Ruling on medicines extracted from animal products

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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah by Chateau La ilaha illallah wa de who la sharika why shadow Mohammed and Abu who was a pseudo Allah homeless salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad in fill awali in our fill in perfil mela Illa de la hometeam. My dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam I welcome you once again to Yes, Luna aka Colorado Muslims Council. They ask you

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receive the question all the way from New Jersey, Dr. Hasson, Allah,

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may Allah Subhana Allah reward him. He's asking about the ruling on medications, which are extracted from animals. And

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the doctor mentioned that actually a particular

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name, which is a juice extracted from the lung of the Kinsey of the pork, the big it's called the cu r OSURFQ. Serve. And he said that there is an alternative medicine, which is called serve vanta, serve vanta which works the same.

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Basically, that juice which is extracted from the animal of the fanzine of the pork is supposed to help that the new infants the newborn,

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breathe better.

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that Jews which is again extracted from other animals, then the pork than the hen z,

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they would do the same thing, they would do the same job. And he's asking what is the ruling here especially the hospital doesn't announce are doesn't inform the guardians of the patience of the source of the medication being extracted from the pork.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam, this is a big issue, living here in the West, that the culture and the society do not pay attention to a Muslim and what they believe in, and brothers and sisters in Islam, it is the responsibility of every parent. If every responsible person here is Dr. Hassan Salah himself taking on the responsibility of making sure that at least the hospital where he works is informing the parents of the source of the medication or the materials from which the the the medication is being extracted, at least they are entitled to be informed and they should be also

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informed that there is an alternative medication, which will do the same job. In this case the doctor himself said that there is one that it will do the same job and it is being extracted from lawful materials lawful animals but let me give you the religious ruling regarding

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the production of medicine from animals.

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There are two types basically that extraction of medication or the production of medication from animals

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comes from

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a forbidden

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Okay, let's let's start over here.

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Is he normally

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medications are extracted from other

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Non animal sources that could be herbs, permissible herbs, where they are made from permissible materials like the permissible herbs, and sometimes they come from non animal sources but the material is forbidden because it's impure, or it comes from something that is haram. And the ruling regarding the first one, it's permissible, the ruling regarding the second one is not permissible, unless it is extracted and processed into

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abstract. Now, let's come to the subject method here, which is the medicine being made from animal sources. It may be one of the following three types, it may come from an animal who is meat may be eaten,

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and it has been slaughtered correctly, then, for sure this is permissible to use as medication if the medication is being extracted from an animal, which is lawful for us to eat, like goats, sheep, cows, camels, and it is slaughtered correctly, meaning that we have Bismillah, Allahu Akbar and so on, then for sure there is nothing wrong with that. The second type, if it comes from an animal whose need may be eaten, but it has not been slaughtered correctly,

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then it's, you know, a gray area, we say it's not permissible. But if this is the only source for that medication, then we say it is permissible for the time being, again, the animal is lawful for us to eat. But the slaughtering did not happen correctly, then it's a gray area, but over all living in the West, we could say go ahead and use that medication here is the one which is the question is related or with the question of Dr. Hassan Salah is that is really the serious issue is if it comes from an animal whose meat is not permissible for us to eat. So the meat is haram like pork. And you know, you cannot use it as medication. We cannot.

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That would include pork.

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Why brothers and sisters in Islam the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in an authentic hadith which is combined with Al Bukhari Muslim, Allah subhanho wa Taala does not put

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your cure in that which he has forbidden, it will negate the wisdom of Allah subhanahu wa taala meaning Allah subhanho wa Taala will never play something in some a cure for a disease in abroad or in an animal that he made her alma mater port comm for us to eat, to do to deal with now, Allah subhanho wa Taala will not do this to us. Consequently, brothers and sisters in Islam, we encourage you as parents not to just take any medications, especially brothers and sisters in Islam. There are other vegetarian sources now, there are other herbs. There are other lawful halal meat. Let's promote that culture brothers and sisters in Islam. Don't say that I'm living in the West and you

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just take what they throw at you know, we should strive as Muslims to establish the religion of Islam in these small areas. And all what it takes is a couple of people, couple of people protesting against it, rejecting the medication and you will see the pharmaceutical industry will turn to produce lawful hallel medications for us at the end. I want to say Jackalope head on the purpose and for your kind attention and hopefully the answer fulfills the objective here. Dr. Hassan requested that this is to be shared with

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the patients and their families. Hopefully, they will heed and they will take responsibility over the matter of jazak Allahu Allah Subhana Allah homovanillic eyeshadow Allah Allah Highlanders de

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Waal hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen