Should the Muslims Vote or not while living in the USA

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What do you? What is your take on voting? living in the United States? Again, I'm not talking about, you know, the Muslim world, I'm talking about minority group living here in the US. And

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this is one way to bring in the right people who understand, you see that the argument of one group, but in the other one understand our position and our issues. But on the other hand, you're legislating You know, it will help more or less the law? No one, we don't need to explain it.

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Please help us out, you know, we know we're bringing you for the tough stuff, you know, and that's why we have you here today.

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Well, you know, my position on this, you know, is

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based on from what I've understood, from what I understood from the lectures of check marks, or Dylan Barney, I used to sit in his classes in the Medina. And, you know, he defended that concept, concept of preventing the greater evil,

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you prevent the greater evil, if you don't vote, and the greater evil comes, you can only blame yourself.

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If you vote to in order to prevent that greater evil, that candidate who you know, this guy is anti muslim is this is that and the other, if he wins, he's going to make your life hell,

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and you don't vote to try to stop him from coming in, you cannot blame anyone but yourself. If you

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if he comes in, he does what you expected him to do to you. So I'm in favor of voting, where there is an issue of

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greater and lesser evil, as far as we can determine if there is no greater or lesser evil, etc, then we don't need to get ourselves involved in in that, but you know, we have a problem with this doctor, that the people who promote this approach, which is like you mentioned, justified, they consider the others who do not participate.

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completely wrong, and you know, they should be removed from the equation basically, that they still have a valid ground that they do want to participate in.

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Bringing in legislation other than the hochma the legislation of Allah subhanaw taala. Is it fair also to leave them alone? If they don't want to do it then? Or?

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Well, of course, you know, a situation of choice. But I would say to those brothers, Brother, what are you doing in America?

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What are you doing there? You know, if you are not prepared to take the steps necessary

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to ensure your survival as a Muslim community, then it is better for you to be in a Muslim country. You can go to another Muslim country. You know, for example, the Gambia, you know, I spent some time in the Gambia This is 95% Muslim.

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You can go there. You if you vote you're voting for a Muslim ruler, the Sharia is implemented. It's on the books there. You know, you can go somewhere else, you know, no, it's better for their doctor.