ball is life. Right? Maybe it's an exaggeration, but some of them are like, I will give up everything in the world for basketball. I saw people say Music is my soul, yes or no. I even saw a brother one time he was he is the most attached person I've seen in my life to music. I don't say he worship it. But it was extreme. He had a total car accident total the car. So he called me and we went and actually went to the accident scene. And they said, Brother, are you okay? He was sitting on the curb sad. I'm like, everything is fine. He said, Can you believe it? Magic? Can you believe it? This was the first time in my life. I drive without music. So he attribute it to the harm that

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he went through due to that lack of music. So whatever the case may be it being generic, but your most important part of this? What is it being honest 100% the last one you want to lie to is yourself last time? What is it that you would be willing to sacrifice everything in the world for that? What will tell you what you worship? May Allah allow us to be wise with our decisions. The other thing that I used to do famous for eating decaying flesh? What? Yes, yeah. cremator meat that is like the key disgusting and so on and so forth. If it's what's available, if I'm hungry, if I desire it, I'm eating this thing, right? That's how they behaved they didn't care much about their

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health and so on. How about today? Can we relate to that?

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Can we? How

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about junk food? Bro? Come on junk food, decayed flesh, like relax. Okay, okay. All right. All right. Even though by the way junk food which is full of fat sugar, very minimal nutritional facts and minerals. I studied very well from the law. All right, okay. And I'm guilty of that. Do you know that in the US one out of three adults every single day consumed fast food more than one over three which is 36% that number was given by the National Center of health statistics. Forget junk food controversial I'm guilty of it. So what I go for what else do we consume that is filthy.

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It's in a way non negotiable. What about cigarettes? Right or wrong? Right? Nothing against smokers but I have something against cigarettes is the difference right? Okay, love you guys. May Allah protect and if you're here, may Allah protect you and keep you steadfast not on smoking but steadfast upon leaving that which is wrong. Okay. Really? Do you know that tobacco and I got you here from the World Health Organization. They stated that tobacco is the epidemic, the biggest public health threat the world has ever faced smoking, with its levels and you name it, the type of smoking that is out there. How many smokers in the world what's your guess? Take give me a number.

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How many smokers in the world take a shot. 10 million. There's one

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1.1 billion smokers in the world, according to the World Health Organization, how many according to statistics tend to die from that 1.1 billion 50% will die due to tobacco relationship. You know what's really interesting? You might be sitting like hamdulillah don't smoke, listen up and handle a person. May Allah protect you say, I mean, may Allah make you always say hamdulillah say I mean,

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attempt enemies or Thank you praise Allah

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15% of those who die from tobacco, they die because of secondhand smoke, because I'm more healthful or Gila next to you, right Auntie or uncle with the hookah or the cigarettes in like, I don't smoke. But because that smoke travels, we learned that correct air travels and so on and so forth. 15% of them dying? Is that not some of the stuff that perhaps we consume that might be dangerous for us relate to what we're talking about? May Allah protect you all? See, I mean, what about alcohol consumption? Alcohol consumption? Do you know that once again, according to the World Health Organization, 5.9% of global death is related to alcohol? 5.9%, may Allah protect us? You go ask a

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high school student go ask. So is it common that students they smoke and they do this and then some drugs and stuff? I don't think they will tell you yes or no, I don't think so. You know, what they were saying?

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Where do you live? What kind of question is that? Do? It's all over? That's as in that shoe bells and sisters, right? You asked one of the I asked one of the brothers several of them had same reaction. That's why I have it in my notes. Like,

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you give lectures. You have to know your crowd your target audience, right. Okay. I'm just that's exactly what I'm asking you. May Allah protect us and our children see, I mean, so all these things happening, what else? The Arabs were very known for committing impure acts. And you know, what's interesting, what do we learn you are, you are what you eat, to an extent. So since they ate decaying flesh and ate things that sort of to be of filth, as a result, their outward behavior, due to the inward consumption also became filled. It was very, very bad boys and sisters of the bad actions that they used to do many of Donald, I'm not saying all but many of them. They had no

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respect to women, zero. How is that a man would marry an unlimited number of women. She has no say over it. It gets worse. He can even combine between two biological sisters, it gets worse and further gross. It goes and he this man can divorce and bring back and divorce and bring back as many times as he wants and she cannot open her mouth. It gets worse. When this man finally dies. None of the ladies he got married to inherit anything he left behind.

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He left behind two houses. None of the ladies they take anything. It gets worse. How is that even possible? If this man left behind two children, two boys, the boys one of them will take the house and the other will take what the second house correct. Not just that they will inherit whomever their dad got married to. So the woman do not not just receive inheritance, they are part of the package of inheritance. You see how horrible that is? From the men side? No good to the woman side. It gets really really bad. I mean, watch my language because we have some few youngsters in the crowd that may Allah protect us and guide us with the choice of words they I mean,

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some of the ladies, Whatever the cause may be, whoever started the chicken or the egg will leave it back to the creator or right this proceed. Some of the ladies would have an open door policy and I want the adults to catch what I'm referring to, I guess with me, they will actually have flags on their door signs indicating that I'm available for whoever, whoever is able to afford it. So they will come and then eventually the lady becomes pregnant. And this is based in authentic narration. she'll become pregnant. Then she hires Who does she hire? She hires at face recognizer. Why? Because when this lady delivers the child, the face recognizer will come and that's the customs. All the men

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that ever walked into her house will line up and the face recognizer will look at the child, look at the men. Look at the child. Look at the net

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And then decide, you know what this child looks like the most like this man over there. And this man has no say, except to father, that child, you see that level?

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Can we compare to that today?

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I'm headed to our country in a few days. I'm headed to a country in a few days where most of their children are brought outside of marriage.

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This is the times that we live in. Okay, well, I don't see how big of a deal it is. No problem. No problem. Let's proceed. What about the objectification of women? Yes or no?

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Are we? Are we live in the dark ages without us knowing?

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May Allah protect us? What about the objectification of women were? According to studies from the Wesleyan University, they found that on average from 58 different magazines, whenever a woman is used in these magazines, 51% are used as objects. And you know what kind of objects I'm referring to yes or no adults? Correct. And it gets worse when the magazines are four

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men. If it's a specific magazine for men than that number, seven out of 10 times you see a woman in a men's magazine, then she was there simply due to being that type of object? This is today. What about the adult? Right? industry? The billions of dollars that they're making? What about today when you go to a gentlemen's club, so that's who are the gentlemen. So if you don't go to these things, you're not a gentleman see the words and the choices, you drive and you're hurt. And you want to cover your five, an eight year old, which I had to kind of explain to because they saw the sign and they read the words at seven and eight years old. Why did he say available such and such? May Allah

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protect us? Yeah, I mean, let's proceed. Let's proceed.

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So the out of had one worshipping idols, number two, eating decaying meat or flesh number three, committing impure acts, you see how the family system is they see that? So it's only common sense, right? from the get go, that family is broken. Therefore, number four, they had no respect to family relations, which makes sense, right? From a child standpoint, a child, he or she was to grow older. And imagine being told, listen, I think that's her dad, how do you think he will feel or she will feel I was able to be patient towards my father for all these years. And now you're telling me there's a chance he is not my father? You know how the child may rebel? Yes or no. And that's who

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you are all these years. And even the parents themselves. They are so nervous about the child and probably it's not you don't mind? I guess with me, it's horrible. It's a disaster. Specially specially if the child was a girl. Why? Because the father is so nervous. It seems that as a father, I have two options that what some of them says, My first option has a father who's living there, either. They believe that my daughter will end up being one of the wives of the oppressing men remember that one of the wives of the oppressing men, or the other side of things, you can end up one of them girls who has that sign, you see that?

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So extreme on both ends. So what do they do when they see their wives pregnant and about to deliver they go to their idols? Where's the item they go to? And they pray, what do they pray for me caribou? Make a bow make a boo, make a boy. And if she delivers a girl What happens?

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Your terroir Amil como what an embarrassment? What should I tell the people a girl? So he asks himself on SQL who I love, who should I just bury my emotions?

