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The history of the legal system in India during the early twentieth century was replaced by Islam in the late 1800s and early 2000s, leading to the loss of rights and the use of force during the pandemic. The importance of protecting one's identities and reputation was emphasized, as well as the importance of learning history and self-control. The speakers also discussed the success of marriage, including a woman who joins a party and a woman who joins a party. The importance of strong minds and not running away was emphasized, as well as the need for a strong mindset to win in a battle.

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Are you ready in sha Allah? The Wu dallies salaam brothers and sisters was mooted many years was special. Check this out. Check this out. He was special before he was created on Earth. What? Before he was born he was special give. At the end of the day. This is the unseen how you're saying stuff like that. Listen. Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, lemme Haleakala who Adam when Allah created Adam, mess how voila, Allah wiped over the back of Adam alayhis salam, what happened? All the children of Adam till the omo kiama, they appeared in front of Adam alayhis salam, wa Jalla Danai in a cool incentive to read Adam, will be

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your son manure, so between the eyes of every child of Adam, you were there and connect, I was there all of us were there. Allah has placed well beside me know some light into the what into the middle of the head or between the eyes. Then what happened? Allah Allah whom Allah Adam and Adam Edison saw all of this. He said, Yeah, Allah Who are these people? So Allah subhanho wa Taala said they are your Ria. They are your children.

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But then Adam alayhis salaam

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Rajan Minh home for algebra who he saw one of the lights imagine billions, billions of people, but there's one light that was special. One light that got Adam Edison's attention beautiful for higher up men. Haha. Hello, who's that one right there from all these billions. Madhava Callahan's origin

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Oman this ban is one of the last last people to come into later nations where you are smoke the wood. For Adam Elisa Lam said this is the wood yes that's the wood comes from a later nation. He said yeah Allah. How old Did you decree his life to be? Come jalta Amara call Tina Sana Allah said I made his life reach up to 60 years old. So then the ad Emily Sam says Arab zidoo who mean ohmori hood mini take from my life Yala on a ballerina center, take from my life 40 years and give it to dealt with at a salon. So instead of me living 60 making live up to 100 Allahu Akbar. This is authentic narration in a tournament. So we will now go past that period. A lot created Adam and Adam

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Assam came down Hawaii came down. Bill had been kept going down down and down all the way until Musa alayhis salaam Allahu Akbar, but we can we will go after Musa ready. Look what Allah says. lm ta Ll mela imeem Benny saw it. Okay, so now we will talk about Benny. So that's how far down in the eras we're moving. Who's been Isra? He is sort of in his nebia la Yaqoob is an Israelite is Jacob iacob. So Benny is saw in means that children of Israel that children of Yaqoob Alright, wonderful. So how far down in mela Eman Benny is la isla de Moosa. So this story I'm about to share with you were Deadwood was a young men, the word chap, which may or may not very famous, not a prophet, yet not a

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king, and he was in that area. The thing about Benny assala eden is that time and time they listened to Allah and at times they do not listen to Alan His Prophet, but they very much disobeyed Allah in many instances, and the times they disobeyed Allah, Allah punishment comes their way. Not just that Yeti hoonah fell out one time Allah commanded them of something. They did not listen. They said, No, it had no power of bukata katella or Moosa, you and your people, you guys go fight. So that's something about the history of Venezuela. So now after Moosa passed away, the people were sick, sick of what? Of being weak, of being oppressed at the heart of our volume was humiliated people, many of

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you were at such a low point in their lives. So these people, that chieftains, they went to their prophet What happened? If all Lu Lena beenleigh home so many Israel after Moses, went to their Prophet, the management of the who's the Prophet was his name. I have no idea. Allah doesn't say in the Quran, Allah says, They told their Prophet carlina de l'homme. That means

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I will not focus on the name. I'm going to focus on the actions being made. So let's focus on that. Bismillah What did they tell the Prophet? Eva Atlanta, many can know, RTL fi Sabine Illa. They told the Prophet have a lot of point to us a king or ruler, someone that can lead us, someone that can protect us and help us and get our rights back in Batman American, no artifice, IBT law. Let's fight those enemies. You know who's the enemy? Do you know who's the enemy? The enemy is not some random person.

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The enemy is unbelievably strong. And their leader. Allah knows his strength. That leader was none other than dilute. dilute was from the MLA from the great huge people strong physically in war tactic. No mercy. So they were oppressing Venezuela in so when it is said to the Prophet ask Allah to give us a king a ruler. Because let me give you some history. It's okay but madama Javi in Venezuela el Huneck and Nobu was he shared Prophethood was in one side of the family of Venezuela in when Molko Fisher had been a her and kingship rulership was another lineage so different families underbellies that are in, but they were in separate or like parallel, if you wish to say, but they

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were never found in the same person. Oh, mama can see the benefits of an eel. And then who has both Prophethood and was also a king. That does not happen before. That's what they're getting used to. So the one who leads the army at that time were the kings and rulers and not necessarily the prophets. So this prophet of Allah, or may I pay attention. He knows when he's trying. He knows and commentary I know your history. You guys might be hasty rushing, you guys break promises. fistiana feverish fee. You guys have history. And I don't know if we're ready for this. Caller held last item in quotevalet commentator Lu

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Lu, he says, You guys are excited. Let's go fight and get our rights back. Let's go. So he says, Are you guys sure? You will not run away? If Allah makes it wajib obligation upon you to fight Are you sure? So they insist on one Elena Allah Nakata, Laffy sabi, Nila, of course, why would we not run? Or sorry? Why would we run when we are going to fight for the cause of Allah subhanaw taala Why would we run away now of course we will not flee away, not just that bare minimum, if it's not for Allah will call the region m in the arena what happened in a we were taken having our homes taken away from us, and our children separated away from us. So we will go all out, we got nothing to

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lose. I had no clue that everything is taken away from us.

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So guess what happened? Do you think Allah made that an obligation upon them to fight to go to war against dilute Nam? Fela Kuti by Li Makita Al Khattab Allah Allah Makita Kala swaged now you get to go to war and fight gelatin is army. What do you think Benny? Is? Ill did?

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Tell well lo floodway

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we just as a matter of where he is going. I just told you Are you sure you will be strong? Because if you break the promise, we don't want to get the hoonah fell out we're gonna lose track of this life again and go back to being humiliated a loss punishment will come. I told you to wallow in Laconia. kalila Minh home only very few, very few of Benny Esra he remained steadfast. Yes, we'll go. They didn't run away. Do you know who was one of the names? They are locked up? Who do you think was one of the few that did not run away with the rest of venues that are a mentality ibaka? Well,

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who was it yellow machismo, type it up or say it within your family? It was none other one of them was the Wu dalla his salon a young man? He said no, I'm not going basically he's staying that's pretty much what is meant by he said I'll stay here. So the word SM remains and most of them go away. And Allah says one law who IE mumble volley mean and Allah is aware of those who oppress you might say brother issue Volume One oppression. They are oppressed by dilute that beast and his army know any time we disobey Allah. We think that we have the better decision. we disobey a lot. We have wronged ourselves.

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The first one you hurt when you do not listen to a last command is yourself. You think that waking up for a federal makes you tired? You think that but in reality you're not waking up for federal is what makes you tired. That's what also Alliance Allahu alayhi wa sallam said that those who miss fetcher intentionally, they wake up lazy castle with a bad bad mood. And they intentionally Miss fragile. May Allah protect us and grant us steadfastness immutable I mean, another thing to take take from it is that try not to be too excited over something when you're not really well prepared to Brother How do I know if I'm prepared or not prepared? So these people said that Emily can send

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us a king so we can free the oppressed, we want to go to war, we will sacrifice our lives. Some people today. They say that Liam and fdb hayati, I give up my life for the oppressed.

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We're not telling you to give up your life. But can I ask you a question first? Did you give up your money to help the needy? Money is difficult. If you're not able to give money and you're struggling you think it's that easy to give up your life? That forget money? Forget your life, your time? Did you sacrifice some of your time to pray for the oppressed?

