Aarij Anwer – Dua for Laylatul Qadr

Aarij Anwer
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I will let him initiate on the regime. smilla rahmanir rahim I shadow The one who is narrative to have asked the prophets, Allah salam, that if I was defined the level of

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the night, that is the best night of the year, the night that has more higher more goodness, than 1000 months. If I was to find the record, what do I should I make, and the profits or loss on them told her that you should make the following da lahoma Naga foo, one, two hebbal alpha 514 100 Alpha for only three prominent words here. And all of these words share a common origin, which is a laugh, the word of fu in Arabic has two basic meanings. The first is to erase completely erase something. And the second is what's left over. A lot of stuff that's lots and what's left over. That will also be called Afro in Arabic. For example, when it comes to the first meaning erasing the Arabs who say

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Africa, Korea who thought that the the winds have completely, you know, wiped away the remnants, you know, you have in the desert footprints, people who if somebody walks in the desert, a camel walks and desert or a caravan goes through a desert, there will be footprints left in the sand. And when the winds would blow over, and completely clear out the footprints. That's how the Arabs will describe it by using the word of completely clearing it out. As if it's not even there. Nobody really knows whether it was there or not in the first place completely cleaning it. So that's the first meaning. The second meaning which is leftovers is a little bit more interesting. We have a

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couple of examples from the Quran.

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Allah says boys aluna, aka Mother unifi. Spoon, they asked you what should they spend from? Or what should they spend? coolly laugh, say to say, a laugh. What is left over? After you've taken care of your needs, the bills have been paid than what's left over. That's a laughable you spend from that. There's another example of it in the Quran in surah in Surah, Rauf, when I was part of that describes the how people in the past Allah, Allah would put them through difficulties to break their arrogance. And then if their arrogance wasn't really breaking, that he would say, Thelma, but the llama can see Adele has another hot dog. So then we change their bad situation, those bad times we

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change them to good times, hot dogs are foe. The word here is our foe, until they became lots they prospered. The word the thing to notice here that Afu here means prosperity to have lots of something. So two meanings The first is to completely erase. Second meaning is what's left over after you know bills have been paid and prosperity, having lots of something having no prospering those are the two basic meanings that we find in the language for

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now this door let's map it back to the door. When we say Aloma in Nagar food Wallah, you are our food. This is this is what this means is that Allah is the one who completely erases the sin completely erases it. This is different than McFerrin. ophira, which is forgiveness, is to cover it up. covering it up means that nobody else would know about it. But the the sin is still there. Our foo is the one who completely cleans the slate, as if the sin wasn't even there in the first place. And Subhanallah it's not that Allah subhanaw taala is not able to punish. You know, he says, in the law of Ghana, our full one pudiera Allah has always been the one who forgives completely, completely

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wipes the slate clean, and pudieron. He is also capable, if he wants to punish, you can punish. But if I'm forgiving somebody, if I overlook somebody's fault, and I don't really have any power to do anything to them, that doesn't really make any difference. But if I have the power to do something to that person, and then I forgive, and that's an amazing thing. So what this is what allows Pamela is he's the one who completely wipes the slate clean, he does not take us to task, he forgives us he lets go of the punishment that is associated with sins, completely removes that sin, despite the fact that he has the ability to take us to task despite the fact he has that ability. And then not

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only that, Allah is also the one who makes us prosper, who gives us sometimes without us even asking, he gives us when he asked he gives us more than we ask for makes us prosper. That is our foods. Subhan Allah. So Allah ma Nagar Allah, you are the one who completely forgives completely wipes the slate clean. Ultimately You're the one who makes us prosper. You give us so much we ask and you give us more

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This is what Lowe's to have will offer and you love to do this all you love this awful you love to do this for our one needs so now a lot what to do is asking ALLAH forgive me wipe the slate clean a little harder all my sins last month are completely wiping clean as if it was they weren't even there in the first place and give me more make me prosper you know put me in a situation a comfortable situation where I have my needs taken care of and I have more left overs so I can use that so serve your religion so I can use that to benefit other peoples This is an amazing glow of fire for me completely Forgive me completely erased my my sins and make me prosper put me in a good

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situation what an amazing go out what an amazing recommend a recommendation from the profits or loss on them. And if we were to and then this door if we were to really make it sincerely and I asked a lot of makers of those people who make this device and certainly on the other end the final father inshallah tada

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and imagine that if this two hour was made sincerely it's like a mindset as well it changes the frame of mind that a person gets into that you know, I am Allah spotless wiping my slate clean that means I can put those sins back there again right I have to change I have to change after repent I have to turn back to a law I have to change to break bad habits. So I asked a lot pantalla to find makers finally together and he asked a lot why not to forgive completely wipe the slate clean for us on idol quarter inshallah, and make us prosper and give us lots so we can serve Him and we can serve humanity as optimal Ferran Salaam Alaikum rahmatullah wa barakato.

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