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Or should they bury her?

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Is this or the is that an exaggeration? Or the series Amir just to fit to rob?

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Me Allah protect the CME.

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And this happens narration after narration how were men a father because of obsession of status and ego. I don't allow any of my girls to end up having even if it's 1% chance for her to end up being like that group or that group. He would to dig a grave right next to his wife was going through death of the delivery of a child. He awaits. He awaits. It's a girl while she's crying, they cut the umbilical cord and he throws it right then and there into that grave, and he dumps the soil at her. It can get worse at times when people with the ego status. They wait till the child gets older, five, six years old to show that they know who you're talking to.

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Five, six year old, a husband would tell his wife showered the girl dressed her up. She feels that this is the practice of our people, please.

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He says, Don't worry about it. Do what I'm telling you to do showers the girl dresses are up and everything. Five, six year old, like a first grader or so goes and Daddy, are you going to do this? He says none of your business and he brings her and he brings her and he has the grave already. What is this Daddy, I beg you back and forth. And he has said go with the ego. He grabs the girl she's crying. She's devastated.

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So he puts her in the grave and she's yelling and crying and he forces her with his power. And he dumps the soil at her and she's dead. That's the type of people can we relate to that today?

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Can we relate to killing of babies today?

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Without getting into very much depth?

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Right when people would throw a bomb at a city and they don't care who to whom it falls Yes or no?

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Or they're not today fathers and mothers who are embarrassed when they have daughters yes or no Be honest. I swear by Allah which is very sad by assume well of the people. I handed a lot. I'm blessed with four girls. When I got my third girl

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A man came to me and he says Hmm, what did you get? Set my third girl. He came in he tapped my shoulder he said it's Okay brother. He's serious it next time Next time you get a boy next time It's okay. who's giving me his condolences? This is in the 21st century people.

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Are we similar? Let's proceed.

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Or disrespect disrespecting of neighbors data. We're all about disrespecting neighbors didn't care. You cross into my property. You're dead.

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You're done. It's over. And top and it happened that no, you had no respect to neighborhoods or neighbors. It's true story. And many man in his property. He sees a camel crossing into his property from his neighbor. He doesn't send the camel back doesn't reach out to the owner. You come here with the arrow shot and killed dead. The cameras like a Mercedes today people say comes in he kills the camel. Either respect your neighbors. Then the other neighbors when they saw that and you heard that their camel got killed? You killed my camel. You dare to charge my camel. What do they do not go fix the problem. Take a camel from his or two equivalent or try to resolve it in that way. You know what

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they did? They killed the guy.

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They killed him. And when this man who killed the camel got killed his whole family, whole family and tribe waged war against the other tribe. So you're telling me these had bloodshed? They killed one another? Yes. For how many days or for over 30 years. If you know how to build vessels and things of that sort from history over 30 years because of one camel generations are dead. Because how dare you cross my property line?

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You can be relate to this today.

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Maybe today, we will destroy you and your whole country not because you cross because I think you will cross yes or no. You might cross I think you have the utilities to destroy me. So instead of waiting for you, I'm just gonna go and destroy you all. And guess what, once they arrive, these people had nothing yes or no neighboring countries or families or whatever the case may be. Go at a lower scale you and I how are people with their exhaust system? Their mufflers who right bro I spent $1,000 over this thing's a room at 11pm waking up the whole neighborhood out here. With respect to your neighbors, even if you're playing your religious tape, whatever religion you come from blasting

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the Koran or the Bible, spiritually connected to the creator what connection it is to the creator when it's at the expense for no justification of cutting your connection to the creation. I guess with me, this reflects reflect which I be able to relate. Last but not least oppression prevails. If you're strong, if you're powerful, if you are from the elite, and you make the biggest mistake in the world, no one will talk to you. They will say Oh, I can't see without glasses. right because the elite the rich, that if the weak and the poor

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made the smallest mistake, like a capital punishment, it's over. Can we relate to that? oppression? You know how much oppression was at their time? They had a line of poetry. The line said, Men let your limit NASS use them. What does it mean? He who does not oppress the people will be oppressed? So what does that supposed to mean? Before I wait and get oppressed? I'm gonna be proactive and start oppressing people.

