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The doctor in Ohio explains to a caller how to convince a patient to change their behavior by acknowledging their feelings and " acknowledge their feelings" messages. The caller also discusses the default status of bravery and courage, and the importance of practice patience and not taking things for granted in order to achieve success in life. The speaker emphasizes the need to believe in achieving success and improving in order to achieve success.

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I asked a very reputable doctor in Ohio a question. I told him I keep hearing from other people, that one of the main steps to be cured from a sickness is to believe that you can be cured. So I said, Is this just some nice words put together? Was it truly proven scientifically psychologically, that the patient needs to believe they can become better for them to actually become better? So the doctor said, Actually, it's not one of the steps but this is the first thing as a doctor, I tell my patience. Number one, you got to believe that it's possible for you to be cured. Why am I sharing this with you because in Islam, Allah subhanaw taala commanded you and I that we have to improve and

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change and become better people. And the first step for you to change and improve your patience, your generosity, your humbleness, etc. is to believe that you can and you will never and should never say I am who I am and I can never change because Allah subhana wa tada will not hold you accountable for things you cannot change. Check out this beautiful heading Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in LA Jai Lai Jambo lol Swati calm. What am Wiley comm Allah does not look at your physical features. Allah does not care about your physical features. In what sense? It's not those who are six, three, the only go to Jenna I know sounds simple, but no, Allah doesn't that

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doesn't care about that, because that's something you cannot change. Well, I kinema jambu Isla Cordoba como la cumbre, Allah looks at your hearts and your actions, because that's what you can change and have some sort of control over Allahu Akbar. But let's be very frank with one another one of the biggest disasters of our time, is the focus and attention is being paid on that which Allah does not care of physical features, the filters, the photos, etc, one, two and three. But the things that matter the most of action behavior, we need to emphasize more and more on it, and then came to the Prophet sallallahu, it was in this hadith is very critical to prove to you my point about, you

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have to believe that you can change because there's truly so many people, elders, who even believe that they are who they are for the rest of their life, I even had a workshop with top management that work, I will never forget it. I'm not a top manager. But I was requested personally to go there. Because I deal with such people of that caliber. And I realized that the higher up in a company that you go, the less technical they care about, the more communication based it's all about panela. It's about a club and character and presentation and so on. So then, that speaker says I've been teaching for and he said, approximately, if I recall correctly, about 12 years, teaching this

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class about behavior, and how to deal with people and how to talk to people and how to stand and this has a meaning. This has a meaning. Speak 30%, listen, 70% all these statistics until one big shot at the company, she asked the instructor a question or more of a statement. She said, You're telling me what to say and how to say it and the attitude changes. She said, I've been working for decades. And I don't see myself changing. I am who I am like, I don't see it possible for me to become a different person. After I passed 54 years old, her love then is very difficult. So then this man, what's shocking, a little bit, the instructor told the rest of the grid question. Then he

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said, You know, I don't have an answer. answer to it. Now, let me think.

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So during the break, I went to that instructor. I said, thank you so much for delivering this class. And they told him you received a question from one of the respected ladies about saying I am who I am and I cannot change. So she does not see how this class can ever change anyone, especially herself. He said, Yeah, I need to think of an answer. So I told him, I think the answer might be clear. So I propose them an answer. I said to him, you've been teaching this for 12 years. You must have seen people changing you had to see people changing. I said you know Okay, forget you think people changing. If people did not change, we would have not hired you as a company and contracted

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with you to teach us because results show that no one is changing why spend the money. So he said, You know what, that's a really good point. So then break ended, he comes to the session is resumed. So he says, Where is that person who asked me the question, I am who I am and I cannot change and so on. So he said to her, I've been teaching for 12 years. Do you think I have not seen people changing? Do you think I would have continued to get hired? If people did not actually change the panel? I didn't give me credit but no problem. Yeah, law reward that's all immutable me. But the point being here Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Caesar Sahabi amazing Sahabi a group of Sahaba they came and they were like so crowded to go hand shake to the process, give them a handshake. So el mundo rhodiola and he said, You know what? It's bit chaotic. So let me just pause, put my stuff down take care of my things. You know once the crowd settles, I will go you know give br Salaam to the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he noticed that he's he when he spoke them, he told them in the Kahala Taney you have two o'clock, two characters. You have boohooman la Sol Allahu Akbar, you have two trades Allah and His Prophet they love me Allah granted to you and I, he said they are also the

