Surat Al-Asr (Learn To Believe) #5

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AI: Summary © The importance of facing the people and not just saying " crucial" to them is emphasized. The speakers also discuss the difference between a person who dies and a person who wins a fight, emphasizing the need to practice these behaviors. The transcript ends with a discussion of the importance of avoiding false expectations and working for Allah's.
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We'd be sitting here and all what you're seeking the people to say, oh Masha Allah. He's a good speaker. He is.

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But she had I was shook.

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And you need to understand this. I was also allowed to sell them, told the companions, not us. He was addressing the companions of

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the 11 he was the dilemma.

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He told the combat in Aquafina. ahafo la commotion, Cal hafi

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the one thing that I feel most for you, he's addressing who

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What about Asahi?

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The hidden schilke

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that you do something? Yes, for Allah, in front of everybody, but inside you, you want to be seen.

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You want the people to praise you.

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And by the way, if this is your intention, you will get it.

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You see Allah subhanaw taala is still in this person and will tell you, you did this in order for the people to speak about you work hard.

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And they did speak

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to my doctor, Dr. Julian Joanne.

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Very generous man.

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matter. What did you do with what I bestowed upon you? Europe, my lord Mathura to tariqa here in LA and factor fee. I did not leave one avenue of goodness but spin on it.

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For your kulula

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Allah will say that you're lying with a hula aka Toka wept and the angels will say You're lying. I will tell you if

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you did this in order for the tables to say about you.

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Generous, walk up clean. And they said

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you got it.

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For you, Sabrina. Allah What did he learn? He will be dragged on his face to the Hellfire

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like the half of

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the third person.

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Female put it in what did you die for? What y'all I fought in your cause? And I died for the cause cancer.

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You are lying.

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You did this in order for the people to say your Shuja brave guy.

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Pocket key you got it.

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It's for me, it's out of this world.

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Half of

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someone who spends his money in the course of Allah, someone who given his life his life up.

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The first meal

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for the Hellfire from the Muslims.

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A woman to be who

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was also olavarria Selim tells you that

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when you recite the Quran

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for every letter that you cite, you get what I show hassanal

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smilla rahmanir rahim

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190 Hassan

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and if you memorize the Quran, and if you keep reciting it.

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If you finish every two weeks, three weeks, can you imagine mountains

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells you Alma hero will Quran nasopharyngeal caramel Bharara a person who is good with the Quran, he will be with the novels of the angels.

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What is the difference between this one

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and this one?

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he doing it for Allah? Not for the people

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Sokka spins in the lockable socket. I mean, I mean it can be I mean he could be how Europe be hakama Europe be a hadoken Fallujah.

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Allah will take the sadaqa from you with his right were killed I mean, and both of his hands are right. And he will bring it up for you like you bring up a little hoarse.

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Elmo midfielder Lisa Katia malkia

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by Nicola De La Hoya in a nurse. I believe it will be shaded under his sadaqa until Allah Subhana Allah judges

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what's the difference between this and this?

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And airfloss sincerity.

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Shaheed someone who dies

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Salah Salem told Satan agenda,

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if not the law of the Allah one about his father.

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Allah subhanaw taala asks Satan Abdullah in the harem of the Ummah one,

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the father of Javelin and another wording is Shaheed will be asked this question

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What do you want?

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You know what he will say? I want to go back to the dunya and to be killed again and of course

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you know why?

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You know why

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is Shaheen leaves this dunya immediately he's in general

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imagine this.

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You're in general.

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See, that surprised the chart? He will experience this again?

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As Shahid yamakawa, who filled Jenna Ma.

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The first drop of blood that comes out of his body, he sees his place in gender.

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What is the difference between this one and the first meal for the Hellfire?

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la sama

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in Allahu Allah Yakubu Lumina la Molly Illa Americana Holly saw.

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Allah will not accept

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a deed but a deed that is done sincerely for him.

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Then z will keytab him in law Hill as he is in Hakeem Allah, Allah Allah He de Lune

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if you want your deed to belong that category

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of righteous deeds, leafless

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I know some of you may be and we want to close here to Cola, Santa Lucia the other now

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the acaba Mashallah, by Can we just three minutes

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know some of you are tackled now, okay, I'm not going to memorize the Quran.

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I'm not going to spend in the cause of Allah.

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Is that what you should do?

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what you should do is you make sure that you're working for Allah subhana wa tada

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he will lay that the people are not going to benefit you.

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And you Nobody deserves

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nobody deserves

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your work but Allah subhanaw taala

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and if you really after pleasing people,

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you're going about it the wrong way.

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Look what Tom said.

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Carl Bowman, he be a demon as

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the heart of the one that you're showing up for is in the hands of the one that you disobey.

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Shall I say this again?

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The heart I'm showing up for him.

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You know, to make him happy with me.

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And disobeying Who?

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Because I'm making him a partner with Allah. And you know, His heart is in the hands of who?

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Enough coup de nada you know, spying even saw the man who was a Muslim. the hearts of the children of Adam are between two fingers of the fingers of Allah you can leave

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if you want the table to love you.

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Please allow this man and we'll close with this.

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Either I have Bella hobbiton

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Pisa a Muslim well Harry

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Hello Harry. If Allah Subhana Allah loves someone.

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Nada yeah jabril

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he will call upon God

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Yeah gibreel in New bufala and and

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I love so and so love him Can you imagine Allah will name you

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did this pass by like this? Allah will name you

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your name Ali your name I love Ali I love I love him

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and it did not pass by a wave naka

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de la Sol Sol Sol and one day called upon wave NACA a companion. Yeah. In Iranian Accra, la casa rabina

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wave Naka, Allah has commanded me that to decide to use Oracle,

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you know to buy your rasulillah messenger of Allah, SM nanny Allahu Allah did Allah pronouns by name.

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He whipped, he whipped, prostrating

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and it can you imagine, by the way, President Obama was talking about yesterday. Oh, really? What did he say? President Obama?

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Yeah, green love him. gibreel will call upon that winners of the heavens. Allah loves so and so. The angels love him. The angels will love him.

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Look at this now, some hula hula kaaboo Phil.

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And the people in earth will love him. But what people

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the believers,

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hypocrites and Kaffirs Wallah. If you sing the blues, they will not gonna love you.

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Lindell junoon

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the souls are like what they match.

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If you really want to know your status in the sight of Allah see who you hang around with.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said honey is a viola and have a Bahai Moloch Allah una mujer netta fermata della macchina for Amina tele

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for the believers will love you.

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if you want people to love you, do not them up Do not appoint them as partners with Allah. But be sincere to Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala will cause them to love you because their hearts in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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we want to close with this today. So at least we talked about sincerity. Remember, we talked about knowledge step number one, we're talking about two which is what what I mean oh sorry heart and we're addressing what makes a deed salia righteous to conditions sincerity. And inshallah next Saturday we want to talk about at the urines which is the second condition and carry on with Sora the last insha Allah

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Allah Subhana Allah homovanillic shadow Allah Ilaha lanta Foucault to Lake wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.