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AI: Summary © The concept of Allah's teachings is discussed, including the importance of not harming others and living in a rushed age. The importance of understanding people and their actions to create their own lives is emphasized, along with the power of words in influencing people and the importance of remembering to be in the fire and not give too much time. The importance of learning to reflect on the creation of Islam and being mindful of one's actions to strengthen one's Eman is emphasized.
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Ireland Hamad Hornstein ohana stop fearing

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when are the Mullah Haman short od and fusina woman sejati our Marina Mayor de la Vela Medina woman your fellow javiera washer should you allow her in Lola hola Sheree Cara washa Diana Mohammed Abu hora solo. You Hello the innominate Taka la haka to party. Voila tomato Nila one to Muslim en un NASA Tara Bakula de holla Takumi nuptse wahida ohada Minh has Oh jaha wahba Thurman humare john and Kathy Romani, sir, but takala let alone me He will not harm in Allah carnaroli Kumara Thema your levina Armand talkin la Hakuna, Colin said EDA, Mustafa Kumar, Manoj Kumar,

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back home, when my mother in law how Rasulullah hufa differs fosun alima I'm about to find now Stockwell How do you think your turban lighter either? Well, Pharaoh had the head do Mohammed in Salalah when he was sending them or Sharon moody matassa to Hakuna Matata timbira. Baku aku livedata Malala wakulla Donna Latina now

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one of the most common commands of Allah is the origin in the Quran to me and you is the command that we should think that we should ponder that we should reflect that we should contemplate. It is mentioned in calculus versus throughout the Quran. Remember Ibrahim Rahim Allah, Allah mentioned in one of his works, that the essence of all good and all evil is a thought from that thought, you are motivated to worship Allah and obey Him or to disobey Him from the thought. You love some money, you hate someone from that thought you become attached to something or you distance yourself from something, it all comes back to the thought. And that is why throughout the Quran in different ways

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and using different terms, Allah azza wa jal tells us to be people who think and reflect not people who only look for people who see and observe. Allah zildjian says in the Quran, Allah mercy refill oral, for young muraki, for can earthly but to live in, I mean, complain to them or travel upon the earth so that they may see the result of those nations that came before them. People who observe people who don't just walk by idly without thinking and pondering and reflecting, but people who when they look, they see and they observe, and people who when they hear they listen, in Navy radicals in the omegas Maroon, indeed within that there are signs for people who listen, not only

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people who use their senses to observe what is around them, but then they think about what they observe. They go that step further and they think large zildjian says polhill yester Willa Will Vasil affair Latifah Curran say hello those who are blind equal to those who can see, do you not think, to think, to ponder, to reflect, to go the deeper level of contemplating not just to think but to sit there and to deeply reflect over what is the deeper meaning of what it is that you're thinking about? Allah azza wa jal says in relation to the Quran of Allah to the balloon and Quran, do they not contemplate and reflect over the Quran? People who when they think deeply and they

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reflect and contemplate, they take the lessons that Allah has placed in the Quran, they take those lessons in those principles and they apply them within their own lives. They use them as a way to come closer to Allah and to strengthen the Eman in Allah azza wa jal, Alonzo JAL says in an interview that he color Ableton Live audio labs are indeed within that there are signs for people of understanding why, because when you observe, and when you listen, and when you think and when you reflect and contemplate and when you draw those lessons, and you apply them within your own life. There are times when your Eman is weak, or times when shape time overcomes you or times when you're

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tempted to sin, you are reminded of a large religion. You remember your Lord and creator in the levina taco era massamba infamous shaytaan de Kuru for either who moves Iran in the those who are conscious of Allah. When shavon prompts them tempts them comes to touch them with sin. They remember the Lord and they see what is correct and straight. They are reminded of the Lord, because there are people who when they walk, they don't just pass things by when they observe, they take lessons from them. When they read, and they hear. They don't just read and hear without contemplation. And that isn't the time that we live in counter intuitive. It is something that we've become disengaged from

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and lost that connection with because we live in a fast paced age. We live in a place

