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The vices of racism: After learning that Abu Dharr (RA) used a racial slur, the Prophet (S) said to him, “You haven’t yet fully embraced Islam.” That’s because racism has no place in our faith.


AI: Summary © The importance of acknowledging racism and not accepting it as a way to make change is emphasized in the conversation. The speaker discusses the origins of racism in Muslim culture, including a woman named Joem who was insulted by her employer and her actions, including his comments about black people being punished. The importance of race and family in shaping culture is also highlighted, along with the need for acceptance of racism. The segment concludes with a brief advertisement for a book. The conversation also touches on the history of the United States and the importance of understanding the Quran in shaping culture.
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mysuru Bokova li li da Da Fu in chroma komenda la he at koko de loja de Mojave.

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The I resided at the end of my introduction, the hospital hajat is the ayah from surah gerat surah number 49 ayah 13. And this ayah for us is a, it's one of the foundational ideas of how we view ourselves in this world, and what we believe it's one of those foundational verses of the Quran. I want to expand on this ayah today and have this a short reminder from this ayah

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centered around this is specifically with regards to something that a lot of us, especially those of us who are younger might notice in our families, those of us who are younger, and we're taught correctly, that racism is unacceptable.

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We might find that in our Muslim community, within our Muslim families, extended families, there are elements of racism, casual racism, the way we the way we reference other ethnicities, sometimes outright disrespectfully.

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It becomes even at times a problem when it goes from casual to outright

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And, as young Muslims, we might wonder, what is what's up with that?

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What's up with that? Is this part of our faith? Is this part of something that we believe? Is this something that our Dean allows to take place? Or worse, does it is it? Is it that our Dean condones it? Even worse? I want to answer those questions and those doubts from this ayah of the Quran.

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And from a couple of incidents from the life of the province on

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the profits, and before I get to the I want to actually mention a very interesting, very beautiful thing that happened with the province of Salaam and one of his companions, the Companion of the Prophet, a Buddha, if it

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was seen wearing a nice cloak.

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And he was with his servant. And the servant was also wearing a nice cloak. So man saw him and he said, Why don't you take his cloak and you use that as like the bottom part of your garment. Okay, that way you have like a complete from head to toe, a really nice looking dress, a really nice looking, really nice looking appearance. And because, you know, you're the man you're you're the you're the master, and he's the servant.

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Without explains to this man. He says he doesn't care about any webinar, Rajan in column said, there was something that happened between me and this was referencing his servant. And he said his mother was gonna move who Algeria. His mother was from the non Arab ethnicity for Neil to mean her. I said something inappropriate to her. I insulted her. He's saying that I was being racist towards him.

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For the curry sauce on them. This person mentioned this to the prophets of Salaam, that I had said this. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam asked me, he said, as a matter of Sabbath, the Fulani, did you insult this person? I said, Yes, I did.

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The proper subset, if I needed them in me, did you insult his mother as well?

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I said yes. Now, the proper subset in Nakamura on figa helia.

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The Prophet said to an esteemed companion,

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that you are a person who still has traces of pre Islamic ignorance in him.

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And this isn't the Hadith that is narrated by Imam Bukhari and others as well.

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I want you to think about the statement of the Prophet when he said in Nicaragua or in Nakuru on FECA here, you still have traces of pre Islamic ignorance in you.

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What is the Prophet saying here? The Prophet Sam is saying, you saying something racist, you acting offensive. That is not part of Islam. You being this

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Still shows that you have not left your ignorant days of goofer behind.

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In other words, the Prophet is saying you haven't fully embraced Islam yet.

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It's not that he's excommunicating him or anything. It's not like you say, you're, you know, not a Muslim or anything. That's not what the profits wasn't the same. But what he's saying is that the full values of Islam have not been embraced by you.

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Because you still have this element of racism within you.

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Because you still think that you're better than somebody because of your ethnicity.

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And because of their ethnicity. because of that reason,

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you haven't fully embraced the values and the morals of Islam. That's what the process is all about. If I do the alojado, and the steam companion will

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change this behavior. And went as you see it in the in the narration, he was actually giving his servant, a very expensive clothes to wear as a way of making up for his inappropriate, insulting speech.

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This little incident goes to show brothers and sisters, what are our faith? Our Deen teaches us

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what this ayah that I recited in the beginning of our football talks about that for us the idea of thinking that I am better than other person because of the color of my skin, or I am worse than another person because of the color of my skin is an unacceptable lie to you.

