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The natural and spiritual disposition of God, which is the creation of naturality and the natural disposition of naturality, is crucial for everyone to live another day. The heart is a constantly growing body and is not a harsh system. The importance of surrendering oneself to God Almighty and learning about God Almighty through experiences is emphasized. There are resources and articles online to help people understand and learn about God Almighty.

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Welcome to heart and soul on Qf radio with me Lauren booth your space to reflect Today we will be exploring the names of God Almighty how he introduces himself to mankind and his elements and his attributes. Joining me to explore this is Chef Sajid Ouma. Chef Sajid has a bachelor's degree in Sharia a master's degree in judiciary, and he's now pursuing his PhD. He is internationally known for his interaction with communities and his excellent youth work and we welcome you today share Sajid welcome Salam alaykum

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warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu flexuosus, Lauren and I are very honored to be here with you. So let's address the knowing getting to know God. Let's talk about how do we know the divine? And how did God introduce himself to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him? What names? And what attribute? Can we get to know God by? Oh, that's excellent question. It's a topic which I love, really the names and attributes of God Almighty, because, you know, I always say to my audiences that, you know, whenever we learn something new about fellow human beings, and that's a good thing, and a nice thing, we start loving the most, just natural, sexual, it's a natural thing for human beings. You know, when

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you get married, you know, you start learning new things about your spouse, and the more good things you learn about that, Oh, look, they're charitable. Oh, look, they're so kind and so forgiving. It causes you to love them. That's what happened. So the more we learn about God Almighty, the more we love him. And the more we love him, the more inspiring which worshiping and we always love to do things for the people we love. If we love God, Almighty, or the, you know,

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if we love more than will be even more inspired to do things for God Almighty. So God Almighty, He has taught us about him. In many ways, he's taught us about him from the angle of our natural disposition. Right, this, this natural disposition that we've been created upon, it's an innate matter that exists within every human being, the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him for that every child of,

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of Adam,

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has been created upon this actual disposition upon this, this the disposition of belief in a god, and that this God is the only one worthy of worship. Because, you know, something cannot come from nothing. And if you exist, then you something.

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And if you something, then you came from somewhere, it can't be that you came from nothing, because it's just not logical.

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And it's not true to, you know, your innate nature. It's only when this innate nature becomes corrupted by by this by Satan, then, when we fail to take Satan as an enemy, and we allow him into our space and into our thoughts and into our beliefs, and then he messes up things, then we come up,

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pure nature of, of natural disposition, and then we start having different beliefs. From the outset, God Almighty has given everyone this special disposition and this natural disposition teaches them about God Almighty. So that's number one. We learn about God Almighty, from his natural disposition that God Almighty has created us and number two, we learn about God Almighty by looking at the creation of God Almighty around us by looking at the clouds looking at the sky, look at the sky, you know,

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you know it's, it's up there without any cracks without any class. And then you have the clouds and how they move around and how they carry a look at the trees how amazing they are, they grow they give us oxygen, they give us oxygen and we need oxygen to coexist with these trees. You look at the mountains and the purpose and function of the mountains you look at water. You look at the different creations of God Almighty, the different birds, different insects that you know, creations that we don't even know exists. And we learning about them every day and how they've been shaped and formed and the colors that they have that you know, you know who has the audacity to give parents the

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colors that it has, you know, amazing kind of sweetness together and you know, it's so brave to put these colors together and these colors together make it so beautiful. So we look at and we look at ourselves, we look at us as a creation, our bodies our hearts, if you know just hot and cold amazing it is. It beats without us having to remember a beating. Imagine sister Lauren, you and I had to remember our heart beating what would happen. We forget

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And our heart would stop and we'd be dead.

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Over I forgot, because you know the heartbeat. Yes, yes. It says that you're right. The beating heart, sir is very important that we can't tell ourselves to live another day, I can't say to you, I'm going to be breathing. And then I'm going to be doing this. And tomorrow I'll do this, we could we can't say that. And as a woman, I have to say, and the mothers out there will get this. And I'm sure fathers who who have been close to childbirth as well.

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The formation of the baby, knowing that this, this being is growing independently of you, that we do not make its heartbeat. We don't we can't say oh, we can say I hope it has these eyes, or it'd be nice if it has a button nose, or we can have these little dreams, but we don't have any say over it. And it seems as well shake if we look to the natural world, and the Quran tells us and Allah tells us to do this time and time again, if you want to find God, just look at the system that he's created. And it is actually not a harsh system. It's not a dog eat dog world. It is benevolent. I'll give you a quick example. Endorphins, what are endorphins, endorphins aren't actually created from

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time immemorial. For us on the treadmill, very, very few of us will ever reach the kind of exertion where they'll kick in, you know why they're here. They're here. Because when we can't do anymore, when we've exerted ourselves in the field, when we've given birth, when we are absolutely using our last reserves of energy, bingo, suddenly, this amazing feeling of joy enters, and we can do another half day. And we can pick up our baby that we've just given birth to and go back to away from the fields and we can look after ourselves. And this is a benevolent creation and a benevolent creator. Yes. So

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thank you for that.

