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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah wa shadow,

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llama wash de vous la sharika.

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Well, Shadow Anam Mohammedan Abu who wore a solo, my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam, I welcome you once again to a live broadcast on

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our page one Allah, Allah has one and only

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brothers and sisters in Islam.

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The subject that I wish to discuss today is

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sensitive for some people,

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especially the people who are living in the West, or the people who have been influenced greatly by the

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culture of the west or the Western culture.

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But before I even disclose the subject, I wish to begin by stating the following.

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We believe in certain elements of unseen

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we call them pillars of Eman.

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They believe in Allah, angels, books, messengers, they have judgment, and the predestination theory

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and the believe in these elements of

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the unseen which all of them are unseen to us why.

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So the believe in these six elements of unseen of lie, we don't see a lot. We don't see the angels, we don't see the books revealed. We don't see we didn't see the messengers, the day of judgment is not here yet. We do not see the

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the levels of a paddock.

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But the belief and the firm belief in these elements

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must be reflected in the way that we act in the way that we conduct our lives.

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One of these elements is that believe in the angels, we believe that there are angels, if they are present in our lives, then

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they there is peace, there is tranquility, there is serenity, their presence normally is highest is something that is good.

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And we believe also in the same token in Jin

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and the presence of the jinn, the evil of them would mean simply

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evil would mean

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that thoughts would be would mean anxiety would mean

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fighting would mean and the list goes on the total opposite to the impact of the presence of the angels in our lives.

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So now, that is why we're encouraged to do the things which will keep the angels around us.

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Like Victrola. For example, like walk into the massage and attending the salon and so forth.

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And we stay away from the things which may

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prevent the angels from being around us.

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And one of these is to have a dog in the house. You see that's why I started with the statement that it is a little bit sensitive to some of you.

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Now, what is the evidence because now I have to have a text or on or soon to establish the fact that the angels are not going to enter into the house.

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If there is a dog in it,

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because this is unseen, like I said, I do not see the angels with my naked eye. I just believe that they are present when I do certain things and they will be absent when I do certain things. fee should only be measured.

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And when we say sooner nomada we must seek the authentication of one of the experts of Hadith. I will use Sahih Abadi. sigh hold Jana, so I have no magic. Alberni. The narrator is Ali ignited the authority of your loved one who call us Allahu Allah, He will add He will send them the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, In al mela ekata letter to Hulu beighton fie kelburn wala surah indeed wehrli angels will not enter a house in which there is a dog or a short of living.

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creature that would mean human being animals, animals,

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birds, fish, and in the same token statues, statue statues of Tula is paluma Passover so right here brothers and sisters in lamb. Imagine that.

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You insisting on having a dog inside the house would lead to you missing on angels inside the house. And consequently if angels are not present that means who's present Jin

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Jin are present? Because we know how do we know when we go to sleep at night?

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And we recite ayatul kursi concert Abby Ryan Matura What happened? There Jimmy leave and an angel comes and takes his place. If you don't then the angel leaves and the genie comes and takes his place.

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This is why brothers and sisters in Islam. You may not experience the tranquility and serenity in the house. Not only this fierce, devout Muslim, Halley's ebihara or the loved one or there's a law of Mali you are early us USA laminate tener keldon. Ladies said he can be assayed in one Mattia team. One of them fair enough young pu min LG re appear ah funny. hula woman, whoever has a dog in his house raises a dog in his house. This dog is not a hunting dog, or a herding dog, a dog that used to help with the you know with herding your flock of sheep or flock of animals or a guarding dog, a dog that guards your

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This person will lose from his reward to tirat every single day. So losing imagine you go and you pray and you fast and you do all these types of good things. And yet you end up losing the reward. Or he

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another wording of this hadith. Also sila Muslim, Khalid Abdullah hypno Omar love your loved one Houma Manipur tener keldon elac Alabama she at in our kalba Saeed in nacoss. Amina Amelie he could lay a woman to rot with he loves Lin, kill the heart thin lower a Hadith, Abu hurayrah Ravi Alon in the Muslim as well. Again the same wording, the loss of rewards, in case if you do that. I'm focusing on dogs here because the subject is a little bit sensitive. But does this mean brothers and sisters in Islam that we are anti dogs anti dogs we don't. What is the deal here? brothers and sisters in Islam.

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What we're talking about here is dogs have their own dog life and human have their own human life

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but they

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Culture of

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raising dogs and taking them to the doctors and, and giving them clothes and, and and replacing children in our lives is not a Muslim practice dogs have their own lifestyle, we should maintain this for them Add to this the culture also of

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you know, the dog licking the vessel from which we eat,

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we have to clean it. And now you cannot question that because this is something that we were told by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And the fact that it is in our revelation that means there must be some chemicals which will affect our health. Before we eat from that vessel, we have to clean it up seven times one of them with clean dust the club the dirt.

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Of course,

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being dog food, I call those having phobia about dogs should not be either because especially Muslims who are living in the West, having a phobia in the sense of when a dog comes near you you run away and and as a matter of fact, if the dog licks your clothes, you do still valid, all you have to do is just remove that saliva with any liquid water. Or if he lips, if he licks your hand, your your your your will do is still valid.

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You just have to remove the saliva one time, not seven times that seven times apply. The seven times applies only to the eating vessel, the containers, the utensils are the things that we use for eating. That is what is meant by it.

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Another thing brothers and sisters in Islam, which prevent the angels from entering into our homes, certainly is the

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that pictures of the statues, the pictures of the living

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individuals that would include human that would include fish that would include animals, all of these brothers and sisters in Islam, we should stay away from them because they again, breathe in angels from entering this house. And the most famous Hadith in this regard is Hadith is the awana when gibreel Ali Salam did not show up for an appointed time with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and there was a big chatter hang in there for so many years, that we should stay away brothers and sisters in Islam from such practices were Muslims. And again, our belief in the head our belief in the unseen which would include they believe in Allah, they believe in the hereafter.

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They believe in the angels. They believe in the jinn. They believe in the books, they believe in the messengers. They believe in the destiny. All of this should impact the way that we conduct ourselves and should impact our behavior in this world. Brothers and sisters in Islam, this does not mean that we don't take care of animals. This does not mean that we care for animals. We understand from our Sharia, that a prostitute when two gentlemen because of giving a drink to a dog, we understand from our Sharia, that a woman who will go to Hill because she was mean to a cat she cage the cat. She did not allow this cat to eat or drink or released her. She did not provide for her nor she released her

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to eat. We know brothers and sisters in Islam, there are certain etiquettes when we deal with animals, and anything that we do to serve a living creature. Indeed, we get a reward for that. But there are certain areas we cannot transgress. There are certain areas we may be able to accommodate. And that's how our Muslim is a Muslim lives his life in accordance with the Islam, the religion of Islam at dunya CG Muslims Muslim signal movement, that dunya is the jail of the believer in the sense of what it's fun. I believe it is having a good time I'm telling you. It is not

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Now, what is meant by a deal here? That before you scratch? You say can I or not heard the whole? There is a text that says Can I scratch or not? Before I have a dog? Can I have a dog or not? Before I have a cat, can I have a cat or not? That's what is meant by signal movement. We're genital Kapha jazak Allah, Allah Subhana Coloma hamitic eyeshadow Allah Allah halen istockphoto de Waal hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen