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Sister Nisa, welcome to heart and soul, may the peace and blessings of Allah be with you. I said, I'm Wiley come while it comes Salaam, being a revert to Islam myself, I was really grateful for the changes that it made to my life, specifically and quickly the removal of alcohol from the household. I wonder what changes you experienced coming to Islam aged 15 from a dancing background, how was that? That, for me was one of the hardest things I think because I went from an active soul, you know, I was dancing about eight hours a day continuously. And then all of a sudden, and remember, this is going back 23 years before there will female only gyms and classes etc. But what I found was

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that my body seized up. And it was a big massive change, you know, going from activity to inactivity. And instead of me kind of joining the ranks of most other women, women meaning, you know, being in pajamas, etc. I said no, no, no, we can't have this, you know, our women are suffering. Not only are we becoming overweight, we are also suffering from all sorts of illnesses and problems that we shouldn't be suffering from. So I embarked on, you know, getting the community active again, and there's been massive changes. So yes, for me personally, it was it was a struggle. But the struggle turned out to be a fantastic journey. I wonder about the food element and how that

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began to interest you. Well, actually, before Islam, I was interested in food, because I grew up with a mum who, you know, always worked on an allotment. So we grew our own food, you know, organic was normal, in my area.

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And also the people that I grew up with, were very conscious about being environmentally friendly. They, you know, used to recycle. So this was fantastic. Then coming into Islam, I was just amazed by the wonderful ways that we have such detailed information about how to eat, what to eat, how to sit even. And that was for me, you know, one of the biggest, or shall I say, one of the best parts of Islam that I took, and it was fantastic. I wonder how that was taught to you. Because as you said, there wouldn't have been that accessibility to information from all different sources, we now have shared Google the bit the good and the bad in that, but where were your sources at that time? Um,

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yes, you're right. I mean, we have a wide range of information. Now. It's fantastic. But back then there were very few books translated into English, English. And, you know, it was a matter of finding a set of Buhari which is the sayings of the Prophet peace be upon him. And, you know, for me, it was going through the health sections, and but right, let's find out what it was because my journey to Islam was actually

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what inspired me was how the Muslims go to the toilet. And it might sound really strange and really silly. But when I found out that they used water to clean themselves, I was like, This is absolutely amazing. And that was, for me, my lightbulb moment, it was like, What are the secrets of these people? No. And that led me to, you know, becoming a Muslim Alhamdulillah like he said, at the age of 15.

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But from that, then I realized there is a treasure of information. You know, that was written 1500 years ago. So I delved into that and I wanted to know more. So obviously, you're a very practical person and Islam was given to your heart in a, in a very practical way. What are the tips began to emerge about the way that people were and were not living in an Islamic way? What would you like to share about what really moved you? Like I said, it was the fact that there was so much information, but it was so simplified. For instance, you know, we have a massive problem with weight. Okay, and if people take the teachings of getting up in the morning and having water with honey, this is a

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fantastic way of detoxifying your body. It's brilliant, it not only rehydrates you, but it gets rid of all the fecal matter and everything. So you end up

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Go into the loo. You know, and I'm always saying about the toilet better, you end up going to the loo, which you need, you need to cleanse your body. So the fact that it's something that seems so small, it has such, you know, massive benefits. And that's that was, that's something that I would say, you know, if you haven't done that, do it get up in the morning, you know, not cold water from the fridge, just tap it or warm water, mix it with a spoonful of honey and have that first thing on an empty stomach. It will work wonders. Now we've got pasteurized honey these days now, we have to buy it from the supermarket. Does it make a difference? What honey? And how do you treat the honey?

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Because I know you once gave me a tip about how to take the honey from the jar even? Yes. Well, we all or most of us know that honey from the Siddha tree is very special and very beneficial. And also, you know, local organic honey, this is great. But yes, when I was doing some studies on honey, and I was working with some local beekeepers, they told me to use a wooden spoon. Now I don't know how much in terms of science but they said you know, take it from a wooden spoon and mix it don't mix it with a metal spoon. So I do that. And yeah, just drink that first thing in the morning simple. I read somewhere that there's something to do with enzymes and the metal reacting. We've got

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some scientists out there. So perhaps you can give us your research afterwards. Qatar foundation Radio 93.8 will be happy to hear from you. I use plastic spoons. That's not the main source of the importance of this. I wonder where in the Quran does it speak about honey? Is this actually linked to our Islamic faith? Yes, there are. I mean, there's a lovely Hadith and this is a hadith that's really dear to me that talks about honey and hijama cupping being the best way for mankind to treat themselves. So for me, I have my own journey with hijama. And that's a personal one that I'm happy to share. But the fact that it goes side to side with honey was like, Okay, I definitely know the

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benefits of hijama. And honey, it cleans the gut. It gets rid of all of the bacteria that's in the stomach, and most of our diseases actually come from our stomachs.

