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Repentance: Is It Too Late? -Majed Mahmoud March 28th, 2014 Purdue University, West Lafayette IN Muslim Student Association Purdue University

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Bismillah was Salam ala rasulillah Allah and he was on the US and I begin by mentioning the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala because as Muslims we believe. Whenever that beautiful name of Allah is mentioned as bollock condition blessings in this increase in good order pizza want to be set. Whatever food you're about to eat, we even say this mid level for the food, believing there's blessings when it comes in the mentioning of the last dollar, that I asked him love to send us peace and blessings upon the best man that ever walked the face of this earth and met some

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requests from all of the brothers and sisters Chatelet everything here that beautiful nails Mohammed say some a lot he was physically, now's the hot button. He said, like the whole body said, Will you ever see in your heart or outside, outside like when you're in your heart receive verbalize it, people hear it whatever you want, both within Java. And we'll see this once again, if the only thing you come out of this lecture, by seeing someone will it will send them all a loss and your peace and blessings upon them profit like 1015 times 20 times that's enough of a benefit. Because as Muslims who believe when whenever we ask a lot to send his peace of blessings upon the Prophet Mohammed,

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Salah is actually benefiting us. Because the Prophet said whenever you say that, Allah will say this piece of blessing 10 times upon you see actually doing your own thing is a clear line. Those are really long introduction. Now.

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This middle level was to set up our annual Sunday, we'll send them probably shortly so that he wasted and the unbeliever that's me listening, just called Tony, I'm about to tell you that I feel very, very blessed to be in such a great company. With my brothers and sisters. I won't say this in every lecture, you can watch the videos, but you guys are really special. Unless you really really special. The hospitality that I've gotten from you guys was amazing. Seeing Where's that? That came from?

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Right here.

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Like somehow, like, my friends came from Windsor here like we're discussing how long this took. And I wasn't happy with Allah Our Lord, He loves like sand, which means that you don't you're not perfectionist, but you seek to do the best that you can. Is it clear? And this is this is what this is. So we asked not to reward every single one of them to help distribute or make you say, I mean, his promises beautiful and and you know, when you see people doing this much effort as a speaker, how do you think I feel like towards giving the toddler thing I'll be more motivated, right? So I go into the bedroom and I see all these candles, like my wife saw this, we get really jealous, like

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what's going on here? I know that chocolate liquid dialog show me all of this all of you. Somehow listen gives you back in time when you see people respecting the teachers and so on. So I know it's long introduction, but really thank you for all of this data, except from you. And except for me. I mean, what does that mean?

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in English? Amen.

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Do you guys think I need to have no idea what?

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Excellent. So a lot

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of brothers and sisters. Throughout the talk I met with his supplication has to offer something when you guys say, I mean, maybe one of you guys has a really pure heart. So a lot accepted from you and not from me. Is that clear? So don't don't be a little annoyed that comes out. Well, let me because of you that won't accept it. Is it clear? Like we ask God to forgive us, obviously, I mean, nice money.

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So the topic is about repentance. Okay. So I just want to start with a quick story shall Okay, so not too long ago, I came for a conference in Ireland. And I consider it for me at least to be able to include highlights. So it was a huge conference, Michelle law, it wasn't going to convention the biggest convention in Dublin Ireland, I was very honored to be amongst like top notch scholars. At the end of the conference they asked every speaker to give their concluding remarks I've never always never requested that before like was a little different than you meant usually we come all in holding hands like all that stuff right or like thank you very much for coming or whatever you want

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to do a lot. But this time they said give your concluding remarks how many minutes they have not even a minute you have a few seconds. So now with all this being mentioned, what am I going to conclude with and I matcha has a partnership she has a colleague

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the brothers have more than sisters are proud

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of the Global Scholars What do you have different opinion? Let's put that aside. But the point being is an amazing speaker but he has really good skills because he was thought about means like cool

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all right kind of thing okay. So shall apply something preparing notes is usually very natural like a discussion for concluding remarks. Then I said yes, I would like to prepare as much as possible and I was thinking What will I say after this no pay attention to this okay. We believe as Muslims, but I'll mention this inshallah, maybe toward more details. that the best way

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man ever walks in earth or best women?

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Are those who call people to Allah. There's no one better than that. No, there's no difference. Okay? Even Allah says a woman has an authority I mean men die in Allahu Allah says, Who is better than the one who's calling people to Allah? subhanho? wa Taala there's nothing better than that. Okay, now who is better the engineer or the doctor?

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Doctor, Doctor

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isn't it so sad? Why the engineers with doctors? Okay, for those that didn't graduate engineering degrees yet was all honesty. Your salary is nowhere near a doctor. Like I don't know why we get compared to them. Like we like we like it. Like, don't get me wrong, like yeah, the doctors were or the doctors introduce the oma like, okay, we're here. Salary wise, we're not even close. Like I want to mention numbers, but we're not even close. like Duke said, Why is the doctor have a higher more inability than engineer? Why? Come on? Are you smart students? Come on.

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seen something?

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Because it's more schooling, or schooling. So let's make one of the reasons. I guess that's one resistive load. Oh, King saving lives you want to see something as simple as you know why? He said, because they see people's lives very close to them together because the object of study of a doctor is more noble than the object of study of an engineer. So the object of study of a doctor is what?

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serving people right? Helping people in the heart transplant is serious as an engineer, what's our object of study machines, cars and so on? So human beings in cars definitely beans are more noble than when you said Dr. Higher steps better now what's our objective study? A lot is the intention or actual status a lot is repentance I was named

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we are above the doctor about the engineer's report anything in the world right now. Because there's nothing more noble than Allah God is in the right. So we ask about the excerpt from all of us we asked us

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to accept that normal position equal all of us that is it. So let me show you your medical students on like a beautiful Oh my god, you're in the hell up on Friday night that's even more honorable. Is it clear? All this being mentioned going back to the story. So now I just want this one thing is to come to one sentence if the only thing you remember from this picture is the following story. That's enough enough inshallah. So what should I conclude with so I did not accept it? I mean,

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so I did this evening and we ask God to accept and then like this lecture is that the best thing a human being can ever do? calling people to Allah, calling people to be slaves to Allah not to their desires come to the oneness of God worship Allah alone don't like be confused, impressing other people you only impressed the last panel attended and others will automatically be impressed by us beautiful. So what am I getting conclude after all that great deeds have done? Now I want to suggest what I see as concluding remarks.

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Like a big conference, okay, she was top notch Mashallah facility, etc. What will your complete remarks be after you've done one of the greatest things ever done on Earth, which is called people to Allah? What would you conclude with?

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Allahu Akbar, beautiful. So what I was doing everything and anything with my God, cover our mistakes.

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So May Allah cover our mistakes while we're doing this good deed. Okay, great. What else?

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thank the organizers, organizers. By the way, that's very important to me to thank the organizers, beautiful. Thank you all for organizing.

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Like, give it a shot.

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sins, May Allah forgive all our sins? Okay, beautiful. But logically, does that make sense? It doesn't. Logically, it doesn't really make sense. I'll give you explain. Sure. So let's say a sister was holding, let's say he said that he was willing to take over the cookie. I'll help you. I'll help you. So go the other side. Then I lift the table up. Is that good? It's like Yeah, good. I'm very sorry, Nadia. They leave.

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Does it make sense? You know, my wife gets so irritated for how many times I see thank you and an email but like someone says, Are you available on August 18 for a conference on the case I'm available. Thank you. So like, why was thank you? They're like, it doesn't really make sense. Sometimes. It is good to say thank you imagine when you have to be like, it doesn't make sense. Does that sorry. Makes sense?

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Absolutely not right. Rather, it's supposed to her. She's supposed to be thanking me that I helped her. Isn't that right? Okay. Now, what's the most noble bindi they can imagine Google like as much as possible in terms of nobility of abundant as far as possible? Are you an example okay? Someone building a Masjid amongst beautiful, right. Someone building like an orphanage? Think of a

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Really high level video clip

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which you can really hide

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the orphan hanging off beautiful Why? Because it was in obsessed whoever sponsors an orphan is just like this closeness of the prophet in paradise or what what one can imagine that so I asked you by Alana's a huge sentence by the way, is a very massive statement Arabic When I swear to you something you do you sponsor orphan and as to be able to sponsor an orphan if you cannot afford it, at least how did you get him to do that? At least at the intention setting is or $30 a month 45 maximum? But

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beautiful Marine Corps is an amazing ward. Isn't that amazing? Allah says you the VIP list of almost

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to the surface of the planet cetera, for you? How about this, we get a shot all the way there. Go ahead. You're

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saving lives Beautiful, beautiful, everything is great. If you pay attention to us. I don't think anyone can go beyond that and get ready for this.

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What about building the cabin?

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as being essential, building the cabin a cabin was everybody directed towards that we pray right? So the one who built the Kaaba know anyone that priests in a cabinet that men who built it gets rewarded, right? Every single man that's unbelievable, like everybody that makes that towards the law. He can screw with anybody who preys on them towards the table and them and guess what anybody that has had, oh my god, all that that men who got the Java case there was anything beyond that. I really cannot think of something beyond that. Because this man didn't just save lives in terms of actual physical biological life, but also the spirit. Is it clear? He made that he booked the cabin?

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Who was it? Who brought the money set up all this to come to this one? After Rahim Ali Salaam carrabba. He had concluding remarks. He has been mentioned he had concluding remarks. What were the

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outcomes of a gene who seek Allah's refuge from the devil? And we say the name of the last panel reminiscences of last

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resort 27 What if your Pharaoh either he will

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beat you I

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mean when Abraham and his son is married they helped build the cabin they asked a lot a lot except from us or a lot please exit from us about the mean in the semi or lady will allow you are the old hearing you are the old seen that from from

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Muslim a lotta woman rejina Metamucil Muslim and left one arena manasi Ghana then they're asking you a lot make me and my children amongst the people who surrender to you even though your ally you might tell me to do something that might not make sense even though some sisters the hijab might not make sense to them but you're allowed to make my heart accepted me have gone through so there's not a need frame for prayers a day might not make sense to buy your lunch I'm assuming you like this nigga surrender to whatever you told us to do is it clear mentioned shall not wear gold but that doesn't make sense because from a logical scientific point that we cannot perhaps so far defined

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something yet but all our mega surrenders wherever you told us several human is married they're asking a lot mega steadfast okay look at number three because no more often the levels right then what too badly in an acceptable return to you we are not we are so sorry

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put the table but he put the cabinet the table to the lower salary.

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Why? Because you might have had any shortcomings in the building We're so sorry online that most no reward ever people like get arrogant after there's no no we're so sorry. We apologize. they repented to our last panel dad. So Brother Why are you telling this to us? I'm telling you to get your undivided attention if the one who booked the caliber have to repent Then what about us?

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Okay, so I don't want anyone need to be sitting in says well this lecture about repenting our audience that are really bad seniors or like alcoholics and drug addicts. No, no, the one who built the cat apologized. The What about you who was when you were praying? And is it a lot left bar which means it was really everything in anything. And you were thinking of something else you just like

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you just said a lot of luck but a lot bigger than anything and greater than anything. And you will really think of something else that do not repent.

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For those that disrespect their parents one of the greatest major sins in Islam shalina repentance penalty Allah. For those that watch improper stuff online in these videos shot in that repentance panel with Allah. For every time you frown at someone's face, so do not repent to Allah subhana wa Tada. For every time you cursed or you stole someone's money, whether they're Muslim or non Muslim weekend less shalina repent to Allah subhana wa Tada. Whatever is in that you've done shall intervene.

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Depends on what kind of think of your sense and a line of logic. If sins with to have a smell. No two people sit by each other. But LA City was one of his names, which is the concealer he loves to conceal does not like to embarrass you embarrassing. So we think a lot of it not a lot of a system a smell to it. For a lot of you guys who have never invited me, I'm dead serious. You probably had like a Skype lecture or something like you've always since think, bad luck and seal this. And we appreciate from our last panel. And that is it clear. So that to get the point of this is that we also repent when right now, even while you're sitting apologies for the sin that you were doing. And

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he knew even repent from the sins that you're not aware of, isn't that right? They tend to do mistakes, you're not really aware of Belmont gives you signs here and there. So I was driving today with a brothers from Michigan to the Indiana and I really don't know I was driving 80 miles per hour, it was a 55 mile per hour speed limit. And I saw a cop stopping someone else and the goal My God.

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I just didn't realize that. So what gives you signs in the biggest standard Allah has given you this you attending this lecture about repentance. So maybe you're insisting on the center of your life and a lot of you to come here for some of the come from Canada all the way through to sin these words, whatever you're insisting on static change when interaction leads you sitting Is that clear? Brothers and Sisters is being mentioned some of the problems that we have is that many people think that I cannot change whatsoever. Many people think they know all these things that I have, I cannot let go of it. And some people will lie on the email not too long, what two weeks ago from a sister

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saying, Oh brother I've done all these sins on a lot ever forgive me. So the having the hopelessness actually the email me you actually see the exact email. She says, I don't think God will forgive me to the extent that she went through the sending and so on. And you have all these hopelessness many people, you know what the other issue they have they repent from the outside actions. Explain how extensive the return from large acts in terms of Oh, I stole something. I lied. I beat someone so I repent from that but why the problem we have is we don't repent from internal stuff. What do you mean? envy? Jealousy hate grudge. We shall repent from this isn't that right? Oh brother Mashallah.

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He graduated he whenever he was PhD, you want to have that issue with your heart you never verbalized that Charlie never been through that feeling that you have Isn't that right? Oh, Mashallah sister You got that brother to propose to you and never had any proposals in your life and you don't feel like that jealousy cuz why that's just another proposal. Shame that repent for having such heart isn't clear. So we need as Muslims, the problem is that they repent from outside, but we need to also look into the inside. What's the concern? Okay, what why do we care? For all this? All of us are sitting right here with gain. We're spending a Friday night about a bunch of extremist

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people right now sitting in front of me Friday night, coming back to lecture. But why? Why is the concern to the concerned brothers and sisters that if you're truly seeking happiness, pay attention. If you're truly seeking happiness, then the happiest day of your life pay attention is a beautiful gem. Is the day a lot accepts returns.

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The happiest day of your life is that that is the day to return. Tim, is it clear. Another concern to all of us repentance is one of the greatest road to gain happiness in this life and the afterlife. The third out of four, the warning that comes delaying one's repentance, like okay, I will change after I get married, I will change after I graduate. It can be one other reason of having a bad ending to your life. And if time permitting, we might share some true story that I personally witnessed his brothers and sisters here and there without mentioning names of course forth in terms of consider last

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gender is century. Once again, gender is what centuries North Dakota attended with since but all of us sin one of the profit center who live in Atlanta. Say how about every single son and daughter of Adam does Amador father revenue come from monkey that's gonna be the winner. Right? So our father as a very sensitive actually all actually cousins.

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to some of you right, but we're still your cousin Vinnie 64th. Cousin, for 596 cousin, etc. Right. So all of us are sinners, and the best offenders are who will helicopter in a woman and the best those who do mistakes are those who apologize. We all get apps here and there. The best ones are those who basically tried to build office hours and apologize for another exam is the clear, inshallah, how you guys would think we should save questions till then. So I was going to show up because we're going to end up at what time roughly eight o'clock. Okay, so I have to crunch as much material as

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Muslims. We have Okay, gender. Gender is what we call paradox, right? So gender parity is beautiful.

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If I ever see words like that, make sure you have someone beside each other. So don't be shy. So even Muslim By the way, no hygiene

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for like 20 years or something. And so normally when I'm making fun of them, no, no, no, I'll say it but I never thought I never knew until I was 17 years old. So sometimes we might not know something at the age of switchover. Don't be corrupted by this being separate.

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decision of this these concerns gender is sin free so this means we shall go to general Eskimos have to repent otherwise there are filter processes for your sins we don't believe anyone died for our sins yes paying attention and we don't believe that cute little baby that was just born comes with a sin Original Sin we don't believe in that such a cute little baby Why would they go to hell are they not repaired? Or whatever issue it may come solace so we think as Muslims we come fresh no sense whatsoever after the age of puberty hits, then the sins accumulate whenever we do a mistake is it clear anybody dies before the age of three really go straight to the Prophet somebody said whatever

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family they come from regardless where it comes from a Jewish family Christian family, whatever below the age of puberty you're going to paradise whenever you die is declared beautiful was from a place of a lot he was teaching us all of this. Now you might say is that a lot of other inshallah. inshallah I'll repent. But before that I wanted to mention the word repentance. What does it mean? Only touching the word word repentance. So repentance in Arabic is called Toba. Toba. Exactly. So we're gonna focus on Toba. Toba means to return Toba means of Raja is a clear. Okay, what does tone Valley technical. state party linguistically means return right? Toba repentance means to return.

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Technically, from Islamic perspective, what does Tilburg mean?

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Because we all should be doing Toba as Muslims, right? So we need to know what that Toba means? Isn't that right to say? I mean, all our lives and some people's learning today? No problem is are we going to always learn guess what I went back as a full time student even though I'm really getting really old, but I went that school from the lab and this is my first semester to another four years of bachelor's degree I just want to go another major in Sharla and do it in addition to my engineering major, I was able to do it and manage my time Yeah, I mean,

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I mean, by the way, as Muslims we believe whenever you see a man and you make the offer your brother What happens? The engine says, Well, let me do the right and May Allah give it to you as well and angels are similar so whenever they make dragon having a pure record, beautiful, excellent. So I'm making room for you to make draft and shall update. With this being said, repentance technically pay attention. Repentance means

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to leave everything that Allah dislikes externally and internally and returning from it to everything that Allah loves externally and internally. One more time is very important. Tell him repentance technically means if you say a lot to ballet, meaning they are lovely, except Mary return from everything that you dislike for that you hate externally and internally and returning back to everything that I love, love externally and internally Is that clear? Brother Baraka LASIK, that's amazing. Now you actually motivated us and inshallah we will change. But brother, how do we get to know whether Allah will accept our return or not? That's the question. How do we know that a lot of

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return or not? And one smart student amongst you right now, to tell me what's the biggest proof in Islam, that Allah will accept you repentance, and try to minimize your answer to one word if you can.

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When you Hartfield, peas, that's actually one of the signs grains, go ahead. But one of the things that we show for as Muslims that Allah will accept our return

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durability, okay, great.

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On beautiful, there's a lot of verses and so on.

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If you sincerely as it's one of the signs that lots, it's your turn beautiful.

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He gives you more tests. Great. That's one of the things that allows you to know that Allah will accept your repentance. So let's say you apply for a job, okay? So you need to know whether there are open positions. So you want to repent to Allah, we don't apologize. But the whole question is that how do I know that there's room for accepting my apology?

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Faith, beautiful. Give me one word.

00:23:54--> 00:23:55

Excellent. That's one of the I

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believe, so. It gets in training. Okay. Beautiful. Everything so far is good, but I want to know what a lot of my apology. How do I know that? Okay, yeah. I didn't say your alarm. Sorry. without really accepted. Give me approval. I won't accept it.

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Beautiful, just the fact that you're asking is one of the sides great. But

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you don't repeat it again. Great.

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You're very superduper duper close because I was named as a man of mercy. merciful great, it's pretty close. Raise your hand, because Alon named themselves the acceptor of repentance.

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Because a man named himself after Well, that's enough of a proof for you that Allah will have the doors always open for you. He named himself the acceptor of repentance allow. So this tells you you come anytime any day, any second you're sleeping or your side. You're driving you apologize.

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Quiet right now sitting in front of me you apologize you will accept your return anytime any day whatever sin that you've done in your life

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yes I appreciate that one day that's all we need to know no more if no one because you named themselves after well that's why you're running value center when you need that almost a kind of mentality say in the world of Rahim Allah in the Quran and the Torah him because Abraham understood that I was also known as a worm. Is it clear cut brother give us more more proof that Allah accept our return. But this is you know why this is very important to know that security is very important because even in dunya reasons, you might do something wrong against someone and you really feel bad about it. But you really don't say sorry Why because they make make fun of you. Or the neck reject

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you isn't the right shoe the broth has history now look, I'm gonna be embarrassed in front of the people. You know, it's like because there's my new room Have you been rejected? Even your own mother you might do something wrong and as your mother is like, I know my mom will accept me but not now. So I'm going to make a bookshelf tomorrow morning as well. Y'all want make sure I got one morning because I have more as I sleep My mom is angry at me I'll go to hell because as Muslim believe if you're always angry at you, or was angry Are you period unless your mom is angry about something? That is basically how long they are supposed to be doing? Is that clear? Okay, what else? Look Give

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me two proofs. Okay? When Allah mentions repentance in the Quran, he puts it with a word acceptance of what rest may be rest assured parents these two verses, Allah says, Have you read them be waka be told, Allah forgives the sin, and he accepts the return. And it was amazing the way a lot puts the words in order say Allah says I accepted your return.

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Is it clear or one more verse me appreciate it. Allah says Allah miall mo, La Jolla to bet on anybody. Do they not know that? Allah accepted the return of the slave? Yeah, a lot. What did you all know? Because I just said it to them. You can over excuse you might apply for a job in your resume. For example, I worked as a HR person for internship for like four months. So when someone submits a resume, you call them HR? Hello, sir. We received your resume that you're all nervous, right? Okay. And what happened? Did you accept it like am I gonna position then we will? Congratulations Mashallah.

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Mashallah nice. Like May God bless you. May Allah move away that he will hide from you and all that good stuff of that stuff.

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Then you like congratulations. Yes, we were. Everything went well. But you go through that stress for a few seconds, right? You met especially the brothers whenever they proposed. Yes. I felt that before you propose to the Father cause you your future father in law, Santa Monica. Set out what happened? Well, we saw with our daughter last night well discussion whether we accept you as a husband or not okay, to give him that stress, right. I lived there for six times got rejected six times hamdulillah. But things went well. I got married. Actually, I was forced to wear the ring. It's a Muslim women are oppressed.

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The notion that we're both we're both doing just fine. So the point is, what are they saying about marriage? everything that goes away? When they say

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can we like change repentance to like

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the job offer HR. Excellent. So the point that Linda stressed but Allah greets you about repentance, examples. Go back to the job again. Hello, hello, congratulations. Okay, it's good. So what's up? We have a job offer for you. We like to resume. So it begins with with like happiness. You're not stressed out? Is that clear? So Allah says, I accepted. Beautiful What? Your return. So you don't even have to go through that stress that will not help you. Whenever you do come back to you. Is it clear? We are supposed to always allow us to understanding see me, brothers and sisters inshallah, I would like to mention a quick story for you. Quick stories, it can take us about 1015 minutes. But

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there's a lot of benefits in it. Is it clear? Well, some of it, some of them give us a lot of a headache and a lot of personal plot showing us there's one vendor. And by the way, I thought we're gonna wait till he comes back to do that when you stick to a schedule we'll talk about

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let's do a quick vote, democracy. Beautiful.

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Who here wants to move the hell up to 815

00:29:32--> 00:30:00

and then have the Q and A's between mother Venetia between the two players. What we'll do is that this is an option. Okay. So we pray that we will go the lecture until 815. What time is that karma autonomy is the actual establishment of the 21st and 25 grade. So at age 15, and we'll head to the mosque. We prayed about it. Then we'll come right after Mother Teresa. We have a q&a for about an hour. Whatever your question is, you haven't shot a lot. And we do this until you think that's good.

00:30:00--> 00:30:05

or finish at eight o'clock. Have the q&a for 15 minutes and then do another

00:30:07--> 00:30:07


00:30:10--> 00:30:11


00:30:16--> 00:30:17

Okay, so let's do a quick vote.

00:30:19--> 00:30:37

Vote. So who here sees that? Let's go with the lecture until 815 lecturing. And then between Melbourne and Russia for the whole hour and I'm willing to stay till 12am with you guys I'm your servant for this weekend shala till tomorrow then Sunday I'm not going to Michigan have another Fs in shalonda goes well.

00:30:38--> 00:30:44

So, the first one is what goes into 816 then question a between Melbourne and shop visit him.

00:30:47--> 00:30:52

Okay, we'll go with a lecture until eight o'clock. Then q&a for 15 minutes.

00:30:54--> 00:31:01

Okay, okay, in the back. Okay, so the more in the back appears more numbers in the back of a combination of both.

00:31:14--> 00:31:28

Okay, continuing afterwards, because we'll do that so we'll end at eight o'clock inshallah. Then the QA comes through again and eight o'clock within the QA. The Smart question that comes the first question, you should ask me what most of you have to say.

00:31:37--> 00:31:38


00:31:49--> 00:32:36

in La Jolla, Nova Jamie, in Walla Walla Rahim, Allah says in this verse, all my slaves and as Muslims, we have this title as the most beloved title to us. The Prophet used to be loved. Like he used to love the fact that a lot calls him which means slave, and we love it. Usually slaves don't like this, this relationship slave and the master. But Muslims we actually worship God out of love, before this concept of heaven and hell and all that our Cosmos Allah is based upon love. That's what a lot is known for on that extra 15 don't force anyone to slam that way unless you're a man who many of them and God whoever you believe will ever lose the deal don't think that a little bit be worried

00:32:36--> 00:33:01

and stressed out and so on. And who's gonna come after you rather Allah says, For some fear Tila will come in you have bought when you have bought a lot but a lot of people who are long loves and they love them back. So this this concept of relationships in a lot of us is a slave that is full of love today's Lord, is it clear it's not that ugly humility way that people will view things these days is that clear? So Allah says all my slaves

00:33:03--> 00:33:41

out there and say, oh, horrible sinners out Don't say oh, you filthy people. I blessed you with an eye you're watching improper stuff. I bless you with an ears you listening to backbiting and horrible lyrics, when eminence is unguarded does this and all that stuff? Allah does occasionally use your ears to hear that bad stuff is it clear but not doesn't doesn't give you that title. He says oh my sleeve, the top notch title alleged respecting you. He says all my slaves who went way beyond doing mistakes, like so much so many mistakes? Don't ever give up on the rest of a wah wah forgives all of these things. But always that room, brothers and sisters will love you shall not

00:33:42--> 00:33:45

overlook the concept that a lot always accept series.

00:33:46--> 00:34:20

How many minutes to come to an end? Because eventually the wife or the husband will no longer accept the Sorry? isn't our apology? Isn't that right? How many times you do a mistake at work, you're always late at work. You can no longer say sorry to your manager, because you mentioned sick of your apologies. Isn't that right? as Muslims, we have to appreciate that. And we don't go to the extent that we say when someone definitely sins we say no, we don't go to that route. We don't go to a church, we open the window and we talk to the priest and apologize. Rather, our connection is only to Allah subhanaw taala is it clear, and that door is always open and never closes until two cases

00:34:20--> 00:35:00

occur? Only two scenarios to the range of repentance comes to an end in two cases. Number one, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Allah will accept your return any time in any day. As long as you're not going through the last the last moments of your life that last like you're about to die these last moments when everything comes to reality. And you see the Angel of Death that's as Muslims who believe the angel of death will have during the transition between life and afterlife that transition. We still ended life but you know that whole life in and out. We're still in dunya this life and Aquila and ethics are so in that period when you repent along with everything.

00:35:00--> 00:35:07

Now, there's reality check, is that clear, but you don't return. The other piece is one. What is the other case?

00:35:09--> 00:35:14

Allah will forgive you, even if you do the worst thing, which is what she's

00:35:15--> 00:35:22

saying, he has a son, his daughter, he has a wife, he has a mother, whatever is the greatest sin. If you say, sorry, I apologize. I'll accept it right.

00:35:23--> 00:35:28

But what is the range and the time when you do curse, Allah will notice your return

00:35:30--> 00:36:02

before the sunrise from the west, and that's one of the major sins of the Day of Judgment. Right. So when he goes to the lotto, these last moments alone, not security, and when until the sunrise from the west, at least one knows when these were coming in between whatever range we're good to go. Is it clear? A lot of penalties says company can look at the other Heidi hedges means whatever statement the Prophet have said or an act in the province has made it clear. So it isn't only his words, is the clear, beautiful, he said I love this headline. I love it. He said one

00:36:04--> 00:36:05


00:36:06--> 00:36:08

no one loves apology.

00:36:10--> 00:36:14

How many times do I have to tell you Sorry to apologize until we get sick of

00:36:16--> 00:36:17

loans be very unrealistic.

00:36:19--> 00:36:21

So you step on someone's shoe. So sorry.

00:36:24--> 00:36:28

You stressed out the drug for five hours. I step on that same shoe again.

00:36:29--> 00:36:35

Your pet brother in law calls him time so he's like no, Robin Sharma. I said the third time Are you kidding me? No.

00:36:37--> 00:36:37

Kidding me?

00:36:39--> 00:36:46

And let's be serious, right? What was going on? He said, the fourth time is like, you know what happened is a 655. Man, do whatever it takes.

00:36:47--> 00:37:05

But Allah the Prophet tells us no one loves apology more than Allah. So this gives you the sense of conference can always come back. And it should shouldn't is by the way, but that should mean a lot to you. And sisters as well. To the brothers, we send a lot of a sin that should always go back to his hands and he always expects your apology is beautiful.

00:37:06--> 00:37:09

But you know, who doesn't really appreciate it does not bother us to begin with.

00:37:11--> 00:37:18

So if you don't, I'm so sorry to be a little harsh a little bit. Okay? If this doesn't mean much to you, question your heart.

00:37:20--> 00:37:30

If it doesn't mean anything to you, because you never apologize. It doesn't matter how many times you apologize with your continuous apology, look into it once again an apology you accept as evil.

00:37:32--> 00:37:34

The prophets understood that. That's

00:37:36--> 00:37:43

the man who never sinned and the prophets never said basically, as Muslims, they're infallible, not so little copper. For example,

00:37:45--> 00:38:05

an A quote this from a preacher and he told me that in the Bible, it says that Prophet for example, lot slept with his own daughter kissing the man if you did brothers, if not read the Bible. If you get No brother, Lucia Evans, just weapons he has the most viewed video about Islam or

00:38:07--> 00:38:12

Christianity or Islam. It's an amazing video that's over an hour long as it has about 1.5 million views Mashallah.

00:38:15--> 00:38:48

It says a lot study this one as Muslims who believe they don't say no to such things. And whenever I talk to a very respectful Christian man, may Allah guide them say I mean, and well, I'll be very honest with you don't think that when someone's Muslim, that means they're more well mannered and less incorrect. Even Allah says in the Quran, there's some people, there's something about Christians and Jews and so on. You think some people you actually might trust him with like a million dollars. And some people get an interest rate with $1. So even though even the promise of law says and he praises that, prefer the disbelievers the Prophet one time when you have like there

00:38:48--> 00:39:08

was a war against hostages in the US with better, better better. He said, If it was alive, it was a Kaffir. Okay, wouldn't even believe in God didn't believe in him as a prophet. He said, had he been here and he said to the three of these prisoners of war, I'll give it to him. For how many ones Exactly. So the point being is what was acceptable, was acceptable.

00:39:20--> 00:39:22

It was set up who never sent in his life.

00:39:23--> 00:39:34

He says, oh, people lost the promise of giving you advice. This is an action item. Okay. He says oh people, seek a loss forgiveness and returned back to Allah repent for a lot of India stuff from Allah to reexamine me as

00:39:36--> 00:39:59

I seek Allah's apology more than 100 times a day. There is no mistake and as soon as life is paying attention to this very important point, you mentioned I once again going back to us how to behave. Look what was he asks us to Buddha in a law he was stuffy Runa la Rahim. Allah was wrong with you. But isn't it time for you to return back to Allah? What is it that sin is so high?

00:40:00--> 00:40:39

dissolve in your heart as an affiliate to one, what is wrong with you after him all these all these IDs, all these examples, all these stories to Buddha, your one shilling applies to Las panatela Do you still really think you have not done anything wrong in your life? That in itself is something to apologize for? That in itself is something we should all apologize for. Why? Because being heedless, is more dangerous than someone who knows or she knows that they are sinning. Why? Because when you are hitless, that means you might be doing stuff that you're unaware of. But when you're sinning, that guilt is so filthy, that needs to wake up. Isn't that right? So you do something wrong. I give

00:40:39--> 00:41:03

an example someone cheating during the exam, who really thinks that I can justify it? Okay, somehow they can justify these people are more dangerous situation than the one who cheats and feels bad about it. No, that's wrong. Why? Because that Ill feeling will eventually make you wake up. But no one was he was like I can justify there's nothing wrong with it. There's no way out of it. That's why the devil loves bidda more than another major sin.

00:41:04--> 00:41:41

You're paying attention. So whatever is tainted by the what's been added that is innovation. So you add something to the deen that was not part of the religion. The major sin is like disciplining your parents and so on example of a bit of innovation. There was a winter I was doing hedge, circulating accounting around the Kava. I was really, really close to it from the levels of the porphyry. What that was is like this very well circulation around the Kaaba. And I saw a sister member bless her and guide her. She had the Carter we know they prey on the Carter, but there's something he can add. So she grabbed it and she was wiping the cabinet within the actual cabinet. So saying, sister, what

00:41:41--> 00:41:44

are you doing? And she's like, I'm seeking blessings from it.

00:41:45--> 00:42:20

But as Muslim we know that these rocks give no blessings whatsoever. So the devil loves this more than anything in the world. Is it keep doing it keep going, baby. Come on. Yeah, why? Keep going? Keep going. Why? Because you know, because she just wasted about $1,000 to go to Kava, she's not doing that circulation. She's not praying is a distinctive to doing this until the guy says let's go home back to America back to 10 whatever. Because he loves that heedlessness. Is that clear? So he asked a lot forgive us for being heedless. Wherever sin that we're doing we are supposed to gather as well. So brothers and sisters is being mentioned and hunted out without like a minute left.

00:42:21--> 00:42:23

And I don't know how to end in shaba.

00:42:28--> 00:42:29

This is a

00:42:31--> 00:43:15

live stream. So the hot Something happened in the time of Moosa or Moses, these blessings of Allah may be upon him. He went and he asked the last panel data for some rain. Why? Because of severe drought. The kids were like starving, hardly any food, no water, even the animals were dying. It was so so bad. Moses both lots of houses yell please bless us with some rain. The children are starving the woman and the woman can no longer breastfeed and this is so bad. There's no more food. The animals are dying yet. illustrate guess what happens? No rain comes down. moosari Sarah goes to us. Anthony says Yeah, you got me used to getting my requests responded to and you always accept them.

00:43:15--> 00:43:53

But there's no rain this time. What's the deal? And we know Moses was kaeleen will not which means what Moses was a prophet actually spoke to Allah. They actually talked to all of that out in a way that fits our laws. majesty, is it clear? What can live a level moves that okay, continuing that lever? Isn't that right? So most of these, a lot of them are Muslim. There is a person in your crowd. So there was a big crowd in the backseat. I need to pay attention to big crossing, I mean, but a lot of sense. There's a person that crowd was been sitting against me for 40 years 40 years of severe sin. So Moosa asked that man to leave that crowd and they asked me and I'll give you the rain

00:43:54--> 00:44:37

musasa went on national podiums at all people listen up. I asked the last panel without rain upon us. You guys see that your state of your people? So I bet the one who has been sitting for 40 years I beg you please leave the crowd that the people please that man was sitting for 40 years look this right with his luck no one went away. Is that definitely is me. He knew was him that he said if I leave right now will be so embarrassing. I'll be exposed. He talks to a lot of holidays repenting me perhaps any words from his mouth was strong in the heart and I'll accept at any time remember that anytime? He says you know what? If I leave right now we'll be so embarrassed. yo la repent to

00:44:37--> 00:44:59

apologize to y'all live and you feel bad that guilt kicks in is a cliche that guilt heedless does not mean not means that some holiday, is it clear but that guilt was there? This year, a lot of repent to your lawn, I beg you to please accept my returns. You have 40 years of sitting, few seconds of a policy. What happened? All of a sudden will happen. Start to ring musasa

00:45:00--> 00:45:36

Allah says he has no one left. His surgery was once the deal is like my slave was detained for 40 years has repented few seconds of repentance can forgive all of the senses sensory existence. Yes, they appreciate this or not, is a moment of apology to a loved one. The pillar of repentance is when you regret that regret came from the heart and I've accepted it rain Moosa empty, says yahveh Tell me who was that person is so I can go and give him a big hug and congratulate him. Allah says or WUSA, I can see my slave when they were sitting for 40 years. You think I'll expose them when they apologize?

00:45:37--> 00:45:41

So no one knew who he was. And I asked what kind of data

00:45:42--> 00:45:50

or apology I asked him to always make us return back to him. Whether we're aware of the sin or whether we're not a political he had was definitely with a

00:45:52--> 00:45:54

lot of a lot of people.

00:45:58--> 00:46:17

Thank you very much for the talk. Really appreciate it. All right. So the way question answers really work is bleep. This half of the room has no Pat no cards and pens. This will get distributed. In the meantime, while they're getting passed around.

00:46:19--> 00:46:22

We'll take questions verbally.

00:46:25--> 00:46:38

So for our non Muslim guests, there'll be a special table outside Greek feel free to ask any questions at all. There's also materials pamphlets, general information about Islam etc. So feel free to please stop by there.

00:46:39--> 00:46:52

So we'll take we'll take verbal questions for In the meantime, while the wild cards are being distributed. Once you're once you read write your question down you want to ask just raise your hand and we'll pick them up. Thank you.

00:46:59--> 00:47:02

For those ask questions as mentioned your English history

00:47:06--> 00:47:36

has been about you know, repentance, which is a very reactive action to sending but I mean a lot of living us like on a college campus like this. They were exposed to temptation a lot how would you advise us to like either avoid that temptation or avoid being more proactive to do that was kind of bless you and may Allah allow us to have the patience to avoid ever since me, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless our young brothers and sisters and protect them from every evil those around them whether they're Muslim or not.

00:47:38--> 00:47:44

So how can we protect it in this university the atmosphere and so on the other party's is going around

00:47:46--> 00:47:50

hardcore party school but also your very academic base I guess you guys are balanced.

00:47:51--> 00:47:57

Okay, now the problem you send me gives you that solution. And please pay attention to this structure

00:47:58--> 00:48:02

the best as Muslims we believe that this is this is like priceless, okay?

00:48:03--> 00:48:03

stuff it's

00:48:05--> 00:48:30

the best thing you can ever have in your life. There's tangible there's things that we gained are tangible and things are in tangible is paying attention. Something that I'm working to bless you tangibly, which is money. So I'll let that make you rich as a tangible blessing from Allah. Something that I'm looking at intangible such as email, I think it's intangible patience, intangible, is it clear as Muslims who believe the best tangible thing a lot can ever give you in your life?

00:48:32--> 00:48:34

Is what? Raise your hand

00:48:36--> 00:48:47

so which means righteous companions? You're absolutely right. But be specific. The best thing you can ever have a love letter some intent is a righteous friend. But someone of the opposite gender

00:48:53--> 00:48:57

religion as Muslims as well as brother we talked about you come to karate for us.

00:48:58--> 00:49:07

The best thing I can ever give you is a friend from the opposite gender which is a spouse so the best answer to your question is getting married immediately.

00:49:13--> 00:49:14


00:49:16--> 00:49:33

that's the number one thing is when immigrants the men director swipe Roswell like what's your evidence beautiful It's a nice question that was a little It was so long he was seven he said a dounia kulu Amata everything in dunya will come to an end everything will vanish every tangible thing will come to an end well how you attack dounia and not

00:49:34--> 00:49:35

because the

00:49:36--> 00:49:59

lab should be the main street and gain all the good intangible stuff explain attention to that pay your brother's tuition your bro come on be realistic here the practical command of the of the practical of taking from a hammer somebody was sending them. He says the best solution for all of us to get married to protect you from all that harsh environment around you. If you can do it, then what should you do?

00:50:00--> 00:50:41

Fast, fast, fast. Exactly. So when you're fasting, it kind of starves your body and feeds your soul. As Muslim were two components because the intent is very important point. We have a body and we have a soul. Many people don't believe in God, I was constantly focused on the bias of the feeder by the worker, all the vices like 17 inches wide, whatever it may be, and other stuff and they did selfing everything's like know that I that the color of my eyes is to be clearer, all that good stuff. So you do all the tangible stuff to the body, and you still still depressed why they forgot the other component is starving to death. It is starving to death people, that's what you're missing out.

00:50:41--> 00:50:49

That's what people commit suicide, they forgot about that component. Is it clear. So putting those two those together, almost kind of what Adam was talking about,

00:50:50--> 00:50:51


00:50:54--> 00:51:15

feeding the soul now. So when you're fasting, you're starving the body. So you're any feeding vessel. That's why I'm alive is the biggest event booster. Because you're not paying attention to your body. You're just focused on this little part. And the best way to fulfill your soul and feed it and nourish your soul is through the food and the best food you can ever have. Which comes in Milan, which is reading the Koran.

00:51:17--> 00:51:50

But that plan will be much more specific to understand what says is a clear so number one is to get married. Number two, do your best to fast. And obviously if you can, if you cannot get married as a system, may Allah bless her she said have wrenches companions. If you're around people, you really cannot curse as much. When you're around good people, they will not tell you let's be very explicit. Don't give gramophone like Bruce actually watched us that was amazing that somehow on video physically, they will never do such thing, right? Like isn't up to you, and they will. They will never do that to you. And you will never do that to them because you're unrighteous companion. And

00:51:50--> 00:52:23

well, I'll be very honest and blunt to all of you. I believe that the thing that will kill you the most in schools is having a bad friend. You can be a genius. You can be whatever you want. Whether you're Muslim or non Muslim, that's not the point. The point is your friends around you. And Muslims or non Muslims give many quotes on it. Right? Even Buddha. He has no water right? He said an insincere and evil person. A friend an insistent evil friend is worse to you than a beast. Why? Because the beast may want you physically by your evil friend will want your mind. Clear and your loss bluster.

00:52:25--> 00:52:27

Starts fasting so Mondays and Thursdays

00:52:28--> 00:52:29

proposes some

00:52:38--> 00:52:41

rapid fire. Okay, rapid fire. Hello.

00:52:44--> 00:52:52

So how can we do this? So, okay, I've never done this before. But you guys are cool people. So you get questions and you have Twitter. You can just tweak the question to me.

00:52:55--> 00:52:59

I've never done that before, but no problem. I'll just misspell it.

00:53:05--> 00:53:06

My first and last and number two.

00:53:11--> 00:53:14

Okay, please explain the ruling on listening to music.

00:53:16--> 00:53:26

Listen to music. Okay. Really quick comments in three categories. Number one category. There's no definitive opinion whatsoever about Lady Gaga, Kanye West Kim Kardashian. She's even saying doesn't matter.

00:53:30--> 00:53:36

Okay, so all that stuff is how long does notice opinion Don't play games. Okay. Lady Gaga young goes up Really?

00:53:38--> 00:53:39

So there's no difference.

00:53:41--> 00:54:14

Now, the other opinion that other people removed from this now what about good lyrics? Let's be for example, let's say whatever some sheet singer has, but they have instruments along the Sunday what's in it for him and he has the kind of guitar, okay, is the difference opinion. You have to respect both opinions. Doesn't matter. Whatever your opinion, your fault. For example, I kind of lean more towards the instruments are not permissible. That's why I lean more towards my wife. It's actually she she thinks it's permissible. She wants to single handedly say respect. I have no problem with that. Okay, but we don't disrespect you. That's the main point of old question. Want to get out of

00:54:14--> 00:54:37

this? You do not disrespect you do not back. Don't talk trash about them. You don't like the opinion? There's common sense. Okay. A lot. Beautiful. So that being said, instruments with good lyrics. It's Helen sunsets. Hello. Great. We answered the question. Beautiful. And the one was best, how to repent for and stay away from Xena. The answer was marriage in the past. Is it is it true that

00:54:41--> 00:54:42

is it true that

00:54:44--> 00:54:47

okay, is it true Sunni

00:54:48--> 00:54:59

Sunni majority of scholars say the Prophet sent but not major since the prophets have never sinned. Maybe they've given for example. So light sauce and lamb one time will tell us Ahava

00:55:00--> 00:55:23

asked him about taking taking the dates of the palm tree. So Robert doesn't have experience with taking the dates off. So he said, Yeah, go ahead, take it if you want. So people thought the prom is going to take him out, but not much experience with them. So they took her off and things went wrong. And obviously I'm not really a farmer or anything, but I have no idea. So that's not a sin. Is it? A prophet do not do any sin. But

00:55:25--> 00:55:30

as someone with Xena How can they ask for forgiveness?

00:55:33--> 00:56:07

For those that weren't always reminds me on my own my sin and it is hard for me to repent. Allow them to repent See, I mean, brothers and sisters, the conditions of repentance is as follows this Sunday, I should have mentioned the Holocaust. I should not finish that talk without mentioning this mailman word for asking the question. I kind of touched on it a little bit whenever you repent our conditions for repentance you can do right now while you're sitting right now. Number one pillar if you don't have that pillar, Allah will never accept your return. Allah will never see your apology. What's that mean? condition is for you to regret. You have to have the sense of regret. You can't

00:56:07--> 00:56:12

see abroad that spring break was awesome in Florida, man beautiful. No, I won't do it again.

00:56:14--> 00:56:30

I'm referring to all this stuff. bad stuff that happens screaming isn't clear. You cannot have that job done tonight. Well, if it wasn't how long draw I would have done it like 10 times. You have to have that regret you have to have regret. What's your proof? I love that question once they approve, also always have a law that says I tell her to another job.

00:56:31--> 00:56:52

Is it clear that the core principle of repentance is regrets what other stuff? Is that? You regret the past you stop immediately you can see okay, this is the last sip of alcohol no you can do that. So you read the past you start right now and you promise to never do it in the future is divorced more conditioned but this these were some of the main ones right? One minute or two minutes left? That's a long one.

00:56:56--> 00:56:57

So we

00:56:59--> 00:57:35

don't answer Okay, I'm 28 years old female and I'm start striving to be a good practicing Muslim Muslim man may Allah bless me Allah make a strong say I mean, my family is not practicing happens most most families now one strengthen What is it? What is the best way to convince them that practicing is very important to be closer to a las panatela I'm having a hard time convincing. Please brother help. The best way to present Islam The best way is not through your beautiful colors. rotation is not about lecturing is not what this what's the best way you can show your family practicing is the best thing in your life is the way you present your salon to your families.

00:57:35--> 00:57:37

Is the moment your mom tells you what

00:57:38--> 00:57:43

you're about to drink. mom tells you please give me a like a pencil. Okay, so you finish it.

00:57:45--> 00:57:51

Finish it, don't even finish it. You show that to your mom do you think she'll be like melt out of like a lot of what changed because Islam.

00:57:52--> 00:58:09

You fall it tells you to do this. You go ahead you go to pray. taraweeh I saw this my own eyes. A brother Well, I was so sad and so devastating. A brother wants to retire later is like in Ramadan is an extra prayer is that the bonus is not a must. It's not a must. So it's my turn to go help him clean the dishes or wash the dishes to

00:58:11--> 00:58:38

wash dishes seriously, he went and he slammed the door. That guy is 100% ignorant or arrogant to want to own the bottles because had never had any atom of wisdom and knowledge in the religion. He knows that washing the dishes is 10 million times more affordable and praying a million dollar salary. So when you press them with your actions will lead us enough well, especially that you know your Muslim audience and you're practicing. So this will show is it clear. That's number one thing that I believe is showing

00:58:39--> 00:59:02

the problem Amazon like I said before he even knew he was a prophet before he was even labeled as a prophet. He used to walk around and people used to call him what men know. The most truthful the most honest, that man some of it was said that when he became a Prophet he had the audacity to talk about a lot because I had the reputation but someone's just horrible the whole time disrespecting never answered the phone calls and then says What do you pray

00:59:04--> 00:59:20

and all these horrible managing I'm accepting now you think your non Muslim friend will accept the boss lamp that because he saw you cheating in your exams when he saw you flirting with other systems in proper way and you're supposed to be protective of your sisters. So you present yourself with your action is the best way to show Islam is this correct?

00:59:21--> 00:59:22

Answer the right

00:59:24--> 00:59:25


00:59:28--> 00:59:40

Okay, we got a really quick any advice for someone who doesn't see their mistakes as mistakes has become immune to seeing mistakes as a big deal? How to soft in the heart.

00:59:42--> 00:59:55

A heart softens with a man. Okay. The heart soft is with the man and this amazing question. Why? Because I was born in Saudi Arabia. And the school was like segregated right? So you come here and actually open the locker right by

00:59:56--> 00:59:59

row and gate hardly ever see a girl in school. There's no girl

01:00:00--> 01:00:03

To begin with, so the first time I was opening my locker like

01:00:04--> 01:00:06

Jessica's race, gender or something

01:00:08--> 01:00:18

Oh my God, but the first time is a bit of a fit next but guess what? Let's be very realistic. 10 years later Robin Jessica walks birthday hardly ever

01:00:19--> 01:00:35

see that stuff follow up. So what? You get so immune like this person was complaining, the heart is suffering the most when demand kicks in. That's why the next question what the most amount of masala as Muslims almost consensus on consensus

01:00:37--> 01:01:01

no one had imagined a struggle even he said the authentic IDs. If they imagined that the face of a worker one of the prophets friends was put on one scale and the other skill was the face of all human beings on scale, email obaku be actually all that but pay attention. His Eman kicked in. When he increased the guess what happened The Prophet said the Most Merciful person to make oma Alhambra

01:01:03--> 01:01:24

says to soften your heart increasingly increasing demand as a whole entire lecture, whole entire lecture really quick, the fastest way is to repent. Even if you don't know the essence, or the fastest way that you can really taste and feel it as well is when you do good to other people. Okay, that's the easiest way as Muslim The easiest way to gain a bid from Allah is when you give that to people.

01:01:25--> 01:01:27

As a clear, beautiful lesson.

01:01:28--> 01:01:32

I've heard many different products, three months to go.

01:01:35--> 01:02:11

I've heard many difference of opinion about celebrating birthdays, baby shower, etc. from different scholars, is it it's done? Okay, so I got the question. Is it simple please clarify. Okay, birthdays I'm in court scholar so don't quote me on this one whatever you say is very important. Whenever we say affect whether that like jurisdiction is the proper term like a like a like a ruling. You either your own you're a scholar, you do the effort you like this? The purpose of this Allah sent this form together? The answer is so and so most people are not qualified in that realm because they people most of us here wanted to have some scholars do not qualify for this. You don't have that luxury to

01:02:11--> 01:02:45

do your own research. You still have extra students a lot. So the other route is you quoting other scholars is paying attention. So I'm not that caliber yet. Maybe inshallah one day. But I'm here right now to include some scholars that have, for example, big scores in Muslim countries, also North America, they say birthdays is not necessarily how long? You're not prohibited, because there are a natural act and not a ritual act because paying attention. It's not a ritual is not a religious festival. Is this a natural activity? Obviously, there's differences of opinion, pay attention. We respect both parties. That's the whole point of the question. You want to have

01:02:45--> 01:03:08

birthdays go ahead and you want to bring stuff to you. But don't curse each other. Don't backbite don't match that this whole point. There's difference of opinion about it? Well, if I follow I really have no idea. I don't celebrate my daughter's birthdays. As a little childish. I'm not saying it's hard. I'm not belittling anyone. Like my grandfather celebrate his birthday as my father, my grandfather. It's up to him, but I just don't

01:03:09--> 01:03:10

ignore me messing

01:03:12--> 01:03:37

up because I might say whenever you answer some questions like that, and a speaker, you should say what can you follow? But I personally, I personally do not do birthdays is not because I don't want to do that. Do we know Pharaoh of Moses time? How much religion to believe in evolution? This is not some of my knowledge. I have no idea about evolution. I know for a fact. I don't come from monkeys. Even though one guy said you took a monkey.

01:03:40--> 01:03:46

Okay, last question, bro come from monkeys, or feathers? Or them? Elisa? Is what is how can this

01:03:48--> 01:03:57

authentic evidence that his wife is actually how I don't know if there's actual evidence. And the last question any particular way to ask for repentance for sins? Or one more question.

01:03:59--> 01:04:00

So are we gonna go tomorrow?

01:04:05--> 01:04:41

Okay, any practical way to ask for repentance for sins we are not aware of. We might have been hinted at that. Just as I was meant to repentance in general, whether you're quiet or loud at night, in the morning, in the afternoon, there's no restriction whatsoever, not in the world, just every jurisdiction to do whatever language whatever way you want to do it. whatever word you want to choose. Just go with it. Just apologize and have that sense of regret. Last last question, aren't the prophets sons of Adam, so are all of the sons of Adam sinners? Couldn't be Adam? Yes, they're sinners, but they did not put they're not born with a sin, the sin the sins xR accumulating when we

01:04:41--> 01:04:59

mentioned that when you reach the age of puberty, so your sin free sin free range of puberty is roughly 1314. There's a lot of signs of reaching the age of puberty. Obviously, when a woman is praying, that's a sign that she has reached age of puberty when a woman goes through a cycle when that when the man has a sperm coming out of him and cetera Davis educational

01:05:00--> 01:05:28

Then we'll always a wet dream or whatever that means that person have reached the age of puberty. At that point, you will be question of your sense that you've done. Is it clear? At that point that's when sin accumulate, you're never born with a sin. You know, we're never number one a sin. And Allah doesn't hold me accountable for a sin that someone else have done because I got nothing to do with it. Allah will ask me when he tried to minimize it, what the harm that others are doing, that I'll do my best than others. I will never punish Jesus while he was worshipped. I mean, is it because that's not but

01:05:31--> 01:05:35

that's my Twitter account. Feel free to tweet. And thanks to the church.

01:05:38--> 01:05:57

Thank you again, everyone, for coming. I encourage all of our guests most of the non Muslim, they have time to stop by tomorrow at 11am to 280. I think there's more invitations outside. Yeah. And again, once we've provided we're gonna head over to motion