Mohammed Hijab – 2 Shocking Facts about Israel

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history and use of racist authorities and layered residents in the Zionist region, as well as the use of source material and pressure to justify actions. They emphasize the importance of acknowledging and defending one's racist views and urge anyone who endorses or acts as an apologist to inform their actions. The speaker also touches on the use of technology to kill people and the lack of competition among groups, as well as the funding of Israeli Israeli policy and the use of force in a fight against the enemy. They emphasize the importance of showing leadership and actual courage to build a movement for racial segregation.
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This video, I will be mentioning to facts which aim to expose the objectives of the Zionist racist authorities of this state, the corrupt State of Israel,

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which will have the net effect, it will have the net effect of showing the manipulative nature. Okay, exposing the manipulative nature of those individuals

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who are ruling elites

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in Israel, and even those before them, before Israel became even a state.

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But before I do, so I just want to say a word of caution on current events. What we're seeing today, ladies and gentlemen, in chef Java in East Jerusalem,

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is merely a continuation is merely a continuation of a system or an objective that Zion is had from the inception of Israel, and even before that,

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of it of a process of ethnic cleansing, which has been exposed in historical works through things like plan Dalit. And I've spoken before about the work that Ulan puppy has done and others on exposing this Norman Finkelstein on exposing this. Because the fact of the matter is this. Designers have been open and candid about their racial preferences. And the fact that they do believe in racial inequality in terms of privileging one set of people ethnic people over another.

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This is very clear in their, in their works and their statements.

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I think,

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what the mayor of Jerusalem has spoken just recently about this, stating quote, something to the effect of I'm paraphrasing, that the the, the evictions in El jefe de gras

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are part of a broader policy of installing layers, he says, installing layers of Jewish people

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in the area, soap and secrets. And that is why anyone,

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anyone who endorses or acts as an apologist for the state, the corrupt State of Israel and their actions

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should be questioned, or even accused of being a racist, in much the same way, as someone would be. Had they been a supporter of the apartheid state of South Africa, there's practically no difference between the two sets of policies.

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So that it's a word on current events. The two points I wanted to make in this video. Number one, Did you know

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Did you know? That the Incan, which was a paramilitary group, which was responsible for killing civilians directly, okay, killing civilians directly. And the most famous terrorist attack was the one King David Hotel in 1946, where over 90 people were killed civilians, British civilians, Palestinian civilians, were killed.

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But those individuals who then became part of the framework by the way of the Lucas party that we see today, those individuals,

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those individuals actually had deals with Hitler and the Nazis. And this is something which is not a conspiracy, this is not conspiratorial. This is something which people Western academics have been highlighting, they have been highlighting this point

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in peer reviewed academic journals, using source material, primary source material to justify their points.

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Because why would the question is why would they do that? Why would the iligan who are meant to be a paramilitary Jewish nationalistic kind of group side with the Nazis, because this they had the same objectives and this gives us something about the way these people operate, they are completely Machiavellian. Meaning they are consequentialist in their ethical reasoning, meaning that means always justify the ends for them. And that's why we're seeing bombs being dropped.

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The most sophisticated and technologically advanced bombs being dropped on the most densely and defenseless, densely populated and defenseless area in the whole middle east probably, which is the has the has the stripped the strip,

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because the ends always justify the means for them. They know that if you if you drop a bomb 30 to 40% chance is going to be a child, and the rest is probably going to be some kind of civilian. You've got a two or 3% chance of hitting who you the

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called target that you want to hit.

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Well, you don't mind killing children because you are terrorists. And the ends always justify the means for you as crown jewels, weasels, cowards, criminals.

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You are diabolical. Your actions are condensable.

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You are megillah maniacal.

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You're Pitiful people

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pipsqueaks all of your pipsqueaks. You remind me of the verse in the Quran what ironically speaks about mineralium another treacherous tribe tribe

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at the time of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in chapter 15 of the Quran, where it says, lay your quiet you don't like him Jamyang unless you call him masana. Tell me what are you doing?

