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Sujood Al Sahw

Karim Abuzaid


Channel: Karim Abuzaid

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Episode Notes

Sujood Al Sahw- Sujood of Forgetfulness

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My brother fine from South Africa, he's asking when he's bringing Salah to Lhasa he forgot one suit Are you still in the Salah brother

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You remember that you remember in the Salah that you forgot that sudo

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brother thought if you remember in the Salah that you forget that you do it and you still did, then you have to go back and do the suit. You have to go back and do this redo it again. If you stood up then you have to repeat the whole record the whole Raka Why? Because sujood is a pillar of the salah and skipping it with nullify your Salah. So you have to repeat the whole Raka Brava for him and then you do sudo the sound before you're asleep at the very end before you say Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Now you remember after the Salah, then you all one Raka if the time still very close, you can stand up and add one more Raka if you still in your please otherwise repeat the

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forecast inshallah. JACK hello hello