Abu Bakr Zoud – A Prophetic Solution to Solving Family Problems in The House

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a story about a famous teacher in El Medina who gave a lecture and later gave a pray. The speaker describes a woman who talks about her negative experiences and how she talks about her negative experiences in her house. The speaker emphasizes the importance of praying and staying in peace in order to achieve good health and peace in one's house.
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I'm going to conclude with one story.

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And this is concerning unaware Phil being prayed at home

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a shell, a shell Petri. Have you ever Hola. A famous teacher in El Medina

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was giving a lecture. After he finished his lecture, an old man came to him and he the chef himself narrates the story. He said an old bank came to me after the pray.

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And he said to be a chef.

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I have a lot of terrible issues at home. Kills me and my wife terrible relationships, terrible communication. The children Allahu Akbar, I can't control them in the house. They swear at me they swear at the mother is just so much chaos in the house that I listen to what I say and of last. What do I do?

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For sure, he said to him,

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Allah, are you praying a router at home? I lived with WhatsApp.

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He said to him, Are you praying?

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I think he's a WhatsApp. He gets the pic in a few minutes. I'll explain what this is. He said

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it's the last prayer of a believer in the night.

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The minimum amount of it is one blocker. And you can pray more than that. What until we can Allah Azza interveinal Allahu alayhi wa sallam said oh people of the Quran, sha Allah when people of the Quran then if you also pray, do with it before you sleep, minimum what

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he told him what elevated is in the virtue of looted and he taught him what a Buddha is and the virtue of solitude. To like, that is in the morning.

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Because go teach this to your family go and implement it.

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He went

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our friend, our old man, he went and he began to teach his family as they come here, fee something it's called the letter and there's something called a we're going to establish this in our house alongside the follow up but we pray, go do it.

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And he was a role model in the house.

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He was a role model. He had terrible issues in the house. He began to pray alerted, his kids would see him and they would pray because he in praying is a reminder for them to get up and pray and his wife would pray what Baha and he would pray and the family would get up and pray and over time Wallah, a shepherd Shan PT said that this old man came a few weeks later, and he said to Michelle, I need to update you on the situation. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah the situation has become calm in the house. I see peace and tranquility restored once again in my house one law I'm applying I see this in my house.

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She accepted him in the visa Lamar holiday he was salam spoke the truth. When he said for in the Maharaja Leung min Salah te fi bay de hierro Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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that the one who prays no effing in his house, Allah would make that a source of an abundance of good, higher raw higher accuracy than when at the end. That means an abundance of good, good, that is immeasurable.

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And this is it. This is an example. Now, I don't want you to take this story. And go from person to person, really, you make your own story. Go back to your house. If there are issues in the house, if there are problems in the house, these problems that are never ending, and teach your family something. Teach them a little while, at least, and the other Sunon of the prayers the ones before and after. Begin to pray them, implement them in the house. And then share your story of what goodness support in the House of what goodness it brought in your life. What protection Allah azza wa jal gives you because the greatest of the fitted would be fitted that inside the house is where

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you live. If inside your house, he cannot live in peace and ease. And you'll find the peace and ease outside the house. We're in danger.

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We're in danger Allah azza wa jal you said Giada let it come second. He made for you tranquility and comfort and peace in your house. Don't search for it Elsewheres look for it in the house. If it's not there, fix the house. How do us do it?

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Once you're safe once you're protected once you're in that state of comfort and tranquility, you have the energy to face any of the fatal and the evil out there nothing will harm you. We ask Allah Azza wa Shinto accept from us we ask Allah subhanahu wata Allah to forgive our sins and our shortcomings

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