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Should I pay Zakat on an overseas account

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Karim Abuzaid

Channel: Karim Abuzaid

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I'm on April.

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Hello, my name is Kumar.

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Yes. I have a question. I have some money right now in a fixed deposit that I don't have access to do I still have to save for that? Why it's a saving, right?

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Yeah, it's a saving tool. have access to it.

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If you if you if you want this might be you can go to the bank and get this money.

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No, okay. Why? Because of the time period. So are you getting interested in it?

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Why would you keep it this way? It's hot. Um,

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why would you let them the bank hold money for you?

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Unless you're receiving that's a bad bank. It's called home, Nick. Right?

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Because I can't I have to go back to the country to get the money. That's why. Okay, that's another scenario if you if you cannot access it, but you can potentially access it right.

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If you take a flight back, you can access it. Do you have to be accounted?

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Yeah, that's my question. It's a catchable Yes.

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I'm sorry, guys. You know you getting money putting money in a bank

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