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So, as Muslims, we are successful people, we are people that have prominence were people that plan with people to have discipline. And so I would say that if a person took a good look at Islam, not a good look at Muslims, but a good look at Islam, they're gonna be able, you know, it's like they got the book. If you get the book, you get the principles, and you follow the book and you follow the principles. You don't have to be subject to the people who have the book, but they don't follow it. Or the people use the who taught the principles, but they don't they don't act upon it. So this is what we have in Islam. And I think that every American should take a course in Islam one on one, you

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are called Islam one on one for everyone. Why? Because if Islam is a faith system, that gives the human beings integrity and balance and discipline and focus, and gives them more respect for themselves respect for their parents, are gives them a greater loyalty and a sense of integrity about their country and about the world gives them a new worldview. I think that if a course in Islam one on one might open me up to that, but I want to take a class like that. Yes, because that's called empowerment. You know, people are buying little small books with 100 pages and reading it on the train or plane to do what to become empowered. So somebody said to me just a little while ago,

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why don't we take you know 40 sayings of the Prophet Muhammad's last name and don't say the Prophet awesome said that. Just put it in a little small book and put it inside the double day or somebody said bookstores Barnes and Noble to see people will take it up to change their lives. This is what we can do. And in a certain amount of time, we would have overcome this whole issue of Islam being dehumanized and demonized. Why because we have shown people tangible value