Haitham al-Haddad – Gaza Exposes the World Order and Assures Victory for All Believers

Haitham al-Haddad
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim there are five key questions most of the brothers are asking these days the first question is Did Allah Allah Allah decree? What is happening to our brothers and sisters in Russia? The second question is, Did Allah Allah Allah allow it to happen? And the third question Does Allah Allah Allah see it now? Does Allah Allah Allah see all these atrocities, the bloodshed, the killing the butchering of children, the destruction of Gaza, the destruction of homes, the horrible things that are taking place against our brothers and sisters in Gaza. Now does Allah Allah Allah see it now? There's Allah, Allah Allah, look at them now. And the answer for all these

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questions. Yes, Allah Allah Allah Allah decreed it to happen Allah Allah Allah allowed it to happen Allah and Allah Allah sees it while it is happening now. Now the fourth question is, Does Allah Allah Allah Allah become angry when he sees those enemies of Islam doing whatever they are doing to our brothers and sisters in Russia in Palestine while they are laughing, enjoying their life mocking not enjoying their life actually, but mocking our brothers and sisters, we have seen horrible scenes of what they are doing, whether to the prisoners in the West Bank or to the children of rasa does Allah Allah Allah become angry? And the answer is yes, we know that Allah Allah Allah Allah becomes

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angry when anyone violates His commandments, let alone if there are people who are killing righteous people killing Muslims killing the Aliyah of Allah, Allah Allah. So now the fifth question is, what is the wisdom behind all of this, my dear brothers and sisters, there are different types of wisdom. First of all, we said that life is a test Allah, Allah, Allah mentioned this in the Quran, Allah, Allah, Allah also wants to purify the believer, Allah, Allah, Allah wants the believers to move to another stage. All of this have been said and there are different types of wisdom. Remember, my dear brothers and sisters, that Allah, Allah, Allah sees the victory of Muslims, he sees that the people

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of Gaza they are going to win the war, Muslims in general they are going to win the war and they are going to defeat their enemies and they are going to treat them in the right way. Allah Allah Allah Allah sees this sees the victory of Muslims in the dunya before in the akhira. Allah Allah Allah Allah promised that an ultimate success will be with the believers Allah, Allah Allah says when he Allah, Allah who need caffeine and then what we need is a vida Allah, Allah, Allah will not make the disbelievers the enemies of Islam superior to the believers, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam mentioned that Muslims they will fight the invaders of this land, the occupiers of this land until they will

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run away or they will be killed. So Allah Allah, Allah, Allah sees that we don't see what Allah Who Yeah, we're unto Latta at the moon. That's why Allah, Allah, Allah as he sees the outcome, our the Lord, Allah allows this to happen because he sees what is going to come after that soon. In the dunya. And this is the Promise of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah sees what is going to happen to those enemies of Islam who are killing butchering those children and trying to humiliate Muslims, Allah, Allah, Allah sees what kind of punishment they will have in the fire of *. On the Day of Resurrection, we don't see it but we believe in it. It is mentioned in the Quran

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Allah Allah Allah Allah says in the Quran in Aladdin effect, and many in our Minetti, some melomania toolbook, fellow other Bucha Hana, welcome double Hadith, those who humiliated the believers killed the believers tortured the believers they are going to be in the fire of *, if they don't repent to Allah, Allah Allah, if they don't ask Allah, Allah Allah for forgiveness. And also they do not ask the believers for forgiveness as well. They will be burning in the fire of *, they will be burning in the fire of * forever. And that is the greatest victory. What Allah Allah Allah mentioned in surah, two Bucha as well in Alladhina ermine wa middle Salah had the nerve to integrate

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him into it and how that because this is the greatest victory. Yes, what we see is so painful, but because we have a limited ability to see we need to remember what Allah Allah Allah sees, and what Allah Allah Allah tells us about what is going to happen, and we need to believe in it as we see it. And when we believe in it like this, my dear brothers and sisters, the real victory in our hearts will take place and that's why when the Muslim sees what is happening now from this perspective, the Muslim is always feel confident of the Promise of Allah, Allah Allah the Muslim

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is always optimistic as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa seldom used to be the Muslim despite the pain that he feels he says he will be always up looking forward for the Promise of Allah, Allah Allah, we need to combine between three things while we are witnessing these atrocities. The first one is the natural feeling of a human beings that they feel the pain and sometimes they cry because of what they see the horror that they are witnessing. Yes, this is a natural thing and this is allowed. The second thing is to respond to that by what by doing what Allah, Allah Allah commanded us to do, which is helping our brothers and sisters the Prophet

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sallallahu sallam said, aid your brother whether he is oppressed whether he is oppressive, Allah, Allah Allah called us as believers in them and Muna what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam considered us as one body. So we need to enjoy in the good and forbidding evil, we need to help our brothers and sisters the Ummah need to strengthen itself in order for the Ummah to be victorious, we need to prepare ourselves we need to do something now we need to prepare ourselves on short term and on a long term and third point we need to accept whatever Allah Allah Allah decides, we need to believe that it is the best for us for everyone for this life, we need to have that inner

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satisfaction or reward to be content with the mother of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to believe in the other, whether it is bad as we see it, but it is not bad enough itself, or it is good for us as we see it. This is what we need to do. My brothers and sisters my final message Yes, we know that the occupation is entering Gaza and is killing more people in Gaza and humiliating we have seen some horrible pictures of how they are treating the people there and they are claiming that they are from Hamas and we are witnessing all of this we should not lose hope we should not feel that we are defeated. Defeat is the internal defeat you will

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never be defeated. As far as you are trying is struggling fighting spirit either Imran for example, it has so many stories of conflict between Huck and Barton, between righteousness and evil Allah, Allah Allah towards the end, he summarized the previous stories of the surah he summarized that by saying what by saying how we can be victorious, he said, Yeah, you have the deen Manos Bureau, wasa Bureau Warabi to what duckula Lecanto Oh, you who believe maintain Sobor it will be difficult subject Yes, but Saburo which means is struggle to have it because it will become more intense, and it will become more challenging for you. When you do that. remain firm, Robbie to be steadfast

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continue your struggle, don't lose hope and what duckula Always Be with Allah, Allah, Allah, and in Allah, you will be successful. And I encourage our Imams to speak about what is happening, and not to let people feel that there is no hope. Because we are victorious. We may lose the small area of Gaza. But we have won most of the land of the whole world, the whole earth. Most of it is with us with the hack. They are discovering the lies of the occupation, the lies of America, the lives of many Western countries. Yes, we might lose a little bit. But on the other side, we want a lot maybe we might lose from a military perspective. But we have one ideology, Kelly, morally, and that is the

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foundation for the real victory that will last for long so be optimistic as the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was optimistic, keep struggling keep doing what you are doing. It is really very helpful for our brothers and sisters. In Russia. It is very helpful for our cause. Don't ever give up those who lose or those who give up those who don't give up. They will never lose

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