How can we follow the Sunnah Today

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Salam Alaikum share.

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What can we Muslims do to follow Muhammad? sallahu alayhi salam, sunnah. And what is your advice to us? It means that today's society value system and probably this is the last question

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I would advise the Muslims

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that don't focus so much on the external sunnah.

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We want all this

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to the best of our ability. We want to eat we want to sleep with going to where we want to dress, we want to act we want to talk. We want to do everything, how the process of he liked, how he loved what he been ordered.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala says woman Atacama Rasool

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for who the woman How can

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phantom take with the process and give you a leaving on what he forbids you.

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But the most important part of the Sunnah, it is not the external part of the Sunnah. It is the internal part of the Sunnah, because he said, Salah Sam, verily, I have been sent to perfect what

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good manners, good behavior. If the Muslims were charged themselves, with good behavior, good conduct. Watch how you speak. Watch how you act, how you deal with non Muslims, whether you lie whether you steal, whether you deceive, whether you argue whether you curse, whether you comply, or you don't comply, whether you assimilate, you cooperate, you collaborate, you assimilate, when

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it is the law.

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When a Muslim sees the sciences, 60 miles an hour, and he or she decides to drive 80 miles an hour.

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I don't care if you're dressed in white from head to toe, you in violation,

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because you got to follow the rules,

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the rules of the society, for the benefit of the people, everybody has to do what?

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What Muslims, one of the biggest Chinese

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the rules of the society, which is there to protect everybody, which is there to benefit everybody what have Muslims to do.

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We have to obey.

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Unless that rule or that principle, it directly undermines the principles of Islam. In that case,

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there is no obedience to any creature, whether it involves disobedience to alcohol. This is the principle. But other than that we Muslims have to obey. We have to comply. We need to assimilate in order that people don't see us to be on the outside. The people don't see us to be you know what you call it.

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Some people who set themselves out and they can't tolerate and they can't mix and they can't interact, and they don't reciprocate that you know, it's only win for them but no win for somebody else. They always frowning. They're always complaining. They're already blaming, they're already talking bad but other people and they never want to give they always want to take

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Muslims if we Muslims correct our behavior.

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If our behavior starts to shine, and people can feel and smell the Sunnah, just like you can taste and you can you can smell basmati rice before you taste it.

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Nobody can hide the smell of basmati rice. If you cook and downstairs the whole house can smell it. The character of the Muslim is like the fragrance of the basmati rice

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and everybody wants basmati rice,

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especially when you put a little carrier some other spices in it too.

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So this is our problem and this is our challenge. Our problem in our challenges is that Muslims we know the doctrine we know the Hadith we know the Quran, we know the Arabic language, we know the outcome, we know the Bulaga we know the Tafseer we know this, we know that but we're not acting upon what we say. And Allah he says in the Quran, or you who believe, limit a kolomela tiff alone, or you Muslims, why you say things that you don't do Khewra mochten and Allah it is hateful, odious in the sight of Allah that you say, recite and quote things that actually you don't do.

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In Allahu Allah Dina your Cardona feasability what? Stephen cannon bone

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IANA muscles, so we Muslims. Inshallah, if Allah we asked Allah subhanaw taala to correct our behavior.

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We asked Allah subhanho wa taala.

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To move our words, to expand our Eman to increase our knowledge

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to give us more love and trust of each other.

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Respect for our parents love and loyalty for the scholars of Islam. Even if we disagree, we still love them we follow even if we disagree, because there is even there's a min hedge, does it add up for even disagreement.

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So we ask Allah subhanaw taala that each one of us will make an assessment of themselves and call it should try to become a better Muslim, Khalid to try to become a better human being call it should look to his character, he should look to how he's dealing with his neighbor, his colleague and his co worker, because I'm telling you, for sure, one out of 50 people in this country, they're ready to take shahada right now, but Muslims are in the way.

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One out of 10 of your non Muslim neighbors and colleagues and co workers. If they don't become a Muslim, they will become your ally if you treat them correctly. But right now Muslims don't have many allies. And Muslims are not able to give many shahada us and we blame it on them. We say all them kaphas I've been talking to them for a long time. Know what you're doing. You see your your what you serve in? It don't smell like basmati rice.

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Your character is smelling bad. Your clothes are looking nice. Your words are sounding nice. You are religiously correct.

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But you are characteristically wrong. If we change that, and we pray to Allah that we change it in sha Allah. Islam is going to enter every house and Islam is going to enter the hearts like Bluetooth.

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They can't stop it.

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It's called what

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the Dow was tsunami