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AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the use of the word Islam for preparing for events and bringing out warships. The connection between the use of the word Islam and actions of its creator, Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam Adam
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In 100, Ella Hina who want to stay in who wants to hero when we let him in surely and fusina was he tr Melina Maja de la la la mejor de salud

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in Allahu Allahu la sharika Why no Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sent them

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in Haven, Halle de la he died will higher on the head, the head you Mohammed in Salalah while he was in worship.

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Now, all praise and things belong to Allah to Allah subhanho wa Taala we thank him and we seek His help and aid and forgiveness. And we asked him to protect us from the evil within us and the sins that we commit. Indeed, who serve Allah guides no one can lead us astray and who serve Allah leads astray no one can guide and ever witnessed that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah Hello, and then Mohammed Salalah alayhi wa sallam is his slave and messenger the best of speech is the book of Allah. And the best of guidance is the guidance of Mohammed Salah while he was in them and the worst of religious matters are those that are innovated and every religious innovation is

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evident every bit that is misguidance and every misguidance will be in hellfire.

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In case we do not know or we forgot the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam upset to the people who are attending

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and listening to the Houthi Mr Hassan

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and the one who messes with the pebbles who choose to furnish the masjid at that point.

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Get committed love a woman

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who commits level has no drama. So extending that until today and do not play do not play with your phone do not look at your phone. Similarly inshallah Do not talk to your neighbor to your colleague to your friend but when you come in sha Allah to the masala it for you to rock as and you just listen.

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Just listen as I'm doing it right now people are still talking to this listen by just listen, do not talk to your neighbor, don't you know play with your phone inshallah in 20 minutes so in the midst of a vanilla you know, you have the patience and the power in sha Allah to stay without perform for 2030 minutes.

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Allah zoton says the whole of the GI Lido and for the demon

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it says Allah so did he is the one who had made day and night, they follow each other

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limit around the

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corner for the ones who want to remember. And for those who want to take a loss of Hanover what he or law tells you that he one of the reasons that he has created night and day in the fashion that he did is that by their movement, they remained

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they remind those who want to remember of what's gonna come next. They remind the person of the hereafter of Allah zodat they have the power to do this. And in fact, everything that Allah has created in this dunya reminds you of the hereafter has the power and the potential to be a reminder of the hereafter. If a person especially a believer, a Muslim has his and her eyes open.

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And Allah tells us about several things, whether it's there in the Koran or in the sin of the messenger. So a lot of you it was similar, that they are in this dunya but they remind you of the hereafter

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and that is mostly for the believers. So for instance,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says about the fire that you use in this world nano Jana had that character with metallic movie. It says we have made it the fire that Kira a reminder and an aid for travelers. So I eat for eight for travelers. This is something that we understand we can comprehend. But Allah is saying we made it a reminder. How is the fire that you're using that you use to cook a reminder? Of course you need to have the vision, the transparency for you to be able to see this. But how is it a reminder because the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that this fire of yours is

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this dunya is one part of 70 parts of the fire of Johanna

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or any person who looks at it has the power to extrapolate to extend and say this thing that exists right here will be tapana law many times more in the hereafter. So if it burns me here, if it terrifies me here, how would I be able to deal with it? Intel

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and a lot of the stuff may Allah be pleased with them when they would power when they would see the fire. Someone for instance, a blacksmith is using it one of the Sahaba would pass by a blacksmith and he's using the fire and the fire is melting iron. When he would stop he would start crying, because he sees what it can do to a physical body like that. How could a body like ours? withstand it?

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, We have made this a reminder

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that the extreme and unauthentic howdy he says that the extreme heat that you find, and the extreme cold are both reminders of the extreme heat, and the extreme cold wear and hellfire. A lot of people do not know that Hellfire has extreme cold as well as extreme heat. The since a lot of us in love, he said that there is a connection between the two cause and effect between the two. So when you will have employee we experience a hot very hot summer day. It's not just there for it to be a hot summer day.

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Of course, right you need to be patient with it, etc, etc. But there is something beyond that only those with email will be able to see that this heat reminds you of the heat of hellfire. And when you encounter the bitterness of the cold in winter, it's not just bitter cold, but it's a bitter cold to remind you of the bitter cold, the intolerable cold that will be in hellfire. So a person does not stop with what is happening to them in this dunya but they think about its connection to the hereafter

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and also flesh it

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out of the Alo Andrew says in a statement authentic to him.

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He says 11 Maharaja Allahu Allah Maharaj Allah who Adam I mean agenda.

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For whom in February Jenna fermata, Kunal and I mean summary Jenna inla in a YAHWAH live

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in an authentic statement of almost a hobby, and it is said that when a hobby or something like this, especially when he has not learned it from the people of the book, and he did not learn it from the people of the verb, and mean that this is something that he had heard from home from rural lives or low audio setting because such a statement is not something that he can bring on his own. He said that when Allah removed Adam, from Jenna, he gave him from the fruits of Jenna. So he says the fruits that you are eating here on this earth are from the fruits of dinner that Adam was given, except that what you have here withers and changes and decays, and what Allah has an agenda does not

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suffer from that. So pal, this is a testimony to Allah as Odin says that the believers say in gender and the he said mentioned that in Surah Baqarah.

