Saad Tasleem – Marvel vs. DC – BONUS Episode

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © A speaker discusses the lack of comparison between Marvel's Justice League and the Avengers, calling them " garbage" and " garbage stars." They also mention a question about putting the Justice League up, but do not provide a response.
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So here's the question that I get a lot DC or Marvel you're watching hashtag

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no question hands down DC Come on y'all know hashtag team DC. Listen, I want to say to you and just one thing, Batman. Batman can take down not only the Justice League, but also all of the Marvel characters. And come on you put the Justice Justice League up against the Avengers. There's no comparison. Superman, Batman Wonder Woman. That's it that takes down all of the Marvel Universe haters gonna hate the team DC

A special BONUS episode for Season 2 of Hashtag!

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