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The speakers discuss the importance of positive recognition for one's accomplishments and the need for positive thinking. They touch on the negative effects of materialism and how it causes people to become sad and overcome. They also emphasize the importance of contentment and happiness in people's lives and encourage giving back to their community. The segment touches on the history of Islam and how it has been harmful to human beings, as well as the negative impact of money on people's lives and the importance of helping others.

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Welcome to heart and soul with me, Lauren booth, your place to reflect. Have you ever heard the saying, all that you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be? Well, that's a materialistic view of existence. There's definitely some truth in there. Because if we don't seek to change our condition, then it will always stay the same. And we'll be surrounded by the same situation the same problems, and we won't better ourselves. But it's clear at the same time, that material goods alone, this touching and seeing world do not in any way, guarantee happiness. I mean, let's be honest, if it did, Beverly Hills rehab clinics would be empty instead of full. My guest

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today to explore the viewpoints on what constitutes success and wealth in the terms of the Koran and an Islamic understanding is Chef Sajid Omer. Chef Sajid has a bachelor's degree in Sharia, and a master's in judiciary. And he is now pursuing his PhD at the new Muslim Academy. He is a great participant in youth organizations, and in community projects. And we welcome him back. I said, I'm Ali Khan.

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The patient that is a God Almighty be a chef, I want to ask, I want us to consider for a moment this, this life of attainment, so many of our goals are based around either an income bracket, or being a affordability of something that we want, we want to touch and see things. Those are our goals. Those are the signs of success, it's impossible to see somebody who is perhaps a humble person working in a bathroom somewhere, as more successful in any way than we are, in our own sense of self importance. What What is this materialism to our hearts? What effect is it having?

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going there? Excellent question. Excellent topic. So you know, you've, you've actually just, I think, hit the nail on the head,

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as interesting goes, by mentioning that, you know, what defines

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being rich, what defines contentment.

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I just want to share an interesting conversation that I had, just within the last couple of days, you know, in one of my charitable projects, we've just

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now hit the topic of eating more than 9 million meals a year. So as we were doing the presentation on this, there was a discussion about, you know, poverty and people being impoverished. And

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the discussion that took place between, you know, on our table was, look, at the end of the day, how do you identify problems, you know, if poverty, you know, being in the situation whereby you eat one meal a day, that being impoverished, because, you know, I grew up in Africa for a long time. And there's people who don't have electricity, but they don't find themselves important. In fact, I know people that when electricity reach them, they didn't want it. They didn't even want to switch on the life. Right? And they never considered themselves impossible. So upon which paradigm, do we define? It always, it's very relative discussion. And, you know, when you spoke about the sweeper, and, you

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know, we, as you know, today as a society, especially in personal societies, we tend to look down at people and feel sorry,

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right. But at the end of the day, if the sweeper doesn't treat, then we will be affected. You know, we are interdependent beings. We live within the law of week, after reality. That's what God Almighty made us we leverage off each other, when the desperate man has to be there it is not their disease will spread. The desperate man is as important as the CEO at a corporate Corporation.

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And, you know, if we're going to sort of test our paradigms upon financial standing and material well being and understand the good, successful and who's really happy, then we have a problem. Because as you can see from different scenarios, we've shared the support process. And the message of peace and blessings be upon him taught us the true contentment of the heart into happiness, or being really rich, right, the richest person, the person who has the most content, heart and the most content, I think

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I shared this as a start our discussion. You're right. I was thinking just then, while you were talking Sheriff about how I had been to refugee camps in the Gaza Strip. And it was there that my heart was touched by this recognition that I my heart was not content despite having material and career success. And I went into this house where well, it was a slum really. And I was welcomed there by the mother during Ramadan, who offered me the three plates of very simple food that she had for all 10 and her family and gave them all away as if it to the visitor she just gave them to me. And, and I felt angry, and I thought, why are you fasting? Why are you happy? And why are you

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fasting? And she said, I fast in Ramadan to remember the poor, and she was able to smile Subhana Allah in a way that I hadn't been able to smile in years. And she saw herself as rich because one day, one day in 30, she was going to have meat because the guests had bought it. And one day that she had been blessed by a visitor. And she was going to be able to feed her children. And that was enough for her to be content. subpanel There you go. I can relate to that. Because just a few days ago, I went over to the camp to Cali refugee camps

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in France, and I came across this wonderful Malaysian gentleman him and his wife.

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At the Ivory Coast chain in Cali, you can look this up. And I really want you to know all this viewers too, as well. This is a Malaysian.

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And he his story is we heard about the refugee camps. He went there for three days. You know, he says, look at the days to give my fellow brother, my father, sister, you know, they're right. Because he was living in the UK at the time. And on the first day, when they were heading back, there was an emergency in the camp, which, you know, his wife came to know about this. And she says you can't go we have to help her. So they left their bags, and they went to help and when they went to help person by the end of the day, Mr. Fairey back home owner, Mr. Very back home, Emily's wife sat down with the kids and said maybe you know, God Almighty wants us to remain here. So we went

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there. And in the service of the people there and from his own money he spent and spent and spent and then, you know, we raised some money to build this kitchen and they feed 1000 meals a day on the kitchen, and I went to meet them. And honestly, he has drained his bank account.

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And he literally lives from morning till night in the service of these of the 1000s of refugees there. And when I said How did you do? You know, what about education? What about, you know, you and your father usually illusions like he's got a caravan park there and delivering the caravan? Because we have two egos we are absolutely happy and safe. But with you, Kip, let me see if he lands here with the refugees. That's where he left the education. I said, What about you? And yourself? He goes, No, this is this is me as well. I've learned engineering here because he has done amazing things in getting water done. And you know, looking after the electrical problem is looking at

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looking after the filling of the gas canisters, and so on and so forth. He says, you know, Chef, when I wash my hands when I wash the plate, that after cooking my hands, we get washed. And I said Wow, that is an amazing way to look at it. You know, he's happy, his bank balance is at zero. But he is happy. These contents this is this is the happiness bite his education has to deal with refugees, by learning from the different experiences and different walks of life and what they go through and being in the service. I mean, this 10 year old boy, he can cook 80 kilograms of rice.

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Right? And, honestly, you know, just I can relate to what you're saying. And now that we know we're talking about what mandate being rich, no doubt, with being rich really is proportionate to the level of contentment, your heart and experienced recognition stories you allow me very quickly.

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A once in in Saudi Arabia, one of our teachers went to a rich man and told us you know, for donation, we're looking to build a Masjid place of worship. And they went to him and they asked for the nation after some time in discussion, you know, a check was given. And this before our teacher was leaving,

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the rich man asked him to stay because I just need to have a private conversation with you. If you if you would allow. Jeff said no problem when he sat with this very rich man this issue and said to him, You know what, Jeff, I have money on earth. And I have money and and I have money in the sky. And as when your water

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is out all over you. You know, a lot knows what he meant by this ships and planes and all sorts of things.

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But then he said but you know what, I have trouble sleeping.

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I have trouble sleeping, can you help me

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and my chef said, is very simple and very simple solution for you. And he said, Malika, this is you know what all this wealth that you have tied to your Lord, so that you tie the thing that you love to the one who should be loving. And when you do that this wealth will become a means of fish for you will become a means of contentment. That was amazing advice that has stuck with me for many years. And it's advice that I share with people, especially when we discuss being rich and being content and you know, Shakespeare is a wonderful piece of our Prophet peace be upon him, where he gave advice concerning not admiring what other people have, that if you don't want what they have,

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the people will love you. Can you complete that? Hadees? Yes, yes, the prophecies can

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be a funding towards that, you know, you know, is headmaster at NEC meetings, don't busy yourself, or consider poetry and inexpensive that which people have in their, in their hands. And if that is will be if that will be your philosophy and your mannerisms that people will love you in return, right? Because at the end of the day, why? Because if you if you stop being excited about what other people have to develop you as a human being, this is what the problem is. The first development experts have is a new era of jealousy. And it is jealousy that causes enmity and disunity amongst people, and causes other people to hatred that causes us to act in an inappropriate way to other

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people, when you jealous of somebody in the heart, nobody thinks he is. But you know, it will it will come out on your tongue and your hand action in the way you speak in the way you you know, in the way you behave in front of them or with regard to them. Right? So the purpose of this is teaching us that these properties and this is their point of view saying that look, you know, you loving too much materialism is going to have an adverse effect, it's going to have an effect and that effect is going to be advice on yourself and your entities as a human being. So don't busy yourself with that. And people will love you Why because you naturally will have the person of good

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character and a you know, we always have people of good character and a few of them around to make us look good character. I mean, we can sense that when people want something from us and they're only with us and the wealthy on foot, fortunately, are surrounded by people who are asking from them all the time and our sense of superiority, any sense of jealousy stops our spiritual progress. We'll be back after this.

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the beginning there was nothing better than a single so younger road nothing.

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No, no, no Planet Earth, no guiding star. No day or night, there was nothing near or far. The first thing that I created was the pen

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to write down every single thing. So it wrote down everything that will come to pass until the day of judgment that day will be the last and then he created the heavens

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every living thing inside his universe the thing that he created

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he gave birth to None None gave birth to him

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depends on all depend on him we all depend on him. Oh

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provides the that we all breathe the rain the sun the trees he knows what we need. His blessings and his mercy daily we receive should we not give him thanks we say we believe was all this created just for having fun, no reflection, no purpose, no reason. There's nothing that he will be left to wander free without being held accountable for all his the law created us all weekend worship. But his creation noise creatures only him associate none as a partner with your Lord as

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Do you believe is that the same weekend for he is the only one worthy of a phrase

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known him Oh

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you're listening to heart and soul on Qf radio with me Lauren booth sharing gems of knowledge with us today is a chef Sajid Omar, welcome back chef.

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We talked about a sense of jealousy, stopping our spiritual progress. And the other side was that wonderful man and his family who went to the terrible camps at the moment in Cali, in France, and is giving out everything he has just to feed people. Charity is a reward. And what's fascinating as science is chasing what we know as believers, and what we know as, as human beings that doing something nice for somebody else feels good, but it also has, in this realm, in our bodies, positive repercussions, the brain activity changes when somebody does a good deed. And in fact, the endorphins, the the good feelings you have, when you're when you're doing something enjoyable, come

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into you through that charitable act. So that is another another way of being successful. Absolutely, absolutely. I just did a research the other day, which state of the senses you say, Now, that, you know, they did this thorough research with a group of people, and they found that their brains, you know,

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experience and excitement, from being charitable from giving not only from giving money, but also in being selfless, and kind to other people, perhaps assisting them, you know, and this is due to the nature of us as human beings as to what we were created by God.

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And God Almighty is merciful and calm, it gives them gives them gives them It gives us irrespective of, of our piety or

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lack of sight, you still get it, right. The people who don't even believe in him that they wake up every day, and they breathing, and they living and they have families and good health, and this is on the mercy of God, right? Even if we insult him by not believing in additional gifts, any creative, so he has created a really to be given. And in a talk the other day, I was just mentioning to the, to the people to the attendees, that you know what? I received the question, actually, and the question is, you know, should we do what we love? Or should we do what we're good at? Right? So it was the youth empowerment program that I was attending? And the question was, should I do what I

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love? Or should I do what I'm good at. And as I pondered over it, and looking at the life of the messenger, you can better be upon him and looking at the ethos of Islam. I said, you know what you should do what you're good at, don't do what you love. And if you do what you're good at, we'll end up doing that which you love. But they said how so I said, Look, at the end of the day as Muslims, especially with a Muslim audience, as Muslim students across universities, I said, Look,

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our Prophet peace and blessings be upon him. He came to give not to take, and he is our teacher. And we have to be just that people who give and not take, we shouldn't be people off entitlement. We should be people who make things happen. We should not be people who wait for other people to do things for us. And I said, look at the messenger, he came to a world whereby there was people worshipping idols, right, in a place that was not even considered a civilization, and in fact, is in between civilizations. Then when misguided civilizations you have the Persians worshipping the fire, you had the Romans who were practicing a distorted version of the message of Jesus Peace and

