Majed Mahmoud – Embryology explained in the Holy Quran

Majed Mahmoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various examples of abuse and misogyny, including a man who talks about wanting to have sex with a girl and a woman who wants to have sex with a girl. The importance of creating one's own lives is emphasized, and the speaker also touches on the Chrysler plant in Auburn and the modification of cars. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being humble and rewarded for attendance at events, as well as the creation of cars with issues.
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So let's watch this video

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and then we'll move on

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back cast

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on for

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Me too

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Walla Walla

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Be Here Now

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I use heart still rigid.

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Some of you still like

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means nothing to me I will not live with Alex name. tell you one brother. I will not mention his name and you probably all know him Perhaps he's the guy I told you about who was in love so madly with this girl. I'm gonna keep using his example for the symbol of love because I haven't seen anyone that love a girl as much as him.

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He sincerely love that guy.

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As he was learning allies, names and living with last names, literally living last names and hierarchy walks around seeing the skies the clouds and stuff, living with a Harlock he loved there's so much that he will lie was willing to jump into freezing winter into the Detroit River.

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This is how much love he had towards the girl. As he loved a lot in the substitute comes, he loves her. But Allah comes first the priority comes first. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala he knew that a lot. The one who he loves is not happy with this relationship, which is not appropriate Allah once you get married, love no promise and halaal means this man was walking from. He was some of us walking from gym from the gym, to his house. As he's walking beside one of these high schools.

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It was at night he went to the parking lot look an example. Well, I live without Karla live with he went behind the school, dialed her number called her he said Listen,

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you know that I'm not playing around with your feelings. And I truly love you and not just you know that the whole city knows that people in school know about our love. But I love you so much. And I promise I'm gonna come back to you

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and come back to you appropriately best a lot. The one whom I love so much from my heart doesn't like what I'm doing see the substitute that happened. Last love came because anyone that has inappropriate love and knows that a lot is not happy with that you probably love Allah, we cannot deny that best is not prioritized properly. He said I cannot talk to you anymore. I promise I'll probably come back to you.

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And then they ended that relationship

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and will lie. When brother he left that relationship very similar to this. And then I told the brothers in Saturday school that he left and he used his sister to talk to her he told her sister colors see how she's doing? I can't talk to her because I know it's inappropriate, because we will go into avenues and ways of this not proper language or topics. So we did that for about three years. Then he married her and now he has five children from her.

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Will law yes five to eight says well life is a lie. He will lie he will lie. I love her more than I loved doing time school because

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Unlike if you give up something for alcoholic will let you think he will, he will not reward you for it. He will not make you feel better.

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He swears that he loves him more than the time of that lovey dovey days, whatever. So panela one time I was walking to the masjid University of Windsor to Cody Hall, during final exams at university. One day before a final exam, as I was walking, the brothers said, doing man, come pray with me in my room, no need to walk all the way to the masjid.

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You will do properly out of school exam and you're not studying Well, you won't be studying well and you're focused on like,

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Where am I going?

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Where am I going? He said to pray, you know the high look again, I told you about praying. He said you To whom? Allah and Allah. I'm going to Allah, Allah, the one

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that knows everything in the exam that knows the answers and solutions, who is capable of seeing cone failure can be and it is. You think I will not go to him because I'm worried about the exam. I'll not pray to Him.

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If you pray with me, I know about Austin 10 more minutes praying in the message like Hey, man,

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I'll handle a higher Mark than him.

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thinking I was like a liar. Maybe because Allah subhanaw taala didn't want to embarrass me. Like, you know, let me meet me made me pass this exam. Because you know what? This, watch what you're saying next time a lot. But let me see some miracles are the laws way of creating things allows way of creating things. It's not like us.

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Human beings, they try to imitate what Allah does make things. They make an airplane to imitate a bird. They create a camera to imitate the eyes. They create a computer to imitate your memory. They try to do instances, I forgot what's the executor in English? Was it cloning, they tried to clone they said we should clone and this time, they ended up calling nothing but a Frankenstein.

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That's the look of you see the people that were cloned and stuff. You see a lot of creation, one of the beautiful things in weldless pantalla create something, he can create a huge thing out of a small thing. He can create a huge thing out of nothing.

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But we need the biggest manufacturer in the world to create a car.

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From what I was told is that the place I work at is I work at is the second largest building in North America. The Chrysler plant in Auburn Hills. The number one is Pentagon. Number two is Chrysler. So as I was preparing, I'm like all these people have finance people and the engineers and the PhDs and the executives, all this stuff to make a car.

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And Allah would make you out of nothing.

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Allah would create the heaven and earth out of nothing. Let me tell you something. Look how beautiful a baddie Alhamdulillah Alberta is. Did you ever hear anyone before I say that? How many if I were to show you a car from the 1960s I'm driving like brother man, you're miskeen look at this car. Look at the wheels isn't made of wood or steel, man miskeen. Look at this. This needs to be modified. And we work and we work to modify it we have the 2000 then I'm driving a 2003 you like rather than three? That's almost 10 years old. Come on and get a newer stuff electronics. Things have been modified. Then kiora makes a car a Camry that has brake issues leads we need to do some

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changes. There's issues. Have you ever seen.

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A person says oh you skin what you were born in?

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19 1996 year old fashioned man 1996 I'm 2000 and this Have you seen the oddness and way of thinking? Or your old fashioned look different than us? That will lie you're born in 1940 or 1980? There's no need for any modification. You're perfect. Adam was perfect and newer, perfect. Allah doesn't need to modify things. I called for my Apple iPhone four. And he said Which one? Do you have iphone iphone original original?

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He said or iPhone 3g or originals before 3g? They said or 3g s? Would you add the 4g? Or do you have the 4g s? Allah who I could modify and modify? Because we cannot have things perfect I love from the first time that you create your perfect

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I once I got a call to go and work in a manufacturer NEMA we do the engine blocks for Ford and GM. They said maybe you have an issue please come up at 4am to the plant. Because we had an issue of that those 1500 engine blocks that we created between about 1am to 3am. So come up for to examine those 1500 I was thinking isn't it the same machine that makes the engine block so why is 1500 then the issue? Did you ever hear someone saying listen up the ones that were born between 1993 and 1998 by recall

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we ever heard that 99 390

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98 are messed up people, man. I guess most of you are that age right?

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Have you ever heard that Allah is a harlot? Perfect doesn't need anything so Pamela, and our last sentence with a beautiful ayah. He said for the ones who would like to challenge our oneness creation. Look at the sky. Look, is there any mistake?

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What does he do again? He says the verse one more time, for a jealous or look back again. You see any mistake, your I will come back to you humiliated because you will not be able to find any mistakes. It's upon Allah, you will leave a harlot How is your How are you believing in Him? How are you living with his name Subhana Allah, what is required from us required from you. We set for things to love a lot, Lavinia Shabaab, Lavinia, Bharat love Allah, Allah brothers and sisters, and look what Allah will do in return. have respect and be shameful towards Allah and not do anything in front of him. Number three is what you have memorized by now. Number three, you humiliate yourself

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and you show your slavery towards Allah. And number four, is realize that you have a job on this earth to fix it and make things better because you're halifa Allah created for an object, an animal, a plant, and a human being, he created the object, take space, does not move does not grow and does not think Allah created the plant. Take space grows, does not move or think electricity, animals, take space moves and grows but doesn't think allocate the human being disk space moves, growth and think so think think because it's a kind of worship in our best said, thinking of Allah Allahu Allah and His creation can be better than praying the whole night.

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Praying the whole night? Can we less than just think of Allah beautiful scripture. And I conclude this verse, Allah said others regime

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signs the only the ones that

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look and be shy in being bitten do something wrong. When you tell if you do this and you read the Quran, do this. Stop doing that. Come on, look differently.

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Go back to almost pantalla apologize that we didn't live with his name for a while.

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Remember that water that *? Remember all this stuff.

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Last time, I asked her to reward you all for coming. Keep up the attendance meal, there was a beautiful Michelle law will lie. I promise, I promise and I guarantee you Allah will make things good for you. How could you say that? Because Allah said Whoever comes to one arm, one hand stand close to me. outcome, one arm length closer to him in a way that fits his majesty. As you can push to Allah, Allah will come closer to you at a faster pace. Keep it up and May Allah reward you exactly lock him with Solomonic rahmatullah wa barakato.

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