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what are the he said, a hidden move well, and your patience and your celebration, phenomenal. He had elite level status with that. I don't know why, but that's a hobby followed up with an amazing question. He said, Yasuo Allah. Was I created with these two o'clock, or did I nurture them throughout my life? Very interesting question. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, As for you know, you were created with them. So what do we learn here? Some of us are born with high level of Rama people were not born with some of you born with high level of bravery and courage that no one else was one at that level. Some of us have that nature. So panela default status, your

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default settings is that you're a nice person, your default settings that you're so generous, it's in your blood Allahumma barik. But this had either a limit say also proves that you can grow in character or HELOC, that you may were very low at at one point. Why? Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not tell mother, no mother, it's all about how you were born, you can never change. He said for you. You were born with them. So this has an open door. That means those who don't have it, you can grow in it. Just like I'm assuming some of us here. May Allah bless you wonderful people. I mean, I mean, not everyone here was born in the United States. Yet you have an

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American passport. So what do we see here? Some people were born in the US or they have that passport, others do not. So they had to go the move, they worked hard, got the green card, then eventually got the citizenship. And you know what that also means? Those who were born with good luck. Do not take it for granted. Those that were born into a Muslim family do not take it for granted. Because just like how you were born with it, it can be taken away from you. Similarly, the whole passport example you being born in the United States doesn't mean you'll always be immune and that passport will never be revoked as an example right? May Allah protect you all immutable, Allah

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mean so that's what also allays Allah Allahu Allah was what does he teach us in nemaline a bit alone. He says you gain knowledge by seeking it now I'm Dutch dad and you work hard, you will reach a inshallah I will never forget it in my life. His brother's name is Mahmoud he might even perhaps be watching and listening. Brother Mahmud used to come to the finals, final exams University of Windsor 20 minute drive from here. He Allah gifted him with such mind I have never seen anything like him before.

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Allah I remember, final exams used to come and that is when he goes to the bookstore to buy the book.

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And he even unwrapped that book, in the library in front of my own eyes. No one told me. He's like I'm about to start. How did you do your assignments?

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projects is a key you know, to get from the class, whatever the teacher said, you know, photographic memory and so on. And that's when you know, he bought the book and he was a top student throughout the entire school year. But hamdulillah from my end, I had to work so hard day and night, pull an all nighter Red Bull, all these drinks. May Allah protect us. I'm not promoting it. Some of them are harmful. But the point being is that you have to believe that you can what also alights Allah Allah Allah He was somebody say, when NEMA is a sub rule, patience is when you practice patience, that's how you gain it. So you have to believe you can change. And please don't be against staying because

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Allah will hold you accountable. I remember one time one of the sisters many years ago when I was my early 20s I proposed to she rejected me hamdulillah Well, I was I was near Allah. Because I remember eyes when I had that setting. I told her you know what I look forward to improving and changing we don't want to be who we are tomorrow the way we are today. And next year no like today I want to always improve year by year. She said no, I think if you want to continue and have this marriage proceed and have that big tab and so on. I am who I am. I don't like to change. I said you may misunderstand me You're good who you are, but we want to improve she insisted. I don't like the word

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change. So then I insisted as well I want to change and improve. But then we budget then we said okay, whatever but still

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got rejected at hamdulillah. But the point being is that believe in Allah Jalla Jalla take the means in terms of dunya and in terms of ask Allah, Allah, Allah I say whatever I have said, and they ask God to forgive me and forgive you all for still Pharaoh inaho who Allah rocking. You know, when we hear about us being whoever we are, and can we change? Yes, we can change. But there's once a hobby or the Allahu Allah who was very concerned and he had a beautiful, beautiful point here. What do you say?

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He says, to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So a man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and asked him a question said you have also Allah metacell When is the day of judgment? So the Prophet sallallahu I use an asked him what have you prepared for it? So he says, lashay I haven't prepared much for it. Illa n hibel la rasulillah salam O Allah SLM the best preparation I have is my heart is full of love, hope towards Allah and His Prophet Mohammed Ali Sato Salaam. So then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told him and men that you will be with whom you will love. So why did I share this with you? Because some of you will say I want to change don't improve,

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but I will never reach a point like Rasul Allah and that's all confirmed non negotiable. I may never reach the level of other prophets, that's for sure. But you can reach through your determination and you trying to reach if you truly love them, it will be shown in your actions in your movements in your speech. May Allah increase our hearts with love to Allah and His Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam and let that be shown in the way you talk and the way you behave and the way you struggle throughout your life to become a better person and improve the color that you know really well what you need to improve on. May Allah make our Aflac as beautiful as our Hello, this is Dr. of

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rasulillah salam alaikum Asin Hello Khanna camera center, hello Karna purify our holy Allah character, the way you beautified our physical features