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That's how they believe then that's how they live. May Allah protect us say, I mean? So all these things? Yes, not everyone was like that. But it was significant enough for this to be the highlights of how the other needs to live. May Allah protect us. This is data in general. After speaking about data in general, I wanna zoom in to where to a specific tribe. From the hour they are called the tribe of Quraysh. tribe of Christ. Afterwards, I'll talk about a couple married couple afterwards. The tribe of Croatia out of all the Arabian Peninsula, they lived in Mecca, right? They lived were in Mecca wonderful. These people in Mecca were known to live in a sacred land you have to give me

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your undivided attention this is very important. Why was their land sacred brothers before you jump the gun and stuff? What is sacred mean? Okay, sacred land meaning no fighting shall take place in Mecca. Wow. No killing amazing. So out of the whole Arabian peninsula and the oppression and the killing of little girls and all that stuff. What makes America special many reasons from the main ones is the fact that there is a Canada Okay, take it easy ami Kava. What's GABA? GABA is a house like a cube shape in which people believe for it to be the house of the Creator. Okay, and they believe that this is the house of the Creator. So that's why they had the city to be safe as a

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result of Mecca being safe What do you expect to happen? Number one spiritually and religiously Mecca becomes the national capital of religion Yes or no? Why they used to worship idols correct.

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So this means if I go to Mecca, I put my idol here and the Kaaba is right there. The House of the crate is there that's the strongest Wi Fi connection.

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So I will go all the way to Mecca and ask whatever Hey, listen, okay, please hook it up is right there All right, go talk into the houses right they're very backwards very backwards. So they becomes the religious capital of the nation moving forward. What else happens economically? How is Mecca gonna boost economically remember, no killing, no theft, no stealing. So business men and woman would love to buy and sell in Mecca. So Mecca becomes not a national trade city becomes an international trade city Yes or no? What else? socially? socially the people of Mecca that are taking care of the GABA they're known as what Quraysh remember what they're known as what? courage

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so the Christ socially they are the most of respected of people in all of Arabia. I guess with me Why? They are the caretakers of the cabin. So they would go travel up north highway robbery, they come and give us your stuff. Listen, this is my ID. I'm from Macau. Oh, my bad. My bad, sir. Here we go. First Class treatment. You're from.

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Respect, brother. Respect, right? How are you taking care of my idol in Mecca? You're watching it up for me. Right? I saw some bird stuff on it. Yeah, I took care of your God. Don't worry, right. That's how things were. So can you imagine someone coming and telling them?

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These ideas don't really benefit you? Can you imagine someone telling them that you guys are equal? Black, White? out of none out of college? None correct. Can you imagine you're shaking someone's status like that? Can you imagine, as I said about data in general, coming and try to fix things, what they will do to you. You want to stop oppression. You want to stop the objectification of women. You want to bring the families together you know what people will do to you the ones who are up there and you know what I'm returning to you right now law protect the say I mean, so that's how that people have courseware now I want to go zoom in as the last circle equipment, brother, boom,

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yes. Why do some people will just move to the Roman Empire.

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Just go to Europe Okay, I'm not going to go into a lot of depth about Europe okay, but you look in the books as they are leaving the sixth century and entering into the next century many of the historians What do they say about Europe? They are they went through the dark ages so they're not that great as well at that time Okay, so the world as a whole some classified as the worst moment in human history couldn't hold for 10 min. And now you guys were at the verge of like it just doesn't get any worse. That's how some people viewed it. Next, in the sixth century, we spoke about data the tribe from kurush then one couple who are they Abdullah and Amina, here you go a little bit of

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hearts for you to kind of toned down because it got a little bit intense I feel you know, I wish all of the team hooked it up with the hearts of Delilah and me Now check this out. All right, Abdullah Abdullah is from rice from Mecca. Amina is from Medina okay. Abdullah and Amina wonderful couple beautiful What's so special about them is that they had a proper pure marriage we Allah granted to every one of us proper pure marriage never did Abdullah never known a stress on it so many times never did Amina ever indulge with a man outside of marriage and that was very prestigious by the way people in Mecca respected this couple like loyalty. Right? And what's even more amazing that

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Abdullah's parents and amulet spirits will the same way

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more interesting. Abdullah's Grandpa, m&s Grandpa and Grandma, all of them were also from pure proper marriages like what our lineage to be proud of in the midst of the chaos happening correct. One day, Amina announces to her husband, guess what?

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I'm pregnant, right? Amina is pregnant. And with her pregnancy brothers and sisters. She sleeps one night and she sees a dream.

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Amina sleeping sees the dream.

00:32:22 --> 00:32:27

The Dream light light came from her body

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that lighted all of up north to Medina No, no go further. How far all the way to the Roman Empire to a sham. That's the dream that she had. Light came from her body. She woke up the next morning. How do you think she felt optimistic, right? There's a lot of darkness around. And she said I'm gonna take from my dream that my son or my daughter, whoever it is, will shed some light in the midst of that darkness. Can we take that lesson from Amina? Can we be optimistic with our dreams? inshallah. Some people are so creative with being pessimistic. Amazing. Thank you. Wow, that was so creative. Like how you thought outside the box? They tell us according to what you just said, Brother. The

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light comes from the body, right? Yes. And the light is so strong. Yes or no? Yes. And you said it goes so far up north? Yes, yes. I see that as a horrible sign. Why you say that? Because this means the light is so strong. It will make the people blind. Oh my god. Why you're like that? Why I don't mean that type of people. Right? You go turn around and make something negative or something completely positive. May Allah make us optimistic. Yeah, I mean,

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not under attack mech is under attack mech is under attack. The counter attack the sacred land of Mecca? Yes. What's going on? People are coming. People are coming to do what to destroy the Kaaba Mecca where no two people can fight and armies coming by itself to destroy the Kaaba. Who is that? What's going on? It's someone from the south. He's traveling up north. What's the story? With him are elephants they've never seen that before elephants with the guy coming up north. Why? This man in summary, in two words, it was all about jealousy and envy. He was so jealous. People in Macquarie have the car but they have all the tourist attraction was so special about this whole cube that they

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have. Everybody goes to Mecca Mecca sacred safe Look at me down south. theft, no tourism, no economy, no respect. So he tried to build a temple spend so much money into that temple. You guys free tuition free inter entrance free whatever you I'll do whatever you want this come nobody showed up. So instead of this man

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And his people trying to put their energy to grow they use that energy to put other people down. So he came and he went all the way to Mecca and he realized the only thing I can do only thing I can do is destroy discover. Are we envious or jealous? People?

00:35:19 --> 00:35:20

Need to watch your language Not really. I'm just asking

00:35:22 --> 00:35:23

are we?

00:35:24 --> 00:35:34

Let's see. How can I know? Just like this man? You do the You are jealous or I am jealous or envious towards close people not far Yes or no?

00:35:35 --> 00:36:06

Are you like I'm so envious. LeBron James can dunk on you know, you know, I cannot be like this Dallas, you move on. You know, you're jealous when your cousin does this. Your cousin will break your legs. Right? Right. And that's why it's dangerous. Envy is pretty close circle right? May Allah bless the sister give me these points. So when the envy like, are you so jealous that someone so rich billionaire somewhere in the country has a Lamborghini? No, you're so jealous when your neighbor buys a new Honda.

00:36:07 --> 00:36:14

Right? My Niva in my neighborhood, and tell us is so erratic, it makes you a rash. It makes you look weird.

00:36:15 --> 00:36:52

This guy came from down south, what was your riding on horses? With elephants, the maximum speed of a horse is 55 miles per hour. The maximum speed of an elephant according to Google, is 25 miles per hour. So he had the patience to destroy other people's elephant but you know, weird you look like? Right? You could destroy the * out otherwise, I don't know. Get more people. But that's how irrational is like someone? A brother? What's up? You like the car? Yeah, whatever. You want to try? You want to sit in the back? See how comfortable it is?

00:36:54 --> 00:36:59

Sure. Okay. Then the guy sits in the back and the owner of the car. So how do you like it?

00:37:01 --> 00:37:10

It's okay, it's okay. yada, yada. Make this car flip, flip. You're in the car. You're in the

00:37:11 --> 00:37:29

rain, just irrational envy and jealousy makes people do the weirdest stuff ever. That energy you could have used it to grow yourself. So they did and they went to attack Mecca, and the people ran to the mountains on Arabia they ran. And then when they ran, all of a sudden with the elephants, elephants are not moving.

00:37:31 --> 00:38:19

Elephants are not moving, what's going on, all of a sudden, the people of the elephant and the people of mercury see something never seen before a group of birds are coming an organized form. What is going on? This is witnessed by 1000s of people, group of birds holding stones and rocks. And they're coming towards the army of elephants and they're throwing the rock right at the edge each shoulder and each shoulder is dead right then and there. That target is not being missed. And we rock smash 1234 all shoulders are dead. All those attacking the cover. And then the birds go away. The people of Mecca they leave at that scene of how discover has been protected.

00:38:20 --> 00:39:11

Wow. So many lessons. So many. They learn something I hope you learn as well. They learned that envy and jealousy is destructive. Yes or no. And they learned another lesson. We need to accept things at times that we had no control over yes or no. So if your own cousin lives in a big house and was born into a rich family and you're not you don't hate on your cousin, yes or no. Yes, grow yourself. So I have to accept things. So if people were given things they had no control over, I have to work my way up and not hate on other people. Third and last lesson for those of religion Feel free to agree or disagree, okay. They believed that the creator of this house if he the creator wants to ever

00:39:11 --> 00:39:12

protect someone

00:39:13 --> 00:39:31

and the whole world is on the other side trying to ruin that someone, the creator will always win. That's what they resolve. Why? Because none of this victory ever involved any of the people that worshipped What? idols so they cannot attribute the success to them and to their idols.

00:39:33 --> 00:39:59

Sad news 50 days before her due date 50 days this incident happened and somewhere around that time I'm gonna get some news what Abdullah is not doing too well. What happened? Abdullah dies. And how a painful moment it is for Amina just expecting the child and the husband passes away. She's so sad she lost her other half. She's so sad. Her husband will not witness the growth.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:44

have their child she's so sad that their child boy or girl will not experience fatherhood. I pray to Allah to bless every single parent family say I mean, for every mother out there who had her husband passed away or she happens to be divorced, look to me know what she will do. May Allah protect us learn from each other. May Allah protect us very difficult times. Brothers and sisters on a Monday, contractions. It's time the baby contractions are coming. It's not as bad as it sounded like from before. And I heard from other ladies contraction, the people around the loved ones are excited and wish the best the health for the mother and the child. And the Amina eventually delivers the baby.

00:40:45 --> 00:41:02

And the first thing any mother would like to do when she delivers the baby is to know that the baby is doing okay. And the second thing she wants to do is hug and embrace the baby and breastfeed the baby. And when the baby was delivered, they asked, What shall we name him? What shall we name him? And they said, Let's name him Mohammed.

00:41:07 --> 00:41:10

Let's name him Mohammed. That's unique.

00:41:11 --> 00:41:22

What does that mean? It means praiseworthy. Mohammed means the one who has so many good qualities that is worthy of praise. I'm optimistic. I saw a dream about this boy.

00:41:23 --> 00:41:36

What will he do? What's the next steps? How will she raise a child in the midst of the chaos around? What will she do? All of that inshallah. Let's go pretty negative. Then we'll come right after inshallah.

Arabia Before the Prophet Muhammad

What did Arabia look like before the Prophet (ﷺ) was born? What were his family and community like? What were some of the major events that led up to his birth? In this session, we discuss the six defining traits of the Arabs before Islam and their parallels in today’s world, touching on ideas like the blind acceptance of cultural values, the objectification of women, and more.

Risalah: Reflections from the Prophet’s Life (ﷺ) is a 21-part lecture series by Majed Mahmoud, released daily throughout Ramadan 2020.

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