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That is unacceptable. Because the one who has this The Prophet said in Nakamura on figa Jamia,

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we still haven't fully

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you still have remnants of those ignorant days within you.

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And also it shows how the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was the one who caused this revolutionary change in the way people saw other races.

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The way race relations worked in the time of the Prophet saddam, which is seventh century Arabia. The profitsystem was the one who started the revolution

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before anybody in history,

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unlike anybody in history, and this is a claim I can make confidently. The profitsystem was the one who was at the forefront, who set the precedents for how race relations need to be and how change needs to be you see how a Buddha changed his ways.

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Just one incident caused him to be remorseful change his behavior and compensate for his behavior, reparations, in one form or the other he was providing to the one he insulted that brothers and sisters is the

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is in one way a one story that encapsulate the chains that are profitable abroad. Allah smartlist says about the possible masala in Ramadan Allah mean we have sent you as a mercy to all mankind. And this is not to saddam. He was a mercy to mankind in all aspects of his life in the way he preached the faith and the way he lived the faith and the way he prayed the way He fasted in the way he spoke about issues, issues in families, issues in communities.

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The way he inspired change, salsa now

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the way he sallallahu Sallam inspired changed, he was a mercy to mankind, unlike anybody before him, or frankly anybody after a philosopher No, this idea that I recited to you, oh people, we have created you from a man and a woman in Latin America and

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the scholars mentioned, like we mentioned, this could refer to our father Adam and our mother Eve. Or it could also refer to at the same time, the fact that every person has a father and a mother in law.

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Both things are complementary. Well, Jana Rubalcaba, you have your immediate nuclear family, your parents are unlocking short Rubalcaba. And Allah says we made you into races and large families.

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The scholars of the few mentioned about 10 plus statements of what Ruben Baba means, but the one like to be mentions, according to Java D and others is shroob are sharp is a race and Kabbalah. Kabbalah is a large family.

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A large family, you belong to that family, your grandfather, a great grandfather, that was the area where we come from, that is, in essence in one way, is babila we made you a nuclear family kalapana comienza rainbow inside him has a father and a mother

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And part of a large family, part of a large family of from your ancestors and an even larger family of your race, your ethnicity.

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All of us can identify to that,

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that is done Lita foo so you can get to know each other.

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without food, it is not done so that I feel that I'm superior to somebody who is of a different ethnicity. It is not done so that you or anybody else feels superior because of where their family comes from.

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It is not so that we feel that we are better just by virtue of which family or which ethnicity we were born in. No, no, it's because we

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can get to know each other.

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In a Chroma coma in the law at the best of you. The most noble person is the one who has the most piety at who has the most consciousness of a lot.

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And that brothers and sisters is something that a lot of those not, I don't know this you don't notice the amount of taqwa I have, you don't know that the amount of taqwa you have, I don't know. Because that's the matter of the heart for in the top one poo.

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And it manifests itself in the way we act, the way we treat others, of course, but in reality, the exact amount of it and the quality of it is known to Allah subhanaw taala.

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So who's better and who's worse?

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Allah knows.

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It's definitely not because of the race that you're from. It's definitely not from the family that you're from.

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It's not inherited. It's earned not given. It's earned by taqwa and good deeds.

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It's earned by doing the right thing, saying the right thing.

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By not seeing something that's inappropriate.

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By not seeing words that are harmful and hurtful. That's the whole.

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A taqwa like the, like the Sahaba explained, is to watch out and leave things that are harmful, harmful to yourself and harmful to others.

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Part of what is not saying things that are completely hurtful and insulting to other people, the one who knows this is a lost part in economical Brian De La in Acapulco. The rest of you are those who have the most consciousness of lost power. In the law, hollywood Habibi ends with two names of Allah Allah. Usually I add the foreign end with a pair of Allah's names. And these pairs are complementary in meaning, they complete each other in meaning bringing about a perfection, and then they complement the contents of the ayah that they just completed. Arlene is from a lot smarter knows, hubby is from Hubble, also a variance or a variant of knowing the difference. The subtle difference

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here is on him a lot smarter knows what we're doing Hubby, generally what's within us our hidden thoughts. He knows our external actions really well. He knows our internal thoughts will be well, he knows us fully in the law, Lehman Habib,

