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or effect, Nieminen mini Nakata.

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Published actually somebody recently already watched that I mean discerning of Coco de

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la, la la, la la, la la la escuela de la Santa Monica,

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Santa Santa, we're covering a couple of IR from social pajara. Today on the subject of reconciliation between Muslims.

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It is one an alien phenomenon to the Muslim community that fights occur between Muslims, and rifts. And disunity occurs between Muslims. And Muslims living in the West are no exception. We tend to point the finger at the Muslims living in the rest of the world and say, Look, they're divided by sectarianism, and they're fighting each other, and they hate each other and all of this stuff. And yet the same drama happens in our massages. So we're no exception. Now a larger region gives us beautiful counsel and these ideas about how to avoid and how to reconcile if it occurs, how to reconcile these situations, and the advices. You know, appropriately, the best word I have for this

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is divine. And what advice is such profound advice and if it's taken really, there's no room left for any fitna to remain among Muslims. Also, these are IRS that exposed the miracle of the Quran and Allah His choice of words, that the choice of the words in these IR and the sentences and so perfect, and so incredible, that you're left with no choice but to say this can only be the word of alignment. So we'll explore both angles of this ayah.

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So most panels are the second sort of facade, we're in bar if I turn him in a minute,

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if two groups

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from out of the believers fight one another.

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Now, those of you that know a little bit of Arabic, I'm going to share something with you and those of you that don't, I want you to feel bad about it. So that you have to learn.

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There was an orientalist, a French orientalist that actually wrote about this ayah and said that this is a grammatically incorrect that the Arabic In this ayah is grammatically incorrect. And the reason he said this, again, for those of you who have Arabic, this is a Joomla is even though Joomla shafia with an in in the beginning as soon as me and then Joomla is near you have moved further and then you have what those of you who know.

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Okay, now, in Joomla is Mia if you haven't, if you have in simple words, if you have a noun, the variable the field you have to use has to be consistent in terms of gender. And in terms of number both. I was asked if I saw any, and to make it as simple as possible, but if I said it means two groups, two groups and and since five attorney is feminine, the Arabic word should have been a battle of

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the two groups fight one another, the word would be,

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say two groups fight. He says a potato, Lou, they fight more than two. How many groups will mention two, when it comes to the fighting one another? He doesn't mention two groups fighting he mentions many people fighting one another. Right? So the grammarian, the French grammarian says what's the first part of the is talking about to attorney? And when it came to the fighting part, does he mention two or more than two? He mentions more than two. And then when he's done talking about that, he says

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he says very nahama between both of them he comes back to to the IRA starts with two groups the if that statement ends with two groups, but in the middle, there's more than two How come? He calls with a grammatical mistakes. So look at the beauty of this ayah. Let's look at the brief meaning who's fighting? If Allah says if two groups, two groups

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of the believers before the fighting occurs? There's one group of Muslims and there's the other group of Muslims. They're on opposite sides sides of the battlefield. So you can tell this is ruffian this could be. What's the flag on either side? What is the same

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when they break when they take a break from the fighting? What do they do both sides separate the same way different ways the same way when they're

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running towards the enemy what it is screaming puppies.

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Right? Before the fighting began is clearly two groups once the unfortunate fighting begins. Once it begins, does it look like two groups anymore? Because they're the same group. It's really Muslims, what we need even Allah says. So it's one big tragedy of individuals fighting one another, what are mine infighting within it? So it's not, it's

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the poor. And then when the fighting stops, and you have to make reconciliation between the groups, then you have to separate the groups. So you know, this party was had this agenda, and that party had that agenda. So they're back to two again. So

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between both of them, so looking at another thing here, you know, when Muslims fight one another, one group says, We are the true believers and the other people are not.

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That's why we're fighting them. We are on Islam, and they are all on the corrupt. They're not true believers. That's why we're fighting them. Isn't that true? And you know what, both sides are saying the same thing.

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This side of the Muslims is saying we're done what we need. The other side is saying, We're the meaning

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and allow somebody that says, what, if I tell me, you know what, meaning if two groups from who,

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from the meaning so whatever,

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he has given us the injunction to give both sides the benefit of the doubt.

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You can say these are the right ones, or these are the wrong ones not yet. For now, they're all considered put meaning if they fight one another, and then for us, LIFO, then you have to do something, you have to cause reconciliation, you have to make reconciliation. So you have to make the fighting stuff and make peace between them. Now the person who makes peace between them is also a Muslim.

