Should a divorced sister remarry

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah y shadow

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ilaha illallah wa de Who? luxury gala,

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y shadow, Mohammed and Abu who wore a suit. My dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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I welcome you once again to Colorado Muslims Council.

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The show Yes, ludovica. They ask you,

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brothers and sisters in Islam, we received a question from the UK

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sister strat for Hannah.

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She's asking a question on behalf of another sisters.

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A heartbreaking story. And she's really asking

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and advice from the Council on what she should do.

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Basically, she got married through an arranged marriage.

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That marriage lasted only 11 months. And she ended up with a son, a boy who is two years old now. So she was divorced after 11 months from the marriage. And basically, she discovered that her husband

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married her just to please the parents. And he actually said to her, straightforward that I married you just to serve my parents. And the reason why he said that to her. Of course, I have no way to verify the other side. I'm just basing this on the email we got from the sister on behalf of the other sister

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that he had a girlfriend and she

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left him and that's why he decided to go ahead and marry.

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So she's asking an advice from the council in Colorado. What she should do, Should she marry or remarry or should she just stay single and take care of her

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son and help him grow up

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Alhamdulillah she's saying she's saying about the sister that she's a hijabi sister niqab, the sister Mashallah she is observing the etiquettes of the Quran and the Sunnah. And she's asking the opinion of the council just for the sake of knowing how to please a lot of panel without, first of all, brothers and sisters in Islam, there is a misconception out there in our societies, especially the Muslim communities, that a woman who is divorced

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or a woman who is a widow,

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especially if they have children,

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you know, they shouldn't marry and this is wrong.

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Because if you promote this, you're making haram something that is halal.

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Now, it should be left to the discretion and the judgment of the system herself. And that particular judgment falls into a very important area.

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And that area can be addressed through the following question. What is the ruling regarding marriage?

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Do we have to marry we know that marriage is the Sunnah of the profits and and it's something that corresponds to our fitrah to our making. We know that but does a person whether they are married, whether they are single or whether they are widowed, or divorce and they want to remarry, do they have to marry? That's the question the answer yes. If there is too much fitna

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In being single, and being a widow without a husband, or being a divorce without husband, if the sister can handle staying without a man without being exposed to fitna, it is permissible for her not to marry. But if it is fitness, she has to look for a husband. And she has to simply find out a way where she can get married. But she has to be very careful regarding the choice of a man

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the choice she will make about that future husband, why, because of her son, she has to be extremely careful. And she has to make sure that this man can be a good father, for her child, she should not rush into that decision. If she can handle it without marriage, then we say it's highly recommended that she gets married for the sake of finding somebody who can help her son grow up and so forth. But it is haram brothers and sisters in Islam to make the lawful unlawful because of societal norms, especially if there is consequences upon the individual.

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If he or she adheres to these societal norms, which has nothing to do with the religion of Islam at all. I'm talking about the culture, which is out there that a woman who is divorced with children or a woman who is widowed with children are not to marry again, this is a cultural practice. This is a societal norms, they can marry and this is fine, absolutely fine. As a matter of fact, it is mandatory if there is too much fitna on them, but again and advise my dear respected Sister, please pass it on to your sister in Islam. Be careful and take your time choosing your future spouse, you choose to take that route, because the consequences is not only going to be on you, rather it will

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affect your child deserve Camilla Hale also panic Allahumma hamitic eyeshadow La ilaha illa Anta istok fuuka What a to la caja when hungry la he applied and he