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AI: Summary © The history and implementation of itingying of the Prophet sallim and the Arabic language in the Muslim world is discussed, including the use of the "has economic value" in the Muslim world and the struggles of Muslims to overcome their beliefs. The success of Islamophobia in attracting new people to the Islamist movement and the importance of staying true to Islam is emphasized. The segment also touches on the misunderstandings of Islam and the use of the language to express oneself, including the importance of culture in shaping one's views and the misunderstandings of "monkey deduction" and "monkey deduction" concepts used in the "monkey deduction" and "monkey deduction" concepts used in the "monkey deduction" and "monkey deduction" concepts used in the "monkey deduction" and "monkey deduction" concepts used in the "monkey deduction" and "monkey deduction" concepts used in the "mon
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salatu salam, ala rasulillah

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wa ala who

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was shadow Mohammed Abu who was a pseudo

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Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad in fill our lien

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Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad in fill in

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a lot of muscle Lee was a limo very Carlos Idina Mohamad in film Allah, Allah, La Ahmed Dean

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we continuously for with the 15 minutes in sha Allah,

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the Sierra

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and we are at the stage of

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the tactics

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are the methods of combating the

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devil Islamia, the Tao of Islam.

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between the past and the present, you know, we and that's the benefit of studying the CIA for when you study the seal, the biography of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his companions. You're not just reading history, you're trying to

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read the present through the history. You try to analyze what is happening now through the history.

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And this is one of the wisdoms why the Quran was different to the previous books.

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With regard to the nature of its revelation,

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we know that the Torah in Jean zable they all were revealed at one time,

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all at once. Imagine Prophet Musa alayhis salam goes through the mountains, he brings the Torah one time one shot.

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But the Quran was revealed in 23 years to manifest that history false. And when you read one of the conditions for you to understand the Quran is to know the seal of the processor.

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Atilla Karina have for example a

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studio for a B. So

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what is elec?

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lavon he has a statement he said his steady

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lamp lamea couldn't be makin

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for in Russia.

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We say this in a very easy way in English. History repeats itself. Things just keep repeating themselves.

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So I don't know if you remember last Thursday we we spoke about the first tactic what was the first tactic helmet? You forgot? What was the first tactic?

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So Panama?

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So what is the benefit of me just sitting here and reading for hours just to sit here to talk for 15 minutes. You know, one of the most difficult things that having to speak just for 15 minutes

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just for 15 minutes. It's it's one of the most difficult things then you know, you have to breathe, we're really summit abbreviated and so forth. One of the first tactics the mushriks use is to turn the table away from the religion itself.

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And Allah Subhana Allah mentioned this for on when he said, we're calling Medina Kapha roulette as Matt only had

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one fee.

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And the disbelievers said to one another, don't listen to the Quran. Because if you listen to it, you will believe in it.

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And this is exactly what is happening to the Muslim world right now. They don't want the Muslims to listen to the Quran.

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They are working hard

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in turning the people away from the dean

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and how they are doing it very small.

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One of the first thing that they are doing it is to get the people

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who speak the Arabic language

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not to speak it anymore

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because the language of the revelation is what

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is Arabic? For you to understand the revelation, you must

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have a good command of the Arabic language.

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Imagine the war in the Muslim world right now. Arabi is not smoking.

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You will be surprised.

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I'm sure you you're aware of that what is being spoken in these countries? deal it?

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accents of the Arabic language. Yes, the letters are there. But it's not the Arabic language is not the language of the plant.

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And when you speak that language, people look at you in a weird way. Will you coming from you know, coming from the moon?

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And, you know, look how

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the foreign language languages in you know, went into our societies. Thank you. Thanks. You're welcome.

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Let's see jack Hello, hello, zero.

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And if you speak a foreign language in the Muslim world that means your work

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you get a better job.

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And and one of the really the greatest manifestation and I like this just couldn't be here.

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If you if you found of the soap operas in,

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in the Muslim world, compare between an English teacher or a French teacher and an Arabic teacher. And the way that they show them on television. The Arabic teacher is someone who is closest what messed up? He is, here is what?

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And he's weird. But the English teacher is somebody

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imagine all these things are what?

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You see these things playing with them.

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So I wouldn't be like this guy,

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English guy.

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And the other way in which they did it yet, what is

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an average Muslim right now?

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Ask him what do you want your child to be when he grows up?

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You will hardly find someone who will say I want him to be an Imam.

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I want him to be a school. I want him to be a doctor. With all due respect. I want him to be an engineer. I want him to be work.

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But someone who I want him to very few people out there in the Muslim world.

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Imagine one of the brothers and I shared this with you before was telling me that one of the mothers brought her child to the weekend school and one of the conditions to enroll the child don't teach him

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don't teach him his belief system. Don't

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you know we we always talk about Islamophobia and you know against Islam.

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But we don't pay attention that we do have Islamophobia wave

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within our Muslim community. The Muslims themselves have are islamophobes about

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Oh, don't go to this machine. This machine is what

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will have the machine this machine is don't be careful from so there Islamophobia inside the Muslim community themselves.

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And this is all what is coming from where, from these tactics, these things that they use, in order to turn the people away from Islam. Like I mentioned the echo in the previous talk, that the west or the non Muslims in general, realize that the strength or the source of the strength of the Muslims is in their beliefs

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in Islam.

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That's what gives them strength.

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And I given you that conversation which took place between Caesar and his generals.

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When Caesar saw that the Muslims are taking over a sham and all these consecutive defeats. You know during the time former Ilya mukha

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All these battles, so he gathered his generals and he asked them this question

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men toccata loon Who are you fighting? Alicia Siobhan

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are you fighting human? These guys are not human you cannot defeat them you have the masses and if you actually compare the number of the armies between the Muslims that they always one third up

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if not half, if not 122 half

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Who are those people?

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Then one of them said Nam they are human. Well I cannot believe they are like monks at night I mean they pray at night for seven dinar

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soldiers during the day.

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In normal saloon, they pray why also moon they fast first one is tribunal hombre de don't drink alcohol like us. While is known. They don't commit adultery while I was saraha a blue medic kill him. Lakota

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and if the son of the king would steal they will establish the criminal punishment on that person. no favoritism you know favoritism

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robbery combined this year for that holiday elite fee

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and also bluecat here mentioned it will be there and

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he said to the king of Virginia for her to come home in new a boon El Moussa comma to a boon adunni

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You guys gotta give up

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the army I'm having they love death as much as you love life.

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They knew they know will unlock when when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he told us about

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the reason why we're gonna go down.

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Howdy howdy so bad famous now

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that you hear from us all the time, nations one day will grow boonoo like what

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they call one another to a feast. You should go to Chico and the Dalai Lama.

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Right? Why are rasulillah because we're outnumbered. Know your work.

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Look at the number of Muslims now. 1.7 8

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billion to me over 18 Cathy, but you like the foam of the ocean

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of the sea.

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Or the downpour say to Friday, and a law will extract from your heart from the heart of your enemies your feet

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and he will cast into your heart's weakness. Why? Hello boot dounia Walker here to promote

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what Khalid said to the king of Virginia.

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The opposite

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the opposite.

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Shahada Holly is a hadith.

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Norma official and Evita would say?

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Either tada bilena.

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When you enter into the inner business transaction, what the inner business transaction is a way to trick users.

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I sell you something for $10 I buy it back from you. For five. So I got five already. And I expect you to pay me the 10 later on.

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So what did they do?

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What did they do? I lent him 10 and I get back what?

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You're getting it What did

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I still ask him something? This piece of paper for $10.

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Pay me back in one year.

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So it's the field already. Then I come to ask them tomorrow it I'll buy it back from you for five. And you still owe me the 10

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so what did they do?

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I lent him what 10 and I got back what 15 right.

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Lane has to occur.

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And you hold the heels of the oxygens basically.

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The second piece explains that and you're content with farming basically will contend to the world with the paycheck. I'm making money, you know, life is good. Life is cool. I'm going on vacation. I'm going to

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How I am going to you know, that's you know being what Marasco Sallam said to be in this world Like what?

