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‘Heart and Soul’ is a 30 episode series. From the divine questions – Who is God, or, is there an afterlife? To an exciting snapshot of the life of the Prophet Mohammed and his greatest companions and wives, this show aims to inform, interest and give pause for reflection to Muslims and non Muslim listeners alike.

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Heart and Soul
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About Lauren Booth

Lauren Booth is a journalist, author and broadcaster. Since accepting Islam she has dedicated time to producing content for Muslim audiences discussing a wide range of topics related to knowledge, self reflection and living faith in the modern context.

Lauren has given talks and presentations at major conferences globally for organisations including ISNA (USA), ICNA(Canada) and IERA(UK).

Lauren regularly appears on mainstream media channels encouraging a wider narrative in relation to Islam and Muslims. She has created a lecture series for colleges and universities ‘Muslims In The Media’ delivered at HKU, Turkey.

In 2018 her first book, ‘Finding Peace In the Holy Land – A British Muslim memoir’ is published by Kube.

Her new series ‘The Feelgood Muslim Podcast’ will be available later in the year.

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