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Did you sacrifice so you did not spend time making dua to Allah to free the oppressors. And you did not sacrifice some of your money. You think you and I then at that situation if this applies to us, we will be able to sacrifice our lives so Pamela so there's something to learn May Allah protect us immutable Island in time what happens? So the Prophet knows acaba law may be coming Allah punishment you guys ran away like that. So he wants to motivate them. Guess what? Guess what? We'll call Allah whom maybe you whom their Prophet said in law. Ha, God bathala come Babu. Monica. You you wanted a king size? You wanted a ruler? Alhamdulillah Allah chose the ruler. Who is it? dilute mean? was his

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name? pollute aku an akula whole mole koala Elena. How How can pollute be our leader, Mr. Arrow accept this. This is a horrible decision. pollute when a Hanwha Haku been Mulkey mean, they said we are more deserving of the rulership had to share that part of the many isela Ian who's used to be kings and rulers. They said no, it's also should be the rulers not pollute from the general public. While I'm you TESSA tamina mal polluters, not rich now of the elite like us, what is this? What's going on with you guys? How would you be legit origin? How would you be Larry Clark or kibber? disrespect to Allah disrespect to the Prophet. This is the second time they fail. You will see four

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of them the second time May Allah protect us. What did they do? What did they do? They had their achill their intellect, go face to face with a lot of wisdom and revelation. Jacques Lacan for canonical. They made their intellect above Allah's wisdom and wisdom with respect to Allah subhanho wa Taala. They know I'll pick her up. By the way, all of Benyus law he knows the one speaking is nebby is a prophet, and they all know a prophet does not lie, and abelia zip, and they know that the Prophet doesn't make up stuff. And with all of that they're still arguing. So they are running away from genuine Sakuma Hofmann, dilute as behalf Allah. They were scared of dilute and they ran away.

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That was a lot. They faced his wisdom in a very disrespectful way. And with Allah say, Mother call Allah. If he sort of historical dakara Allah says Fela, to whom Allah says don't fear the enemy. falletta ha fu Maha Fulani rather fear Allah. This is the one who you should really be scared of me Allah grant us Hakan, this Allah and yes raffia alumina al howth mean Allah amin as I believe me Allah plant in our hearts, that fear of Allah punishment say I mean

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you cannot have hope in Allah until you fear Allah. Allah has done one more time one more time. You cannot have hope in Allah. Unless you fear Allah. My confit Raja elomi confy Hoffman Allah subhanho wa Taala for that the halfmoon will have only incognito mode meaning and we need to be respectful people because we're alive.

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I'm telling you something, it's heavy tequila. But this is what are mechanically teachers. Sue avani Finn nebby co for

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the one who doubts the Prophet questions his authenticity shows concerns about his modesty is a trait of cover. Now it's not it's not my show and it's brings calamities on that individual that thinks bad about the Prophet the way Benny is so ill did to their prophet. Really, what kind of decision is that? Check this out. As I say, Aiden, hodari rhodiola. Now if you allow me I want to go to the show Alexa lambs era. Okay, let's go to his time. Right. Carla Dana rasulillah. We were with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Rasul Allah was giving away the war gains Yeah, I think

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what you consume

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and there is a man, his name is little Hawaii Syrah, his name is vocalizer Okay, what about him? He came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when he went to the Prophet Sal and he says, a deal

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he said to the Prophet, be fair,

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you are not being fair right now be fair, and then what do you do and you're giving this person and that person Why did you give that person more than the other person ever did be just

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you say that Rasul Allah liquid Rasul Allah said, he said, Why lack sleep tech, this is a calamity. What are you saying? Way lakh women? Yeah, the inland added, if I am not fair, then who is fair?

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If I will betray, then who will not betray. And listen, I don't Giovanna, Donna, in this topic. This is what we're going to focus on. He said Salalah Heisler Kurosawa xlm so granddaddy

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krypter what has said that you will be a loser and you will be a human lated individual in Agile into tactical and Neela aadil and taffy Hassan in Washoe haber, if you think bad about your profit, you will be have the biggest of losers. So when you hear Russell SLM he did something for example he spat bezeq and then the Sahaba were running after for example you like that's disgusting how the Prophet do something like that. Oh, the villa Entebbe. Tell him respect rasuwa license Ella. Respect the prophets don't do what they did. Ally abetik fee can be like the Sahaba Shiva Sahaba at the best of the soul of the Quran, the best generation May Allah make us like them amenable alanine as much

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as possible. Ready for this? karma? Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was stunning a hearty man in the hub Rasul Allah had the ring made out of gold, okay. Then, after some time, he came on the mimbar and he says in the contou Lb swaddle, hearten I used to wear this ring. So he used to wear the gold ring. What ajala what a jello for sahoo Mindell. So I used to have the rock pointing downwards. So then he took the ring out what happened brothers and sisters Allah made gold adapt how lamotrigine nizzle lie and adapt haram Allah region. So the Prophet says it took her out for Rama B he then he threw the ring. Then he says what La Isla albizu Abba de la sala took the gold ring out,