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Like musafir like a wayfarer. We feel it is not somebody who plans vacations in Hawaii and in Virginia Beach and an Atlantic City and you don't do that.

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No, you don't do that. So your

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will make look at the expression of nuevo salata law, who is a doula, Allah will make humiliation prevail over you. You look at the expression, that's exactly how it should be translated. Some latos law who is a doula, as if humiliation is a living thing which will prevail over you and it will not be taken back unless you go back to your deal.

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Unless you go back to your D. That's what happened. What did we do? We ended up abandoning the religion abandoning the first command in the Quran, which is what

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the first word in the Quran is worth.

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Read, learn Islam, learn your deen we neglected that.

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We neglected that. Exactly. This is the scheme of the disbelievers during the time of the prophet SAW Salah they insisted that the people don't hear the message they don't get the message and they done this with us but in a different way. But on the other hand in closing is so that you can go home

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What did they do? You know normally there is there is something called the removal so they turn you away from following your own way.

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They make they made you despise it you they made you dislike it.

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Islam diraja Muslim evil and evil lucky. Yeah, Phil Islam that doesn't fit the time. And and sometimes you find when you talk to somebody, you know when you give something I was giving a lecture I think somewhere in

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in Maryland. So I was talking about the you know, the hijab

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by law when one person stood up in the crowd, like, people went to the moon, and he's still talking about the hijab, and he left the mess

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to do with this

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CD that our our women given up the hijab, but yet we didn't go above them.

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What is wrong with going up the moon with the hijab on is the hijab the obstacle to go up the moon. That's the mentality that we have in the Muslim world. That's the mentality that we have in the Muslim world is completely twisted. And this is a result of what have also the tactic of the West. You see, the West tried for century.

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The Army, the force

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to change Islam and Muslims, it didn't work.

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It did not work.

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The Crusades, the all of these, they given up the fact you cannot combat those people using force. The way to get to them is the intellectual invasion.

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invade them intellectually change their mind, change your opinion. And this is, in my opinion, more dangerous than what

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then the forceful invasion, the army invasion. Oh, Khurana acquired something very interesting that when the Egyptians arrested Luis, the ninth, I think that's his name, the French Emperor, who was a head of one of the armies, the Crusades. So when they arrested him and and Matsuura, that's the place. So he wasn't in that seclusion by himself. So we kept thinking, that is not the way to get to Islam and Muslims. The way to get to Islam and Muslims is to make our culture prevail over their culture, convinced them that our way of life is much better than their way of life.

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And sin those people who can promote this and pay off people from these places to promote that, and that's what's happening. You have journalists, you have people who write in national newspapers in Egypt in these Muslim world and they are promoting

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non Muslim culture, that's the way to go. That's lymphedema the Renaissance that civilization and, and all that stuff. And unfortunately, this is what is happening for some Harlem

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By Aqua Unfortunately, this is what's happening with the Muslim world. But this is the first tactic

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which we completed tonight is the non Muslims during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam they done exactly the same thing. They turn people away from listening to the revelation. In Nakuru, Bill Harris, one of the chief of Quraysh disbelievers imagine this. He hired the ability dance.

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And MK

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so when he is someone is interested in Islam,

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he would bring him to the belly dancer, feed him, get him drunk, dance for him, sing for him on me

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so that he doesn't and he would kill the person. This is much better than what Mohammed is offering.

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What we'll see here, this verse was revealed wamena nassima yesterday la Well, hi de Leoville la de la he

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is literally had, he's actually begging for this in order to misguide people from the way for loss of Hannah. So they did exactly the same thing on the past. It's been done now, you know, but they do it in a different way.

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Turning the people make it very difficult on the people to understand the revelation but through the language through the teachings, turning people from understanding the language itself, and getting them busy with their desires with their whims and desires and in the other hand, make them found off the western civilization, the civilization of Islam and Muslims is not good. Hello, hello.

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Hello, hello and

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