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we created you a loss as as part of a family as part of a larger family, as part of a race all of us are like that. But Allah knows exactly really well, who exactly we are. Allah knows well, who we are, we cannot judge other people based on their devotion. And we most definitely cannot judge people and make our self stick better than others based on the ethnicity that we belong to. That is what this is saying. The one who knows that is the last part Allah in the lohani will have you

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this ayah brothers and sisters, like I mentioned, this is an ayah that is a foundational piece of how we believe

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it is sets the table for us for how we view other races, how we view other people,

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in light of ourselves in light of the community. This ayah the prophet SAW them when he was

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he was speaking to a group of people. This was a noble, esteemed family. The prophets have told them

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that a user will do about him merata main home a noble family from the people of Medina, the prophet wanted them to marry off one of their daughters to an ex slave.

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A freed slave.

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These people responded. They said the quality rasulillah is awesome news. Oh would you want it now?

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Why Leanna? Should we marry our daughters off to our ex slaves?

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The response is this is a question that is rejecting the request of the officer, though, there's a question actually, that is looking down upon the request of

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the forenza laoise. Origin has in common.

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At this point, last Potter revealed the ayah. All Mankind pay for the Jews from one man and one woman.

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As a response to this action, as a response to this incident, a lost mother reveal this ayah. To clarify, that don't think of yourself as better than the one who was if an ex slave of yours, don't think you're better because of your skin color.

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Because the one who is better is the one who has worked up was the one who believes and acts. And that is known to a lost power law not known to you or me,

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at this, brothers and sisters, was the way the prophets have acted, when he would see something that was inappropriate in the community, he would step in and do something about it, he would see that here's a man who was being alienated from the community, largely because of the color of his skin, largely because of where he came from.

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And he stepped in, and he wanted to make him a part of someone's family.

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So you'll be welcomed, and you will feel at home,

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he would step in and try to get him married.

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Faster, he has a home, someone to call his own.

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That is what he would do. And when people did not accept that, a loss, Potter responded and corrected their behavior to the forum.

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This is what our faith is brothers and sisters. It does not condone racism. In fact, it's there to eradicate it. It does not accept it. If you find it in our families, if you find it in our communities, if you see it casually, the way we refer to others, that we'll be talking about other people, the way it comes up when the topic of marriage comes up. You see this incident was about marriage, wasn't it? This incident with the Sahabi was about marriage. He's from a different race than they are from a different race.

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When it comes up, our faith does not allow us to make it a point of contention. It does not.

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I was to make it the reason or the basis of our decision making.

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Because in the document,

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all of us are from other medicinal all of us belong to Him. We'll add them to Robin Adam and Islam was made from dust and cold waters, marijuana was filled with over four

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and ask people to move ahead to charge to make space for those who are late.

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Osama, Allahu Allah, Allah he was having my back.

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As I mentioned in the earlier part of

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the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he was the one that Allah says, Allah Allah Ramadan de la sensu is a mercy to all mankind. And he saw Salam as part of being the mercy to all mankind was the one who stood up when he saw injustice. He stood up and he saw something wrong and he corrected it, he took the initiative to fix it. So all sudden, that is his son.

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That is his son, I have brothers and sisters. Let me see something wrong in our communities. Let us try to do something about it. Let us not just accept it as the norm as the way things are the some nonprofit some is rather to step in and try to do something

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about it or speak up about it.

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This and this is of course with wisdom and with kindness, not with roughness. And with crude behavior, this is with gentleness, the Prophet cillum would inspire change, right, he would be the one, he would set the precedence and then people will follow. He will set the precedents. And everybody else will start doing that, or doing it on their own. That is what it means that inspiring change. It's not forced, because it was forced the moment the profitsystem left, or he passed away, that change will be gone. But it was permanent.

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It lives on after himself on them, showing that it was true change, change the game from inspiration. You see, the profits on them.

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Once was sitting with people, and amen. insulted, another person insulted them, again, on the basis of their religion, and on the basis on the basis of their race, excuse me, and on the basis of the fact that that person's mother was of a different race. Yep. pina colada.

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a slur.

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This man used a slur. The Prophet heard the prophets of sunset mandate that good falana who said this word?

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The man said jasola was me. I said, the prophet or some said, fee, would you he'll look at the people sitting around you. For another, he looked

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the profits of some saw some said, What did you see my writer?

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This man said, I see. Appeal power is what he said I see people of all colors.

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The Prophet was upset for in the color of blue in the taqwa. Don't think you're better than them. You are not better than them. The only thing that makes you better than them or could make you better than them is

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is belief, conviction. And action

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is doing good and leaving evil. Not the color of your skin.

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When you hear something inappropriate, you would hear something racist, insulting. He would step in and he would, he would correct and he would inspire. You see a Buddha in the very beginning of the hot wire mentionable the abuser lived on practicing that change even after the proposition passed away. You see how the sahabas behavior changed? You have

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to not be

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below the law one who who broke the law one who used to see about him, he would say abubaker say you do not

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say either a worker is our leader.

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And no doubt a worker Siddiq is our leader is the best of all the Sahaba. In colloquial terms, he's the goat of the long haul.

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He is the one who set free our master, referring to beloved or the alojado. He said Beloved, free, he bought him out of slavery and set him free. That's how they viewed beloved only the one who was a man of African descent. A man who was an ex slaves, but they viewed him or a lot of viewed him as the the leader of the Muslims. And below are the long one who was married to highlight

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the name might ring a bell had I been is the sister of Abdul Rahman even now enough of the law one, one of the nobelist families of Makkah. What are the chiefs of Quraysh they married their daughter off to be the regular one who was an ex slave because the new movie that was this is a man of taqwa. This is a man of action. This is a man of sacrifice. He is a leader in the Muslims, because of his sacrifice, because of the ductwork. Irrespective of the color of the person's skin. He is our top. He is the the best of our best, and they married him. They married their sister off to below the lotto. You see how the attitudes changed?

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the attitudes of these people change very fast. You see also

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that when the Prophet Elisa had passed away, and Armando Leonardo was the halifa of the Muslims. He met, he was on a journey.

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He met his his, his was either his

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his governor of Makkah, in the middle of the journey, so he asked his governor, he said, What are you doing here? You're the governor of Makkah. You should be here that you should be there and makup taking care of the affairs of the city. He said I have

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left in charge somebody behind me. I got asked him who did you leave behind? Man stuff laughter all that stuff left to observe no learner is that I have left behind an observer

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who is one of our freed slaves. He was an ex slave. He was from the area of the us a new beam from Africa. He was not a hobby. He didn't see the porcelain but he was a Muslim after the Prophet Sunnah. So, the governor of Makkah knafeh says, I have left behind a bit observed to be the governor of mockup in my absence. I want to ask them is the moment you put in charge of x leave of the city of Mexico. City America, by the way still has people and leaders of police alive.

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I was the pm is alive at that time or just towards the end of his life. While he is still alive. Many other great leaders are still alive. And you made the governor of bucket to be somebody who's Dr. Walker, who's of African descent and who was an ex slave is left the molar all in Yahoo choreo Nikita Binda here,

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never said this is a man who knows how to read the book of Allah, and he understands the rulings meaning he's a scholar of the poor and

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he's a scholar of how the Quran is read. He's a scholar of the interpretation and application autocorrect. That's why I chose him to be the governor of MCO. on only one says, I'm in an area called Casa de la hora. We had to kita be a foreman, while Bobby he.

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He said approving of the choice. He said your profits are some set your messages that alone will raise with this book people and you will be faced with it others meaning this is a man who was raised by the book of Allah, Allah, He rose to the top through his merits, through his knowledge through his taqwa and action, and deserved what he had earned the position that he had earned.

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You see how amazingly the attitudes changed within a couple of decades after the pulses have passed away? the attitudes of people who were formerly racist, their society was racist, completely changed. And this brothers and sisters as well our Dean is it inspires change, it inspires the eradication of injustice, that's the son of our profits. So if you see racism in your families, if we see racism in our families, that's not because of our being.

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That's not because of it. That's because of the way perhaps our families are. And it's a sad reflection, it must be changed. But the way to change it has been to bring our families back to the way of the messages are colossal. So back to the some of the most solid understanding of the Quran, and understand the Sunnah is what changed us. And that's what sort of changes as well. We asked all of you to understand the Quran and Sunnah and to people and in our lives in the love of Allah economics. Maybe you're looking at the following he said he was a model

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for Salah

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question of his ability to stand out and how they got to where we

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