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Send a time when there is instant access to information at the click of a button or the swipe of a screen, you can access anything. So when someone tells you, as Allah does in the Quran to stop, to think, to reflect, it is difficult to do to find that time and build it within your routine, that you don't just walk around like a machine or a robot to some type of implement, but you stop and you think and you observe, that is what makes the difference between us and the other creations upon this earth. The other species that Allah has created, we are people who understand, we are people who reflect we are a creation, that when those lessons come to us, we take from them benefit, and we

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apply them within our lives. So a large region in the Quran in his book, he tells us the number of things that we should reflect over, versus dispersed throughout the Quran. And I will want to mention a number of them for you. Things that when we see us that surround us every day, the things that we come into contact with, they are things that when we see them, we hear them, we observe them, they should make a stop and they should make us ponder. From the greatest of those things that are larger which are mentioned in the Quran, that we should reflect upon and contemplate over is the universe, the creation of Allah azza wa jal from the heavens to the earth, from the seas and the

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mountains and the rivers and the trees, from the animals and the birds and everything that Allah has created within this universe. Well who will live the mud the larva? vagina Luffy How was your one Hara? He is the one who expanded the earth and placed within it rivers and mountains woman called Lisa marotti Jr. Luffy has oj in his name, and from every single plant Allah placed within it a couple Yoshi Leyland know how the night overcomes the day in the free radical omiya difficult on indeed within that there are signs for people who understand the people will think Allah xojo tells us to be from amongst those people who when we see what is around us, we think it's raining right

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now. Allah azza wa jal says who will Libyans elemina sama eema. He's the one who causes the rain to descend from the skies. Local mean who shall Rob from it you drink woman who shows your own fee to see moon and from it there is water for your shrubbery of vegetation from which your animals eat, you won't be to let them be his or her. I was a tuna, one nephila will learn and for me to say grow your green and your olives, your day, palm trees, trees and your grape vines woman called the thammarat and all of your crops in the Viva adicolor oneopinion. Indeed, within that there are signs for people who understand the hadith of Otto rahima Hello to Allah, the famous scholar of tafsir and

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student amongst the companions in what is collecting the sigh of even a ban. He says that I entered alongside the scholar rebatable automail Rahim Allah, one of the great scholars of Islam, from the leaders of the tabula in in knowledge, he said, the both of us entered upon the mother of the believers are insha Allah who Anna and he said we came to and we asked her a question, and it is an amazing question. They asked a mother of the believers, what is the most amazing thing that you saw from the Prophet sallallahu while he was sitting? What an insightful question. When you have a limited amount of time with someone have that type of knowledge, experience wisdom, you don't just

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waste it on something insignificant. What is the most amazing thing that you saw in your time with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? They said the question made her cry, brought tears to her eyes. And then she said that night the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to me, Arusha, don't disturb me this night. Leave me to worship My Lord. She said he began to pray and he cried. He cried so much that his cheeks became what from his tears, and he continued to cry until his beard became moist from his tears, and he continued to cry in the different positions of Sala until the ground around him was wet and moist from his tears. He continued to be in that state crying and worshipping

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Allah reciting the Quran until it was nearly the time of Fazal. So Billa rhodiola, who sought permission to enter to tell the proper synonym to come out to lead the Salah. He came in and he saw the state of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said to my messenger of Allah, do you do this? When Allah has forgiven you for all of your sins, past and future? The Prophet said salaallah alayhi wa sallam if an akuna abdon Shakira Should I not be a grateful statement of Allah knows Natalia Laila Aya this night verses were revealed to me Wayne oldman para while amitava Korea whoa to those role in Arabic language means destruction, may destruction before those who read those

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verses and they don't ponder over them. Allah says in nifty helpless somehow it will, indeed in the creation of the heavens and the earth, walk the Rafi lady when the heart and the alternation

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The day in the night, the IRT The only album are Signs for a people of understanding a levena Al Quran Allah BRM and what guru then what are legend obey Him. Those who remember Allah is the standards they said, as they lie upon their signs were tougher. Karuna we hope somehow it will autumn and they think about the creation of the heavens and the earth. And that leads them to say Europe banner, Mahabharata heard about Isla, whoever, Lord, you do not create this in futility. So parents can subpoena other banagher Glory be to us to save us from the punishment of the Fire.

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Woe to those who read those verses, the final passage of surah earlier in Moran, and they don't ponder over them. They don't contemplate. Allah says from the signs that are around you or those that are sufficient for you that if you were to spend time thinking about them, they would remind you of Allah, they would increase you in your Eman and they would strengthen your worship and your relationship with your Lord and creator subhana wa Tada. So over and over again in the Quran, were told to think about the creation of Allah. And then Allah azza wa jal specifies a type of creation that we should give further for to further time and contemplation to and that is our own songs, our

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creation, me and you and the way that a large that will formed us, the way that Allah subhanaw taala made us the way that a large soldier has placed is within us abilities and skills and talents that are unrivaled. Something that allies the region has done to make us unique, created us in the best of form and fashion. Wonder the Chanukah coming to rob he's the one who created you from soil from lemon nada and then from a drop of semen from in Africa and then from a clingy form from Maharaja complete flower and then you come out as children from money Tableau and then you reach maturity and adulthood. The Melissa Coleman show you ha and then you reach old age women commend you

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to our firm in public, but from amongst you will be those who will die before this will he Tableau agenda masama and so that each of you will reach their pre appointed time will are unlocked on your own and so that you will be people of understanding people who reflect people who when we see around us, people who are giving birth to others children coming into this world. It makes us Marvel or lost power, His creation, his ability subhana wa Tada. And just so when you see around us people who die, people who die suddenly people who die of old age people who die because of some accident or some disease that has affected them, it makes us stop and ponder and think as well.

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So nobody Himalaya TNF alpha happy. Wolfie unfussy him had teletubby janella home and now we will show them our signs in every region of the earth and within themselves, so that the truth will become clear to them. Allah azza wa jal has given us those signs has given us everything that we need for us to connect to our Lord and creator subhanho wa Taala. How often have we stopped to think about the way the blood circulates around our bodies, and the way that our mind and our brain has this amazing ability to process millions of pieces of information. However, memory works, however, different organs and Body Works, our limbs, everything that Allah zildjian has placed within us to

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lose a single one of those blessings from Allah subhanho wa Taala is debilitating, to be affected by harm or pain in a single part of the body is something which stops you in your tracks and it's difficult for you to continue to move a single tooth ache, a headache, a joint ache, is something that you find it difficult to bear on a daily basis. That is how perfect Allah's creation is, but that is how fragile we are as humans, so that we may reflect and think that thought may lead us back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And from that which Allah azza wa jal then tells us to think about is the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon us, the blessings that Allah has given to me and you have

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not only our bodies and our health, but the ones that Allah has afforded to us. The peace and security that we live in the families that are large, zildjian has bestowed upon us, our children, our grandchildren, in some cases, all of the blessings that Allah has given to us. When if we were to look across the world, as the brother was mentioning just before the hotbar, in many communities, in many places around the world, even in places like Australia, where they're going through those crazy fires at the moment, it is something that makes you thank Allah zildjian for the blessings that you have things that you take for granted by fermion loco camel is the one who creates like the

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one who doesn't create a fella to the Quran, then will you not remember what intero dornie amatola Isla de sola and if you were to try to enumerate Allah's blessings, you would be unable to do so. And I'm thorough and Allah subhanaw taala Kumasi semi wati wa marfil do not see that Allah has subjected for you ever

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We think in the heavens and everything in the earth arlequin Yamaha, VA Hera, Tom about, you know, under Allah has lavished upon you, all of his praise and all of his blessings, that which is outwardly and that which is inwardly. And that is why in the Hadith and Bharani, Abdullah bin or Amara rhodiola one whom our Prophet told us sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, de facto roofie, Allah Illa. Think, contemplate, ponder over Allah's blessings upon you. Think about those blessings that Allah has bestowed upon you, and from the greatest blessings that Allah azza wa jal has given to all of us. Every single one of us sitting here, the greatest blessing that Allah has given to us is the

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blessing of he man, the blessing of knowing Allah and worshiping Him alone, the blessing of the Quran being revealed to us so Allah tells us time and time again, reflect over the Quran. ponder over its verses. Don't be from those people who read them, and they don't think about them. Fly you to the balloon and Oren Amala coulby Noctiluca? Do they not contemplate over the Quran? Or are their hearts locked and sealed, locked and sealed from deriving its meanings from understanding its words from deducing its lessons and his morals and his principles? Are you people who when you read the Quran, you like those that Allah described from the past nations that simply read them without

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understanding with them without any benefit? Read them without any spiritual enhancement. alaric xojo tells us to be from those people who benefit from the Quran because from the greatest objectives of the revelation of the Quran, is that you will be people who will ponder and think. Yes, recitation. Yes Is memorization. Yes, it's application, but it's contemplation. Kita Bonanza Nam, la como Baraka Leah de bo iottie Walia, terra cotta oral Al Bab. This is a blessing book that we revealed upon you that they may ponder over its verses and that it will serve as a reminder for people of understanding this Oran is so amazing. Allah tells us that if you were to be revealed, and

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one of the greatest creations upon the face of the earth, it would split and it would crumble into dust. Because of the gravity of these words. Low ones in heaven are our knowledgeable. Laura ATIA harsh Ian Mutasa, the Amina Shatila, what is going on to be revealed upon a mountain. He would tremble out of the fear of Allah and it would be rent asunder what till can emcell monopoly bouhanni NASS, la lomita for karoon. And those are the parables the illustrations that we set forth for mankind, so that they may ponder and think, how often does a large region in the Koran conclude verses with these types of endings, so that you may think that you may ponder that you may see that

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you may reflect that you may remember that you may be reminded over and over again. And often when we read those verses of the Quran. And we come across those passages. We don't reflect those on a large region in the Quran give a story of story from the past nations mentions the stories of the prophets of Allah azza wa jal, and his messengers mentions the different trials that they went through some of them with their nations, some of them personal to themselves, some of them with their families and their loved ones. Every one of us can find the lesson within one of those stories, if not all of them, something that resonates with me and my situation, a prophet of Allah,

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they went through a similar trial and challenge that I am facing today in the UK in the 21st century. lapad canovee asasi him, he brought on the Odin Al Bab. Indeed, within their stories, there are lessons for people who have understanding. But in order to produce those lessons, in order to take benefit from them, you have to be from the people who think and that doesn't mean that none of us have the ability to think none of us are unable to think or to contemplate. Instead, we haven't trained our minds to do so. We don't spend enough time thinking about those things that are large. zildjian tells us our important facts. sociol kasasa, Landa amitava Corona, Allah says, No read to

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them stories, that they may be people who think people who when they read the Quran, who hear the statements of our Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. When lessons are hot bars are given to them reminders, there are people who benefit from them, people who take stock of them and take heed from what is being mentioned there in over and over again, we're told to think about all of this, think about our last creation, think about ourselves, think about the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon us. Think about Allah, His revelation, and the stories they're in and everything that Allah has contained there in why because all of that serves as a reminder for me and you are ultimately

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heading where each and every single one of us will go. And that is to our final destination. Yeah, you have levina Armand, Allah, while Tondo, Neff Suma.

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Oh you who believe fear Allah, I look forth to that which you're putting for tomorrow. Look

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What you're doing for your standing before the larger version for your accounting before him subhana wa tada Allah azza wa jal mentions in the Quran, that when the people of the fire will enter into the fire, with whom you study Hoon efia they will scream they're in and they will see your up banner for IJA nochmals tsali, Hannover, you, viola, the Coonamble and they will see our Lord allow us to leave the fire. take us away from this fire, we will do good deeds that we never used to do before. Allah says in reply to them, our alumna American, Maya to the Kofi HeMan to the cup, will you not given sufficient time in this life, the for those who wish to remember they could have remembered it

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alone or give you time here that you could have pondered, you could have reflected if you wanted to be from those people who are remember reminded, who are admonished and take benefit from the admonition that you had sufficient time in this dunya to hold yourself to account to look at where you're going, what it is that you're achieving, where it is that you're heading, Allah will see Didn't you have sufficient time in this life to do so? There will be no time on the day of normal pm. So Larissa will over and over again in the Quran. He gives us the stock listening reminder, many It is one of the common endings of the verses of the Quran, to think, to ponder to reflect, to be

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from amongst those people who when they see and they hear, they take those lessons and they take heed from them. It is so that insha Allah you will be from those people who elevate your Eman we from amongst those people who are reminded of Allah azza wa jal be from amongst those people who stop and they sit and they think and they remember Allah subhanho wa Taala It is one of the greatest acts of worship, one of the greatest hidden acts of worship of the heart, that you spend time thinking about a large religion and that pondering and contemplation and reflection brings you closer to Allah and it strengthens your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala Milla social Greg me

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and you have the ability to do so may make us one of the people of contemplation reflection, those people who when they're reminded of a loss versus the paying heed. And those people who when they come across his signs, they benefit from them somehow not because I'm on your cell phone or cell I'm an adult mousseline. hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen

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hamdulillah yellow Cerny, was shockula who Allah told me he wanted a nanny. Why should the Allah ilaha illallah wa hola sharika Hotel v militia and a washer and a V and I will see you then I'm Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa are early he was talking to me he was one he was the limit the Sleeman kathira A man was the practice of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the companions of old and even our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that they would read the Quran and they would ponder over its verses. They will be from amongst those people who when they came across the Quran, we would spend time enjoying it recitation because they knew

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that it was for their betterment, that it was for the ultimate salvation, that from the science of Eman is, as Allah mentions in the Quran. Those who when they hear the verses of the Quran, were either totally, utterly him. That to me manner, when the verses of the Quran are revealed to them and upon them and recited to them, they are those who increase in email. That increase of demand comes not simply from listening and hearing because most of us can bear testament to the fact that we've heard the Quran being recited and you recite it ourselves how often has led to a true strengthening of Eman And that's because there is a missing ingredient and component. It is

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something which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam would do as I mentioned in the hadith of Al Shabaab, the Allah Wonga, but it was a common practice also from amongst the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Abdullah abass robiola, one woman said, to pray to rockers in the night only tour occurs, in which you ponder and contemplate over your recitation is better than to spend the whole night in prayer with a heart that is heedless, because the objective of the salon laporan is that your heart connects to it. And with it, it is said that I'm delivering our model or the Allahumma that if you wanted to remind himself, he would go out into the desert and he would go

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to the ruins, the old dwellings that were no longer inhabited. And he would stop and he would think, and he would reflect, and he would say to himself in the air look, where are the dwellers of these old buildings? Where are the inhabitants of these old lands? And he would remind them of the verse and he would recite Colucci in Harlequin, illa wotja everything will be destroyed except for his face. They would take the normal everyday surroundings as a way of bringing them closer to Allah azza wa jal I fell in love Emily Kay for wholecut do not see Do they not look towards that

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tumble and how it was created. While in a semi he fell off yard and the skies how they were raised above them. What he does he barely keefer mostly but and how the mountains are set firm, what you know out of the cave for Sati hut and how the earth has been expanded for them for that kill, remind them in Namah antimo that you're, you're only a reminder. Allah azza wa jal tells us to be people of admonition and remembrance. The great scholar of Islam and the muhaddith Abdullah Abdullah mobarak Rahim Allah huhtala, one of the scholars of Hadith. It is said that he would sit and he would spend his time thinking and contemplating one of his companions asked him one day or Abdullah, wherever

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your thoughts led you to. He said that I began by thinking about the Day of Judgment. And I have now reached the time when the people will pass over the bridge over the fire. They will spend their time contemplating and thinking it is not difficult to do but it is something that you must train yourself to do to find 15 or 20 minutes when you stop, and you sit and you think, you read the online and you contemplate you look at Allah's blessings upon you, Allah's creation around you. And you think about the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon you and the lessons that you can derive from them, that type of inner strength and spirituality. It makes your connection with the law

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stronger and strengthens your Eman and at times when your Eman is weaken law. One of the most effective ways of strengthening your Eman is to contemplate and to reflect and to think along

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with Kima we're in about in about you know was he never allow muffling muslimeen and when was the mat when we need no one will mean that Yeah, even when a mark lamattina husana taqwa was a key anti Roman zecca until you have a moda nanfu center wavelength of Lana with an akuna middleham Holocene in Robben Island ominous Virginia with Alia Tina peraturan. JOHN McAfee mama Robin Athena for dunya Hashanah Avila karate Hashanah mattina other banal subhana wa Coronavirus at the mercy foon was Salam Ala Moana sending on from duty learn your blind me