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You know, we learn about God Almighty by looking at the things around us. And he spoke about the heart, the heart has four chambers, atria and the ventricles bicuspid valves, and then you got a otters, you got the arteries, and the arteries carry oxygenated blood to the rest of the body. And then you've got a system of veins that carry the opposite deoxygenated blood back to the body. It's such a perfect system, right. And even when we make an exception to the rule, and we say except one artery and except one vein, which is the pulmonary artery and the pulmonary vein, because, you know, the pulmonary artery takes blood out of the heart to the lungs to receive the oxygen and the

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pulmonary vein brings oxygenated blood back to the heart, just a system if something goes wrong, you know, you can find one human being working this way. And another human being was that way, the complete system. So we look at this, and this teaches us about God Almighty, teaches us about God Almighty. So that's another way. The other way of learning about God Almighty is by looking at Revelation. Right? Because revelation

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complements the mind, in the sense that it brings lessons that the mind cannot fathom,

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the mind cannot comprehend. And we look at Revelation and we see God Almighty describing himself in so many ways.

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verse after verse, God Almighty teaches us more and more about him more and more about him. We learn about him in terms of what he does, we learn about him in terms of how he does it, we learn about him and God Almighty, actually describing himself or something or telling us that from his beautiful names or something. And understanding that, you know, God Almighty, his names are void of attributes, right? So God Almighty says, He says your healing is not void of the attributes of healing. And all this collectively, you know, looking at our natural disposition, looking at our environments, deflecting over revelation, all of this collectively, teaches us about God Almighty,

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and this entails of loving him more because we learn more amazing things about him. And this entails after that servitude, and obedience and worship. It's definitely time to listen to some idea of the Quran, perhaps you can translate some of the pivotal IO where Allah subhanaw taala, God Almighty introduces himself to the prophet and to mankind. Yeah. So, if we, if we look right at the beginning of the Quran, the first chapter, the very first best copyright is 111. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds.

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Right, somebody like me, you know, basically to cover like a lot of thoughts of God Almighty introduces us to a lot of things between him and who uses a lot of power. Right, and the quantity was what the term load means, which refers to him being the protector that nourishes the Sustainer, the one who nurtures you to perfection, you know, the the one upon who you rely upon for your survival, for your protection, right. And this is year two of human being, this concept of surviving and being protected. So you need to be God Almighty into Jesus to us in such an intimate way, in a way that

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resonates with us, you know,

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resonates with us in such a way that we just want to release ourselves to that, okay, you know, I'm so desperate to survive. I'm so desperate to succeed. I'm so desperate to be protected. And here I have the King of kings, who is the ultimate protector that every protector relies on as well. So you surrender yourself to God Almighty. So bottom line right at the beginning, introduces himself to everybody. Using this attribute of him being the Lord, God Almighty also introduced himself as the Lord to his messages when Moses, if that is the appointment was first engaged by God Almighty.

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God Almighty said,

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I am your Lord, I am the Lord. And this was the same with the other prophets of God Almighty. And then God Almighty goes on in other places to teach us and teach us prophets, about other aspects of God Almighty. Because obviously, every prophet went on a journey, after they listened to the Lord.

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That's what you do when you know that success and all of success lies with my Lord. If he is all of my protector, then you're going to listen to what your Lord tells you. And

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you know, God Almighty commanded the prophets to go and teach the communities about God Almighty being the only one worthy of worship and everyone who went to breach they received opposition. So they went on a journey. And as they went on this journey, God Almighty strengthen them, by teaching the more and more about God Almighty, that don't worry God Almighty, we all are aware of that which they do, right. So, this this is, you know, I read in the Arabic language we say, God Almighty, God is omniscient. Right. And and you know, sometimes people throw up against the prophecy the secret was God Almighty faith that Allah is his hobbies and hobbies. teaches us a God Almighty is the only

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aware but you know, to such a certain extent that he is all aware of even the most conspicuous most prized Maxim's and Chef right we are going to come right back with the all awareness of Allah. And we're just going to take a very short break and come back to check Sajid on mark with these lovely gems of knowledge.

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in the morning when we wake

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with every word we say.

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And every game we play

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and every friend we know

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you rock man Rocky.

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with every song we seize

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every mountain piece will ring.

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In rock man you rock

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You rock man in LA

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you're listening to heart and soul on Qatar foundation radio with me Lauren booth sharing his gems of knowledge with us today is Chef Sajid Omer chef Sajid, we were exploring some of the Beautiful Names of Allah. But unfortunately, we are out of time. And it's such a big topic. I wonder if perhaps, in the last moments of this program, you could share with us some of the ways that somebody new to understanding who is good, can access this information through his names. Yeah, I mean, there's a lot of resources and articles online. But you know, I would say start with yourself, by yourself and go back to the lesson shared at the beginning of the show in terms of how we learn

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about Columbine, that we learn about God Almighty through our natural disposition, connecting with our universe of guidance, connecting with ourselves, and then looking at our surroundings, you know, don't just don't just see a beautiful scenery, witness it. You know, don't just hear beautiful words, listen to it. Don't just learn beautiful things, understand it. That's where that is the key learning point, in terms of learning about God Almighty, that you witness God Almighty, and everything that you see that you listen about God Almighty, in everything that you hear, that you understand God Almighty, and everything that you left, right. So you know, before you start looking

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for articles that other people have written.

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You know, start with yourself, give yourself a chance. You have the ability, you have the ability to learn more about God Almighty, just follow the processes that I shared. And last but not least, pick up a copy of

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and give you the read with an open mind that you see God Almighty introducing himself to you in so many amazingly different ways. Just like a hair. Thank you, chef for those wonderful gems again, and my peace and understanding descend upon you and keep us all radiant in its light until tomorrow. Assalamu alaikum the producer for this series is a hab Usha