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The speaker discusses the history and importance of Islam, including its implementation in the United States and its importance in rewarding those who excel in goodness. They also touch on the secret of achieving peace and grades in the heart and the importance of practice. The segment ends with a promise to make a decision and receive a blessing.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

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Shala continuing with our series, exploring the concept of peace, tranquility and serenity in the Quran.

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Today we're going to visit a passage of the Quran

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that is very well known to a lot of people. It's a passage that we hear quite often mentioned within hookah, and different lectures, usually around the time of the hija. Around the days of Hajj. This is a passage from Surah number 37 Surah two sulfat beginning with ayah number 83. This is the passage that talks about Ibrahim Khalil Allah Alayhi Salam.

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And while it does have a very strong significance and relevance to the occasion of hudge, to many of the nusach, many of the rituals that are performed at Hodge and the days of the hedgerow overall, I wanted to address this passage here as a part of the series because the passage makes mention of something very powerful.

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I'm gonna go through the passage, it's a little bit of a lengthy passage, but we'll go through it kind of quickly. Allah subhanaw taala after talking about the Prophet Nuh Alehissalaam In ayah, number 83. So number 37, Allah says, well, in the minchie it healer Ibrahim Ibrahim alayhi salam was of the same faith that the Prophet knew holiday Salam was, is Jarrah who will have been selling, he came to his Lord with a devout heart with a heart that was submitted and devoted to Allah. If Galilee V he will call me Martha taboo, when he said to his father and to his people, What are y'all worshipping? They used to worship idols. If canali Hutton do an Allah He to the tune, how can you

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choose false gods

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and not worship? The true God who is Allah

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from of unknown Mirabella, Allah mean, what is your what are your thoughts about the True Lord, the true God, who is the master and the creator and the Sustainer of All the Worlds for another, another attend for noon, he looked up at the stars, as a reflection upon the greatness of the creation of Allah. And there's another passage and sort of that talks about that reflective process that he shares with his people. Would you worship the stars? Well, they're, they're not permanent. Would you worship the moon? What is the moon? It's not visible during the day.

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It would you worship the sun will the sunsets in the evening and he was trying to share that reflective process with them to show them the error and the folly of their ways? In it number 89. Allah tells us for color in this theme. He they were having a carnival Allah mentions in a different suit on so the tilapia they were having a festival. He did not join them. He said, I'm not feeling well, for to Allah and when would you be doing so they left him behind and they went on to the festival for raga Illa Allah to him. Then Ibrahim Ali Salam went to the temple where they used to worship the idols. And he said to the idols, just again that reflection, Allah Kulu do you not eat

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Malcolm Latin teaspoon? Do you not speak forever Allah him Durbanville Yameen

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and he basically lifted his right hand and he started breaking and smashing the idols for like Allah tells us in the Quran for Jhala him do that and Illa Kabira Allahu Allah, Allahu Allah healed your own, he left the big idol. And he put the weapon that the instrument the tool that he used to smash the idols, he put that around the neck of the largest idols so that they would have to come back and deal with this logically.

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For aqua, Balu la he has a phone

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when the people came back, they basically attacked him.

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Follow a time we're doing a matinee tune. He said, You want to you're upset with me. be upset with yourselves. You worship that what you carve out of your own hands. Well, Allahu halacha Kumar Tama Loon, Allah created you and everything that you do is under the command in the jurisdiction of Allah.

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Allah Lula Hougen Yanan for a Louisville Jehane. They said build a huge fire and let's throw him into the fire. make an example out of him. For our ordinary he Caden, they wanted to harm Ibrahim for Jana humorless Faline but Allah ultimately humiliated those people who wish harm upon Ibrahim Ali Salaam and in surah 21 through till Ambia Allah tells us what happened that they tried to throw him into the fire put in I got nada Cooney Verdun

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What's hot I'm gonna holla Ibrahim. Allah commanded the fire to become cool and safe and peaceful for Ibraheem Alehissalaam now, Allah subhanaw taala fast forwards the story of Ibrahim Ali Salaam and he tells us about Ibrahim Ali Salam now as a grown man with a family. And Allah subhanaw taala tells us about him. Well, Carla in NIDA, he wouldn't LRB say, Hardeen he left his people and he said, I will go to my Lord and my lord shall show me the way. Now many decades pass. Ibrahim Ali Salam was a prophet and a messenger of God, clearly to Allah. He's preaching and teaching the Messenger of Allah, His him and his wife, Sarah, and then now his second wife, Hotjar they have not

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been able to have children. And he with you know, great ache and pain in his heart. He turns to Allah and he says Robbie Hubballi Mina Salam,

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O Allah, please grant me a righteous child for worship Naga gulaman Helene and Allah says that we gave him the good news that you will have a very patient and a remarkable son Furama Bella ma who saya. Now when the boy grew old enough to the point where he would accompany his father on his errands, he would you know, go wherever his father was going.

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Ibraheem Alehissalaam has a dream.

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And the dreams of prophets are revelation they are instructions from God. That's why the prophets Allah said tonight, tonight Morinaga with me, while my eyes rest, my heart never rests. The hearts of the prophets are always alive and awake and connected to Allah.

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He says to his son, who he longed for, prayed for, dreamed about having this child.

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Allah JavaOne he said, My dear beloved Son,

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in need are often Munna I have seen in a dream, a neat bow, that I am to sacrifice you for the sake of Allah.

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Fung Verma dattara. What do you think? What are your thoughts in regards to this?

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This is his meriel Alehissalaam he himself will grow up to be a prophet of God, as Allah tells us

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collega t he said, Dear Father, if Allah tomorrow, do as you have been commanded to do by Allah, so touchy Dooney in sha Allah, Amina Sabine, you will find me to be patient and committed

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for them ah Slama. Now both of them submitted to Allah, to the will of Allah, we both will play our parts we both will do whatever is asked of us, whatever is needed of us, in order to please our Lord. They had decided and prioritized

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the love of Allah above the love of anyone else

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will tend to who will judge him and then he lays his set sundown on the ground, like an animal is laid down for sacrifice. And Allah tells us when I didn't know who Enya Ibrahim, and then Allah called out to Ibrahim Ali salaam, directly, but the South Dakota ruya You have fulfilled the dream.

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You follow through in Naka Dalek energies in Marcin. Now we will show you how we reward those who are devoted to Allah who excel in goodness. In the heart, Allahu Allah, Allah will move in. This was the ultimate test.

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Well for the Nahu be the henna Helene, and we spare the life of his marine by commanding you to sacrifice an animal instead. And this became known as the great sacrifice that is commemorated till today. At the occasion of Adel Aloha.

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We're billions of Muslims around the world offer that sacrifice as the Prophet salallahu Salam said sunnah to me come Ebrahim. This is the honor the devotion of your spiritual forefather Abraham.

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What's a doctor now I lay He fill out, fill up eating and Ibraheem Alehissalaam forever became immortalized as someone to be admired by future generations.

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There are millions of Ibrahim's around the world today.

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And the Quran mentions him time and time again, and we all admire him and look up to him.

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And then Allah tells us an ayah number 109 Salah Munna Allah Ibrahim,

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and then Allah sent His peace, his tranquility, serenity, upon the heart of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam.

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Allah says cathartic energies in mercy mean

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This is how we will always reward those who excel in doing good

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in the human everybody meaning and he was from our faithful servants.

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And not only is this a reward of the Hereafter,

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not only is this a promise of the afterlife, but also in this dunya when Allah sends His peace and tranquility and his blessings upon someone, then even their life in this world becomes a preview of heaven.

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Allah tells us we should know who he is happened to be given in a solid, not only did we spare his first son is married and make him a prophet of God, but we gave him another son is hug and we made him a prophet as well. Well, Baraka na alayhi wa Allah is hug and we bless both of them. Well, I'm in theory at the HEMA, my sin. Well, volley, Molina see him have been, and a huge progeny and generations and entire civilizations came from his two sons. And there were good people and also some people who wronged their own souls amongst their generations to come their progeny.

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And this passage is so well known to us, rightfully so. And we talked about it every time because of the sacrifice of Ibrahim Ali Salam, and how that led to the yard sacrifice, the qurbani that we make at the occasion where he do love her. And there's many lessons, but one of the very profound kind of a straw sin. One of the nuances one of the very beautiful nuances that are embedded within this passage is Allah subhanaw. Taala is teaching us the secret to attaining peace and tranquility in this life.

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And that is, there are things that we are going to want to do. There are things that will be Beloved to us. There are things that we'll want more than anything else,

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things that we enjoy, and here's the catch. They aren't necessarily bad things.

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But they will sometimes come into conflict

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with what Allah has asked of us.

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What Allah has asked of us.

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And at that time, we all have a decision to make. Which one are we going to prioritize? Are we going to prioritize what I want to do? What I'd like to do? Where am I going to prioritize what Allah has asked of me?

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And that choice. First of all, Lupo Allah Asad Brahim Elisa for sacrifice your son,

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your child, your own flesh and blood.

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Something that you love more than life itself.

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Sacrifice your child. Why? Because that's what Allah wants from me.

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And he was willing to do that. May Allah never test us.

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that little conflict that we face periodically, is so minor insignificant to what Allah asked him who brought him on. He said, It could be something as small as you add, if taught at a friend's house.

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You're sitting there, good company, it's not a bad thing. Enjoying yourself talking. You're going to pray. But you say you know we can just kind of pray here in a little bit ourselves.

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But then you know that it's the month of Ramadan.

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The rewards are being multiplied. The House of Allah is calling to us. The book of Allah is being recited.

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I know that that's where I should go.

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Something small, insignificant like that. And then there's this inner conflict.

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And we start all the negotiations. And then we all Michela become scholars of this religion, towns not far does it right.

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And, you know, at that time, we have a decision to make.

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We wake up for Soho,

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mashallah have a very nice, elaborate Soho.

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And then all of a sudden, it's like, oh, man, I gotta get some sleep. The last hour and a half, I didn't need to get sleep. Now at this minute, I have to get sleep. And that's where I can go pray for during the machine.

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Little things.

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And in those moments, we have a choice to make.

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And peace and tranquility, the secret to attaining the serenity.

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This tranquility in the heart, a peaceful, beautiful life. Hayato mageba

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is in prioritizing Allah.

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And Allah did not even make Ibrahim Ali Salam go through the sacrifice. He just had to be willing.

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That's all we got to do. We just gotta be willing.

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And we'll see the benefits and the blessings of that.

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May Allah subhanaw taala grant us all the ability to practice everything we've said and heard Subhan Allah who will be Hamdi Subhana, Colombia Hambrick Nasha to Allah ilaha illa, Anta and Sephora community willing