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Tell us a little bit about your journey with her Jama because 23 years ago, I believe in the United Kingdom, it was known as cupping, and it was a Chinese medicine. And it wasn't recognized and as an Islamic medicine was it? Well, I'll actually go back to say about 15 years ago, nobody on the UK scene knew about hijama. For me personally, I was very fortunate to meet somebody who said to me Come and have this treatment done. And a lovely lady. She was really a spiritual and ethical lady. But I was really skeptical and frightened. And she said, you know, all your pains and woes would go away. I didn't believe her. But lo and behold, because I respected her I went and had this treatment

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and I actually had very, very bad women's issues.

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So I sat down and I had this treatment for half an hour. Can you tell us what does it entail? So I actually had what is called dry cupping, or dry heat jam. And I laid down and a lovely Algerian lady came and put this glass cup on my stomach. She gave me some nuts and seeds to mixed with honey to eat afterwards. And she told me to go away. It's just that simple. Nothing more. Putting placing the cup on your body and creating a vacuum. That's where the word hijama comes, it comes from the word sucking. So you see a lot of celebrities having this done, you know, the likes of Madonna and a lot of these actresses, etc.

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And, you know, I thought okay, is that it after this, you know, 20 minutes or half an hour session. But lo and behold, you know, it absolutely changed my life. Now there was an element that I was so happy. But then there was an element where I was so angry, I was angry at the fact that the Muslims who have these treasures, we're not using these fantastic traditional ways of life. And so I went to some local Imams, and I asked them, you know, tell your people tell your people and they didn't even know themselves what it was. So for me, I was really fortunate. I went to Egypt, I studied it, I bought it back to the UK. And now for to the best of my ability. I hope that everybody Muslim and

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non Muslim knows about hijama. And what's the recommended timeframe for having her Jama because there are limits placed upon when you should and shouldn't have it? Yes, there are recommended a date in the lunar calendar. So that's a calendar that coincides with the moon and they are the 17th 19th and the 21st of each month. And this is when it's a safe way to take the toxins out and going back to the sayings of the Prophet peace be upon him. There are certain 100

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that talks about hijama, again, being the best way for you to treat yourself. So for me becoming a Muslim, this was like, you know, first and foremost, I believe. And second of all, who am I to argue, and when I actually had it done, and I scientifically had it tested, which was absolutely phenomenal, it's about that process of finding a non Muslim scientist to go through the blood was out was incredible. And I did that on purpose, not only because he's one of the most recognized blood specialists in the UK at the time, I wanted somebody who didn't have the faith belief behind them. And so what happened is I invited him down to our clinic, and he was testing the blood on his

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own before he Jama. And then I said to him, you know, can you just test this blood, please? This is a blood from the treatment that I do. So he said, Yeah, sure. So we gathered up some samples, and he tested it, and then he didn't get back to me for 24 hours. And I was like, okay, maybe I've offended him. Maybe he thinks what I'm doing is barbaric. But no, he said, After 24 hours, he realized that what we were doing was the best and most deepest way to detoxify the body. And it took him 24 hours to actually, you know, take it in and digest it. He said, this is breakthrough, because his studies and what he'd been doing, and the methods that he'd been taught on how to analyze the blood was

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actually nowhere near what he had learned from our studies. And is this study ongoing?

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Well, we always need a lot of research, I'd love to find somebody out there a soul out there who would, you know, back us up and you know, take deeper studies of this because this is such a fantastic way of curing mankind. Mashallah, that's wonderful knowledge. Thank you for sharing that there is another way of doing hijama, which is called wet cupping, which I'm a bit squeamish about you keep threatening me with it. And I need it. We all need detoxing. Tell us a little bit about that. Okay, so wet. cupping isn't as scary as some people think I know. There's a lot of YouTube stuff out there. And people are doing it in weird and strange ways. But yes, you do have to be very

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careful with the practitioner. First and foremost, I am, you know, very strong believer in that. Hence, the reason why I actually went to the British government to get it separated from traditional Chinese medicine and let it stand alone. That's number one. But um, it's not scary. It's not It's not even painful. It's just a very small scratch, but it allows your body to release the toxins straightaway. So it is a wonderful way of releasing, I've had people that have had all sorts of illnesses. I've had women 40 year old woman who couldn't get pregnant, who were able to have one session who have her Jama after even failing with IVF and then falling pregnant

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with their first child. So it is definitely a miracle that we need to embark on. And guidance for finding the right practitioner. Oh, yes, definitely really became what are your tips, my tips are, make sure that they have been practicing themselves for long. Don't just get somebody who's certified because there's other people out there that are certifying people at the drop of a hat and they are not qualified themselves. So be careful of the pieces of paper that are going around to I think in Qatar, they have a good policy for checking these out. But of course a practitioner who's been doing it a long time as like a surgeon who's been operating for 25 years so we are asked for

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guidance on this. Let's go now to a break where we will listen to Sora milk

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beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran was by chef missionary Ben and faceY. That's all we have time for today. Thanks to my guest and Isa kasun and we'll be back tomorrow for another episode of heart and soul. Thanks to my producer. It has a chef and we'll be back for part two with a nice accent tomorrow. Assalamu alaikum