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Birmingham in Samarra theories concarneau

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shabbiha whenever they will be provided with something blessed with something they say this is what we have been given before.

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So they recognize it. But of course the color is not the exactly the same color cannot be the taste is not exactly the taste, it cannot be the taste and the color. It generally is brilliant beyond description, but you have something similar to it to do what

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to remind you of it. The sweetness that you taste here, whatever you are eating sweet apples, grapes, banana this and that when you taste it and you enjoy it, it reminds you you don't stop with the taste of it. But it reminds you that this came with my father Adam alayhis salaam to his children. And this is something that if you really want to taste again, in a way that you have not encountered before, then you have to go the agenda for you to taste it, but I gave it to you so that you can taste it here.

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Allah azza wa jal

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when he speaks in the Koran about clothing, or denzin alikum liberta euery. So the Kumari

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It says we have given you clothing and handler as part of the name of Allah that we do not actually thank him a lot for we have given you clothing to do two things, to cover your nakedness, what embarrasses you and also to beautify you what Isha to beautify you. But Allah does not stop there.

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When he does dakhla that he can pay it but the garment of dukkha that is better. When you want to clothe yourself with something, you pick the best color, most expensive fabric, the best brands, and you think that your clothes are the best when you've done this a lot as it says no, you have missed the best type of garment, and the best type of clothing, that is the clothing and the garment of ductwork. So Allah wants you to remember every time that you buy something, or you put on something and you like it, that there is something much more valuable than think that you're putting on that is the tough one. And it can actually take it a step further. You can ask yourself, I'm wearing this

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right now.

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But when I die, what type of clothing Will I be wearing?

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it be a clothing agenda that will be tailored, right specific specifically for you comes out of the trees agenda specifically for you.

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So the lice a lot he was sitting down when you're one of the Sahaba was touching silk.

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He's commented on the Hobbes's of your prophet of Allah. He says, This is so soft silk so soft. He says, the handkerchief of Saudi

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or the Sahaba, who he was talking about in the agenda is softer than this. Whatever you will be wearing in general is softer than the softest clothing that you can touch here. Will it be this? Or will it be clothing that have come out from fire wrapping around the body of the tormented which one will it be

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when Allah has no agenda in the Quran tells you

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to praise Him and to remember him and then do is in the sooner

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when you write an animal

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and you say sapan Elisa horrorland una hamacher any Glory to the one who had enabled us, given us the power over this and we on our own, have no power over it.

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We're in a lot of been uncomfortable and we will return to Allah xeljanz Allah as Odin wants you to remember that when you go step inside your car, or any type of vehicle, any type of transport, you're moving, and that is a NEMA from Allah zolgensma then ask yourself, where are you moving?

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Because there is just just general movement, General subpanel destination. So Allah wants you to remember Yes, I'm going now to my home, but what really is your home? Now I'm going to so and so yes. And now moving but where are you really moving because all of you is moving all of us are moving to Allah zodat. In Nicaragua, you can either have bigger content from what I think you are heading to Allah as Odin and you're going to meet him that is your destination right there. And if you ask about your home, where is my home? Is it the one that I bought? Is it the home in the city? Is it the home that I left behind? Where is my home, and your home is actually none other than the

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hole that you will never leave? Because every other home that you're going to leave is not a home?

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The grave is not your home. The home that you buy is not your home, where you come from is not your home, where you live now is not your home, where is your home? Your home is the home of your father, Adam and Lisa.

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That is your first residence. And that is the one that you're supposed to go to. So you ask yourself when you go to your home when you buy a home when you rent a home? Yes, I have something right here. But what does my home over there look like? What place will it be in? Because you have whether you know it or not. But pseudo lies,

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tells us, you and I each one of us, you have two homes. You have one home with your name on it in general. And you have one home when you name on it and hellfire. You have two

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and you're going to get one of them to ask yourself, which one of them will be mine to ask Allah

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to enable us to head to his direct to his to his head to his pleasure. And to choose the best all the time. I mean, your bellami our stuff

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Stop Stop, stop.

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handed Kathie Lee even without a concrete wall suddenly was sending my daughter, Saudi Mohammed salovaara UID, or cyber he was Hitler.

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If the dunya is supposed to remind us, actually not to distract us, but to remind us of the Hereafter,

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when we should have the common sense to invest in our hereafter as we invest in our demeanor,

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and I'm going to talk in sha Allah to you or mentioned to about two levels,

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those who make equal investments and those who make the whole thing for the hereafter. But let's start with the first level.

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Those who when they want to invest for the dunya, they do, they do it in ways they do, when they eat, when they buy, when they sell, when they travel, when they do all of these things, they do it because they know it's Helen, it's allowed and Allah Subhana Allah, no one is gonna make her amatola handmade Helen. So they do that. But they also at the same time turn their attention equally to the hereafter. And they say, if I have invested this amount of time, this much money for my fleeting dunya How about my eternal hereafter?

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Can I invest the same thing, the same amount of time, or at least a fraction, the same amount of money, or at least a fraction to secure my hereafter? As I am securing my dounia? Can I worry at least equally about my hereafter? Or at least let's start with a fraction compared to my ginia? So if I'm so worried about my new car, can I be equally worried about what kind of transport what I have? in the hereafter? If I'm worried about how clean my house is? Or how new My house is in this dunya? Can I be equally worried about how high my house will look like? What it will have in it? in general? or god forbid?

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Can I be worried about it? As I'm buying things from my home and beautifying it? Can I think to myself? Can I beautify my home in general? Can I beautify it with Vic? Can I make it bigger? Can I make it more beautiful?

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If I want to attain higher degrees in praise in this world, be promoted, earn more?

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Move towards the upper classes, though that in itself is not a goal. But if I want to do that, can I think Can I move towards the upper classes in general? Can I move closer to the profits on the monitors and the pious and to our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam? If I'm not contented with the lowest grades with the lowest stations in this life? Why am I contented with the lowest grades in general? Why am I not aiming higher over there, at least as I'm aiming high over here. So whatever you are investing, whatever you are doing in this life, he could equally do for the hereafter.

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$1 here and $1 there. And now we're here at an hour there, if that's hard for us to do as a to begin with at least a fraction, but a fraction of it. If it's $1 here, then 25 cents there. 10 cents there. $100, at least $1 there, but I'm investing and putting something for my hereafter, and I'm not neglecting it. But there is a higher level. And that is a high level that we should all aspire to reach.

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That is the person who all of his investments or most of his investments of the dounia are actually for the hereafter.

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And that happens because of their intention. They do apparently on the outside, it's exactly the same thing. They go out and work. They buy stuff for their kids for their families, they travel, they buy a new car, they buy a house, they do all of these things.

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But their intention behind it is not the dounia their intention behind it is the idea

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so law is a law to you and he was setting them said we're independent don't feel abandoned.

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Allah he

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had them at the geography thematic. He says you're not going to spend anything underlined that anything that you buy which you're seeking the pleasure of Allah has accepted a lot more reward you for it. Even what you what you feed your wife.

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Even what you go outside and buy and feed your children can be something that a lot rewards you for. He says, Well how can I do this is

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If you do it for a law surgeon, not simply do it begrudgingly, because it's an obligation, not just simply do it because you're the father or you're the mother, that's good, that you feel that responsibility. But because you're doing it because Allah loves it, he wants that from you. When you go and buy something, you think about how can I use this to please Allah, that becomes a burden, that becomes an investment, how can I do it and stay away from Hara that becomes an a burden that becomes an investment that you will find with Allah zoton.

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That is a person, wherever they look. And whenever they look, they see a loss of Hana what's around them, they see a loss of Hana what data behind what they want to do. And at the end of what they want to do, they see a loss of Hanover data as the cause of their deeds and the end by which they seek their history.

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That is the type of life that we should aspire to live. Whenever we look, we see a lot so and it will take some training, it will take some time for us to have this, but at least we should try.

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So whether you are writing your car, whether you're going to your home, whether you're putting some new clothes on whether you're eating something, let it remind you of the Hereafter, let it remind you of what's going to come next and let it motivate you towards with a lasting rather than the fleeting so we ask Allah mumble alameen or hamara herminia Allah makers have the children of the hereafter not of the children of the dounia makers of those who invest for the hereafter makers of those who work for the hereafter makers of those who are in general but either need and elevate our ranks and our station in it and protect us all from hellfire. But alameen grant us a sincere

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repentance from every single sin that we have committed. And forgive us every single sin that we have committed and allow us and give us the power to leave every way every despicable thing that you hate the idea to hate your hammer. I mean, he Allah we ask that you bless us and bless our spouses and bless our children, bless our families and our community and bless the old Mohammed, Salah lavallee usnm Who asked you for all the good in this life and in the Hereafter, and we seek your protection from all evil in this life and in the Hereafter. And we asked you for Jenna and everything that brings us closer to it. And we seek protection from Hellfire and everything that

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Phil brings us closer to it a lot. dunia has an awful lot he has an a Latina

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alumina silica agenda. He has been poned environment when becoming an early on 180 hand holding environment when it's in Haiti Mr. Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when only becoming Chenery Masada can be Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam along

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with a bit Voodoo banana DNA along

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with solid blue banana it YAH YAH YAH YAH, medical history

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inequity when it came to unforeseen

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