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AI: Summary © The host discusses the actions required by Muslims to maintain their connection with Allah and their belief in the creation of Adam, as it is crucial for achieving worship and fulfilling one's purpose. They emphasize the importance of seeking knowledge and being a Muslim to achieve worship and fulfill one's purpose, as it is required for success in Islam. The importance of practicing Islam is emphasized, and individuals are urged to have a daily record of their activities to maintain connections with the Prophet Muhammad. The goal is to revoke lifestyle restrictions and improve one's health.
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All right, Assam Icom Warahmatullah wabarakatuh Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prohibition is somebody a silly Emery Watlow Lockwood data Millis any of our colleagues super Chanukah, la Mulana in MA lantana in Mecca and Tara Lee will Hakeem, my dear respected brothers and sisters in STEM Welcome to another episode of lifestyle, our lifestyle in Islam, what is the what are the actions that are required of the Muslims on daily basis to maintain their connection with Allah subhanaw taala forgotten concepts perhaps or known concept to us that are seldom seldom practiced in our community and we wanted to revive them

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to while seizing the opportunity of the blessed month of Ramadan? May Allah subhanaw taala accept it from all of us. I mean, your blood I mean, if you have noticed my brothers and sisters, every time I start a lecture or I start

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a talk about Islam, I always recite the idea where Allah subhanaw taala told us that the angels of Allah when the look at the creation of Adam, BC Subhana Allah in Milena in Lama Alam Tana in NACA Antara Lee will Hakeem when they argued with Allah subhanaw taala about the creation of LMRA Salah and when Allah subhanaw taala showed them the wisdom of creating Adam and teaching Adam all names that he had created. They surrender. They say what super Chanukah, glory be to ya allah Lai la Mulana there is no knowledge of our own. We have not acquired knowledge from our own selves. Elana alum Tana, except that which you have taught us in NACA Antara he will Hakeem Why is that so?

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Because you are your Allah Allah, the most knowledgeable the most wise, our lifestyle of today is about knowledge is about seeking knowledge is about And subhanAllah the if you look at the first five eight of the Quran, that was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Surah Rasul Allah, you will see that the word of Quran or the word read

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is mentioned twice in just few Bismillah bigger lovey Hallam, Salah called insane and in Allah Accra read in the Name of your Lord who created read again Subhan Allah to why is the word. The first word ever revealed in in the Quran was a crock and it was revealed to wise to a man who could not read or write his own name, Salah Allah Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam the man whom Allah chosen to be illiterate, and then whom Allah subhanaw taala chose for this beautiful message for the message of knowledge, the message that made the Muslims and the Arabs in a time that was known to be the days of ignorance. That was the you know, LJ Helia. They made them Subhanallah through the power of the

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Quran through the power of teaching His Beloved Prophet the Omi the Prophet, the illiterate one Mohammed Salah Salem, he taught the entire nation the entire humanities at large Subhan Allah knowledge that the never had access to before. Islam is a religion that emphasize the importance of knowledge. Not only that, even within the first few ayat of the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the usage of the pin. Wallah this is this is one of the things that puzzled me for sometimes as I was trying to or in the process of learning the idea of Allah Subhana Allah I used to ask myself, why will Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the usage of the pen in the Quran, the smell of

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big Allah the Hala Hala Al Insana, Amin, Allah, Accra or Bukal Akram, a levy Alana Bill column is Allah Who you who told the use of the pen, or Allah is the one who taught by the pen or taught you to use the pen meaning to write down the knowledge that you have learned Subhanallah Avi? Why would Allah subhanaw taala go out of his way to mention the word pen had it not been for the importance of seeking knowledge and recording knowledge? Even in the same as the first few I had? Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the word Alana be taught? Teaching is mentioned in the Quran in the first few twice to

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put an extra emphasis in for investors on the importance of not only learning

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but also conveying the learning, teaching the knowledge to others, my brothers and sisters in Islam, it is something very important for us to understand that once you say I am a Muslim, you cannot afford not to learn. You cannot you cannot look you cannot become a Muslim who fulfills his purpose in this dunya without knowledge why? Because knowledge is a prerequisite of worshipping Allah subhanaw taala, which is your main job in this dunya is to worship Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, work, da alum and now ilaha illallah you must know that there is no God worthy of worship except Allah subhanaw taala you must know him, you must know who your Lord is.

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You must know the Quran you must know what the Prophet SAW Selim taught. This is something that is required of you, as far do qualify for divine it's an obligatory duty upon every individual. And this is what the Prophet SAW Allah Allah Allah your Salah mentioned Paula Bula, ami Farida ala kulli Muslim Subhan Allah to to seek knowledge is an obligatory duty upon every Muslim, male or female. The most important aspects of your deen is to seek knowledge. Otherwise, how will you worship Allah based on ignorance, that's why Subhanallah you find people who do not have the proper knowledge, sometimes they fall into Sherco. As a biller, they fall into associating partners with Allah, they

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believe in superstitious practices, they started believing in number 13 to be something that would bring a you know, bad luck to them, or looking at the Black Cat is bad luck. All these things came as a result of ignorance. So ignorance leads to

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leads leads to actually damnation, leads, leads a person to further deviate away from Allah subhanaw taala. That's why if you remember the man who was going on an expedition with a group of companions, and Subhanallah, that man was injured in his head, he was injured in his head, and a time for the salah came, and he did not want to make wudu or to wet his head, but they insisted that this is part of the law, you must or he was I think he had an a wet dream and they insisted that he must bathe himself and washes him. And as a result, he became even more sicker until he died. And when the news came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam What did he say? He says, shouldn't have the asked first?

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Shouldn't they have asked someone who have the knowledge first quarter Luo quarter la mala the process I've said that they have killed them, may Allah kill them. Subhanallah and then he said that the N v famous Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that indeed the remedy of ignorance is asking questions, the remedy, the medicine, of ignorance is questioning why why questioning are important. That's why you find us having always q&a session after every lecture or even when we are live like these, we always say post your questions so that we can address them later on. Because the more you ask, the more you get your question answered. And when your question answered, these are the

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knowledge now, which became your old property that will aid you will help you to practice Islam properly and without falling into

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any deviation well as a biller. So it's not only that Allah will ever follow either seeking the knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim not only that, but even the prophets Allah Allah Allah is seldom and label those people who convey the learning to others are the best, Allahu Akbar if you want to be the best. Listen to this, your beloved Prophet Muhammad saw someone who said, Hi Eurocom mandala and Purana wa lemme the best of you. The best among the OMA are those who learn the Quran and teach it to others Allahu Akbar, if you want to be the best, this is your key. What are your keys to make you one of the elite among the Muslims Subhanallah leave in the sight of Allah subhanho

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wa Taala Allah Subhana Allah also elevates people of knowledge of others. Allah subhanaw taala elevates people in ranks in Jannah over others for example, Allah subhanaw taala said that Allah will exalt those who believe among you will Latino trial dollar jab, but the people who had sought knowledge and acquire knowledge will be even given a higher degree in Jannah on the day of John, listen, this is something should be if you wanted to achieve the highest level of joy

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Anandi with your beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW Salah me now for those who are law, the highest level of Jannah look at this, one of the keys to wealth for those is seeking knowledge. And of course, we are not talking about only the religious knowledge, this is the priority. religious knowledge is a priority number one. But we're also talking about other sciences, we know of so many names, who at one point became the elite of all, you know, scientific knowledge at one point in many, many, you know, throughout history, the modern history like Ignatian like it Messina, like Al farabi, like Al Howard is me, all these people during what was known as the Dark Ages in Europe, these Muslims came

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out based on the advice of the process and to seek knowledge be enriched the entire history, with knowledge of various sciences, subhanAllah, including medicine, mathematics and whatnot, even astronomy, and you name it, Muslims were at the front foot of knowledge. Why? Because they understood the advice given by the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and that's why we see like, you know, knowledge when you look at the life of the processor, you will realize that seeking knowledge, acquiring knowledge is much more important than acquiring wealth and properties. And that's why the Quran recorded that Allah commanded the prophets Allah, Allah salah, methylene, what were called,