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blessings, the appointment, right, but what did he do? Did he come to take and be part and parcel of the system? Or did he come to give, he came to get to he happened to the world, the world didn't happen to him. And this is where Muslims are this we believe it. And all the prophets came that happened to the world and they brought their people to the people who happen to the world, meaning you

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came to give not to take, as this is, this is amazing in terms of really feeling as if you are a rich person, you could have a billion in the bank. But the million was a trillionaire is the one who can give who can give. You know, this is talking about wealth, from an Islamic perspective is not evil in and of itself but inherently evil. No. In fact, we are commanded to earn love God Almighty, on a Friday, commandos go out and work, right and Friday is the holy day for the mission. There's no other religion that tells you to work on your holy day. Back not not that the Jews don't work on the Sabbath. And Sunday, for the Christians is also a holiday. But on a Friday, God Almighty says when

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you complete the Juma prayer, the Friday prayer go out in the end search for your sustenance. So why would God Almighty tell us to do that on on the listeners most holy days? If money was evil, money is evil. And this is all related, isn't it to an in balance in life? Now we never have our phones off. We rush if there's a ping at midnight, and the phone can be lying next to us or nearest to someone it's not usually I hope somebody is calling to ask me for help you what you want is, is that going to serve my knifes in some way? Is that going to serve my project in some way? Is that going to make me wealth in some way? And this is is very harmful, you know, when I before I when I came to

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Islam, and I started to question myself, because really having a faith is about bringing yourself to account every day and every morning and every night. And I realized that for about 30 years, I had never knowingly done a good deed for another person. So Hannelore, I cried a lot when I realized that, not for my mom, for my daughters, I did what I had to in the absolute minimum. And I didn't even know how to do good deeds. And this is a very nephew for God bless you for sharing that. You know, and you said earlier about the English states and money is the root of all evil. It's not the root of all evil as human beings that are the root of all evil, because family plan is effective

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government Almighty, Allah will ask us how we earned our wealth and how we spent our wealth. And that is what decides how good or bad your money if you earned it in the right way is very good. And if you spend it in the right is very good. You know, I tell I tell the people I lecture go and become billionaires, don't get them to be a millionaire go and become a billionaire. And give out a billion for the sake of Cardinal. Right. So Islam is all about going get rich, but make sure your riches are in your hand. And you keep God Almighty only in your heart that is truly the rich person that is truly the rich person. We're talking about sharing. We're talking about charity, and we're

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talking about the real meaning of success and wealth. And it is a sad state of affairs when we see the suicide rate amongst the highest in the world in the United States, one of the wealthiest countries in the world. And every day, it seems in a newspaper, somebody who's been this glowing symbol of material joys and you know, we can say excesses feel so empty that they end their lives. How do we stop that emptiness? Sure. Yeah.

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God Almighty guy, that's, you know, we stopped that emptiness by understanding the formula of happiness, people who've gone through this suicide, journey, deviating from depression, extreme depression, the case of feeling that, you know, life's not worth living anymore, I've lost everything. I'm not going to say it only happens because people have lost money. People have lost companionship, and so on and so forth. But a lot of it's got to do with money and, and you know, human being, cannot understand everything that mandate is, you know, we might understand certain things that make up a portion of happiness, but happiness is the biggest ethical, legal sector. So

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for some things, happiness is in financial standing in material. For other human beings happiness is in having children. For other human beings happiness is in having the pretty or handsome spouse, but really, that only makes up a portion of it. That could make up ultimate happiness. I would like to finish with two things that we can practically do today. Yes, number one, shift your paradigm.

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You know, understanding riches to be how much money you have in your bank account, and understand being rich to be you know, how content you are, how content your heart and soul is to shift your paradigm number one, number two, give our charity charity. This is a good start in making yogurt. Thank you so much, Chef, may Allah the provider, pour his abundance upon us all. His store houses are never empty. May He give you abundance, good and awful sustenance. I mean, join me Lauren booth for more heart and soul talk tomorrow. At the same time. The producer for this series is a have a chef you've been listening to heart and soul until tomorrow Assalamu alaikum