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The Battle of the Trench

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim brothers and sisters in the fifth year after emigration.

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So five years after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he left Mecca and went to Medina. How old was he approximately? fifth year? How old was he roughly just to make sure we're kind of going with a timeline together. He was 53 years old. When he left Mecca. He was a prophet at the age of 14, roughly. He lived 13 years in Mecca at 53. he emigrated to Medina, five years after the immigration, how old is he roughly 58 years old? 5750. So the privates are settling at this year around somewhere around that time. They Yahood and the leaders have been in Nadira.

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What's up with them? Did they not leave Medina? Did they leave or not? They did. Who were the ones that stayed in Medina from the Yahoo, Benny coryza. Ben will not be here left because remember, they tried to assassinate the prophets Assalam. And they breached the treaty. But now they're outside Medina, but they're plotting an attack against to against the Muslims and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But what they do is that they will not go face to face these people, what they will do is that they will go to other tribes to collaborate as much as they can. So for example, they go to Christ, and they go talk to them, Abu sufian big shots, and Piraeus has the same goal as

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benalmadena. To tell the prophets I seldom people have different reasons of that, but the goals are the same. So Christ joins forces with Ben and Nadia, and they have 1000s of people with them. Then the leaders have been another such as a bit of that's the name of one of the leaders, they go to another major out of dried lotto fan, they talk to him and lotto fan also joins and then more and more tribes are joining more and more and the army grew so much that now they have how many 10,000 soldiers according to what I know and what the machine is on the scholars they say that this number is not known for the ability to collaborate in such fashion. And it's very sad that the day they

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collaborated to that level was against Islam and the prophets Allah May Allah grant us wisdom and allow us to collaborate on that which is good say I mean, once who you collaborate with. So after they have said that 10,000 soldiers and it's gonna take some time, it's gonna take time, assemble all of this together, the horses, the camel, the weapons, brothers and sisters, what happens next, the news arrives to the believers and the prophet in Medina, let me show you the map of Medina roughly. That's how Medina roughly obviously looked like on the south end. This is called like a hora, or like some very rough, rocky area that people don't go on to because very rough, very

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difficult people don't go over it. And you have palm trees here, palm trees there in the south, very congested palm trees. So once again, adding reinforcement that big armies will not enter. from the east, you see what's going on as well. Also lava rocks and things of that sort. The enemy cannot enter West Side, same thing. So there's one and only one direction that such large army can ever enter which is from the north. With this being known, with the numbers of the enemy also being known. And the capabilities of the believers was also comprehended. They believe the believers agreed on a plan to fight them head on know, what shall we do? Let's attempt to dig a trench. dig a

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trench here. How deep about 15 feet? 10 feet deep. 10 feet roughly? How wide 15? How long? roughly three miles? What rough numbers again, you might find different numbers in there. How deep 10 feet.

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That's deeper than this. How wide 15 feet that's further than this. No one's watching zachman luck ever. So sorry about this. This is the beauty of attending a live session. So next time you ever hear there's a lecture that eventually be online. Sometimes you don't have to sacrifice and actually you have to sacrifice and attend a live session inshallah. zachman Lhasa May Allah grant the agenda.

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Can you clap for them, please.

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I appreciate your patience and love you guys for the sake of Allah. And please, if you ever comment on the videos as if there's an option to comment. Just be nice with me a little bit.

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I went a bit tough in the last session, but just forgive me all. I love you. All right, it was Zach molokhia cycle. So with this being said, 10 feet deep, 15 feet wide, about three miles long, we got to work as fast as possible the believers are all in Bismillah the digging of the trench, the process starts. Every one contributes the rich and the poor, no difference. The one who never served himself is now digging as well. That was no more luxury. All of them are digging hard, as fast as they can as much as they can. And amongst the ones who were digging was a wonderful, beautiful 5758 year old man, working one of the hardest tasks worked so hard, was sweating, and the hair on his

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chest was no longer visible. Why? Because all the sand and all of the dust Who was that man doing all that work, it was none other than Prophet Mohammed alayhi salatu was Salam. How amazing is that? That he was fit enough to be able to do such task by the help of Allah first and foremost, working hard, you know how motivating that is to the believers, you agree with me? motivation. And this is a lesson that we cannot let pass by just like that. I can teach you For example, to say the truth. So I tell you the reward if you say the truth Allah grants you agenda. If you lie, Allah may take you to hell, just generic a hadith is so that may change you. Now look, I want to say the truth. I may

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draw and do a presentation and give you a story that impacts you and hope that will influence you to say that truth, but there's no better teaching technique. You can never have a positive impact as strong as when you walk. The advice you're preaching. You can never be that I can tell my kids don't lie, Baba, okay? Don't lie. Don't lie. Don't lie. And like Okay, okay, Baba, if you lie the prophet SAW said and said this, Allah said that, okay. Hey, Maria, who's calling me know who's calling such and such, okay, answer and tell them I'm in the bathroom.