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he threw it out and he says Well, I will never wear this again. What did the Sahaba do? What did they do? for NASA? The NASA team at home all the people actually helped him take off the ring hello to take her off and throw it away. Allahu Akbar. That's what the Sahaba did. Michelle You know what, let me think that is it so now we'll watch Ebola crook I know some stuff or sooner some stuff or watch but the respect they showed the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Allah to Sheila Hatton Bella, Bella back to no goal. Don't worry about it. The agenda theory de la luz pleasure respect Rasul Allah, if that's what it takes, I'll throw the gold away. So May Allah make make us like them. But you know

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who heard this and heard and obeyed some our pa and maybe was a young man that would la Salaam so that was a second time they feel alright let's go ahead. So then pollute not dilute. Then there be remember if he ended can Malik you have the ruler you have the profit? So the profit is telling now Benny is the law he he is now saying again. Color in law how you think Allah estafa who Allah, Allah chose him as Miss Raja Lama Li and it's not my opinion, who to be the king a lot, shall we?

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him over you guys. What's wrong with you? Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. The one who creates is the one who commands so what Allah yes or no, the one who creates is the one who commands. So then he gave them the wisdom and hikma the white ollut was that the who check this out? Was that the who best pot filler in me well, Allah bless dilute with such intelligence he was very intelligent, and he was very physically strong. This is a battle it's not a game with someone intelligence strategic and all that stuff. being wealthy may not really help right now when someone is very physically strong. We are talking about Jerry Lewis and his army now. Well law who your team

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will come home and Yeshua and the Prophet is teaching them and is teaching us jahaz ready? Allah gives power and dominion to whoever he wants Halas. So Allah can give someone may Allah bless brother.

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credit for what ability was the outsider May Allah grant him gender? Allah, Allah chosen to have that beautiful voice? For me are you to say why would Allah give him beautiful voice not me. Someone else Allah bless them with so much money and they were born into a rich family don't say why did Allah make me be born in a poor family tequila or sewer line? sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he teaches you know what a Londoner being? It will the bema Assam Allahu lac. Be content with what Allah gave you. A build a solid white, black short, tall blue eyes, green eyes, hazel eyes, curly hair, straight hair. Whatever the case may be your parents whoever Allah has blessed you with erba be

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content with what Allah decreed. You know what happens to code other than us, you will be the most richest the richest person in the world. You have that peace of tranquility tonight. Nina Phil Caldera. halat why you're trying to be concerned over something you cannot change? Why would you be concerned over something cannot change either federal law 100

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All right. So we do not ask Allah.

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We don't ask Allah and Allah says it clearly in the Quran. Let us know if Allah says, you do not ask me Allah. Why do I do things? That's why Allah says medicine. Don't ask why did I do things wrong? I will ask you why did you do this? And why did you do that? That's a lie. Did Nick Miller in what era Niala increases in wisdom and knowledge and understanding amenable alanine and the Prophet wants to motivate them he could be Duffy's what's the motivation ready for this? This is really cool. This is really awesome. Well adalah home in Mulkey there's a sign to help you believe that pollute is the right one. How a Tia como taboo taboo what's the boot, the boot is like a box fee Sakina to never

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become okay, but I'm confused. What do you mean? A box will come Let me explain Can I can I change my settings a little bit? All right. Okay, I had a boot this box fee Sakina mineral become when you see this box you'll feel very comfortable. If you see this box then know for a fact another card and victory will come. But what's that box What's in it? Well about a year to mimic Tanaka aaloo musawah alohar. On this box in it are some remainings of the family of Moosa and the family of Harun. Some people said howdy Allah, which is the scripture or the tablets, which the Quran at that time the religious text was written on it. Some said in it is also our most Moosa staff in it are things that

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belong to the families, but this is amazing this box they used to be so inspired when they see it. The box was taken away from them by the enemy. Guess what? This box will come the mean hygiene who's gonna bring that box? The media who will Malaika The one who will bring this box are the angels themselves Allahu Akbar and Malaika and Malaika so do you guys want another idea? Is this clear? The Kabbalah says of management in how you look at the end in fee Delica I this is a sign let come to you in control mode meaning is there incomes already man? If you have an ounce of a man, this sign when the angels come with the box tabooed you're like bro, ha, this is it. For sure. ballute is our

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king. Allah chose him. We will win for sure. Guess what happened brothers and sisters. Guess what happened? The box came at our booth after World War II Li in the solder box and hamdulillah you know it's helped you know a little bit revive

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Perhaps some hearts here and there and Allah knows best so now Paul loot is who the leader not the Prophet dilute is a Melek falam fossorial Paulo to build you know now is getting ready. Paulo is the leader talking to the army. It's a tough battle and his army unbelievable fears no Rama killers, okay? Experts huge numbers bigger than us big powers, weapons, armor shields Doru SUV everything they have we understand that but we will do everything we can now Molina flama for sada Paulo to Bill jeenode call in aloha morbidelli colombina her, Allah will test your hand it's test. It's training camp. There's a practice session we have to do before we face dilute there's a test you

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will have to pass. What's that test? What's that water What's going on? In the heart There's a river pollute says family Shetty by mean hoof la samini whoever drinks from this river river is not from us. You do not belong in this army. You fail you leave. Whoever drinks from that river is what? out of the army. Thai woman let me move in. Whoo mini Illa Illa many of the thoroughfare warfare damn big and whoever does not drink from the river, then you are one of us. And there's an exception to only take a scoop house with your hand. So for example, if this was the river, that's the most water you can take just a little bit.

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Okay Bismillah

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that's it. That's all what you can take anything more than that. You don't belong in this army. What a blessing. What a blessing. First Shetty boomin they drank from it La Jolla was horrified like no no, no, no the whole thing.

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They went all out all out for sure a woman in the middle.

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Except for a few people who did not drink. Very few people only took a scoop the rest majority all Shetty Boone officially woman no matter how La quwata illa Billah. The number of the army jayceon is getting smaller and smaller and smaller. This is the third time they're losing. Third time they're failing as a whole as a business that are in a lot puts tests in our lives to differentiate a site that will catch up. And some of the scholars are lemma. They say the river is like the dunya and not the dunya. Right. Who's gonna dounia take from dunya just what is necessary, at least Olivia tatara la bas, the smack dab Viva La Cujo, Aqua club dunya don't fill your hearts and your stomachs, all

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dunya dunya, you'll be obsessed you will lose. So this knot is like the dunya. There is an example that has given about the dunya. And it says there was a very poor guy that saw a lady and all what he focused on was her physical features. She was absolutely physical features top notch. So that poor man went to that lady says Would you marry me that has a wage Gini? Then she said, Yes, none. So that poor man went with the lady to the court or to the like the officer who can write to the contract. So when the officer he came, he the man the poor man said, I want to marry this lady, please do us the marriage contract. So the guy said, This lady, he said yes. So the officer lost his

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attention. He talked to the lady. He told her Would you marry me? instead? physical features he got blinded me man jamala he then she said yes. So then the guy the poor guy is like, what, what is what's going on? So that poor guy, he went to the judge, they have a little called me. And he complained, he says this guy, I went to have the marriage contract, signed to marry this lady. And you can you believe what happened? The party got angry. He brought the officer brought the lady as the officer What's going on? Then the judge will call the he found the lady. And he was taken his mind.

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He said to the lady, would you marry me? I'll call the the judge. She said yes. So the poor guy and the officer got so angry. And then they went to the wearily to the leader, the ruler for the Halloween Valley. They said the call the we came to him to solve a problem about marriage. Then he proposed to the lady, the wily the ruler says, who's this judge? Is that what? This is nonsense. So then the lady came, the judge came, the poor guy came the officer came all four. So then the ruler and he saw the lady. Then he says, Would you marry me? Then she said yes. So the judge went

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nuts. The officer got angry and the poor guy is like what's going on in this world? So then they made the protest move on hot as crypto is take down the me or the roof is corrupted. So then when the people saw the lady the alarm in nutshell,

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they all said would you marry me? Would you marry me and then she started to run away and all the people were running after her. Then she told them, I am the dounia you are running after me while I had them Luchini and no one owns me except Allah subhanaw taala and you're running after me. So May Allah protect us and if he knocks it out, of course, but just methodical offers something to appreciate. So here, they saw the water they drink all out. You never know what happens. Yeah, tequila, take what's necessary, and never at the expense of your deen. May Allah protect us that did not azima we want some self control Wi Fi, how do we have self control? How can we be able to

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overcome the tests? self control can answer your question. Think with me. May Allah bless you. Do you believe or do you think that people could have survived the bodies and Assam could have survived? If they only took a sip of water? Do you think so? Do you think we could have made that they could have survived or impossible?

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And the answer is believed here to be that yes, they could have survived because Allah will not give you a test which you cannot pass or believing brothers and sisters law you can leave for law who left and in law whoosah so the law will never assign you something you cannot withstand. So the best way the best way or one of the best to be able to have under azeem and self control is to believe you can have self control. You can do it and I cannot imagine my life quitting smoking I ticket the creme de Holland the Kashi Muharram. Allah Allah prohibited this that means you can quit I don't see myself Mathurin praying federal on time. Now you can reform 100 state laws or you can change your

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sleeping habits you can now you can live Hola Hola, Lucia. So believe you can have self control and Allah will help you in sha Allah tell you what happened. Brothers and sisters. The army continued to shrink a Jewish sir especially on Muscovy man, Phil, Phil akima. The army became so small number Do we know now? The army was aloof was in the 1000s on off and off. But we know from an authentic Heidi Lisa here that the army that remained with our loot was 300 will be the Asha about 314. Similar to the number of soldiers in another battle as with the better, decades and centuries later, the Battle of better during the time of the process. The first major battle was Battle of beddit they were 314

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same number as the army of loot. alehissalaam or rhodiola one. Okay, so they went for them was the who was the man oh man, so they passed that river by loot and the believers. Guess what happened? Some people said, Oh, Lula, Takata Lenin Yo, maybe Gianluca? You know the guys, we can't do this. This is dilute. There's no way 314 took me a lot about a mistake. This is jatiluwih This is the army of Jesuit. We're not prepared for this law. catalana neoma Bj luta Well, what do you know that there's no way we can face them. Another fourth failure that the people trying to pull the believers down or you who have failed instead of pulling others down to fail like you try to go up to them and

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be successful like them led to eliminate massive anti human gelatin in it Danny is alive refire up Jamie and all of us may Allah elevate our status. So he said we cannot handle john Luke and his army and look at this beautiful part. Yeah, may Allah

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Allah subhanho wa Taala you're up to grant this man like the following people. This man Island levena vo noona and now moolah or a beam. The people who believe that they will meet a lot and NASA letting you know that they were delayed they believe in the promise of Allah. Allah promised them victory if they work. Allah gave them loot as a king. Allah brought that boot. Allah made the wire Jeep Alcatel so they know if I do what I can we will win we will win. We will win and be victorious. They said Kim fitting kanila they are telling the people the world telling you telling me how many times come Murat Viet in kalila as soon

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group of people that attend Cathy Ra. That beat a bigger number of people Bismillah Kamara so they are telling us the Quran Allah valley that I limitary to learn history, learn the past. How the old le Salaam wa Taala and medic, they are reminding the people how many come mama chef to her snare to Corrado. You read you heard you saw a small group of people who are on the truth they beat the stronger people how many times you have any aid Did you will not hear about Musa alayhis salaam Moosa who beat four out Have you not heard? Have you not heard about Abu Ibrahim when Allah saved him Mina, not Have you not heard of this man can mean theoretically Allah, Allah but phiaton

00:35:51--> 00:36:36

kathira. And now and Ahmed Mohammed must admit to Have you not heard about the Battle of badger. Have you not heard of the Battle of al Qaeda? When a small group of believers they beat the bigger numbers B is Neela. Then what do they say? voila, who mouse saw beteen as La con man with gentleness sobre todo me and say I mean May Allah make us of the patient. They said Allah will always be with the patient. Well, Allahu Moussa Berlin. It was super admin. Yes. They are the ones that never give up on Allah. They're the ones who no matter what goes on in their Deen in their life, they never give up on Allah. They're the ones when they do that them and they say and they sin they know Allah

00:36:36--> 00:37:24

can forgive. They don't give up on Allah. They are the ones who when Allah gives them a promise they know for a fact Allah will never ever break his promise. Brothers and sisters, and Haku as our Messiah teach us, and Haku Billa sobre la young poseur the truth without patience, Murthy. sobre, mahak nothing no, sir no victory. You have to have the truth. That's not enough. You also have that patience with it. To have sub azeem and self control and never ever be hopeless. May Allah grant us wisdom me hon alameen say Allah Bismillah we're reaching the end and Nehemiah while I'm Baba Zhu Li jalota Hua Juneau they, they saw dilute will lie at that time from what I read the name jello mezzmo

00:37:24--> 00:38:16

His name is mentioned people get so scared is the army jello is now present I in eliakim the believers, they saw jello, they saw the army, what will they do? What will they do this? Will they say I got this guys. We went this far We can do it law that would perhaps allow and exactly what they said but the main thing that Allah cutter or on call or a banner 911 is Allah called or a banner. They pray to Allah because they know they know we will never win without a lot of the odds are against us. We have no numbers. We have no physical strength like them. We're not as physically mentally strong in terms of actual fighting and had experience like we do not so they know with

00:38:16--> 00:38:20

Allah We will win without a lot we will lose. So

00:38:21--> 00:39:13

never forget how weak you are. Latin sadhak therefore Latin zodac abundant and never forget how strong Allah is when I tend to call with Allah subhana wa Taala you are weak a lot of strong never forget that equation or the understanding in your mind. Not just that brothers and sisters. They said in a beautiful da or banner What did they say? A phrase eyeliner sobre not shower see any with subber empty the whole bucket of solder. I've been em in the Rosner, ledger arena fillers from head to toe with patients. We are alambic every cell kausalya sobre patient Allah this test of dilute is unbelievable for LA LA sobre Do you feel it? Are you feeling them? Afraid Elena sobre with a bit

00:39:13--> 00:39:35

akhdam Anna and make us not run away? make us strong make our feet firm on to the ground. Yeah, Allah Halina john BRAVIA Allah when the jalandoni manyara automaker's flee away with a bit akademin one so now lol Komal caffeine and make us victorious over the disbelievers

00:39:36--> 00:40:00

your brother, you only have about three minutes left. And we didn't even talk about the battle. How will you fit three minutes but talk about the battle because Allah subhanaw taala does not give you details about the battle nom. Allah doesn't give you details. After they made that drop and they took the action then next word in the

00:40:00--> 00:40:56

Oran after that drop has a more home vanilla download. That's it, brother translate translate and they beat them what will be to loot and his army and the wood was there they beat jelutong and his army that has a movie is Neela that's so close. Similar simple Allah put it. Do not be so busy with the results with an attach. be so busy with that sorry with the effort put the effort let the results on Allah La hotel George Washington warm and walk around I read write, listen, learn everything you can. What you can attach Allah live the results on Allah that has a movie in the law. What is Allah saying? sorbitol Insan. Allah says what can What can I say you can mascola say mission

00:40:56--> 00:41:45

netta Ah, Allah says and your efforts are appreciated Allah, your efforts are appreciated. And Allah will give the results that we deserve and Allah is the Most Merciful that has mbf Nila. Some of you may say, a brother Brother, but give us give us one detail. I know there's one detail about the battle Nam will katella Tao who do dilute the one who killed dilute the beast. The massive guy the strong guy was none other than the rue de la his Salaam. When dilute that would he beat dilute they believed in a lost promise. Otherwise the lighthouse will lie Elon never breaks his promise. Allah rewarded that would What a terrible law jazzy ready three things? Well, I tell him Allah, Allah gave

00:41:45--> 00:42:33

that with an moika Oh, we have a new king and whoever no king, Mr. Luthor and the new king and Malika Dawood David, they would have agreed, right. Well, Hickman and Allah made the word, the prophet what what, what, what happened? The same person next to us, is the king and the Prophet Nam. It's none other than Tao. Whoo, that is Salaam. This was the golden era of Venezuela. He was about to start the Prophet and the king is the same person. The who would le Salam would hikma And the third thing Allah gave him what I lemahieu Maja Shah, and Allah gave knowledge which Allah chose to Deadwood alayhis salam Allahu Akbar. May Allah make us of those who believe in Allah Promise me in

00:42:33--> 00:43:09

yellow bell al amin, Coco Bella, trust Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah reward this Amira but let me tell you Brother, tell us more about that with you know how we will end right because we know how the wood used to pray. How he used to fast cater Kennedy assume how he used to read the Quran, his voice, we know his occupation, his family, how he ruled and how he judged we have so many details about that would What are they? inshallah we will talk more about that with Elisa Lam next session next Thursday in sha Allah at 8pm Eastern Time.