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Because that is not going to come and make peace between Muslims, who's going to make the peace, a Muslim. So if a Muslim comes, and he feels that one side is true believers,

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and the other side, they're kinda, you know, not that Muslim. When he makes reconciliation, and you're going to be biased? Absolutely. Unless he is convinced that on both sides, there is what true believers what we need on both sides, then he can be fair, if he doesn't think that way that he cannot be fair, so much as what employers I don't even mean mini snafu the woman. And now you make reconciliation between them.

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In the home and an opera, after you bring the two parties together, and you say, What is your problem? And you say, What is your problem? Okay, we have this evidence that this happened. And this happened in your group did this and your group did this, and you document everything and all the proofs are laid out. And after that negotiations are done, compromises are made, and there's some resolution. Okay, let's go fighting stop, we'll compromise two points, you compromise two points. Let's shake hands on it. It's done softly.

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After you do the reconciliation, sometimes what happens is one party leaves the, you know, the, the meeting or the convention with a piece was made, the resolution was passed. They leave that gathering and they say, You know what? I don't know. I think we were Delta shorthand. We need to seek justice, Phil, this has no teeth. They didn't open their mouth in the meeting. When did they open their mouth after the meeting, after the meeting. And so after the meeting, they raised the Fiddler again, and they start the fighting one more time one of these tools

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for muscle pain, but

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if one of them rebels against the other, this is how rebellion rebellion against what the resolution the slack that was made.

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So much has occurred.

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Then all of you the reconciler. The one who was making peace between them was neutral or one sided. It was neutral. And the the fight that didn't violate the treaty. Now they become two parties against one party. Now you have to fight that third party that violated the treaty. You know, a lot of times when there's conflict between two Muslims, or to Muslim groups, or to you know, and massage, there's drama all the time that this one and fell in love with massages all over the country, I've seen plenty of drama, right? And what happens is you have two groups of Muslims, and they make peace between them. And they shake hands and their hugs and all of this stuff. And they

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leave this meeting and one of them picks up the fire and writes it again.

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And then the everybody says, You know what, let's just leave them alone.

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We shouldn't don't make the situation any worse. But people say don't make the situation any worse. So yes, they're being bad. But you know what, you can do anything about it. If you say anything, it will make matters worse. olara Villegas says if one of them rebels, if one of them violates the treaty that was ultimately made, then everybody else has to get to

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Gather and get on their case.

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So it's not between Group A and Group B anymore. It's against Group A versus all the Muslims, whether they're from Group B or not, because they violated the treaty you understand. If you don't do this the fitna will remain. If you do this, the fitna will be crushed. But now look at the word support. Illuminati certainly has a fee in America, Sufi,

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in Arabic is to return. And there are many words in Arabic for returning there's

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there's plenty of words in Arabic for returning, and every one of them have their own shame. If you were doing well, like you got healthy, you used to be sick, and you, you know, you became healthy. And you went back to being sick. Again, the word used is bad. Meaning you go from a bad state and you return to a or you go from a good state, you return to a bad state. But when you go from a worst state and you become better, you return to a better situation, the word you use,

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and look at what has catastrophe until they return. But what version of returning is use the version of returning that implies, if they come back to the peace treaty, then that is what is better for them. They're thinking that they're fighting because the fighting is better for them. And telling them just by using the word setting,

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that when they come back, and they they respect the resolution that they themselves signed off on, they just felt the need to in public, that that is in fact what is better for them. And this resolution was not revelation, right? This resolution of this agreement that was made between Muslims, was a shootout between Muslims and was done all these parties together decided this is what we're going to do. But Allah says they returned not to the resolution, he says headset Illa umbrella. And until they return to the command of

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the command of Allah. Now, what isn't? What is the last command here? ls command? Is that a slot that the Muslim has made among themselves? Now that became part of the command of Allah. So you have to come back to it. It's a religious obligation.

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So Panama look at the the injunction, the institution in our Deen to protect us from going into worse and worse scenarios of infighting. And then what is the final words really get you allies origin says. So in fact, if in fact, you know, they violated the treaty, and everybody got on their case. And they said, Okay, fine, we're coming back to the treaty. We're coming back and respecting the original resolution.

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Once they rebelled, everybody's got a bad taste in their mouth. And they're thinking these people can't be trusted. Remember what they did two months ago. Remember what they did last year? They started putting in less now they're saying they're okay. But we know they're not really okay. So when you don't trust someone, and when you say they're not worthy of your trust, what you are saying in between the lines is they are not true believers. Right.

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And how did you begin the conflict? What do you have to assume on both sides? siblings, Eman? So they say we're coming back. And we're going to respect the resolutions that were made, the reconciliation that was passed, you have to give them benefit of the doubt. That in fact,

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and if they come back, then make reconciliation, don't say no, you can't be trusted. We can't take your word anymore. This happens in real life. When people like that come back, you say how can we trust them, they have a bad track record. Unless speaking of other people who have a bad track record.

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The bad track record has already been mentioned this fight that you give them benefit of the doubt. But then you make sure one more thing. CLF doesn't want us to fall into this gullible situation with everybody's brothers, let's just trust one another. Because the Muslim he doesn't fit by the same, you know, we fall into the same snake hole twice. Right? So Muslim is wiser than that, and the outcome of a lack of wisdom more than that. So when Allah calls us to make reconciliation, again, he adds some words for optical beta who might be lively, what a people

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then make reconciliation between them with two things. He says make reconciliation between them reconcile between them with Adam. Adam, have you heard this word before? It means justice?

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And then he says what comes from the word kiss? To me in English? It also means justice. He says

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he doesn't say ask me.

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Why? What does he know?

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He doesn't say

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he uses two different words uses either one. And the other time. It's very important to understand this. In English, you read the translation and it says, reconcile between them with justice and be fair, and be fair. Now when you think of justice in English or think of being fair in English. It's the same thing right? To be fair, and to be just, I want justice. I want fairness. It's the same thing.

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So I want that same exactly the same thing. You're not using a synonym heals either one time and this the other time and if you understand the difference, so Pamela hola participants, Omar from fitna.

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Allah says when you make reconciliation between them make sure there is Adam. I don't mean that you do justice. But you do justice publicly.

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There's a very big, big difference. You know, if there's a trial,

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there's a fair trial, there's a qualified judge. There's proper evidence. There's good lawyers on both sides, all of this stuff, right. But the trial is secret. No cameras, no jury, nobody closed doors. And the judge comes out and says, I've passed my decision, and it's a fair trial. Are the people going to believe him?

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No, because the people demand something they demand, how did you make this decision? How can we didn't see the trial, the more secret of trial is, the more people are convinced what is involved, corruption is involved. And the more open a trial is, the more people are satisfied that there is justice. So when this meeting happens between two Muslim groups that are fighting,

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when you want to reconcile between them, after one has violated already, it's not a closed door meeting anymore. The first time even there's room for closed door meeting, because you don't want to pop again that the spreads are bad news to spread in the Muslim community, bad name to spread. But if the situation has escalated, now we're in the second stage of the problem, then you have to make it a public display, where everybody knows, these are the evidences. This is what happened. So all the parties are satisfied. Do you see the evidence? Do you have anything to say against it? What's your proof against it? Make your case. So the case is done publicly? Why is this important? Because

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once this is done, when they go back? Can they say to anybody? Well, that wasn't a fair trial. Because everybody was there. They'll say What do you mean, it's not a fair trial, it's on YouTube.

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I saw the whole thing. It's open.

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But then there was it says to the oma at large, when you make reconciliation between Muslims, you use either in this worst case scenario. And then finally, for all Muslims use this for people. And this is personal advice. The first part was advice to the community that wants to recompile the second part of the Iowa people in Milan, at this for each one of us individually, because this is different from other public justice. This is justice, whether you're in public or in private, you have to be fair at work, whether your boss is watching you or not. You have to be fair on the road.

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Small things like that on the road, somebody has right away and you go into service road and you cut them off, even and just smile, we don't think about these things, right? Because we don't think our Deen applies on the road, it applies in the machine, you're not giving your promise your wife something, or your children, you're not giving it to them. You're not being fair, you made an agreement with a brother, you're gonna pay him back and you don't call him back and you send this close to voicemail. Right? You're not being fair. So what says whether public or private, we have to be clear, and the word for that is this

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in the city without a doubt among some upsetting. And then he says in level miuna equals this is the arrow going to end with the shallow side, in the middle.

