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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah.

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The brothers and sisters, this is your brother shefali just seen and this is my Facebook page.

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This is Khalid Yaseen official. That's the page that we are on. I

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want to

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bring your bring to your attention,

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some very important information.

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And I asked for your indulgence while I transfer this very important information to you.

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I want to sincerely thank

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all of you who have supported me with your good words and your

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your supplications over the years.

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I'm truly grateful for all of those who have appreciated my vision is

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to continue at times

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when my situation seemed to dictate otherwise.

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For the past two years, I have dedicated my public discourse to the theme Islam in the 21st century.

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And that subject includes all of the challenges and issues which Muslims are facing in every place where they are,

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as a minority or as a majority population.

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I have researched, pondered,

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written and then spoke on dozens of issues,

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community development,

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the duties of leadership,

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challenges to our morality,

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the empowerment of Muslim youth,

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the empowerment of Muslim women,

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the need for us to renovate the image of the masjid and the Islamic centers.

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The need for Muslims to be social activists.

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The need for us to modify culture and maximize genuine fraternity among Muslims.

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Islam beyond e pista mala G.

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The phenomenon of the reversion to Islam in the West,

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using technology and multimedia to remove misconceptions about Islam and Muslims.

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The ideological battle for the minds and hearts, commanding the good

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and preventing the evil

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reviving business among Muslims, which is the last and critical sooner,

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removing the cultural barriers for our young people to get married.

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The importance of integrating Islamic knowledge with academic and scientific knowledge,

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decentralizing the idea

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of Islamic knowledge and scholarship

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integrating Islam into Western civilization and other relevant topics.

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I have tackled these topics.

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Even when doing so, I have become unpopular to many Muslims, misunderstood by many persons in leadership, labeled a deviant by students of popular movements and called a troublemaker by traditional Muslims. Still, I have insisted

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that these subjects be addressed.

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I bet I asked you to bear with me.

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I have initiated this theme Islam in the 21st century

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originally in January of 2018, and now we are in November of 2019. And a new year will be upon us in less than two months.

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I have been working on a special project

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for the greater part of this period titled

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The sky Learning Center

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Sky eye.

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The eye stands for inspiration, information

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and scientific and technical innovation.

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The sky Learning Center, which is an alternative to the traditional Islamic Center, Masjid model, and I say it's just an alternative because after traveling

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throughout the world 97 countries and visiting masjids and Islamic centers all over the world. It is my estimation, it is my assessment, it is my opinion that in the Western world, we need an alternative to the traditional Islamic Center slash Masjid model.

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The sky Learning Center is a vision that incorporates the traditional

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the traditional role of the masjid

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or the Islamic center with a dynamic community center. And the word dynamic here has to be emphasized

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where all forms of education and training takes place

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where social activism is emphasized,

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where women find their voice and their presence in the administration,

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where young people are the prime priority,

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where family and community is the core issue

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where there is an emphasis upon interaction with the greater community

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whether it is a weekly matchless or community gathering, where non Muslims, neighbors, colleagues and family members are welcomed.

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Whether is a Muslim Chamber of Commerce, to promote business and industry and economic development,

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where elders are coupled with young people to produce a partnership of wisdom and energy,

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where there is a health center, a recreation center and a cultural center and a comprehensive library.

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We have designed this project, we have prepared a business plan and we are launching the incubation stage of this project in Kuwait City, Kuwait.

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Now, some Muslims may ask me, Chef, you know you from New York and you from the United States of America. Why are you doing the incubation stage in Kuwait City, Kuwait? Well, it is the color of a law it is the decree of a law.

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This is the part of the world that I've been in for the last 18 months. And this is the part of the world where Allah subhanaw taala put the seeds in my hand. And this is the part of the world where I was able to collect a team of people that would follow my instructions or my respond to my vision in order for us to do an incubation project. Now that's the reason why.

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Now, this incubation stage will last for six months from November 2019 to April of 2020. And

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brothers and sisters if you will go to Sky that's my email, Skype that's my email. You can request a preliminary copy of our project plan.

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We'll send that to you free

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You can also visit

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the sky center www sky sky Eye Center cntr

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you can visit the sky and you can get more information about this project. You can also visit www sky purpose sky PU rp o s You can visit these two websites and get more information about this project.

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This incubation project will take a full life and be launched in New York, USA in May

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we will be in Kuwait City the incubation stage for six months from November to April

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and insha Allah in May of 2020.

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This project will take full life and it will be initiated in New York, USA in May of 2020 as an urban community project, and of course we say insha Allah,

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Masha, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah me. That's correct. We do say insha Allah, I'm just giving you the Calendar of our implementation plans.

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Then in May of 2021, which is one year later, after the urban community project has been initiated in May of 2021 2021, the sky Learning Center will become a land based project, a land based project with agribusiness, land development, and a resort facility.

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As you can see, there are three distinct stages for the realization of this project.

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is the incubation stage, which will cost the equivalent of 250,000 US dollars.

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Number two is the urban community project, which will cost the equivalent of 3 million US dollars. And number three, the third stage, the land based community model, which will cost 7 million US dollars. Of course,

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we ask for your continued prayers

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supplications and moral support.

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But at this time, I request those who wish to express their solidarity and support for my work to do so with a monetary sacrifice and commitment, a monetary sacrifice and commitment.

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We are recruiting

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3000 persons from anywhere in the world to make a 1000 US dollar commitment for three years.

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We asked you asking 3000 Muslims from anywhere in the world to make a $1,000

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commitment for the next three years.

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This will total 3000 US dollars times 3000 persons or the total of 9 million US dollars. Now

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brothers and sisters, I know that may be a question in people's minds. So check, you know, how can I send money? You know, based upon all the the issues, the security issues, and the the the the banking restrictions and so forth and so on? Well, let me answer it this way.

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Let's keep it real.

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In the technical world that we live in today,

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anyone anywhere in the world can contribute to our project as easy as people are able to use Amazon and eBay.

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Now if Amazon and eBay can collect money for products and services from anywhere in the world, and they are US companies, then there is not really any problem for any Muslim to contribute to this project.

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We have our not for profit account for the purpose of life foundation in the USA, where you can make your contributions.

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And we will post at the end of this presentation. Our banking information. No, we're not worried about somebody using our information because if somebody wanted to use the information, it's very easy for people to do that. We are providing our US bank account so that people can make contributions directly meaning from you

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Bank to our bank. If you have any problems, If you experience any difficulties in making the contribution that you would like to make to these to this three stage project, this phenomenal project. If you have any problems, please send us an email so that we can walk you through that we can facilitate your support.

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Now, anyone who wishes to contribute to our project can contact me by email, I told you sky purpose, Sky purpose, PU our POS [email protected] and we will facilitate your contribution. Brothers justice, thank you so very much for listening to me this morning. It's morning here in Oman. Where I am is a matter of fact it is quarter after 715 minutes after seven in the morning where I am.

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Brothers and sisters, I want to thank Allah subhanaw taala for the opportunity to address you. I want to thank you very much for even listening to me because you didn't have to.

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I asked you to rewind this revisit this discussion, so that you can understand and reflect upon the importance of the project called the sky Learning Center.

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Presently, I'm in Muscat, Oman. tomorrow or the next day, I will be in Kuwait City, Kuwait, where we have the incubation project.

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We will provide you with any details that you may need any verification that you may need any documentation that you may need, so that you can understand, appreciate and support this project. Again, I want to thank all of you, who over the years have been consistent supporters who have prayed for us who have advised us and who have encouraged us at times when the road was obstructed

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and difficult, but by the cousin of Allah subhanaw taala we are pressing forward with this new dynamic and powerful project, the sky Learning Center.

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Again, I say thank you so very much to all of you brothers and sisters, we say subchronic Allahumma will be hunting when a shadow en la ilaha illa. And when to stop Furukawa when or to break was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh