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Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the quality of prayer, rather than just the quantity or quality of the prayer. They stress that there is a responsibility for searching for the truth and finding the truth, even if it is a false statement. The speaker also talks about the responsibility of Christians to investigate and find out if their claims about Jesus are true, even if they believe they are not the right person to receive the message.
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Somebody recently said, you know, they were inspired by the example of Muslim praying at a certain time, and kind of the response to that was that, you know, no Muslim was going to out pray me, right. And that's really interesting reaction because the observation or the concern of the speaker is on the quantity of the prayer, perhaps rather than the quality of the prayer. Okay, I'll pray you, and maybe you can make an argument, you know, some of the things that were being said about the responsiveness, right, whenever we're called to submit, we submit Yes, okay, that's true. But there's more to the quality of prayer than simply our readiness to submit and our readiness to do it

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at a certain time. Right, no matter what else was going on. That is true. That's part of the quality of the prayer, but also part of the quality of the prayer is who we're praying to. Right? And where do we get our style of prayer from? How do we relate to the guidance that was given to us by our Creator, right? This is also part of the quality of the prayer because I can have the most well meaning prayer, and I can even spend all day long praying, and I can set alarms or whatever. But if I'm making an up on myself, what's the point? How valuable is it right? Or am I trying to find the truth and this is something that Allah has found data set in the Quran specifically, when it comes

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to when it comes to Christians and something that the Prophet Muhammad SAW. I said, I'm also said in the Hadith coming to Christians, when he talked about those who are going to hear of me from Al Kitab, or from Bennett is rockier than the Masada right, there's an understanding that there is a certain degree of responsibility to search for the truth. And this is something that if you're ever in conversation with Christians, this is something you should bring up. According to Christianity. There's no way to explain Mohamed Salah ha. Nobody else should have come there should have been no religion after ASA, if he was the Son of God, who came and died for our sins, how do you explain it?

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You can't just say is just a false prophet and all this other stuff, misleading people that that will no come on? That's not believable. Okay. You owe it to yourself to investigate you, oh, we're claiming we're not you know, we don't have something that's very, very different. I mean, it is different in some ways. Tritan, you know, not Trinitarian base, that's Unitarian, base, all this sort of stuff, or should he is different, but we share all the same profits, right? We share a lot of the same stories, or we have all these sort of things in common. You owe it to yourself to investigate and find out if what we're saying is true if our claim about Jesus is true, if our claim

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about a lot is true, right? And if you don't, can you really say that you're not being negligent? Right, even to the point of perhaps a criminal level of negligence as to your own salvation as to your own relationship with the Creator and the truth, right, you have something that possibly possibly might be the last communication from the Creator possibly might be the last software update, as I like to call it right allows continuous guidance and you're not even going to look into it. That is negligence and that negligence might even make you eligible for some sort of punishment in the hereafter.

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