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And in the most difficult word to translate in English. I like to use the terms believers are nothing more than brothers to one another. All the amount to with each other brothers. That was I didn't say

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asleep, all the

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believers are brothers. So make peace between them. And I didn't say that. Unless a true believers, all they are to each other is brothers for us nickel by

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reconcile between your brothers. You know, even the younger kids here you know the difference between second person and third person. Third person is when you're talking about someone. second person is when you're talking to someone. When I say he or she what person is that? I know English class, but still

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the third person when I say you Who is that? Second Person, we have the consensus person. Believers are brothers. That's all they are believers are brothers, there's a third person. But then Allah says make peace between your brothers. What person is that second person. There's a big change from the beginning of the IRA to the middle of the household. Because you know in this sort of beforehand, Alonzo just says when I came to LA is a cool man.

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Allah has made a man beloved to you. Man, I want to put a level of demand in all of you. You want to be known right? All Muslims, they don't want to be as Muslim they want to be what? Portman now will lead giving us a

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This is a chance to be movement. Because what does he say? believers are? What true. are brothers? You want to be among the brothers and the brothers already called what we know and make peace between your brothers. If you are their brothers, what does that make you?

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Let me know.

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If you make peace between them, you are guaranteed What? Eman? Someone's giving us this beautiful tip on earning you man. You want to make sure you're on the side of you, man. You're the one making the peace. You're the one pushing that we need to reconcile. We can't have fighting anymore. We need to bring people together for a sniffle by, away from. And then finally what's up Omar has

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very profound words in which a large it was and this ayah he says have Taqwa of Allah.

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Allah knows and beware of Allah, be conscious of Allah realize the last presence being all of it, especially when you are making peace talks. Why? Because when the listeners are talking to each other about a problem, especially about a problem in the Shyvana jacobina.

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in the audience Oh benaco Thomas slaves when they thought speak in the best possible fashion, because without a doubt, Stefan, he is going to cause friction between you dissension between you. So when the Muslim speaks to the other Muslim, Stefan comes and makes you hear something that he didn't say,

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you know, there's a way in, you know, I can give you a simple example, you know, you ever use instant messaging,

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instant messaging someone, and they totally understand something different from what you were saying.

00:21:42--> 00:22:12

They took it a whole other way. Like, I didn't mean that at all. And they say, but you use all caps, and it was blinking. So you were yelling at me. Right? So there's, you know, when we communicate with each other, it's a good passive possibility that when you say something, it's taken the wrong way. Shavasana ensures, ensures that when Muslims are trying to make peace between each other, he comes to one side and says, You know what he really meant when he said that, he meant this. I know he didn't say it, but he meant it. I know it.

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This happens between husband and wife all the time. Right? How was your day? She says, All of you saying I didn't do any work.

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This sort of thing. She didn't say that. She said, how's your day? But you're reading it a whole other way? Right? Busy day at work? Are you being sarcastic again, you know, this sort of thing. So what happens is, he pauses we can he causes friction between brothers now who is going to be able to catch on that this is the work of Stefan, people that have done a lot of Eliza with him. So he said, What's the formula

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for someone, have Taqwa of Allah, so you can be shown mercy. Look at this incredible advice of Eliza, if these simple steps were implemented, the biggest problems are not problems anymore. You know, and so karma in the traditional Muslim societies, you will find murder cases, murder cases, people come together, they redesign together, they recompile they make peace and justice was passed, and everybody's happy. People can resolve these things in the middle of villages. Well, they don't know the English alphabet. And they don't know the first thing about computers, and they can use apply these out and execute justice. And we're living in the modern world. educated people with high

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credentials, PhDs, doctorate professionals specialized in their in their fields, and they have fights and they're fighting like children, and they can sit down and listen to a lot of fun, before they make peace between each other. Look at the tragedy of our times, who we call uneducated, have much better education than we do. And we're supposed to be the intellectual people that know what they're doing. People that have credentials and knowledge and look how they how immorally and how ignorantly we behave. So I pray that a large religion makers take the highest as guidance and make them a means of reconciliation between any conflict that may have existed between the voters. I will

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finally end with this piece of advice which we're going to talk about tomorrow. inshallah. There are two principles in Islam, two principles that are very praised. There is justice. And there's forgiveness, justice and forgiveness. And you know, justice, the principle of justice in Islam is for everybody else for mankind, between the Muslims, what does Allah promote more?

00:24:26--> 00:24:40

he promotes forgiveness. He promotes mercy. And you will look at the history of Islam the first time Muslims had a major conflict. The first time Muslims had a major conflict is when they were going after justice.

00:24:41--> 00:24:55

Before that, they had a tradition of going for what? forgiveness? So we'll talk about this fine line between justice and forgiveness lessons, they're both good. So how do you decide between justice and forgiveness inshallah Tara will have done that tomorrow. barakallahu li walakum