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Bismillah Alhamdulillah

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wa salatu salam ala rasulillah in

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Today, inshallah, I'm going to talk to you about the important role of women in changing the home. And in changing the community and ultimately changing the entire oma, I'm not going to be giving you specific steps on how to change your home, I'm going to talk to the women, to our mothers and to our sisters, about their important role, because many Muslim women feel that if they do not have a career, that they're less of a woman.

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And that if the woman does not work full time, that she's less than the other woman who has a career and who works full time, and that a lot of women also feel that getting an additional paycheck is more important than raising their children. So a lot. And as I speak, a lot of women will think we're saying don't work, don't have a career, don't pursue the education. And they will think that because of the negative image that a lot of people have regarding Islam, and some women even believe that Islam is unfair to women. But that's not what we're saying. I didn't say it's not important to have a career, I didn't say it's not important to get an education, I said, the role in the home is

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more important than that. Because Traditionally, the father was the one that would be outside of the house all day. And then the mother would be the one who would start to first teach the children their first Ayat of the Quran, the mother is the one that makes sure the first the child, the first word that they say is Allah. She's the one that would encourage them to seek knowledge. But now both are industry that the father and the mother, both parents, and so the children, they begin to have a lot of problems from values that they don't have from morals that they don't have from even the simple concept of such as bonded, which is when the infinite bonds with the mother. And you can

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study the books of psychology and see what happens to children when they don't bond well with their mother during infancy.

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So the other negative image is that the woman is told your job is to cook and to clean. You see how derogatory, they make it sound. All you have to do is cook and clean. That's not what we're saying. We're talking about raising scholars raising the warriors of this oma raising the good Muslim men and women who will be the ones who will receive the victory or the upper hand of this woman. And some women now they're proud that they can't cook, they boast you I can't cook. Like it's such a good thing, Mashallah.

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You're such a modern woman. Now, you don't know how to cook must be very educated woman.

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So many sisters can sew a button if it breaks off a shirt or a garment. And they're proud of that I can't sew on my shoulder, how advanced you are.

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Not that there is any shame with knowing how to cook. You know the role of the Muslim woman. When it comes to the oma. Someone described it or gave it a very beautiful comparison. It's like the role of the archers in the Battle of God. They were not in the forefront. They were not in the thick of the action. But he had the most important position. They guarded the army. And if they moved, the whole army would be uncovered and the whole army would be defeated. So you're the silent heroes. You're the ones doing all the great work. You're the backbone and the structure. You're the ones who teach the children and teach the Muslim men courage and honesty and truthfulness and patience and

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perseverance and kindness and confidence in themselves. You're the one who will do that. Not your babysitter, and not the nursery school who will only teach them to sing nursery rhymes.

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You're the one who will teach them that and we're not saying again we're not saying don't work you're we're saying you were like the archers, the archers when they left out trying to get the spoils. The army was uncovered and it was defeated. But same thing when you leave this most important position to go out for the spoils to go out for the extra paycheck or something like that. You leave the army you leave the oma uncovered. And you know notice I mentioned courage yes when I said you teach courage and honesty and truthfulness.

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Show of hands which of the sisters are courageous in this room.

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Okay, so so a small percentage

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The brothers can't see but a small percentage of sisters are courageous. Now, honestly, now, we know that mothers in the room teach courage to their children, show of hands, you teach your children to be courageous. Okay, that's good. That's good. Because these are qualities you don't find anymore. It's just, it's just too much. Now, you barely find a woman who will teach her son to be courageous, the son will throw a fit and scream and cry. And he's 12 years old, by the way, publicly in the market and all these things, she doesn't even tell him to act like a man to behave to be brave to be strong, even the stereotypical Arab father, who is so strict and severe in the Arab lands. When it

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comes here, I was at the dentist, there was this kid, his turn was coming up being put him in a dentist's chair, this is in a waiting room. He's beating his father, he's 12 years old or something, and the father just wasn't reading the newspaper.

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So what happened to the good old father?