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are up visit me and Allah is encouraging is actually commanding the processor to say, to repeat, to supplicate to pray by saying what your Allah increase me knowledge, not increase me in property, not increase me in gold and silver. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't aim to become rich if you want to. If you want to become rich, there's no nothing How about becoming rich and having money, so long as you use your money in an appropriate manner and to help the poor and to the needy and to become charitable, to be generous and to support causes and so on and so forth. But that's not the ultimate goal in life. The ultimate goal in life is to acquire as much knowledge as possible so that you can

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maintain your connection with Allah subhanaw taala only. That's why Allah says in the Quran, that the most God fearing people. among the believers are those who are scholars, those who have acquired a maximum knowledge about the deed, they are the ones who fear Allah the most. Why? Because they know more. They know who Allah subhanaw taala is in deep in depth. That's why Allah subhanaw taala the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salam said, Man You really love will be higher value for COVID-19 If Allah wishes for someone, goodness, he will make him have a deeper knowledge of the deen those are the scholars. So those are the people who fear Allah more than anyone else. Lifestyle my brothers and

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sisters knowledge should be a daily practice and Subhan Allah Allah him as such, when people of knowledge are given that gift of deeper understanding of the deen they become more humbles power. So knowledge should not make a person arrogant. Well, if that's what Allah says in the Quran, that those who fear Allah the most are the scholars who have been given the knowledge to appoint my brothers and sisters in Islam and I will end with this insha Allah Allah to a point that Subhanallah all the even after we die,

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even after we die, one of the things that benefits us the most is what is knowledge. I Subhanallah Yanni Allah, the Prophet Muhammad SAW Saab said, when a person dies, all his actions come to an end, except for three, three things that will benefit us after we die. So the cartoon geria a continuous act of charity, a charitable project, perhaps that you have started that kept on benefiting people even after your demise. Number two, while no new endeavor, and a knowledge that you have gained during your lifetime, which now is benefiting others maybe have written a book, maybe you have left lecture lectures like the like these, maybe you have shared those videos that will benefit other

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people for life to come Allahu Akbar, and you will be lying down in your grave. While these videos which you have only shared you did not actually have any effort to do or what it is just you click share, perhaps people will benefit as a result of that one. You know, one click Subhanallah and as a result, you will gain that reward. And the third is what to do solid Allah and a righteous child that will continue making dua for you. These are the only three things that will benefit you my brothers and sisters in Islam. One of them is your

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knowledge, love and new knowledge. So my advice in this episode My Brothers and Sisters in Islam or a homework for you inshallah to Allah to take with you is to perhaps

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a month like Ramadan make it a habit that every Ramadan you have to target something to study do something that you will come out of these 30 days in sha Allah I'm fully aware of even you know one of those video series of our Messiah and Allah and speakers who every Ramadan they made it a habit module a lot of work a lot to enrich the Islamic library online with a series of videos that are beautiful mush a lot of work a lot even all the machines themselves they benefit from from each other during this month or Milan pick one of those series and make it a point to study not just to listen to the words and Masha Allah the the shape of speaking very nice no no study with no books,

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no books on hand taking notes writing down the if and Hadith and making a point to memorize at least a few of these verses by the end of the month

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or a chapter from the Quran that you will memorize from cover to cover inshallah one one whole chapter that's your job and make it a habit every week at least one lecture to sit together with to study this is how you gain your knowledge and once that knowledge is increased mashallah watercolor becomes your property. Now you know what is? What is the next step and that is to share it with others just like how you're going to share this video in sha Allah with everyone at your circle may Allah subhanaw taala increase us in knowledge, Allah on mozzie

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your Allah increases in our knowledge. I mean, I mean, I mean, my brothers and sisters in STEM one request before you go in sha Allah, you know it already? Share the video with everyone at your site and visit their web Academy YouTube channel and subscribe to that channel. If you didn't already May Allah bless you all ya, Zack lawfare for watching and for all your support. We'll see you in sha Allah tomorrow with another concept that we believe it is our lifestyle. It is one of the concepts that need to be revived in sha Allah. See you tomorrow. Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh