Step One To Overcome Addiction

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Strive to come out of the sin. That's your job.

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Even though

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it is an addiction, it is something that fought back You must strive to seek a remedy

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or remedy.

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And this is what I was looking at.

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And you cannot live by the idea that someone else was sent to die on a cross for me.

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You must do it,

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yourself must do it.

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In shoreline, the throwing my hands

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there are seven steps.

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If you adopt by the grace of Allah subhanaw taala if you have the right intention, you will be able to come out of the seals. And again, I'm talking about the symbol tchibo back to

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123 cells that you always go back to go back to go back to

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and witnessing by the way confirms this.

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They tell you in the brain

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there is a substance the medical name for it called dopamine I believe

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that's what gets you excited to do something.

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That's what that's when you feel the enjoyment the temporal enjoyment of doing it

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because of that substance, your brain actually produces this and that's why you will be willing to do anything anything to commit that sin.

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This is why drug addicts alcoholics evil they do crazy things in order to because they need that substance that

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mothers and sisters in Islam

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the fluids

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confess that you've said

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that you're an addict

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stop blaming others

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Stop pretending that you're not because you are because I am

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and they find what it is what it is

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it is smoking

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sexual related activity in the internet. You go somewhere and what is it, identify it?

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admit that this is for

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and by the way when you do this and hamdulillah Yay, who will not like any other religion other religions are doing before you that you go on a Sunday and you sit in front of a human being like you and you end up revealing your blocks our religion, our religion is on the basis of

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the results.

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In language

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I will defend all my own my will be pardon. Except those who disclose their sins they're not supposed to disclose of sin.

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I mean, the only time you could disclose your sin if you have someone that that sin engages the light of another and they need to settle that we don't let them know listen, I stole your money. I cheated you out if you've seen me on the printer. Yeah, but assume that he committed between you and Allah

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confessor to Allah.

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And you don't even have to tell me you don't have to delete anybody.

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You don't have to.

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There is no need for this. And we do this brothers and sisters in Islam break in front of a law

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and this is actually where that test is good.

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people will not submit through the bad but they will submit through the sin. They will not break in front of Allah because

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we see the Salah is supposed to make you humble in front of Allah makes you in front of Allah. When you please that forehead in the ground, you break it

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with is that you're standing in front of the king in front of Allah. Sometimes if you didn't get that breaking

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Allah makes you get it through the city

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because when you see

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movie did you know

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by a law if the animals are decorated carrying them

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you could still in the face of the person that this person is a self

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fugi in case you

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break in front of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So, you know, I did this I, I committed the sin, my role you made me, I'm not supposed to do this help me.

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This is what it means by confession. And you know what, if you do have to fish in this world, once upon

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the tail in the hereafter the disbelievers that they will say

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they will actually confess that we committed that thing, but it's too late.

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The delian Institute confess that sin stop blaming others, they say all because of the way that I brought up all my daddy did this. And my mommy did this under the environment I was doing.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam. This is one of the greatest lessons that we derive from the story of Adam and Adam and one of the greatest lessons.

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Both of them disobey the law.

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Satan was commanded to bow down he did no he said no. Adam was commanded to eat from the

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tree that means not to eat from the tree he ate from the tree. What made the difference between the two? That's the question, what was the difference?

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And the danger by the way

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of not confessing that soon, that you are using the sin like Satan did, which

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a lot of brothers are engaged in usury in the double digit usury

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because he has shifted when he said this, it's Halloween.

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It's a sin.

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Confess it's a sin. If you begin from the lower TTR benefit, but if you say Hello, hello, hello, forget it.

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But you regret what you did is the act of repentance if if you don't see what you're doing wrong, then forget it. We can't move any farther.

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We're gonna stay here as long as you did.

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But if

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you have to say this was

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you smoking weed is all we smoking.

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This is how long

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they co minister Hello. Hello, Mr.

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If someone believes that alcohol is Hello, he goes out of the fold of Islam.

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This is the clock and respect I've been praying for if anyone believes in was robbed, knowingly, not out of faith interpretation. We understand what he's saying that you can alcohol that

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is Hello.

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He goes out of the fold of Islam

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that's a dangerous

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