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The prophets, a lot of them said to the Muslim woman, take care of your home for that is your jihad, that that means it's a very important position. And it's more important than the extra paycheck and more important than so many other things, the extra paycheck and the wealth you get from that can't compare the reward you'll get if your son becomes a great scholar of Islam, or if your daughter learns her religion and teaches it to other women. And you know, the story of Imam Malik Rahim, Allah, when he was a young boy, you know what he wanted to be? When he grew up? Yes. He wanted to become a singer. And who is the one who changed his mind about that it was his mother, she changed

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his mind. And she was one who encouraged him to not become a singer. And she started to encourage him to want to study the religion. And the things that she would do. He was a young boy, she would dress him up like a young scholar.

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And she would put a turban on him and dress him up like a young scholar, this young boy. And sometimes you walk with him to the mustard because he was too young to go to fidget by himself in the dark. And shoe, tell him go to this great scholar of Medina and learn from his manners and learn from his knowledge. And she encouraged him to do that. The way she dressed him up as a small scholar or an Imam. Just the same way now we dress up our children as policemen and as firefighters and we make them love these occupations, how many people and I just still would love to see the day when after the Juma football, some father will bring his child and put him up on the member and say hi,

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you see, you're the mom You must speak to the people. No, but we buy them these plastic badges and fake guns yellow you're a police officer. You're a firefighter. So sisters, next Friday, or any Friday when school is out, have Make sure your husband he puts your son upon the member and tells him look through the Imam of the oma

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mama his father had passed away. And so his mother his mother raised him What man used to say about him. He says come to our humble you Elaine wah wah wah. I used to see

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pray the night stand the night in prayer while he was a young boy. Where do you think he learned that from? It was from his mother. And the excellent relationship is very famous the excellent relationship he had with his mother and how obedient he was to his mother had been harder and Allah. His mother didn't encourage him to work to knowledge. It was said that his older sister was well versed in language and poetry. She was the one who got him interested in knowledge. In Josie, another great scholar of Islam, Rahim Allah, his aunt was the one who got him interested and the one who took him to learn. And from the Mojave, there'll be this teacher of Mr. maryk that we mentioned

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earlier, his mother spent 1000s of dinars that her husband left her she spent it on educating her son who became a great scholar in the masjid and Nebo in Medina.

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And humble is mentioned that he had over 400 teachers. He started with over 400 scholars during his travels, but amongst them were women scholars in America had his daughter Layla, who used to memorize the Book on water. And she memorized it so well, that if one of the students made the mistake, and the mom didn't catch the mistake, she would knock on the door, because she would be listening. Then the mom would ask him to repeat himself, he would pay attention that someone made a mistake. The daughter of the great scholar say didn't see when she got married, her husband got dressed to go to the Holocaust. She said, Where are you going? He said to the Holocaust, he said,

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sit down. I'll tell you what he says. That's the amount of knowledge that she had. But we don't even need to go that far. What if we start right at the beginning with your loved one, I mean, if anyone wants to undress

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To meet the role of women in building this aroma and in creating scholars and in creating warriors.

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Just look at the role of Viola Anna. And where would Islam be and where would the second hour be without Khadija Fabiola Juana, even when the prophet SAW Selim before he became a prophet, when he loves to go and meditate and do the 100 sit in the cave for a long time, sometimes he would stay for a month, she would send it to servants there to give him food, so he wouldn't have to interrupt himself and come back all the way to the city to get some food. She would send a service to him to give him food, but look at the instructions she would give them because she knows her husband. So the law is dedicated to something and he wants to do something, she would tell them just put the

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food at the mouth of the Cayman leaf. Don't walk in and distract and talk about the news and what's happening in the village. She will tell them that look at the attention to detail.

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Look at how when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came back and he was afraid and he said Zuma Moon is the moon he covered me. She covered the prophet SAW Scylla and she waited until he calmed down. Then she asked him what happened.

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And if this were to happen, and the woman is not wise, you come in and there's a Columbia use a cover me to the what for what happened? Cover me what happened? No, you're covering until you tell me what's going on. Now you have two kilometers instead of one.

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Look at her analysis. When the prophet SAW Selim explained to her what happened. She immediately saw this can't be from the shape on it can't be from the gin. She analyzed it quickly that you were the Prophet of Allah. Why? Because of the goodness of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and then she takes him to no fun, who confirms what she's saying? looking how she supported the prophets of Allah and sent them financially how she suffered alongside the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Where would the early Dawa be if the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had a wife that nagged him? Where would it be? Where would the DAO be if she told him you don't spend time with me stay home with us, let's talk, let's

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have a, you know, a candlelight dinner tonight or something like that.

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And the successful Gods also had good wives who supported them. So look at it in terms of reward, look at the amount of reward you get, when one of your children becomes a scholar, or your husband is a diet, you allow him to go out on journeys, and you allow him to go and do the work. Whereas if you constantly nagged him to stay home, and so on, and so forth, which he needs to give you the rights from that. But if it was so severe that he couldn't go out, you think he don't get the share of the reward when he goes out? And does good work? Of course you do.

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Where would the Muslim Ummah today be without the believing women who allow their sons to go out in jihad, who allow their husbands to go and call to the might of Allah azza wa jal, and who would allow their children to pursue Islamic knowledge? Now, let's be realistic. We don't just want to give a touchy feely and uplifting kind of talk and not be realistic with ourselves. So now I'll ask the sisters a question. Because you are the important ones here. I'll ask you this question. You answer it to yourself, are you willing and ready to raise children for the sake of Allah for the sake of this religion? And for the sake of the animal? Just answer yourself by yourself? Are you

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really willing to raise children for the sake of this D to give you the upper hand to the omo of Muhammad? sallallahu?

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So if you answered yes to yourself, now answer this question.

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If you have a son, who is very intelligent, and bright, and gets the highest grades, and you expect him to become a doctor, or an engineer, and then he tells you I want to study Islam,

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I want to become an email. And you're sitting at a gathering and sister so and so her son has been accepted at Harvard University. And it's just too so and so her son will become a genetic engineer, the other one a nuclear physicist, the other one a cardiologist, and what's your son going to be sister?

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would you accept that?

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You know, the way we will be literally the dean these days, besides the fact that we have as one speaker put into the done with people to go study Dean in some situations.

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But besides that, people always ask this question, study D, who are you going to be when you grow up and EMA

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and we see it as a ridiculous thing. You're going to become an EMR and forget the Quran, which

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make me an email for the pain for the people.

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It's not an easy thing and it's not an easy position.

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So what is the difference between the reward you would get if your son is an Imam or a die, and the wealth you would get if your son is a doctor or an engineer. And once again, we're not saying studying medicine is not good. Some people will take it that way. And we're not saying engineering is not good. We're saying it's good, but it's not the best. The best is the study of the deen of Allah subhanaw taala is number one. But this is something that we we can't even fathom nowadays, because we put it at the bottom, the lowest rung of the ladder, studying the religion of Allah.

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There was

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a there was a true story where a man had two children, and one of them wanted to become a doctor. And the other one is to study Sharia. So the father was very angry with the one who wanted to study Sharia. But he kept praising the one who became a doctor, and the one who studied Sharia then, when he graduated, and he became an Imam, or a leader of the Muslims, he was in the father became very ill.

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And the mom is the one because she understood these values. He was the one that took care of his father, all his life. The father was proud of the doctor. But when he was on his deathbed, and he was ill for a while, the doctor never came to visit him, and didn't give him any attention. And the mom was the one that would walk him to the restroom, he would wash him, he would help him with Waldo, he would feed him he would take care of him, he would stay by his side at night. It was the EMR and then only at his deathbed, did he realize that the position of him is far more honored than any other position?

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So all at his deathbed, he realized that and we pray that people realize it now before it's too late.

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So what's the relationship? How much wealth would you get if your son is an engineer or a doctor versus how much reward would you get if your son is a scholar, or if your daughter also learns the religion she teaches it to others, you know, the great scholar abuse of the student of Imam, Abu hanifa hamdulillah in an abusive and he was one of those who really did the most work for the Hanafi madhhab. And he was the one basically, who put together the books in the volumes and formulated a lot of the opinions along with some other students of Vietnam, but in an abusive one time, he was sitting with the halifa Haruna Rashid and Harun al Rashid offers him to eat from and fellows a

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fellow that is basically a kind of sweet, very nice kind of dessert. So to honor him, he offers him to eat first from unfollowed lunch. So

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abuse of any later on, he becomes like cuddle cuddle, which is like, kind of like Chief Justice. And he would have been an array and basically he smiles. And so the halifa haraguchi tells him, and why are you laughing? I'm offering you to eat first, even in one nourishing, he gives him with his hand, the food in his mouth, which is a way that are abused to honor someone. So then the man smiles I will use. So he tells him that I'm not smiling because of that. But because of something that happened a long time ago, children I was an orphan young boy. And my mother used to send me to a craftsman, you see. And I used to learn a skill basically. And I used to escape and go and

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so this is the typical situation. He wants to study religion, but the mother wants him to study something where he will get some kind of wealth from it. And so his mother would come when she wouldn't find him at the craftsmen, she would know that he skipped the craftsmans class to go study with Jambo honey, and she would come to the top and she would yell at him. And she would tell him nothing corrupted you except this man meaning Abu hanifa and Abu hanifa. Allah would tell her, leave him for I teach him the knowledge which with which the kings will feed him the follow that in his mouth.

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And it happened so many years later. And that's why when he was offered the sweet, he smiled. He remembered what the man told him.

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So much honor that the man got just like others of the suit of the teachers of

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the hammer, a hammer law, where the father used to insist that the boy works with him at the business but the boy would go to the to the halaqa of the scholar and the scholar was the judge of the city. So when one day the child is sick, the judge and all the important people in the nobles come to the house of the boy to see where he was. He was such an excellent student. So the father doesn't I never thought the judge and all these important people would come in

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Knock at my door, and from that day forward to let the boy go and study the religion. So realistically then to our mothers and to our sisters, your child, if they wake up on a Saturday and they have to go to Quran School, which is only about two hours of school time, and they wake up and they're tired that day.

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Will you let them stay?

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or How would your reaction be compared to if they wake up Tuesday morning? And they say, I don't want to go to school today. How dare you? He don't want to go to school today. There'll be a lot of things. There'll be beatings and whipping and biting and all kinds of things. How dare you don't want to go to school today. But if it's around schools, and it's Saturday, it's his day of stain. Okay.

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You know, the best students we found in these Islamic schools, especially the part dental schools, always always the best students are the ones whose parents care about them coming to that school. Always the student with the best grades in Islamic schools are the meaning the weekend schools are the ones whose parents say, you know, what did you do today? Do you have any homework? Do you have anything to study? These are always the best students. And the worst ones are the ones whose parents don't care. If you teach in one school for five years, many times the students wouldn't come. Where were you last weekend? I was just tired. Philip coming. And your parents let you

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I would love to see the conversation at that household. If Wednesday morning he says I don't feel like going to school today.

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No way, you can hit capital to the Makarova is gonna be beating is going to be yelling No way.

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So how many of the sisters and again, ask yourself this question so we can realistically assess ourselves. The point is not to make you feel guilty or to put you in the hot seat or make you feel that you're not to wear that worth it or anything like that. No, the point is just let's be realistic. How many of the sisters wake up their children who have reached praying aged four?

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Okay, all right, definitely. Putting your hands up. I didn't want you to put your hands up so that those who don't put the hands up will be put in the hot seat. But

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I was just recently talking to someone in the Muslim land. And he was talking to me about how all his children go to the masjid for friendship. They all wake up and they all walk to the masjid and they're like 10 and nine and 12 and so forth. I think the oldest was 13. But all of his three sons go with him. Every single day. They were they have school or not. He said it took my wife a year to recognize that they should go to Fiji should see no, they're sleeping. Well, obviously they're sleeping. It's 5am would you expect the sleeping? That we wake them up when they go to the machine now a year later Now she's just used to the idea that yes, is the young they should go

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here so many times. And this is what we're talking about. You know, where's the courage? Where's the man? Where's this type of therapy? It's always oh, let him sleep and it's so sad that alone and I pray No, of none of the sisters in this room are from that group. A lot of times to be in now raising children has come down to two things each and put on your jacket.

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Put on a sweater put on a jacket. Where's your hat? Where's your mitten? He didn't he finished your vegetables.

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This is therapy now eat eat eat. Let me tell you something. Sisters. This is some logic here. Just pure logic. Okay, no emotion. All right.

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There is no living thing on the planet that will not eat if it needs to eat. There, isn't it? I'm serious.

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And I'm not just trying to be funny. I'm even my wife. I tried to explain this to her. She's trying to force the food down the kid's mouth. He doesn't want to eat no living thing will be hungry and not eat.

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You know what our children hate food. They don't want to eat because we force it down their throat. Other people they punish their children. They say no dinner tonight. The child will get upset. No dinner tonight. You know why? Because they let them eat naturally when they force it down their throat. It's a horrible thing. When I lived in Pakistan, my mother used to force me to drink buffalo milk. I hated it. It was fresh, it was thick. And they used to put some other spices inside of it. And I would throw up the milk back into the glass and my mother would beat me and I have to drink the vomit back.

00:24:39--> 00:24:41

Well, I'm not exaggerating.

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Do you think I'll die if I don't drink that milk? Leave the milk. No living beings will be hungry and not eat. So let the charges he don't force him Don't stop food down their throat and Turkey is not just eat and make sure you have a jacket on. Did you put your sweater

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On no one sister Sheila children go just as they go. And one day they go to school it's a cold day without a jacket, believe me, they're also intelligent. Next day, they will remember how they were freezing all the recess they will take their jacket next day.

00:25:15--> 00:25:45

So these are things we focus on that we don't need much attention anyways, all living beings that with you know, decent brain will take care of these things, eating and putting on a proper coat or jacket, things of that sort. But so many times we find these issues and you told you might tell your wife You know, wake me up at this time. All right, so pray and so do this and I have to go there. So then you wake up, you know, hours later, you know, Mrs. Salah or whatever, when you wake me up.

00:25:46--> 00:25:47

You look so calm.

00:25:49--> 00:25:57

Who would you expect? Typically, when people sleep, they usually look calm, Jani. What do you expect them to look like

00:25:59--> 00:26:07

strangling and hitting things they look on. Always women do that. In my family, at least when you look so calm.

00:26:09--> 00:26:14

It's normal. I wanted I was about to sleep. So look calm.

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again, I'm talking about the feeling of you know what is important and what comes first. And what is essential. Like we're talking about food for children. They think it's like a nightmare. If the child wakes up early for future, he can go back to sleep. And they will do a good job of that. And they'll do a good job of taking the nap when they come back from school or whatever, whenever time it is for that night. So, so sisters in Islam, then you have a special place, and you have a pivotal role. And if you are righteous, most likely you will have good children. And many times the young men and women who commit sins and do the sins openly, they didn't get a good upbringing. Most of the

00:26:57--> 00:27:41

time, Allah azza wa jal has given you the greatest position and the greatest role in this karma. And it's not the position of being a secretary or being this or being that. But it's being the one who is the backbone, and part of the integral part of the success of this company and the strength of this commoner. So don't be ashamed that this great position allows good has given me I mean, there's, there's a comfort organization in the United States that their whole job is to promote the position of homemaker they call it homemaker. And they have bumper stickers to the effect of you know, homemaker is the most important job, or I have a very important job. I'm a homemaker. I mean,

00:27:41--> 00:27:51

even this group realizes the importance of taking care of the home. And it's not the television who will raise your children. It's not the babysitter, and it's not the daycare center.