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The whole lecture I gave them is in a shredder.

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And I'm being nice with my words being sophisticated shredder, right? It's done. It's over. So I can say all that stuff, but until I apply it that will ease things on you. So there's two things. Number one, make dua to all those who teach to be able to walk the talk, say me and Nick, and we praise longevity. And may Allah make it easy on the audience to apply the good that they learned. And may Allah make you patient the moment one of the people you hear from false May Allah keep your patient and make your heart attached to Allah, another to the creation say I mean, fantastic. The process is digging, phenomenal. And he says beautiful lines picking it up from the believers. He says Lo Lo la

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Mata Dana, if it was not for Allah, we would not be guided encouraging them. This is a NEMA from Allah that were Muslim. Don't feel don't ever feel like look what Islam brought us today. No, say if it was not for Allah, we would not be guided so you'd be proud you're grateful. Then the companions they say Allah Houma La ilaha illa Allah there's no good life except the life of the afterlife. this dunya is not worth much for hamin onsala one mohajir So shall we Your mercy upon the supporters and the immigrants people from Mecca see that momentum is building and they're working hard and the profit is saying the profit making beautiful stuff. You know what some people we have these videos

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or stuff like that May Allah forgive us people what they dig for gold right and they give them the attribute or that person is looking for gold and digging for gold meaning trying to trick people are always Avila the believers, why they digging for they told you we're not digging for dunya with the infrared camera. May Allah grant us the best of the afterlife. And this life while they're working brothers and sisters. And usually when you work physically hard so much. What do you tend to feel hungry quicker, you need more energy, you drive so much more fuel, they're working day and night, and the food in Medina was no longer enough. That's how much work they had. And that's how little

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food they had. So Panama

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food was very limited. The product seller was struggling Sahaba were struggling, but they kept working. We cannot let a day pass they can come any moment. If all what's left from the digging is this much that can be enough for them to enter yes or no. A significant half a mile that's big enough for the 10,000 people that will come into groups may Allah grant us genuine wisdom. So the Prophet worked and worked the narration for just some of the companions lived the entire day with a few dates that said the entire day

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And other narration said that as the time passed, because the digging was taking day one, day two, three a week, some companions went through three days with no meal, three days, water survival mode, whatever was available. That's it three days. And you know who was amongst the people who was starving, struggling and hungry and it was physical on them. Apparently it was the profit center. It was so bad. The profit was so hungry. He had rocks placed on his stomach. Then he wrapped a wrapper around like a cloth and he tightened it up on his stomach. Why is that? You know, when you have stomach pain, and it hurts a lot, what do you typically do? Right and you put pressure, he had to

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work, I gotta move on in life. I'm not gonna keep doing this. I can't dig with one hands on, put rocks, tighten it up, put the pressure, relieve the pain and let's continue working.

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May Allah make us grateful to the presence of the prophets, Allah Allah, may Allah allow us to appreciate the life that he put for you and I just let you lie in Allah. May Allah make us proud of what the President did say? I mean, how sad is it that we shy to say and talk about you? May Allah grant the strength and dignity more and more. I mean, I mean, jabber rhodiola. And he saw this jabber sees the signs of hunger. It's killing him, killing him. So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam sees jabber jabber comes to the Prophet. He says, Yasser Allah, can you give me permission to go home?

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And that's what the believers did? Yes. The noon they asked permission. When I *ing hypocrites, it has saloon they just go away. They try to be slick believers. They asked. So the Prophet said for you, you can go home. So jabber goes home, and he wants to talk to his wife. So jabber asks his wife for food. He says, Hello and dinner farm. Do we have food? She said, very little food. What was it? And not a very little tiny goat, and some barley to make bread. That's it.

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That's all what we have. So the jabber says I saw the signs of hunger on the Prophet when any I cannot handle this. We need to do something and look at the companion felt loved the process of him so much that he's preparing the Prophet over himself. You see that? Not all of it for me. May Allah make us selfless people care about people may Allah allow us to help others see me and not be selfish. So jabber he said that and right then and there so right then in there that wonderful wife jabber had never had enough and she stopped working on the bread she slaughtered the goat and start cooking it that's it and that's how generous of a woman she was. didn't complain. That's all we

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have. Are you out of your mind? You have to be realistic. Nope. That's it yellow Bismillah me Aleppo blessings in our food whatever the cases. So then jabber helped his wife cook May Allah allow me and other brothers to help arrives cook at times. Amira Bellamy, anyhow, and they allow us sometimes we do the whole meal. inshallah. See? No, I mean from the brothers at all.

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Anyway, let's move on. Okay. So then brothers and sisters, what happened? jabber or the alarm is heading towards inviting the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. His wife tells him jabber nice enough. When you go to the Prophet, you let them know how much food we got.

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And you tell them you know, it's basically it's enough. Not far enough. arraign Roger Roger lane about one two men, three men, two men, approximately. Okay. Jabba says I got it. So then jabber goes to the private sector and he whispers

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or prophet of Allah.

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Yes. We have prepared food for you.

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He said What did you do? He said,

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small goat very tiny. And some bread is in the oven. We are baking it and we want to make it fresh for you didn't take it out yet. It's being cooked as we speak. We want you to come over. So the private says Catherine tinium. It's good. It's abundant. It's enough. So then the professor I send them he tells jabber Okay, you go ahead, go. But do not let your wife or you uncover the food. Keep the food covered. Okay, keep the bread in the oven. Keep the meats that you cooked in the pot until I come Okay. Okay. So you're also not just like two people, something like that you can bring with you okay. He's like, Okay. In the process said Yeah.

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of people digging in the trench. Digging that trench. Jagger invites you for a feast.

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was like to hire La ilaha illAllah I was so embarrassed and embarrassment that only on models of then he says job in Hong Jagger brought the creation That's what he said he brought the creation over a tiny goat and some bread

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then jabber start walking towards his house if the button if

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any, any we're in such a bad shape. And by the way, jabil is not just nervous about the food is nervous from his wife.

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So he comes he tells his wife Tada, so the Japanese walking behind him a distance is the process and who's behind the profit?

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How many 1000 plus people 1000 plus people so the wife says the cover the coffee, the cover the cases because of it? What is wrong with you? Are you kidding me? What is this? He says I don't know what I I told them what you told me to tell them. Look at the sister look at the believers have. She told him you told the Prophet the amount of food we have? He said yes. She told the Prophet how much food they had. She said even a law what a Sulu alum. Then the Prophet knows what he's doing you're a law under saying it on the stage sitting relaxing, chillax, it's easy. But for her you get nervous over five people coming over without causing Oh my god. Oh my god, five people coming on your

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opening swallow me all over five people. Five people, right? Brothers and sisters, mothers and daughters, husbands and sons gonna lose escape chaos. Did you tell them to

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relax? The boxer feeds are more than enough. If you don't like it, I don't know. They're good friends. Let's move on. So the point being is that this wife believes in Allah and His messenger or Sood said that is the Prophet of Allah. And I trust him. You know, Allah. Look what jabber said. jabber said and she lifted a hardship for me the only Allah knows. So panela the one who made jabber jabber and we talking about him was his wife. Just like the prophets I said and came down from the mountain at the age of 14 terrified, told his wife Heidi de la Kakashi to infc. I think I'm losing my mind. I think I'm about to be destroyed. And Halina says no Kela will la yo Mohammed Don't say

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that. That was about, what five plus 1318 years ago. That's what Heidi just said to the Prophet, you will be fine and who made the Prophet strong and steadfast is after Allah was Khadija and now that what jabber goes through from his wife, we appreciate that may Allah grant every husband wife, the ability to help one another. I mean, nobody I mean, so for the jabber. He had the invitation made by the process them and they start coming Who is the one serving the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, the prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he told jabber he told the wife of Jabba bring me another sister to help me. So another sister came to help out and the product Selim had the

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two parts are the part of meat and the bread coming out from the cover from the oven. And he told the companions 1000 Plus or do Hulu, while taba auto, enter but don't crowd up. Okay. And the companions did. They came in respect or one command, that's

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1000 Plus, not 17 times brothers, brothers. No, no, come on. This way. No one can at one time, or the Hulu enter and don't crowd up and they got the point. May Allah make us respectful people like them? May Allah make us people have wisdom, say I mean now lawmakers, people who walk the talk in a way that is pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala and the king. That's the way the prophets have been served. He would open up the pot of meat, bring the meat close up, close the cover. He never left it uncovered. He kept it covered. So he uncovered it picked up the meat and covered it, then got the bread and covered the bread cut the piece and put the meat on the bread. Some people call it sector

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law investor. Anyhow, people start getting hungry. May Allah grant this agenda. All right, and then he gave it one after the other group after group group after group apart. That's it. Until how many people ate 1000 plus people and food still remained. And then jabber and his wife ate and food still remain and they start passing it to their neighbors.

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So we speak about the Prophet I just spoke that he was one of the greatest teachers. No, no, he's the greatest teacher. Correct. I spoke about him being the greatest husband correct. But there's something we have to all not lose focus on. He is the greatest prophet. And this is religion. And it's something we have to all appreciate that the Prophet of Allah Muhammad, first and foremost is the Prophet. That's the number one title when we talk about it.

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You all keep in mind this is a miracle Allah bestows upon us to become real men and real women. This miracle never happened before the digging of the trench so that you show a lot what you're capable you do your best and Allah will bless you may Allah bless us all. Amira Bellamy now brothers and sisters, that digging continues where they're working hard. We're getting there. We're getting there. As They're digging, the companions found a massive rock, a rock that is so difficult to break Sahaba come with an axe, tried to crush it. Nothing, small piece, nothing. Everybody tried whoever it was, they're tried and Allah knows best. Then they complain to the Prophet Yasser Allah we have

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this rock. Unbelievable. So the Prophet Assam comes, brings the x, what is he saying?

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Bismillah because he knows I can't do it myself. Without Allah, I'm a nobody. Without Allah, you and I are nothing. The Prophet says Allah homiletic in the NFC, perfect. And he said, a mix dry Oh Allah Don't make me independent, not even for a blink of an eye. Because I can survive, not even for a blink of an eye without Allah. And that's when success comes related to Allah Bismillah. Bam, the strongest man, by the way of all the army was the processor and focuser through so when he broke one third of it, when he broke one third, look what he said, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Allah just revealed to me revealed what? The keys to a sham, what does it mean, we will conquer a sham. You

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know, the area around the Roman Empire, the great empire of the Romans and the nearby sun shots, we will conquer it.

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Excuse me.

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And you have to appreciate what's going on. You're saying this year, so last summer long, and instead of at the point where we can't even fight like we're digging the trench.

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At our lowest and weakest point, we never had enemies against us in the entire life of the Muslims. From the moment the Prophet was revealed to at 40 until 5758. Never did the enemy collaborate like today. And out of all the days he saying, you know what, there's hope. And that's what we learn from the process. And it's my job and your job. When you see people who are weak to bring them strength by the will of Allah. That's our job. Oh, I can't do it. Don't Sharla you can do it. So the product, as he was digging, he revealed what Allah revealed to him, we will conquer a sham. Islam will spread and he predicted that. And that's what the hope that we need to bring to the people. You know what

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some of the enemy tries to do? Try to defeat you not physically know emotionally. The whole drugs, the whole alcohol, the other avenues, making you so scared of being a Muslim. You want to cut work that it got so much in your head? That your brother sister walks by your sister Monica, because you're worried? You don't want to say isn't you could you change your name because you're worried? So they were able to infiltrate into our brains to make us paralyzed? not proud of our Deen, let alone speak about it, let alone invite you towards it yes or no. So they defeated us so much, especially using calamities that some who claim to be Muslim do it. But you should never feel like

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that. And you're going to speak up and as they say, we're going to wake up the life out of the sleeping giant biting is already awake. If you look around 100 letters there's there's a revival. Yes. You saw what happened last weekend of this major event that happened here in this country or sports event and that whatever break and then things that many people say is haraam and horrible and it's so sad how many people adults youngster watch these things on TV? This shelf? Yes, there's a lot of evil. Yes, there's a lot of corruption. But there's also a lot of a lot of construction Yes or no? Look how many mess sided we have today. Look how many people attend the massage today. Look

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around you one more time. Who would believe this things may happen? All the analysts actually agree with me or not. So yes, there are things going downhill. But don't buy this narration all this world, while others no point of living were all destroyed layout De La, La La he I swear by the one who made us all here that every single person in the world our time will come where they say la ilaha illa Allah. How about that? That this is a big claim. Give me a hadith. This is the future. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Allah has no idea of Allah made me see the whole earth. How? Come on we stopped asking these questions. A lot can do whatever he wants. As we said

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before we can FaceTime with someone on the other side of the globe. Allah can not show you the whole world

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So the Prophet says, Allah made me see the whole world. And he made me see how Islam will enter every house and your own will believe in Allah. We might die and not see it. But May Allah make us people that are remembered that we started that. See, I mean, so be strong and be proud of your identity. And no matter what the case is shallow there is Hail. Yes, there's a lot of corruption. But there's also a lot of construction. The President grabbed the axe and smashed it again. The next third broke and he says,

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a lower cover.

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We will conquer the Persian Empire. This is big, clean people. This huge Next one.

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What happens we will conquer Yemen

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if we have any Yemeni here, say Laila a llama?

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That's how is the prediction say takbeer.

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Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar

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wa sallam predicted that so all people from Yemen project Sham around the world. You go to zero, Sam, thank you and gentlemen, Shalini Allah allow us to be able to say that to him. And look, you are the prediction. So don't you ever ask for any more signs?

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Don't you ever ask for no more proofs proofs are there it's enough what's out there is enough. And if you needed more Well, what a lot of sense more was out there is enough. May Allah protect the Sami

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brothers and sisters, that digging comes to an end? The Trench is dug. The Muslims are prepared as the enemy comes. How many Muslim soldiers were there? About 3000 soldiers being prepared? brothers and sisters? The prophet SAW Selim mix da you will do the work. Did they do the work or no? Did they struggle? They got hungry. They got tired. They saw rocks Allah help them within the province as a mix down. He says Allahu mamoun gll Kitab O Allah, the One who revealed the Book

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said he actually said the one who's swift in reckoning is Emil Azov destroy v. Those the Confederated those who united against us? Is him whom was elsenham defeat them and shake them make dua to Allah and believe. To some people that makes no sense. It's against all odds. What will that do to you? Ah, that's what some people say. One of our Messiah guy came to him. He said, who has your question? You see the status of the Muslims. You see the status of the Muslims today? How many people go for Hajj give me a 1000s hundreds of 1000s people go to Hajj and Umrah. Millions agreed millions. So the guy tells that shift. There's no one do I know people pray to God Allah relief, the

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hardship or lift the hearts of unbelievers? No one believer Alex Epstein.

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What is this? What can a god is that? And some of us may be shaking.

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Why where's the where's this? So the chef tells him You are right. We do make dua. We might not see it happening. But then the chef said one thing to share with you. He told the guy what company do you work for? He's like me is like Yeah, what company do you work for? He's like, I work for Company A is like, Okay. He's like, let's say there's Company B.

00:28:31--> 00:28:41

And the company B started giving bonuses to their employees. Would you be upset that company B did not give you a bonus?

00:28:42--> 00:28:46

He said no. Because I'm in Company A and I did not work for a company.

00:28:47--> 00:28:52

And he said when you work for Allah, Allah will give you the bonus.

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When you work and you act and you walk the talk, you will see a lot of blessings coming. And that's what we need to do collectively. May Allah make it easy for all of us. Allah said, Allah does not change the state of the people until they change the state from within me Allah grant us wisdom. With this being said that was made the Prophet did everything he can and he made that the brothers and sisters the enemy, the army has arrived. 10,000 soldiers as seen never seen before they come and the Muslim see that. And the disbelievers Benny Nadia Qureshi. rotta fan the tribe they're shocked why, what is this?

00:29:38--> 00:29:49

What is this? But 10 feet deep, 15 feet wide, three miles long, with a different angle. They try. There's no way

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this is impossible. How is it possible with Allah it will be possible inshallah.

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

They get upset with us.

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arrows, the Muslim shoot back, the SS can a horse jump this the horse cannot jump 15 feet

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they get upset. So what do we do? We will kill you. But through hunger and starvation, we will put a siege around the city. So this is blocked, blocked, blocked and you had the trench and you have us here. So you know what we may not fight but until you run out of food and drink because you can not have any more transportation major ones that you die

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by brothers and sisters. Once again we said before the Muslims will strive and Allah will bless both struggled both struggled so much so that the enemy had to think of another idea so much so that one of the hoods from Benny Nadia who even what does he do? He has a plan. The plan is to go from the back door back door from behind. What does that mean? Who is still in Medina? Yahoo. Benny arriva so the other yahood said, if we're able to convince karela to join forces, it will be like a clamp. Let's see. That's when you can see that.

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So if we get these people to collaborate with us, done, it's over. So hey, sneaks. I don't know where how, how through the palm trees, whatever he comes in. He tells the leader of the new Corolla Listen up, he knocks the guy doesn't open the door for him. He's like, I know you bro. You're a loser. He's like, open up, bro. Don't be stingy. Open up what you think about your food.

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They opened the door.

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He's like listen, I come with a great plan. He's like you're coming with a horrible plan.

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He's like collaborate with us forget that peace treaty you have with almost forget that. Come on. Grow up, man. We got 10,000 soldiers are waiting outside. You and us together. Muslims will never be in such further worse situation to say yes. Is it? No, no way. Look what Ben acleda say ready for this? They said we never saw anything from Mohammed in law warfare and was it? We saw nothing from Mohammed but faithfulness and truthfulness. I told you they know what the prophet SAW said back and forth back and forth. What happened to banjo forever.

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They get convinced and they're willing to attack and Ben acleda now is set to attack from behind. This is dead. This is done. What makes it so bad is that there are Muslim families here. So some of the women they great that grandparents the children are hiding in these homes right there.

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It was devastation. It was absolutely sad. Brothers and sisters, the rumors come to the believers and the here and Allah best described it imagine, guys guess what happened? What went wrong? What joined forces with V Confederates with the other united enemy? You know what Allah said was to absorb their eyes shifted out of fear. Well, Bella kulu will manager and the hearts went to the top of the throats of fear. What tells her new Nebula and you start doubting God is bad. It's so tough. family in the back. We're that's it's over. That's why it may seem like who Niantic Allah says right then and there. up to lehel mommy noon, they believe was worth tested was olje loses xilin shadie

00:33:31--> 00:33:45

da. And the believers were shaken violently shaken with their hearts shaken with their bodies. This is what just happened. We did everything right. Not like someone disobeyed.

00:33:46--> 00:34:25

But the hypocrites were the ones who did not control themselves. The hypocrites you know what they said? All What? No, this news came out. Look what they have to consider hypocrites exposed hypocrites are the worst part of society. hypocrites are the ones who show you they love you in their heart. They hate you. They stab you from the back not from the front. The enemy that you know you kind of mentally prepare hypocrite you're not mentally prepared to the most part. May Allah protect us from hypocrisy. Don't feel safe that you will die without being a hypocrite in terms of what be worried. Because that's what also hava, we're worried May Allah keep us all believers say I

00:34:25--> 00:34:43

mean, and May Allah protect us from hypocrisy. Look what they say, the set and by the way, when do hypocrites shine the most when when the Muslims are stronger, weak. They pop up when the Muslims are weak. And now that weakest point in the history of Islam

00:34:44--> 00:34:59

and they say you haven't met and God kept promising us false promises hoorah. We will call Crusher. We will conquer Yemen, we can that's what they said. We can even take and use the bathroom.

00:35:03--> 00:35:43

We are not safe enough to use the bathroom and he has conquered this and conquer that. And they get a saloon and they say no what we will turn our we need to go home because we're in danger and Allah says their homes were actually not in danger. Brothers and sisters when this happened, the believers maintain their steadfastness. You know what they said had marijuana law. This is what Allah and His Messenger promised us without one is messenger promise. Alone His Messenger gave a promise in the Quran, you want to know the promise? Allah says impossible to enter tolerogenic Allah, Allah says, Do you think you will go to gender and you will not face what the people in the past have faced?

00:35:43--> 00:35:52

What do you mean, for us to go to gender? We have to face something that's always telling the believers, what is it? What did they face in the past?

00:35:54--> 00:35:56

They were tested de la.

00:35:57--> 00:36:22

And they were tested through hardship and shaking. So much so that they said metta not through law, until they said when is our last victory coming? So this far is what they're going through? Correct. So a lot of promises, if you go through the hardship, and you are patient, what did Allah say after that? Allah in the natrual line, Karim Allah, then my victory is near, so that believers

00:36:24--> 00:36:51

gotten to their mind, this is it. This is the shaking test. If we are to persevere it, then what comes next? Allah's victory? Can we remember that inshallah that's how they were able to condense the importance of knowledge and practicing your faith. So when you face a hardship, you're ready, you see that? We never learned never learn how to exit a building when it's on fire. Yes or no?

00:36:52--> 00:37:34

Okay, so there's real fire right now. This is how you do I don't know what he means. Go, go go. No. What did he do fire drills, right? You practice you learn for today you attend. Today you learn. So if I'm a believer, I am patient. I persevere you know, I fight within my limits. I know Allah victory is coming. So you mentally prepare me Allah make us all prepared. May Allah first of all, grant us Africa is a miracle. I mean, when this happened, brothers and sisters, were there believers, not steadfast, they did not work hard. Yes, the Bismillah Allah victory is on its way. Allah sends his shoulders what was Allah soldiers? They were Rehan what you knew then lamb taraba it

00:37:34--> 00:38:17

was severe bitter, cold winds and soldiers, you do not see what were they Who were they? They were the angels. They came and what happened brothers and sisters Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, the wind came to arise. Remember that 10,000 people there and it flipped, their tents, flipped their pots turned off their fire. It was a cold weather. Everything destroyed there. Until the gotten weakened and weakened sort of profits are seldom he tells the companions who can go to the people and tell and tell me their latest update. Can you imagine doing that? Can you guys imagine crossing the trends? Okay, I will go right.

00:38:19--> 00:38:33

Or going through the ends. The Prophet said who will go on the other side and give me their latest updates how they're doing with this wind? The Companions they said for the fact no one stood up woodworker. Oh, man.

00:38:34--> 00:38:36

That's man alley.

00:38:37--> 00:38:48

So the Prophet said who will go on the other side? Give me an update. Jana Who? Allahumma yom Okayama. And Allah will mix them with me and Jenna. Now who grew up knowing

00:38:50--> 00:38:51


00:38:52--> 00:39:00

He will now the third time who would go get the updates May Allah make him with me and Jenna after the third time who got up?

00:39:02--> 00:39:04

No one because I'm nervous.

00:39:05--> 00:39:09

So the private says Jose for a day forget up.

00:39:10--> 00:39:11

As I said, I have no other option.

00:39:13--> 00:39:31

Daniel, Danny Reese and he called me by my name. She says her they go the other side. Give me the latest updates. When a designer shy and don't do anything besides that. What do you What's your task? Give me what? updates that's it. Don't do anything else. Don't get them angry? Do I don't know. Have you ever said we'll do?

00:39:32--> 00:39:59

I think I said the moment I went to the fulfilling of the task he swears by a lot. Not sure if he says we're lucky or not but he says can need help to hammam it's as if I went into a spa. It was cold. And then a lot changed the atmosphere on the individual and will lie that's what Allah does. And Allah know that some of you went through that before. what some of you went through that before and Allah knows best

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

You were sick one day, but they went to fulfill a task for the sake of Allah. I want to do this action that is good and you're sick and you're knocked out. But Allah puts the energy and you were able to fulfill the task but what happens once you're done you go back to being sick. So Panama. This is the VIP protection coverage from Allah. Allah Al Hassan, in an email, Kumar s now Allah give that protection to Musa alayhis salam correct that private specific protection to GD bi unit. No, no, Noah, when he was on the ark, private, not private VIP protection, special Niala granted to all of you, you want it, you want to taste it, you want to feel it go on the path of Allah and watch

00:40:42--> 00:41:09

what happens May Allah granted to all of us. I mean, as it was like it was war. He's walking, and walking, he says, and I saw the leader himself, who was it a boo soufiane. And he was trying to warm up himself with whatever fire was available. So now the data is on the other end, the only Muslim amongst 10,000. So as I said, this is my opportunity. He gets his bow.

00:41:11--> 00:41:13

He takes his arrow

00:41:14--> 00:41:16

puts the arrow on the bow, is that right?

00:41:18--> 00:41:21

The Prophet says give me updates while defending the Shia.

00:41:23--> 00:41:28

He got the arrow, toes it. He says then I remembered what the prophet said.

00:41:30--> 00:41:36

Don't do anything. But give me the news. Can we be like that? Yeah, but things are different now.

00:41:38--> 00:41:41

That will tell you to do. Yeah, but you know in 2020

00:41:43--> 00:41:51

pork is haram kunzea pork is haram by the manufacturers these days, the way they cleaned the bodies like according to my biology class, look, well, I think all the gems are

00:41:53--> 00:41:54

pretty important but just

00:41:56--> 00:42:03

took the arrow put it in the bucket, put the bowl back. He's like, well, I could have killed them. I could have shot him right there would have ended the battle.

00:42:05--> 00:42:15

So he says I came and I was a fan was smart. I was a fan was was slick. He felt a vibe. Maybe one of the Muslims are here authentic narration.

00:42:17--> 00:42:25

So I was a fan was to give a sermon that before he started his sermon, he says I want everyone in the army to check who is next to him.

00:42:27--> 00:42:29

Because maybe the Muslims have sneaked someone in

00:42:31--> 00:42:35

there was like so i right away I began I was proactive. I said Who are you?

00:42:36--> 00:42:41

Okay, hello, are you okay? We're good. We're good. All right, go ahead.

00:42:43--> 00:42:44


00:42:45--> 00:43:13

Anyone standing? Let's not go into detail and example is what to say and what what to post. emigrant this was the sample soufiane says listen, you guys just talking now how safe I don't think we should stay here anymore. Look what the wind is doing to us, knocking out our tents flipping our pots turning off the fire. Lambo, comma, this is not I gotta get going. It has to Halo anymore. You know what this all get going? Because I'm leaving.

00:43:15--> 00:43:16

They say here's that that's it.

00:43:17--> 00:43:31

They're leaving we would maintain his emotions. right because all right, excited. So then I said then I went back. Cross the trench went to the profits. I suddenly said it became so cold.

00:43:32--> 00:44:16

They sold the product, sell them What happened? And brothers and sisters and alarm panels I revealed the conclusion. Allah says what the law will lead in Africa for believing him. Allah subhanho wa Taala said and Allah repel those who have disbelieved with the rage or angry all these resources. 10,000 people we couldn't do anything to them. We couldn't get people to get killed couldn't get people to surrender highly. I'm angry, and will lie that exact emotions that people will feel will try to humiliate Islam. May Allah grant us wisdom and allow us to appreciate our Deen. Then Allah says lemina Hira. They went and came back empty handed. That's it, then we're careful law will mean

00:44:16--> 00:44:59

al Qaeda who fought the battle. Allah said he fought the battle. And he's the one who sacrificed the believers from fighting, no fighting took place, and they defeated the greatest army. So now what you need to also remember defeating an obstacle overcoming something having such defeat like that is not necessarily about what weapons one has. No, no. If they say what do they tell you? It's not the size of the body in the fight is the size of the fight in the heart that matters. Here is a better example. Imagine and faith and yaqeen is what makes you a winner. May Allah increases in certainty say I mean, and in conclusion, what can a low cohesion are these analysis

00:45:00--> 00:45:47

Allah is the strong, the all mighty Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah the prophets I send them then jabril tells him It's not over yet. What do you mean? You gotta go to Benny karela the ones who are treacherous committed treason, and the Prophet and the companions applied the rules on them, which a law was approving of and venue Craver were eliminated. They were no longer in Medina. No longer in Medina, the men from Nicaragua also applied the rule. What was the rule for that treason they committed Putin? And had he been Eminem, which is to kill v men who are the warriors amongst them, you see that? And that is something they're aware of. And that's the rule which Allah has approved

00:45:47--> 00:46:22

of, at this point, brothers and sisters, for sure. I said, let me He says, and I'll end with a statement, then we'll have rather SMS a few things. The Prophet said, and the oma Zoo home Well, Zoo Nana, from now on, we will no longer be in defense, we will no longer be the ones that receiving the enemy. We will no longer be the ones that are just protecting ourselves and be in that point, which appears to be weak. From now on. We will be in the offense. What does that mean? What are his plans? What do you want to do next? we'll mention in Sharla after the announcements from brother awesome