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They don't fight you together except from behind

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in fortified and fortified places, or behind big walls, You pathetic cowardly people. You don't like face to face confrontation. You don't like equal fights because you are cowardly. It doesn't take a brave person to press a button. It doesn't take a brave person to throw to play computer games with a joke drone and kill a child. It doesn't take a brave person to press a button from a high place where you know that there's not going to be a reaction. You pathetic weak weasels?

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Fighting children for living that's what you basically do. You fight children, you kill children for a living. That's your that is the bulk of what you do You pathetic weasels.

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And you do so in the in the name of defense, defending yourself against what defend yourself against someone your own size, You pathetic people. The second point, which I wanted to make.

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So the first point we've just explained that they weren't cahoots with the with the Nazis, and this shows you the Machiavellian nature of these individuals. Number two, is that did you know that Israel funded Hamas in 1987, Israel funded Hamas? Now look at them, the two major antagonists of the

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of the Zionist project, not cism.

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Actually, you could argue narcissism helped design this project, as we've just in a sense, they had the same objectives, get them out of Europe, the Jewish problem, they don't mind being served out to the European, the white man, so long was that they were, they were dominant.

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Designers I'm talking about they were dominant in another land, which is not their own, and they couldn't even fight for it themselves. The pathetic weasels, the cowards. They needed the Britishers and the UN, and all these other foreign agencies, America and so on, to fight their battles for them, didn't fight those battles themselves. The only people they love killing civilians and children.

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That's, that's who you've got wrapped up in your record,

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civilians and children.

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That's what you're known for terrorists. The second thing is that you funded Hamas.

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Now, why would you fund Hamas in 90 days? This is an open secret.

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This is an open secret.

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You can go ahead and look at for example,

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Cohen, I think his name is

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Ivan Cohen, who was an advisor, he was an advisor to

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the Israeli government. And he's also historian. And he says quite candidly that, yes, they funded Israel funded Hamas.

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And the reason why they funded Hamas is because the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And that's always been your motto, You pathetic people you are, you don't you don't have principles. All it is is anything that can enhance your objectives of racial superiority. You take it you find that Hamas because the PLO was your enemy. And this is why he says, Go ahead.

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Why were they your enemies? They were your enemies, because they were the biggest thorn in your side. But then you created these as we created a monster. Yeah, because at that time, the narrative was against Arab nationalism. Now all of a sudden suddenness about Islamic terrorism, but the same things were happening all along. You can't you cannot blame Islamic radicalism when the same things you were doing to Arab nationalists, secularists.

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It's not a matter of Arab nationalism or Islamism. It's a matter of resistance. And what you have done as you've tried to pick on the weakest part of the enemy, because you're pathetic people, you are pathetic people.

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You have weak cowardly people. You on you know it.

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You only fight people that can't fight back.

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cowardly people, the idea of them

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jaysh, the most cowardly, the most weak, the most pathetic

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army known to humankind. I don't know if any one who's done that they just make that target civilians all the time, except for the Islamic terrorist groups which you'd like to condemn, but you're practically the same in the operations.

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You're practically the same one. What's the difference? Tell me the difference. They bomb civilians, you bomb civilians, densely populated this way. If you are Muslims, everyone will say this Islamic radicalism. No one would accept it.

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But you're pathetic people. And the fact that you've been trying your hand that narrative manipulation

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is very clear. Because you're making a valiant efforts to try and be in cahoots with that with the Nazi Party. And also with Hamas, show me that, you know, you don't really have ethics. It's all about how do we establish authority? Okay, how do we establish authority as a racial elite?

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And that's all and these facts expose you as individuals who are just trying to catch at straws and manipulate narratives in order to expand your own project of racial superiority because you you feel maybe downtrodden you feel subservient. You feel second class and you you are basically the bully. You are basically the bully that wants to bully now. You've been bullied for all this time and now you want to bully Yeah.

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You've been bullied for this time. Now it's your turn to bully is a classic case, and you're pathetic and you're basically acting just like the Nazis. You're acting like them Simple as that you're doing as much as you can get away with and we know that you're doing just as much as you can get if you could put these guys in question but you do if you could drop a nuclear bomb you do it. But you know, the international community couldn't accept this. So you're doing as much as possible You're pathetic weasels, your palates, and you know it.

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You know, it said I want to come home to live again.

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