00:27:52--> 00:28:30

Allah azza wa jal honored you, the Muslim woman, and so do not allow anyone to dishonor you. Allah gave me this great honor. I remember one time my wife was telling me there was an Islamic event at a hotel like this. And there was another event and within the hotel, and for that event, there was a dancer, like a belly dancer invited. So she was getting dressed in the restroom and the Muslim woman were there. So they were talking to her and it wasn't giving her that one fortunately, they were looking at the the, you know, the things that shake and glitter and, and her outfit was she was putting on her her own little outfit. So.

00:28:32--> 00:28:43

So my wife was telling me how the dancer suddenly looked at the Muslim woman. They're all wearing hijab. And she said to them, You can't wear things like this, can you? And all of them said, Yes, Yes, we can.

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And they don't mean at home. She's talking about you can't you couldn't do what I do. And they're trying to ensure Yes, we can be like you. But you're in a position of on, you bring yourself down to being dishonored. Are you telling her No. And he was far better than that, than to uncover ourselves and go dance in front of people in front of men. And they could given her doubt, but they didn't like how much does this cost and what's the thing that jiggles and makes this sound and all these things?

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Allah commanded everyone to respect you. Everybody was commanded to respect you. Just from the normal men from the average man from the men in public to not look at you to lower their gaze to not make you an object from your children allowances no Koran or Senate insanity incentive you led Hamra to Allah wa facade houfy amin and Escuela de La Masia here now is telling your children to take care of you, your children, to honor you are saying and we have enjoined upon the human being to take care to take good care of his parents. Then Allah specifically talks about the woman how she carried him travail upon travail and a difficulty upon difficulty and she weighed him for two years.

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So show gratitude to me and to your parents show gratitude to me and to your parents for to me is your final goal or your final return. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also was asked by a man you're a pseudo law man Hakuna Sahaba T which of the people deserves most deserves my my good treatment, or my good companionship and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam tells him Oh, mocha, mocha, mocha mocha to Malibu, your mother, and then your mother and one nurse, and then who your mother and then home your mother three times and then your father. So your children have been asked to honor you and to respect you. Your husband has been asked to honor you and to respect you are commanded more

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correctly. The profits are low in Salem in the farewell pilgrimage in front of 100,000 of the companions, he said Allah was those who've been in favor, Allah was also been si si Ron, he reminds the men to to take good care of their women. So the husband commanded to take care of the woman, the children command to take care of the woman. And in

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the tournament, he the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to Pharaoh hydrocone la are an apparel company, the best of you is the best of his family. And, and the best of it, his family. And this is the truth here. So now for the brothers. The best of you in this room, you should be the best to your family. But some people they don't realize this, and they think they're just different parts and segments to Islam. So the brother will be in the midst of martial

00:31:36--> 00:31:43

law, when he goes home uses the F word with his wife, one of the brothers used to kill us talking about

00:31:46--> 00:32:21

we're gonna take over the world, we're gonna take over the earth, we're gonna start here, we're gonna start there, this guy was gonna take over the earth. But then with his wife, he uses the F word. He puts her in his own son, his flesh and blood to teach her a lesson to throw her in a homeless shelter with the drug addicts and the drunkards. And he's talking about down and uses such bad words, totally different personality at the home. So the best of you is the best of you to his family. And the process Elon said I am the best amongst you to his family. That is the true mentioned. And I know of a person.

00:32:22--> 00:32:55

Every minute you meet him chef so and so has a lecture on this shift is coming to the masjid. There's a lecture in the masjid on this date. That's all he spoke about. That is reality, he would beat his wife so severely, so severely that he would have to take it to the emergency room after beating her. And I'm talking about beating like in the movies. No, it's not funny need to this to the gut, you know, elbow to the bath, punch to the face. And then he will take advantage of the fact that she can speak English and take it to the emergency room. And so she wrote down the stairs.

00:32:56--> 00:33:25

Every minute you meet him, just so just so on. And then one day, he made the major mistake of striking her in public. And a woman saw that. And you know that the phone was already on 911. All she had to do was hit send. She hit send. And the police came and took him away. But you know what this poor woman said, and just shows you how great woman this poor woman has been beating her and using her like a punching bag for so long.

00:33:26--> 00:33:33

She said the saddest thing I've ever seen in my life is when he was sitting in the back of a police car and they were taking him away.

00:33:35--> 00:33:36

He should have been like,

00:33:37--> 00:33:59

he should be happy. But no, she was her. So the best of you is the best amongst you to his woman. And so many traditional things have come in so many ways of treating the woman and being harsh with the woman. And I remember when I was married people were giving me advice on how to be harsh with my wife. Why? What kind of advice is that?

00:34:08--> 00:34:54

You know, before, heads would roll heads would be cut, blood would fall if one woman was hurt, when the use of Medina how they hated the job of the Muslim woman. So when a Muslim I went to the market have been painted. And they tried to get him to uncover her face to show them something. And she refused. And while she was sitting the the merchant, he occupied her so another man came and he tied from her headpiece to like the lower garment. So when she would get up, she would be uncovered. So when she got up after that, and she was uncovered, she screamed, and these Jews of Medina were happy and they were laughing at that. So Muslim was overtaken by the lira. And he took his sword and he

00:34:54--> 00:34:59

came in he killed that man. And so the rest of the people jumped on him and they killed him.

00:35:00--> 00:35:34

And so the Prophet is a lot harder for them when he heard what they did to one woman. And in the result of that, what they did it too and killed one man, he gathered the entire army, and he besieged all of them. This entire group, this entire tribe, because of one woman, and the prophets of Allah said, when they surrendered, he was going to have them all executed. But the hypocrite saloon came and he kept telling them kept telling the prophet SAW Selim Assalam, o de be good to be

00:35:35--> 00:35:43

like he had the relationship with them. So he kept telling me to treat them or to treat them well, and the person would move away from him. And then in the end, he grabbed the profits.

00:35:45--> 00:35:47

And the person was angered. And he said,

00:35:48--> 00:36:24

he left, he left them because this man kept insisting, but all that was done for the sake of one woman. And the funny thing, Bella, even though he whipped the great amount of common button, and he caused a lot of heart hardships. And to the scholars, in particular, in a theory mentions in his book has come in Vitoria, how a woman, a Muslim woman was captured by the Romans in the city of a Maria and they tried to dishonor her and some will tell you that they they hit her so she screamed out worm torsina.

00:36:27--> 00:37:15

So then, a man came and brought this news to an opposite. They said that he told him that a woman was any hurt or injured or insulted by the kuffar and she called your name, well Moctezuma. So he said, Let it vague. I'm here at your at your call, I'm here to answer your call. And he's gathered an entire army and conquered and destroyed and trampled the enemy and took over the entire city. And he freed that one woman. This was the case, this is how the Muslim woman was honored in our history. This is how Allah has honored you. But we apologize. And I apologize on behalf of all the Muslim men, we apologize to all the Muslim women worldwide, how we have lifted them down, how we have

00:37:15--> 00:37:18

become desensitized to the images

00:37:19--> 00:37:30

of Muslim women in hijab constantly crying and screaming in front of the cameras because someone killed their children, someone murdered their husband, or someone demolished their home. We apologize to the Muslim man.

00:37:32--> 00:37:50

But the truth is, Allah has given you a position of honor, and that of being the most important factor. And that has been the most important ingredient in the advancement. And in the upper hand of our Omar Sharla. Again, my point was not to give you

00:37:52--> 00:38:31

steps and what you can do, to bring it into your home, or step into what you can do to bring your own mind into the light and all of that. But the idea was that we take a realistic look and see are we on that path within just your home before we get to the home before we get to the community on in your home? Are we on that path towards that direction? If not, you can fix it. There's some basic things you don't need me you don't need any literature. You know, there's some basic things that you can fix. So you can be headed towards that direction. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give victory to Islam to the Muslims and to give the Muslims the upper hand.

00:38:37--> 00:38:38

O Allah Muhammad

00:38:40--> 00:38:44

for your attentive listening salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.